Chapter 340: A knight my ass (3)


Outside a quiet orphanage…

Julian, who was volunteering as usual, seemed shocked. He looked completely out of it, as if he was someone who had received all of the shocks a person would receive throughout their lifetime at once.

It was at least touching(?) that this guy suddenly showed up to his volunteering place with snacks and all sorts of supplies.

‘This punk's risk of giving must have activated again.’

But the information he brought with it was not touching at all. Forget touching, it almost gave him a heart attack!

“Holy shit, Kwon Hyuk Soo is your father?! What kind of K-Drama nonsense is this…?!”

Ju-Heon ruthlessly smacked Julian in the stomach.


Julian started groaning inside the car. Ju-Heon then viciously growled at him.

“You didn't hear anything else except that part? Do you want to die?”
“……Ugh! S, sorry. It was just so shocking that I…!”

It was as shocking as if he would have been told that Chairman Kwon was Ju-Heon’s hidden mother. It was something completely unbelievable!

Thankfully it was just nonsense Kwon Hyuk Soo came up with to get some power as the father of the king as he would have been out of it for about a week if it was real.

However, Ju-Heon just sneered at Julian.

“As my lawyer, you shouldn't get shocked at these stupid crap.”
“What? Why not?”
“Why else? Some random gold digger might show up with a kid and claim that she is my wife and that the kid is mine. You should get used to things like that happening…”

Julian’s expression was quite the spectacle to watch.

And then…

“Oh my goodness…dear God, I will take care of this trash for the benefit of society. Who the hell is it? Who is the mom? Is she Korean? American? If not, then…”

‘I should just kill him.’

“Are you not going to fucking listen properly?!”
“Okay. I got it. Did you say John Harper?”

Julian quickly changed demeanors but nobody knew whether he heard what Ju-Heon had to say or not.

“Isn’t John your former team member? He was on the same team with you before our Tomb raiding team was created, wasn't he?”

That was the case. Ju-Heon's infamy had spread after the creation of the Tomb raiding team but Ju-Heon had been surprisingly famous even prior to that.

Someone who was born with a dirt spoon was doing as well as the large excavation teams.

In the end, he even cleared Mammon's tomb which was said to be impregnable.

It was that fame that got him noticed by the Monarchs and scouted by Chairman Kwon in the end.

John was someone who had been on the same team with him until then.

‘I heard that he died on a mission after they joined TKBM together.’

He then floated around TKBM’s offices on his own until he was assigned to the Tomb raiding team and met the rest of them.

Part of the reason Ju-Heon hated to lose team members was because of this former team member.

“I thought you said he was already dead when you searched for him in this life.”

Ju-Heon nodded his head.

Ju-Heon had looked for all of his former team members after coming back to the past. John was naturally one of those people.

However, the records showed that John was dead.

“Then you found out that he's actually one of the Knights of the Round Table?”
“I already said that was the case.”

That was why this van that had turned into a stealthy meeting room…well, Sleipnir…

Had Jaeha and Ilya in the back seat who were grumbling.

“Yes yes, our Captain-nim must be so happy that his former team member is still alive. Why don’t you quickly drag him out of there and restore his memories so that he can be your right hand or something.”
“I'm very happy to get a shitty new team member.”

Julian scoffed after seeing the two of them grumbling.

"What’s up with them?”

Chloe, who was calmly reading a magazine back there, responded to him.

“Please just ignore them. They’re just upset that the Captain-nim said he would add someone they don’t know to the team.”
“Hey. I'm not upset. I thought that I was the Captain-nim’s right-hand man this whole time but I just learned that some other bastard already had that position. I…I'm just shocked.”
“Ah, I just think that anybody using Christian artifacts is shitty. I think we should set them all on fire. Whatever, let him come! And so what if he has an Archangel artifact? I'll send them all to the fiery depths of hell!”


Julian understood right away.

“You said that John was a Christian artifact user right?”
“Yes, he even used an Archangel-Grade artifact.”

It was understandable that Ilya would be wary of him as someone who used devils and Satan.

‘An Archangel is pretty much the final boss.’

Jaeha didn't even need to be mentioned.

“Anyway, Captain-nim. Just ignore these idiots…”

Jaeha slyly smiled after hearing Seol-A's response.

“Hoho, Miss Lee Seol-A. Are you sure you are okay with that? I heard that John might be a woman. Apparently she was hip to hip with the Captain-nim.”

Seol-A's face turned into quite the spectacle.

Ju-Heon started to laugh out loud.

“You guys seem to have the wrong idea about something. I'm not looking for John to add him to our team. I'm going to kill him.”
“E, excuse me?”

The team members became anxious after hearing this unexpected response.

“None of you will say things like that if you watch this video.”
"What video?”

Ju-Heon showed them a video on his phone instead of responding. Apparently Edward had secretly taken this video at the Round Table.

The team members just tilted their heads in confusion.

“……It’s just the old man’s meal……huh?!”

Their eyes opened as if they noticed something.

"Wait! This guy!”

They became anxious after seeing someone in the video.

“Wait a minute, why is this son of a bitch there?!”

All of them were flabbergasted at the person they saw in the video.

“Captain-nim, this is Samuel!”

That was the case.

Ju-Heon’s Tomb raiding team consisted of 10 people including Ju-Heon. There were only two members they had not found along with that traitor, Yang Chen.

This bastard named Samuel was one of the two supporters they had to find. The interesting thing was that Samuel was also an ability user who used Christian artifacts.

Ilya growled in anger after noticing him.

“That, that, that, that…that motherfucking Jesus artifact user!”

The two of them did not get along.

Well, Samuel was a supporter because unlike John, he used low-ranking Christian artifacts.

‘That so -called Jesus artifact is actually one of Jesus's disciple’s artifacts or an unknown believer.’

“That’s not the issue. Why is Samuel a Knight of the Round Table?”

Ju-Heon laughed.

“Do you want me to tell you something even funnier?”
"What is it?!”
“The old man called Samuel 'John Harper'.”
"Captain-nim say whaaaaat?!"
“Please hold on a minute. Then Captain-nim’s former right hand man…is Samuel, the supporter who used to be on our team?”
“No way. I thought you said that your old team member died before you met us. How can they be the same person?”
“What if he is just coincidentally using the name, John Harper?”

Ju-Heon shook his head as he watched the video.

“No. They’re the same person. The old man said that this bastard is using an Archangel artifact to protect the throne.”

There wouldn't be that many people with the Fit to use Archangel artifacts. Most importantly, Ju-Heon’s ghost-like intuition was telling him they were the same person.

“But how can Samuel who could barely use B-Grade artifacts use an Archangel artifact? That makes no sense…!”
“We would have known if he was a SS-Grade artifact user!”

Everybody was freaking out while Ilya was in the back opening and closing his mouth without being able to say anything.

“Just what is going on?”

What else could it be?

‘Your subordinate bastard who is at the Round Table… He was actually one of Pandora’s watchdogs in the past too.’

Ju-Heon smirked while thinking about what Kwon Hyuk Soo had told him.

Around the same time at Pandora’s Executive Board…

A meeting was going on in the room with the Round Table.

“Next issue is regarding the Majesty's Key.”

There were numerous leaders and Generals sitting around the Round Table artifact that could sit 150 people.

The 13 spots on the Round Table artifact guarding the king were where the Knights of the Round Table were seated.

There was a man with a fierce expression on his face among them. He seemed to be in his late twenties. He had blonde hair and had a gentle appearance but his eyes gave off an odd sense of coldness.

This person was Ju-Heon's former team member Samuel who was a supporter on the Tomb raiding team.

He was also known as John Harper.

He was one of the most influential artifact users in the Knights of the Round Table alongside Merlin.

It was at that moment.

“Excuse me, John-nim? John Harper-nim!”
“They were asking if the Vatican was okay with us creating the Majesty’s Key.”
“Ah, yes sir. There are no issues with it.”

The meeting started again and the person next to John poked his side.

“John. What’s wrong with you? You seemed to have been upset since Seo Ju-Heon sent Gungnir here.”

John snorted in response.

Of course he has been upset.

‘Seo Ju-Heon, you truly are a headache in both the past life and this life.’

Wait what?

John was different from the other artifact users. He actually remembered the past life like the rest of Ju-Heon’s group.

‘I wish I got my memories back a little sooner.’

John was disappointed about that.

“Is it because of the note that was on Gungnir?”

The woman showed the picture on the note Ju-Heon had sent through Gungnir.

“It’s just provocation.”
“Put it away.”

John frowned as if he was disgusted.

He naturally knew a lot about Ju-Heon as he remembered his past life. He also knew a lot about the rest of the team as well.

‘Well, I never considered myself to be on the same team as them.’

He had been on Pandora's side from the beginning. But they were people who needed to create the Majesty.

He found Ju-Heon while searching for the Majesty's descendants and candidates for the artificial majesty.

That was before Ju-Heon had joined TKBM.

‘It was highly likely that Seo Ju-Heon was one of the Majesty’s descendants.’

That was why John had pretended to be a random Expert Excavator and slyly teamed up with Ju-Heon. He was going to be by Ju-Heon’s side to keep an eye on him.

But Ju-Heon ended up being noticed and they both joined TKBM until Ju-Heon killed him.

‘That damn bastard.’

He was thankfully able to be revived using a Christian revival artifact.

Anyway, he then joined Ju-Heon's tomb raiding team as Samuel.

He needed to keep an eye on Ju-Heon and his team.

But they eventually decided that Seo Ju-Heon would do them no good and determined through a Round Table meeting to summon the Crow’s tomb to get rid of him.

Even the Vatican that supported Pandora called Ju-Heon satan and a disaster to the world and requested them to take care of him.


‘Why did the world go back to the past?’

This was all because of the Crow and Seo Ju-Heon.

Seo Ju-Heon's revenge had started and he has now even awakened some of the Majesty's Treasures that they had been so wary about.

But it was still okay.

‘We just need to take him out again.’

Unfortunately, that was not the issue right now.

“Then we hope that you can be the one to create the Majesty's Key, John-nim.”
“What? Why would I do that?”
“You are the perfect fit for it.”
“Have someone else do it. I don’t have time to deal with that right now.”

It was at that moment.

“Then please leave it to me!”

The person who raised their hands hoping to find success and climb up the rankings was John's subordinate.

“I will help John-nim!”

She was actually Ju-Heon’s sister, Joy’s stepsister.

[Hey. Parasite. Make me an artifact key. I heard you were hired as an engineer.]

Joy frowned after seeing the message she just received. It was from her stepsister.

This girl was her adopted parents’ biological daughter.

She had been so happy that she was able to use her parents’ influence to join Pandora's core personnel.

‘Why the hell is she suddenly asking me to make her an artifact?’

Her adopted parents had seriously neglected her after adopting her. In fact, this stepsister of hers had treated her as if she was a maid.
Joy just ignored the message as she had not had a good relationship with her adopted family for a long time.


[Just shut up and make it. Otherwise, I'm going to tell daddy to raise your rent, support fees, and living expenses for the month.]
[You read my message. Why are you ignoring me. Hey, do you want to fucking die?]
[I'm going to tell daddy to get you to quit school. You damn parasite bitch.]

Joy groaned.

“Ah what the hell is up with her?”

First of all, she wanted this for Pandora.

‘Does she even know where I work?’

Grave Company was pretty much Pandora's enemy.

It was at that moment.

[My success is riding on this. If you don't do as I say, I'm going to blow up the company that hired you.]

“Ho, this bitch…”

It was at that moment.

“Why not? Just make her one.”

Ju-Heon was sneaking a peek at Joy's phone.

“It’s just a key. Feel free to use our company’s facilities to make a damn good one. I will give you permission.”
“What? But…!”
“For example, make it a key that is a bomb or one that gives off a curse or rips people off?”

Ju-Heon smiled wickedly as he said that.

“I can even let you borrow one of my artifacts to make it if you want?”

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