Chapter 336: The Running Treasure (2)

Their eyes all opened wide at this sudden development.

How was this possible?

“Kek, a Lamborghini?”
"What the hell?”

Even the greatest under heaven Ju-Heon had eyes as wide as shocked rabbits. How could he not when a sports car suddenly burst through the window?
Furthermore, this was a suite on the 20th floor! What happened should be impossible unless the car flew over and slammed in.

“Just what the hell……?!”

He had destroyed and fixed numerous hotels until now but it didn’t matter.


The team members covered their ears after hearing the loud horn.

“Hey! Yoo Jaeha!”

They ran toward the car that had burst in through the wall and window. It was a sleek and sexy car body. This orange super car looked extremely strong and awe-striking because of that outer appearance.

It somehow didn’t have a scratch on it even after slamming through the wall like a meteor.

The only damage it had was the driver on the inside who looked potentially dead.


“Aigoo, the Captain-nim’s prized collection is all destroyed.”

The numerous pots and digital devices Ju-Heon had put on the window sill were all destroyed.

But Ju-Heon's eyes were open wide because of the message that popped up in front of him.

[This is the carriage that carries the Majesty around.]
[You can smell the scent of an extremely precious Treasure.]

Was this a Treasure too?

Ilya kicked the super car and started speaking as that happened.

“Holy shit, how the hell do you have to drive to slam a car into the 20th floor of a hotel? Mr. Pushover, do you even have your driver’s license?”

Jaeha, whose head had been against the steering wheel, jerked his head up.

“What the hell?! I even have the Special License to drive a fucking ambulance!”
“Blah blah blah, how about you wipe the blood off your nose before you keep talking?”

Jaeha quickly covered his face. That phoenix sure was amazing to let him end with such little injuries after this large 'accident.’

Jaeha then urgently turned the steering wheel.

“Oh right, move away! Don't get close! This son of a bitch is extremely vicious…”

The super car started to throw a tantrum(?) as someone asked ‘what’ in confusion.

Vroooom, Vrooooooooooooooom!

A Lamborghini’s unique loud engine sound could be heard. The team members all dropped their jaws in shock at this loud noise that sounded as if someone was firing a cannon.

The super car flashed its headlights viciously before it started to violently spin its wheels. That wasn't all.


The car that they thought had calmed down after slamming in through the wall started to squirm left and right as if it had gone crazy.

Vroooom, Vrooooooooooooooom!

It truly looked like a violent wild horse flailing around.
The team members blanked out as it looked as if it might shoot fire at them if they even touched it.

They soon became shocked for a different reason.

"The car is flying!”

It was actually flying! It was floating in air as if it really flew over to slam through the wall of this 20th floor suite.

That was extremely shocking. There had been many artifact cars in their past life and artifact cars were being developed right now as well, but……

“Flying cars are extremely precious!”

The artifacts that were turned into artifact cars in the future were mainly…

‘Alexander the Great’s Carriage’

‘Hwarang’s Horse’

Horse-drawn carriages like that. Most of them had things like strong engines, durability, or fuel efficiency.

The only unique one that one of the Four Emperors had had in the past was the Trojan Horse.

‘It was a car with the camouflage ability.’

That car had been enough to receive everyone's envy, but……

“If it is a flying car, what is it, the Sun Chariot?”
“Isn’t it the Nimbus Cloud?”

Jaeha urgently shouted at them.

“No! It's Odin’s eight-legged horse bastard!”
“What? Then it is Sleipnir? That’s unbelievable!”
“How the hell did someone like you grab a highest-grade artifact like that out of the prison?!”
“Hey! What do you take me for…ahh! Anyway, everybody dod…ahhh! Captain-nim!”

The super car started viciously shaking up and down as he said that.


It seemed to be throwing a fit that a bastard like Jaeha was on it.

It was at that moment.

See, see! I told you you couldn’t handle it! I told you!


The rope that must have been with Jaeha this whole time started to slap Jaeha.

It's dangerous! Hurry up and hand it over! Hand it over!

Jaeha shouted as the rope tried to push him by the cheek and take over the steering wheel.

“Fuck, I refuse to ride a car driven by a rope! I feel like my life would be in danger!”

You driving it is more dangerous! It is!

They must have been arguing about this since earlier. It was at that moment.


They must have touched its last nerve as the car's doors opened on both sides. It was so cool how the doors slid up instead of opening out.


Bang! Bang!


The seats suddenly flung Jaeha and the rope outside. It felt as if a horse had kicked them in their butts.

The rope screamed and fell on Ju-Heon’s head while Jaeha was huffing in anger while rubbing his hurting butt.

“Ow! How dare you not recognize your master, you shitty horse!”
“Master? You? You are the master of that thing?”
“Yeah! Of course I'm the master! I drove it once already!”

The super car's engine loudly roared VROOOOOOOOM! As if it was telling him to get lost.

It was so loud that it sounded like a tank. It seemed to be growling saying that someone like Jaeha did not deserve to hold its reins.

The rest of the team members foamed at the mouth.

“Damn it, it got even angrier because you said something stupid! Hurry up and apologize!”
“Yeah! Sleipnir can only be ridden by someone at the Major Gods level!”
“Why did you have to bring a Divine-Grade, no, a Major God level one of all things?! Did you forget about the incident with Poseidon's Horse in the past?!”

Poseidon's Horse had appeared as one of the artifact cars in the past.

People were excited for it as one of its abilities was to run on water.

But it didn’t matter. It was so violent that the Monarchs couldn't handle it and even the Four Emperors said to just release it.

The important thing was that it was so violent that the greediest bastards in the world had given up.
Sleipnir was the favorite horse of Odin, the All-Father of Norse mythologies! This famous horse was said to fly around the sky and could even go into the Netherworld. It was not a horse that could easily be handled.

As if it was proving that was the case…


The super car tired to stomp the team members to death. The car didn't budge even as they sent thunderbolts and all sorts of attacks to stop it.


“Does this stupid horse not know anything?”


The car that was charging forward stopped. An angry Ju-Heon had stopped the super car with one foot.

The team members gasped.

‘Holy shit, he stopped that thing?!’

Of course, he was only able to do it thanks to his artifact.

[Hercules Who Beat Down the Nemean Lion Artifact (SS-Grade:Divine-Grade - Possession Artifact)]

It was Ju-Heon's belt.

Ilya’s jaws dropped as the belt with the lion on the buckle responded.

“Wow, that was an artifact? I thought it was a new Versace product.”

Ju-Heon’s camouflage ability truly was amazing. He must have rummaged through his new Greek artifacts he enslaved in the prison.

Hercules’s artifact released its strong power.

[You will have a god’s body for 10 seconds.]
[You will have the strength of a god for 10 seconds.]

Ju-Heon pushed Sleipnir with his foot with an annoyed expression on his face.
Sleipnir seemed to be anxious as it was being pushed back but Ju-Heon just kept pushing it with his arms crossed.

“Give me your hand while I'm asking nicely.”

An angry Sleipnir raised its body and tried to stomp on Ju-Heon.


“I told you, HAND!”

Ju-Heon ruthlessly kicked Sleipnir.


The super car that was worth billions of won became crushed. He crushed the artifact that didn't even get a scratch from slamming through a wall!

Sleipnir cried in pain.


His team members were crying too.

“Aigoo! Think about how much it would cost to fix that!”
“Captain-niiiiiiiiiiiiiiim! That car, aigooooo!”

The Majesty's Carriage that had flipped over like a bug on its back looked around before viciously spinning its wheels. And then…


“Ah! That shitty horse!”

It flew out through the hole in the wall.

Ju-Heon patted Jaeha’s shoulder as Jaeha tried to chase after it.

“It’s fine. We can follow it slowly. You were able to escape the Great Prison thanks to that bastard?”
“Yes! I did good, right?”
“Yes. That’s the only one you brought out?”
“Excuse me? Yes, that was it. How could I get more? But how about a bonus for bringing such a big fish? Please?”

However, Ju-Heon just sneered at him.

“U, umm, Captain-nim?”

Ju-Heon walked over to the anxious Jaeha.

“You did a good job bringing out a Major God-Grade artifact. But I think you did something else too.”
“E, excuse me?”
“I'll let it go this time since I have some faults this time too. But Jaeha, you know what will happen if you lie again, right?”

Jaeha started to shake as Ju-Heon gently tapped his pocket and walked away.

“Holy shit, he’s such a monster…!”

Jaeha quickly emptied his pockets and miscellaneous artifacts he looted(?) from the Great Prison started pouring out.

As he was doing that…


They heard a scream from the center of the city. Sleipnir seemed to be causing a rampage in the city after running away.

“W, what the hell is that?!”
“It’s a flying car!”

The Majesty's Carriage seemed to be causing quite the ruckus outside. It seemed to be whining while looking for its master.

It was driving around the entrance of the Great Prison and destroying the city.

Of course, the nearby Pandora soldiers and artifact users started to gather around.

The news about Sleipnir quickly spread through SNS and the news as well.

“It’s obviously an extremely strong artifact!”
“We must get this flying artifact car!”

Some of the Monarchs nearby were about to go crazy with greed as well. Kwon Hyuk Soo was one of them.

‘That’s an extremely precious Divine-Grade artifact. It must be a Treasure.’

Kwon Hyuk Soo timed it for a bit before jumping onto Sleipnir. It took quite the quickness to jump into a flying object.

But as he forced the door open and tried to get inside…


Sleipnir seemed to hate it quite a bit.

It didn't even want Kwon Hyuk Soo touching it. It tried to kick Kwon Hyuk Soo out as it had done with Jaeha, but…

“Ho, I can't miss out on this precious artifact that is obviously one of the Majesty's Treasures!”


A strong Dominance slammed down on Sleipnir.


Sleipnir was so strong and violent that it sent the mighty Four Emperors-Grade user away.


Kwon Hyuk Soo groaned after being sent flying by what felt like a horse kicking him.

“This bastard!”

As the horse started to become even more violent…



Sleipnir reacted to something.

All of the artifact users gathered around were shocked after sensing this aura.

‘This is?!’

What was viciously flying toward the horse was Gungnir!

Ju-Heon was holding onto it as well.

And then!


Ju-Heon stopped Gungnir from destroying the car as he kicked the super car once again.


The super car flipped over like a bug once more!


The artifact users freaked out even though there wasn't a scratch on it.

“H, how can he treat a precious artifact so terribly?!”

Ju-Heon and his team didn't care and just activated their abilities.

They blocked the streets and sky to block Sleipnir’s escape routes and launched thunderbolts to slow the horse down.

And then…


They all jumped into Sleipnir.

The others were shocked.

"Those bastards! They’re taking the artifact!”

Ju-Heon didn't care as he grabbed the steering wheel and expertly turned it.


Ju-Heon’s team screamed as the car violently shook.

“Captain-nim! I, is it really okay to ride this thing?!”

The team members grabbed onto whatever they could inside the roaring Sleipnir as they gulped.

“B, but at least this bastard isn’t kicking us out thanks to the Captain-nim!”

It was at that moment.

“Captain-nim! There are people following us!”

They heard loud noises as soon as someone said that.

“Hand over that artifact!”
“Chase them! Get them!”

There were hordes of people chasing them! Ju-Heon put the car in reverse and smiled.

“Don’t worry. I'll lose them quickly. Do you not trust my abilities?”

Julian sighed and properly put on his seatbelt.

Ju-Heon seemed to be the only one who could control this bastard, and…

“You have the best driving technique of all of us, so…”

But at that moment…

“Hold on.”

Julian, who was telling the others to put on their seatbelts, seemed to realize something as he looked toward Ju-Heon.

“Do you even have your driver’s license?”
“You told me you got your license in your late twenties!”

The entire team turned pale as Julian shouted.

And then….
A silent Ju-Heon smiled brightly.

“Make sure no cops follow us~”

‘This son of a bitch!’

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