Chapter 331: Final boss? (2)

[You have discovered a Majesty’s Treasure.]

Ju-Heon's eyes opened wide.

‘Majesty's Treasure?’

He was trying to open a path out of a trap but what?

[You have discovered a Majesty’s Treasure.]

That’s what the Crow was telling him.

'This little punk…I thought that the connection had been weakened.’

Maybe it was doing everything it could to deliver this message to him.

The Majesty’s Key reacted at that moment.


A bright golden light flashed in front of him.


The glowing golden ring then released its strong aura. It seemed strong and holy unlike the general dirty and chaotic aura of artifacts. That Majesty's Aura spread out, as if it was conquering this trap area.

The tomb started to shake like crazy.


The cliff started to crack and some of the team members screamed.


Some of the ones who had been dangling on the cliff by their weapons fell to the ground.


The ones who fell were Ju-Heon, Julian, and Jaeha!

Seol-A and Ilya, who were using a ghost and a devil respectively that could allow one person to float, were shocked.


The two of them tried to grab the falling team members. But the rope was faster than them.

It's dangerous! It’s dangerous!

The rope that had been on Ju-Heon’s shoulder first wrapped around Ju-Heon, then Julian, and then Jaeha.
And then!

“Huh? Ugh!”

It reached its body out and grabbed anything it could grab. The three people who had been falling suddenly stopped.


“Huuu, I'm alive.”
“I almost died.”

They were sighing in relief that they didn’t die when……

“I'm dwyyyyyyyyyying! Nwow I'm dwyiiiiiiing!”

Ilya was about to die now. What the rope grabbed happened to be Ilya's neck.

“You shituuuuuuuuugh! My neckbooooone!”

The rope became anxious and quickly started to pull the three men up.


Seol-A helped it quickly pull them up as well.

Of course, Ilya's soul seemed ready to leave his body by the time they dragged all three of them up.

Jaeha started to slap him.

“Hey hey. Are you still alive?”
“That motherfucking rope……I'm going to kill it………”

His neck might have snapped in half if he did not have a Heirloom and the devil's buff.

The rope started groaning. There was nothing to grab so it had tried to grab the devil but ended up grabbing Ilya instead.

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Ju-Heon consoled the extremely apologetic rope.

“It’s fine. He’s gained so much negative karma that he’s being punished.”

Ilya felt wronged.

“Other people might be able to say that but not you!”

Well, it didn’t matter.

“Look over there! There's the exit!”

The team members shouted in joy after seeing a cave that opened up on the cliff. They had not expected it since this cliff wall just regenerated itself no matter what they did to it earlier.

“There's a path over there!”
“The key must have worked!”
“Wow, as expected of the Captain-nim!”

They were shouting with relief but it was too soon to be happy.


“Damn it, that’s too far though.”

That was the case. The Majesty's Key was a Treasure that could open and close any door.

Of course it could open a hidden door in a trap area as well.

However, the problem was…

“That damn fog!”

The exit was covered by fog. It was the same fog that broke Ilya down to the molecular level and killed him in the past!

The team members clicked their tongues.

“I guess he can't do something about the trap itself with the key.”

Ramesses chimed in at that moment.

[The one that can control the traps in a tomb is the Key of Sloth.]


[Yes. The Key of Sloth can open the Door of Loss.]

In simple terms, the Key of Pride was a power to even dominate the Divine-Grade artifacts. The Key of Sloth was a power to make any ability disappear.

The Majesty needed the power of Sloth to handle the traps in the tombs.

Ju-Heon became interested after hearing that.

‘No wonder the Majesty is called the king of the artifacts.’

Jaeha chimed in at that moment.

“But the Captain-nim needs to commit the sin of Sloth or go on a massacre to awaken that key……”
“There aren't any bastards to use as sacrifices here.”

Ju-Heon’s eyes flashed.

“Who says there aren’t any?”

‘It definitely said that a Majesty’s Treasure was here.’

Well, if there was a treasure here, it would probably run away once it saw Ju-Heon.

Ju-Heon started to smile.

“I guess the Crow is still working hard.”
“Excuse me?”
“There seems to be an artifact around here.

It probably wants me to use that to awaken the key.”

That was probably not the reason it told him about the artifact.

But it didn't matter to Ju-Heon and he just focused and looked around. His movement became a bit faster.

“Can’t you feel an artifact’s aura nearby?”

Seol-A urgently started to scope out the area.

It was difficult to spot because the trap was giving off such a chaotic aura here.

And after a while…


Seol-A seemed to have realized something as she was warily looking at Ju-Heon.

She seemed to be having difficulties bringing it up because she knew Ju-Heon's personality.

“Where is it?”
“Over there!”

Ju-Heon looked where Seol-A was pointing and started to laugh. It was because she was pointing at the bottom of the cliff.

To be more specific, the black pit at the bottom that they couldn’t see the end.

That area was covered by that fog of disappearance as well.

“So the Treasure is down there.”

The doggie artifacts were amazed.

[There is indeed a prison down there.]
[It’s shocking that a human girl managed to spot it. It’s difficult to detect since it is covered by the trap.]

Ju-Heon immediately asked a question.

“Hey Kongming.”
“It’s a helmet.”

Ju-Heon smiled once he got the answer he was looking for.

And then…

“Hold on! Captain-nim! No! Look at what’s down there!”

Ju-Heon didn't care and just let himself fall to the bottom.


He was falling into the fog that dissected Ilya down to his molecules in the past!

While that was going on…

[Ju-Heon's new energy business / Ju-Heon Water Park / Ju-Heon Brewery / Ju-Heon Underground Natural Resources business]

Edward questioned his eyes while looking at the documents in front of him.

He then asked.

"What the hell is this?”

A bastard sitting arrogantly on the chair responded to him.

[What do you think it is, you country bumpkin. New businesses.]

The one sitting down was the golden worm.

The Divine-Grade golden worm, which seems to have done well(?) for itself since it now even had subordinates, quickly motioned to its subordinates. Its subordinates started quickly typing.

[The master says he wants to do some new businesses. Hurry up and get it ready! Hand over the moneeey! Give it me to me so I can get started right awaaaaaaay!]

The worm screamed and slammed down on the table, making Company President Edward scoff.

Now he had to get threatened by a damn worm?

“Like hell these are new businesses. I haven’t heard anything from the Representative-nim yet.”

[Of course you haven’t heard anything! The master trusts me more! You are just trash, you bastard! Trash!]

“What the hell? You damn bug!”

[Anyway, hand over money for the investment while I'm asking nicely!]

Edward couldn't believe it.

“Hey! The money isn't the problem! How the hell are we going to do all of these businesses at once?! An energy business, a water park business, alcohol, insurance, delivery… Are you fucking joking?! Get lost before I grind you up and turn you into make-up!”

[Damn it! The master can do iiiiiiiiiit!]

The frustrated worm posted the list of Greek Artifacts Ju-Heon had gathered onto the screen.

[Look! These are all artifacts that master just took in!]

Edward, as well as the Grave Company employees who were secretly watching the two of them, were all shocked.

They had wondered what kind of artifact Ju-Heon had brought this time, but…

“……Holy shit!”

There were so many of them. Furthermore, quite a lot of them seemed to be extremely famous artifacts.

"What the heck did the Representative-nim do?!”
“S, something like this is possible?”

There were so many of them!

And all of them were at least Divine-Grade artifacts! It was obvious how amazing the end product would be if they used these for business.

But still!

“Holy shit. He’s someone who would find Gaia’s artifact just to create a new continent.”

It would cause quite a lot of chaos if the world learned about how Ju-Heon gained all of these artifacts.

That was probably the reason.

“C, contact the recruiting team right away! The Representative-nim will probably hire a bunch of people as soon as he gets back!”
“Ah yes, yes sir!”

Ju-Heon’s sister, Joy, urgently asked at that moment.

"Wait! What about Ju-Heon? Are you sure he is ok……”

It was at that moment.



There was suddenly an extremely strong earthquake.


The people at the company, no, everybody in the entire world, couldn't help but be shocked.

How could they remain calm when something unbelievable appeared in the sky?

“……What is that?”

It looked as if a fortress that had been hidden in the clouds was showing itself.

It was some kind of black fortress.

That wasn’t all.

[Mysterious buildings have started to appear all over the world.]
[This is not related to a Tomb Appearance phenomenon………]

That fortress or island appeared in the sky, a hidden city appeared in the ocean, a tower appeared in the desert…

Large stone buddha-like faces broke through the ground in cities as well.
These were all portions of the Great Prison.

The parts of the Great Prison that were in another world were starting to appear in this world.

Pandora’s chief executives were responsible for this.

They had chosen to pull out the Great Prison that they really should have sent to the Imagery world as quickly as possible. It was because of their extreme greed for artifacts!

Even the hidden appearances were revealed.

However, there was still an issue.


“The problem is that we don’t have a key to go in there.”

The person who said that was a member of Pandora's excavation team. It was the man with Loki’s artifact.

Yes, the same Loki’s artifact that was pummeled by Ju-Heon in the Tower of Pride and ran for his life.

Loki’s artifact user’s subordinates started speaking.

“Isn't Seo Ju-Heon the only one who can go into this prison right now?”
"We are unable to search it without that Majesty's Key.”

A nearby General got angry.

“That’s why we want you to do something about that! We can’t let Seo Ju-Heon take all the good artifacts for himself!”

The Loki’s artifact user frowned.

‘Does he think we’re not doing anything about it because we want to?’

“Why are you standing around instead of opening a stupid prison?!”
“These so-called Knights of the Round Table are so useless!”
“We shouldn’t have trusted these trash who couldn't even become Monarchs!”

‘What the hell did he just say?’

Loki's artifact user frowned even more.

‘It’s not that we couldn't become Monarchs, we just stepped aside!’

Their goal wasn’t to be Monarchs; their goal was to select Monarchs to create a Majesty!

But the chief executives on the Executive Board couldn't even tell that apart.

“What can you do about it? The ones of low birth like us have to hold it in.”

A fellow Knight of the Round Table patted Loki's artifact user's back.

“The nouveau riche like us should just shut up. Those bastards will probably only listen to a Knight of the Round Table with Holy Bones.”
“Holy Bones? What is that?”
“Ah, there’s something. It’s just a term. Anyway, let’s not worry about it too much. Seo Ju-Heon may be amazing but he’s just human like us.”
“How many artifacts do you really think he can loot in such a short period of time?”

At that moment…



The Great Prison shook vigorously.

“What the hell?!”

“Captain-nim! Captain-nim!”

Inside the prison, Seol-A was completely pale as she was screeching. She tried to fall off the cliff to follow Ju-Heon as well.


The others desperately grabbed her to prevent her from doing so.

"Calm down!”
“But that fog!”

Ilya had a rare look of shock on his face as well as he looked down.

“Captain, did you just commit suicide? Did you lose your mind in this prison? There's no way you could have thought this was committing the sin of sloth, right?”

He had not expected Ju-Heon to jump into the trap. Julian was extremely anxious as well and Jaeha was stopped from jumping in behind Ju-Heon.

“Ah, let go of me! The Captain-nim probably didn’t even take a Phoenix Feather with him!”

However, Ju-Heon was completely fine.

‘As expected.’

He was just sore in multiple spots.
Ju-Heon groaned while lying on the ground at the bottom of the cliff.

“I knew the fog here was fake.”

It looked similar to the fog of disappearance but it was oddly different.

‘Anyway, there should be a Treasure here.’

As Ju-Heon turned his head…

[There’s something over there.]

The doggies were the ones to speak.

“Yes. It should be the Majesty's Helmet.”

Ju-Heon smiled and started walking. Ju-Heon then laughed as if what he saw was exactly what he had expected.

Hair underneath the ears… Horn on the head… The fierce God of War who was said to have fought against an Ancient Chinese Emperor. What he saw looked like a goblin.

“I got you now. You Treasure bastard.”

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