Chapter 328: The Emergence of the Majesty (3)

“Alright, then choose. Are you going to stay in there or come out and be my slave?”

Prometheus's eyes opened wide with rage.

‘Is he fucking crazy?!’

The reason Prometheus had been watching from the entrance was because he was pretty certain about his chances of success.

‘I just need to block this whole section if I need to.’

He didn't want to get close to Zeus either, but it was all part of the plan.

That wasn't all.

‘There’s no way he can completely handle the key yet.’

Ju-Heon did open the door to the cells earlier, but that was just in the lobby.

The shape and level changed with each section.

And this was the cell where the mighty Zeus was imprisoned. It was not the type of cell that he should be able to open with the Majesty's Key that he just awakened.

But what the hell?!

‘He locked the door to this area?!’

Prometheus frowned as if someone had stabbed his tongue. He had fallen for the same trap he had planned on using!

An anxious Prometheus quickly called for the guards.

“Hurry up and open this door! Hurry!”

He slammed on the door but the guards did not respond. He felt as if he would die from anxiety.

“I told you to open this damn door right now!”

Prometheus's voice was shaking a bit.

But the guards still did not respond.

All he could hear were the Divine-Grade artifacts going crazy in their cells.

[Long time no seeeeeee! You son of a biiiiiiiitch!]
[That motherfucking thug bastard!]
[That bastard is right in front of us!]

The artifacts in here looked ready to slam open the metal bars.

Not that the cells would open because they did that, but……

[Quite a despicable bastard has come.]

Prometheus gulped after feeling an aura that was much stronger than the others.

That was the case.

The bastard who had been scratching his butt until just now had changed his demeanor!


This was the person he had stolen something from!

Prometheus's hands were shaking after feeling a vicious aura scanning his body.

Of course, there was no need for him to be scared of Zeus. He was just extremely anxious because something unexpected had happened.

He told himself that it was the weak body of the person he was possessing that was shaking at the aura.


“Alright, what are you going to do? Are you going to keep staying in there? Or are you going to come out and be my slave.”

Prometheus started shaking after hearing Ju-Heon's voice.

And then…

[Fine. I will accept your shitty offer.]

“The deal is that you will be my slave if I let you out. Break the deal and your sons will not be safe.”

Ju-Heon pointed into a cell.

There were other Greco Roman Divine-Grade artifacts in these cells. Naturally, Zeus’s sons were here as well.

Zeus nodded his head.

[Fine. I will put all of my sons on the line.]

Prometheus really became anxious now.

“What the hell are you guys doing?! Guards! Can’t you hear me?! Hurry up and open this door!”

He heard someone sneer.

“Too bad. It doesn't look like it will open.”

Ju-Heon was smiling wickedly

‘My subordinates should be fending off the guards outside right now.’

His team members shouted from outside at that moment.

“Hurry! We can’t hold on if any stronger guards show up!”

As Ju-Heon walked toward the cell…

“Wait! Seo Ju-Heon!”

Prometheus started to speak after seeing Ju-Heon turn around.

“T, there’s no need to be in such a hurry. Why don't we chat……”
“Mm, no need.”

Ju-Heon was about to activate the ring.

“I, I said wait!”
“What’s wrong? I thought you said that I wouldn't be able to use this?”

Prometheus bit down on his lips as if he was angry.
He was pretty confident Ju-Heon wouldn't be able to use it, but he would be fucked if he somehow did.

That was probably the reason.

“Listen carefully, this is not a good decision. These bastards are imprisoned here for a reason……”
“Yeah, I know.”

Ju-Heon immediately activated the Majesty's Key. The tomb started to shake violently.


It felt like an extremely strong earthquake.

The cell doors started to slam open along with the earthquake.


Prometheus's face lost all color.

They were out.

These bastards were out of their cells!

He urgently tried to close a cell door but…

[I got you now, you bastaaaaaard!]
[Rip that bastard’s limbs off!]

All sorts of artifacts burst out of the cells.

There were some artifacts that looked like birds and cows but most looked human.

An anxious Prometheus quickly used Zeus’s lightning bolt.

Crack, crackle!

The artifacts hesitated as that threatening lightning bolt came near.

Prometheus sneered at them.

“Don’t come any closer. Get back in your cells while I'm asking nicely!”

But he couldn’t help but shut up.


There was a man walking forward without caring about the descending lightning bolts.

In fact, he was massaging his shoulders as if he had just received an electric massage.

[Hey hey, that’s not how you use that thing.]

The greatest god of the ancient Greek mythologies swung his fist at that moment.

And then…


The lightning bolts Prometheus was releasing started to get sucked into Zeus’s fist.


Prometheus screamed.

“My power, my power!”

[What? Your power? Are you fucking crazy? Why the hell is this your power?]

A strong lightning bolt struck down inside the prison.


It had been strong when Prometheus used it, but it was unbelievably strong when used by its proper owner.

The lightning bolt was more overbearing and threatening!

Julian was shocked about it while Ju-Heon was amused.

‘It’s slightly different from Indra's thunder.’

The God of War Indra’s thunder was like a long spear that shot down onto the battlefield. It felt as if a long bomb was being thrown.

On the other hand, Zeus's lightning bolt was like a round cannonball. It seemed to charge in his hand.

Homer’s Iliad called Zeus ‘the cloud-gatherer.’

The lightning bolts that Zeus used truly was like a strong burst of energy!

This ‘one who throws the flaming lightning bolts’ gathered this extremely scary energy and…

He shot it out of his hand!


The lightning bolt took the shape of an eagle as it descended on Prometheus.


Prometheus glared at Zeus with bloodshot eyes.

“Fuck, Zeus, you shitty bastard!”

Zeus laughed.

[I guess you weren’t satisfied with having your liver eaten over and over!]

He motioned and the lightning bolt eagle aimed for Prometheus's liver.

Prometheus foamed at the mouth with blood.

“You motherfucker! You don't deserve to be a major god!”

The lightning bolt ripped Prometheus's human body to shreds and peeled away at his muscles as it burned him alive!

Prometheus's body seemed to regenerate as it happened but the lightning bolt continued to destroy it.

His true body appeared once the body of the human he was possessing couldn't handle it anymore.

“That is?!”

What appeared was a seed of fire. It looked as if an oak tree branch was on fire.

Prometheus urgently tried to run now that his true appearance had been revealed.


"Where do you think you’re going?!”

Ju-Heon kicked the branch with his foot. That branch flew into a cell!

[You bastard!]

The branch turned into a human again once it was inside the cell.

He looked like a young and healthy man. However, this was not his usual Rothschild appearance but looked like someone who would come out of a Greek myth.

[Damn it!]

He tried to get out of the cell but……


Ju-Heon locked it with the Majesty's Key. Prometheus went wild slamming on the metal bars.

[Open this right now! You inferior human bastard!]

Ju-Heon just ignored him and smiled wickedly.

And then…

“Now then. I'm taking applications for torturers. The first 100 artifacts to get here will get to torture this bastard.”

“Looks like I finally got rid of an annoying bastard.”

Ju-Heon had a refreshed expression on his face for the first time in a long while.

That bastard Prometheus had screamed in pain inside the cell.

The artifacts seemed to have a lot of grudges to settle. Prometheus thought about killing himself, but…

[The Hare Tales: The Hare’s liver that can heal everything in a day (A-Grade:Treasure-Grade - Consumable Artifact)]

  • 10/10

“If you use this, the torturing will be even more effective.”

[Really? Do you really mean that?]

“Yes, so use this to heal this son of a bitch and then keep torturing him. It’s no fun if you let him die after just one session.”

[Ohhhhhhhhhh! I'll buy it! I'll buy it! How much is it?!]

Seo Ju-Heon, this son of a bitch, had sold copies of an artifact to the torturers.
He gave them plenty of it!

He seemed to be doing it on purpose!

‘This son of a bitch.’

Ju-Heon smiled wickedly as if he was just getting started.

“Just wait. I'll soon take your liver out and use it to make some restorative medicine as well.”

Prometheus was famous for having a liver that regenerated no matter how many times an eagle pecked at it.

“There’s something as precious as the Hare’s liver here.”

Ju-Heon was extremely happy that his business would soon have a new hit product.
Of course, Prometheus truly felt wronged.


‘Damn it, my ability is the ability of creation!’

As the one who Zeus ordered to create humans and animals, his ability was one of creation.

That was how he created Un-known as well.

[You dumbasses! Pulling out my liver isn't going to do you any good!]

Unfortunately, nobody cared as they imprisoned and tortured Prometheus.

[Shut up, the Majesty has asked you for your liver, you damn bastard!]
[Hand it over! You damn bastard!]

Ju-Heon smiled as well.

“Oh it's there. It definitely has abilities you don’t know about.”

‘Ow, that fucking bastard!’

Jaeha looked at Ju-Heon with disgust but it didn't matter.

“But you really hit the jackpot. You got some major gods in your hands now. You just have to contract with them……”

It was at that moment.

[Contract? What do you mean contract?]

The artifacts started to go back on their words.

The team members opened their eyes at this unexpected situation.

They might be able to hear the artifacts because they were inside a tomb.

They had heard correctly.

[We have no use for you now that we are out of our cells!]
[Let’s go see how many pretty girls are in the world now!]

Julian became anxious as Zeus and the others were about to scatter into the world.

“Hold on! Did you forget the deal?!”

Zeus sneered at him.

[Deal? Did I have a woman named deal?]

“Hold on! What about the promise?!”

[Promise? Who cares about a promise made to a human bastard?]


[The Majesty is definitely the master of the artifacts. But we cannot serve the Crow's contractor as the Majesty.]
[Plus, where is the proof that this bastard is our king?]
[I will go enjoy my freedom for a bit. Thanks for letting me out! Hahaha!]


As some of the anxious team members were about to chase him…

Ju-Heon smirked as if he had been waiting for this.

And then…


The artifacts that were floating up into the air all started to get destroyed.

Boom boom boom boom boom boom!

[What the, what is……?!]

Zeus turned around to see the artifacts of Olympus in pain. They were all Zeus's sons.

Ju-Heon was laughing.

“I made it very clear to you. Your sons will not be safe if you go against our deal.”

The Code of Hammurabi was visible behind Ju-Heon. He must have used Hammurabi's contract earlier!

Zeus just sneered at him.

Although they were weaker than usual because they had been imprisoned for a long time, they were the strongest of the gods.

[My sons will not die so easily because of a human Code of Law. And well…it doesn’t matter if you kill them.]

Ju-Heon smiled brightly as Zeus was about to escape.

"Are you sure? Son can mean something else as well.”


Zeus tilted his head in confusion and Ju-Heon started pointing somewhere.

His finger moved past Zeus’s face, his chest, and pointed in between Zeus's legs.

“Isn’t it a bit dangerous for you if you lose that son as well?”


Wait, w, what?!

Ju-Heon smiled in victory.

“Do you want to test it out? Maybe a second goddess of beauty would appear if I rip that shit off.”


Zeus became anxious as Ju-Heon was about to activate the Code of Hammurabi.

[Stop with the bullshit. You cannot destroy a major god with something like that!]

“Yeah, I think so too. That’s why let’s test it out together. Personally, I hope that a cute goddess is born.”

Ju-Heon never believed these Greek gods from the beginning.


The Greek gods were always described as being very similar to humans.

They betrayed each other pretty frequently and became envious of each other.

Just look at Prometheus!

‘I would turn into a fucking gentleman before I trust any artifact bastard.’

Zeus shouted with urgency as Ju-Heon came closer.

[W…wait! I told you that it is useless! There’s no need to test it out!]

“That's right, you son of a bitch! It’s not going to work anyway so let's test it out!”


Zeus’s scream soon echoed through the prison.

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