Chapter 327: The Emergence of the Majesty (2)

Water was dripping down.

This place was the deepest part of the Great Prison. The Crow was grinding its teeth in this spot.

It was understandable. Numerous guards had suddenly burst into the Crow's tomb.

[Whatever you try to do is useless!]
[Shut the fuck up and sit still if you don't want to die.]

The Crow frowned and shook its black wings. The guards’ spears were stabbing its wings.

That was the case.

These bastards were the reason Ju-Heon's connection with the Crow had been terminated for a moment.

It must have been Prometheus’s orders. He wanted to make sure that the Crow could not help Ju-Heon inside the Great Prison.

The guards looked at the Crow and started smirking.

[We heard that you snuck your clone out when the Monarch’s Tomb opened.]
[You used that time to contract with Seo Ju-Heon.]

The guards all had different appearances.

There was one that looked like a Dragon, a guard that seemed like it was a not living thing such as a fog, and even some guards that looked human.

They were all high-grade guards similar to the ones that ate Ju-Heon's subordinates and took away his legs in the past.

The base level of the guards at this region seemed to be high-grade guards because of the prisoners here.

They all frowned and glared at the Crow.

‘This vicious bastard.’

The Crow was tied down numerous times.

There was a muzzle on its beak it used for predation.

There were Toombglyph seals on its legs that looked as if someone had dug the seals into its legs followed by metal cuffs.

Then there were metal chains all around its body and wings.

Everything used on the Crow were strong artifacts that seal an artifact's aura. That was why it was even more shocking.

‘How the fuck did it send its clone out in such a situation?’

None of them would have been able to do it.

They would probably have died the moment such seals were placed on them.

The guards started speaking.

[General. Do we really need to keep this bastard alive?]
[Yes. We cannot kill it. This bastard is the Majesty’s Heirloom after all.]
[The Pandora System artifact is only able to maintain its function because this bastard is still alive.]

The Crow's red eyes flashed after hearing that. It’s eyes were very ferocious.

The guard started to snicker.

[Just wait a little bit. We will chop Seo Ju-Heon's neck right in front of your eyes.]

The Crow started flailing like crazy.

It was going wilder than it had ever done so before.

Was it trying to say that it would not leave them alone if they killed Ju-Heon?


The guards became anxious as its chaotic aura seeped out through the seals.

[Hold on! Put it back to sleep! Hurry!]
[I, is this bastard fucking crazy?!]
[That’s like committing suicide!]

The guards urgently started to move.

[You stupid shit! You can’t get out of here on your own!]

The Crow didn't care as it ground its teeth in anger.

‘I need to take care of Prometheus first.’

That bastard would chase Ju-Heon and keep hindering him.

But there was probably only one artifact that could suppress Prometheus.
Only the original owner of the lightning bolt could do it.

‘There’s no way Prometheus would sit back and watch as he frees Zeus.’

Prometheus should have headed toward Zeus as well since he knew his own weakness.

That was the reason the Crow's eyes flashed and it roared.

It was right.

[Someone is here.]

Some artifacts in a certain section of the tomb frowned and became wary.

Their reaction was obvious.

Nobody other than the guards ever came to this place.

But someone who was not a guard appeared?

[Who are you over there?!]

But the individual did not reveal themselves. Were they wary as well?

The prisoners seemed to get angry.

[It’s not like we can get out of here!]
[It’s annoying that you are hesitating when you are that strong. Hurry up and show your face!]
[It’s obviously those usurper bastards!]

The individual quickly showed herself after hearing their vicious comments.

I'm not an usurper, I'm not!

The one to show herself was none other than the rope! The rope was shouting in anger and telling them not to treat it as an usurper!

But the rope’s appearance flabbergasted the artifacts in the prison.

[What the hell? What is that?]
[Isn’t it a rope……?]
[Why is something like that here?]

That was the case.

The rope had been moving with Ju-Heon and the others. They had been following the eagle to its master!

But they split up on purpose when they ran into some guards.

Ju-Heon said the following to them as they split up.

‘I don’t care who, but just get there first! Get there before that bastard Prometheus gets there!’

That was why the rope had worked so hard to get here, but…

Why is nobody here? Why? The rope seemed to have come too quickly and was anxious that nobody was here.


Is this the right place? Is it?

The rope started to groan that maybe it got lost.

The Divine-Grade prisoners were at a loss.

It didn't look like a prisoner or a guard. It looked strong but it looked like a simple rope.

[W, what is this bastard? It has the aura of a Divine-Grade artifact.]
[………Something like this is a Divine-Grade artifact?]
[I can't feel any dignity of a Divine-Grade artifact on it though.]

The rope started to grab the prisoners one by one and asked, ‘Have you seen this person? Have you?’
The Divine-Grade artifacts became angry as it showed them a naked picture of Ju-Heon.

[This is not that kind of place, you bastard!]
[We would have eaten any humans we saw!]

That made the rope turn pale.

You ate him?! You ate him?!

The rope quickly started to force the prisoners’ mouths open. The prisoners looked ready to kill it as it tried to climb into their throats.

[You damn fly-like bastard! Stop it!]

As one of them was about to threaten the rope…


An extremely strong power smacked the prisoner’s arm away.


But that wasn’t all. A red rope mark was left on the prisoner’s hand as if it had been burnt.

The Divine-Grade artifacts became anxious.

[This bastard?!]

It had smacked away a famous Divine-Grade artifact!

They were sure of it now.

[This is the power of a Heirloom.]


[How does a shitty rope have the power of a Heirloom?!]

Their eyes flashed.

[I see, it must have used Un-known.]
[They must have used that illogical artifact to mess with things!]
[This kind of strength is impossible without it!]

They started giving off murderous intentions as if they realized something.

[This bastard must be a spy that Prometheus sent.]
[That must be it. Only that bastard can use Un-known.]
[What? Did that bastard tell you to go see what we are doing?!]

The rope got angry at them.

It’s not like……!

A chaotic aura struck the rope before it could even finish its sentence.


Their powers were restricted in the prison but they were still famous gods.

They were too strong for the rope to take on them by itself.

[Die! You bastard!]

An artifact with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse flashed its eyes.

“Do you want to die? Who told you to touch my things?”

They heard a vicious voice and boom! That artifact was destroyed.


A hand that reached in through the bars of the cell and ruthlessly destroyed the artifact!

The artifacts gasped.

[Who are you?!]
[Who the hell?!]

The rope started flying toward the person before they could even see who it was.


The rope started to rub itself on the person's face. The person groaned.

“Hey, stop it. Stop, mmph.”

That was the case. The person who appeared was Ju-Heon.

Ju-Heon patted the rope that was rubbing his face as if it had been worried and calmed it down.

“There there, it took me longer than I expected because I didn't have the Crow. Stop, mmph.”

The rest of the team appeared soon after as well.

On the other hand, the artifacts in the cells seemed shocked at Ju-Heon's appearance.

[Who is this human?]
[Who can destroy an artifact in here……?!]
[That is not the problem right now. This bastard……no way!]

Ju-Heon ignored them and started walking while peeking into the cells.

“Mm, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 2, Grade 1……”

He looked as if he was taking a look at different cuts of meat.

It was at that moment.

“Found it. Special Grade.”

Ju-Heon stopped and snickered while looking at someone.

The artifacts raged as soon as Ju-Heon said that.
Ju-Heon was pointing at their leader.

[Special Grade?!]
[How dare you treat our leader as a piece of meat!]

The artifact Ju-Heon was pointing at just smirked.

[I smell that Crow on you.]

Ju-Heon had finally found Zeus. The rest of the team covered their mouths in shock as Zeus stood up scoffing.

‘What an intense aura.’

They could tell.
This was not an artifact that a person could handle!

‘It’s too dangerous!’

Ju-Heon didn’t look away and just picked his ear.

“It’s too annoying to do things slowly. Let me get right to the point.”

His sharp eyes flashed.

“Kneel. And I will let you out of there.”

The artifacts in the cells raged and sneered at him.

[How despicable, you human bastard!]
[Do you know who you are talking to right now?!]

A large arm tried to attack Ju-Heon. But that arm was viciously sent flying.


Ju-Heon's Dominance then descended in the prison.

“I said it once already. I don’t like to waste my time.”

It didn't seem like just a bluff. It was a warning.

“I am your new master who came to you with a present. Don’t bare your fangs like you have no brain.”

The artifacts groaned.

[This power is……?!]

His aura was definitely strong, but the power they could feel coming from Ju-Heon’s finger!

[Is that the Emperor's Key?!]
[Is this bastard……?!]

Zeus laughed out loud.

[How arrogant, human. Can you really handle that thing?]

“I'll let you out of there. But you will have to be my slave if you get out.”

Multiple artifacts scoffed and started shouting.

[There’s no need to listen to a bastard like this sir!]
[He is the Crow's contractor! He is the contractor of that treacher!]

Zeus finally commented as well.

[Your offer sounds entertaining…but I'm not that interested. We are fine just sitting in here.]
[That's right! There's no way we would be a slave to a human bastard!]
[Let’s just ignore this bastard!]

Ju-Heon smirked in response.

“Reeeeeeally? That’s weird. I bet you’re going to want to come out.”



Ju-Heon channeled his Dominance into the ring. Something shocking happened.

Bang bang bang!

The door to the area they were in slammed shut.


It was completely sealed off now.

[What the? What the hell happened?!]

Ju-Heon then turned around and sent a pillar by the door flying.

Everybody gasped.



An unexpected individual was hiding by the entrance!


That was the case.

He had entered this area just a bit later than Ju-Heon.

He didn't dare to go deep in this area so he was watching things by the door, but then…

‘That bastard used the Majesty's Key to lock this area’s door!’

The artifacts went crazy after seeing him.

[That damn usurpeeeeeeeer!]
[Kill him!]

Boom boom!

It was quite chaotic. They looked ready to burst out and rip Prometheus's head off.

Prometheus became anxious.

‘Seo Ju-Heon, this damn bastard!’

Prometheus urgently tried to leave but the door would not open.

The cells in here went even crazier.

[Human! Open this door right now!]
[Do it now! I must kill that bastard!]
[Open this fucking doooooor!]

Ju-Heon annoyingly shook the key, as if he was asking them if they still weren't going to come out.

“Alright, then choose. Are you going to stay in there or come out and be my slave?”

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