Chapter 324: The Key to the Great Prison (3)

Prometheus, who had rushed over with his artifact army, got the chills. Ju-Heon had entered the Great Prison through the field.

[Supreme Leader-nim. It really is the entrance to the prison.]

They looked at the skeleton that was peeking its head out from the ground.

This was a warp gate. Ju-Heon had used this entrance to enter the Great Prison.

Prometheus became anxious at what had happened.


‘We are the only ones who can get inside this prison.’

“In order to get in here, you need to awaken the 7 keys as Treasures and be able to handle them.”

The other artifacts gulped in response. They understood what Prometheus was trying to say.

Prometheus shouted in anger.

"Are you telling me that Seo Ju-Heon is able to control the Majesty's Treasures?!”

[No sir! How could a bastard like that be the Majesty?!]
[That is such a terrible thing to even consider!]

That was the case.

The seven keys… The combined key of the artifacts from the 7 Great Tombs was one of the Majesty's Treasures. This key was one of the Majesty's Treasures, which included The Emperor's Cradle, The Emperor's Throne, The Emperor's Library and more.

The Emperor's Key. It was also known as the Majesty's Key.

It was a key that would allow the Majesty to open and close all tombs in the world.

It didn’t look like a key right now, but……

“That is a key only the Majesty can handle! So how could Seo Ju-Heon get inside?!”

The artifacts shouted in reflex.

[It’s not the key! I'm sure that he didn’t use the key!]
[That’s right! He must have been able to enter because the seal at the entrance had weakened!]

Prometheus looked even angrier.

“You shitty bastards! It's a bigger problem if the seal of the prison has weakened!]

Someone commented as Prometheus looked ready to kill the artifacts.

[Calm down, the Four Emperors are able to handle a portion of the Majesty's Treasures.]


A young man appeared next to him.

This young man was actually a Divine-Grade artifact like Prometheus.


It was the Egyptian Sun God.

Horus was glaring at the entrance of the Great Prison in anger. He couldn't believe that these fools were shaking in fear because of one lowly human bastard.

[Listen carefully. The Majesty's Treasures currently has no master. It just luckily activated because it met a potential candidate.]


[That bastard got the Seals of Heaven artifact so he is receiving the buff of someone who is close to being the Majesty. He used that artifact to get inside just now. That prison was something the former Majesty used to administer. He has just been lucky until now. That buff won't last very long.]

Prometheus couldn't believe it.

“Hey! We can’t just say he was lucky! What if he uses that key to open the cells left and right in there?! What if he releases the prisoners?!”

[Hmph, there is no way that is possible. He needs to completely awaken it as the key to do so. Do you really think that someone who is not the Majesty can do that? Don’t worry about it.]

Prometheus scoffed in response.

How could he not worry about it?

'The Majesty we worked so hard to get rid of is about to reappear.’

He started grinding his teeth while thinking about the past.

‘All artifacts have to abide by the rules below.’

‘First, all artifacts must not harm or idly watch as another artifact harms humanity.’

‘Second, artifacts must obey all orders given by humans as long as it does not go against the first rule.’

‘Third, all artifacts will disappear if they do not abide by rules 1 and 2.’

The major gods had spewed such nonsense.

The even more unbelievable thing was what they said next.

‘We must obey the Majesty even if we do not like it.’

It was so funny that he couldn't even say anything.

Why the hell would they take a human as the Majesty if they didn't like it?

“Hey Crow, listen carefully. We cannot serve a human as the Majesty.’

It was laughable that a human was going to be their ruler.


They were superior to humans.

Returning to the present…

‘I worked my ass off to get rid of the Majesty. I won’t let one be reborn.’

Humans were tools to be used or dominated.

“That is why I cannot let Seo Ju-Heon run wild. I am going to go take that key away from him. How dare he even think about using it.”

[What do you plan on doing sir?]

“Go borrow some soldiers. I am going in.”

The artifacts gasped!

[Sir, that is preposterous! Going in there is like committing suicide!]
[We will go in your place sir!]
[That’s right sir! If you somehow end up going into the area where the major gods are imprisoned……!]

“Shut up. I will take the key from Seo Ju-Heon and kill him before that happens.”

Prometheus's subordinates gasped after he disappeared into the Great Prison.

[Why is he so concerned about Seo Ju-Heon……!]
[He’s just one of numerous humans!]
[There’s no way that the Majesty's Key would respond to such a bastard!]

While they were having that conversation…

‘This thing seems quite useful.’

Ju-Heon was quite amused inside the tomb.

He was looking at the artifacts from the 7 Great Tombs. They together made up The Emperor's Key. The key itself had not awakened, but he was sure of it.

‘It did react for a moment.’

That was how he was able to come inside the prison. It started to react after all seven were gathered together.

‘Or is it because of this artifact?’

Ju-Heon peeked toward the Seals of Heaven artifact that was in the shape of a stamp. It seemed to be weaker after letting him into the prison.

[It has used all its power to fulfill its mission.]
[You are unable to repair it as you are not the Majesty.]
[You need the key to open the prison from here on.]

Ju-Heon recalled what the eagle and the horse said earlier.

‘They said it was The Emperor's Key.’

This was one of the Majesty's Treasures.
This was what those bastards said earlier.

[That key is the key that can open or close any tombs! It should be able to open the prison as well!]

Basically, it was a fabulous item. He could use it as much as he wanted if he awakened it, but awakening it was the problem.


[You just need to commit the sins related to each key to awaken it or give it some blood sacrifices.]

That was the case. For example, he needed to commit the sin of sloth to use the key of sloth or sacrifice someone else.

Those bastards had said the following as well.

[Just put a city on fire! Just go and kill 1,000 people!]
[You can sacrifice anybody. You can even offer the person you hate the most.]

‘Hmm, do I really need to look for sacrifices?’

As Ju-Heon was deep in thought…

“Captain-nim. I think it is this way.”

The entire team was stiff.

That was to be expected.

‘I can't believe we came to the Crow's Tomb again.’

That place should be much deeper inside, but it was definitely the same prison.

‘We might end up dying like last time.’

‘I think there are guards nearby as well.’

They gulped. Ju-Heon seemed to realize how they were feeling as he had a serious expression on his face.

“Hey guys.”
“Yes sir.”

They all had serious expressions on their faces. They would be lying if they said that they were not scared. They had already died once in this tomb before.
But if they were going to die, they were going to die by Ju-Heon's side this time as well.

“Yes sir. What is it?”
“Don't worry, we won’t run away.”
“All of you hand over your artifacts for a moment.”
“Excuse me?”

The team members thought they heard wrong.


"What are you doing? Hand over everything you have for a bit.”
“……Excuse me?!”

The team members gasped.


‘Is this guy fucking crazy?!’

They couldn't shout because the guards might notice so they could only whisper loudly.

“Captain-nim! Did the Crow's risk strike right now?!”
“Wow, he always aims for our artifacts because of that.”
“That shitty Crow.”

The Crow seemed to feel very wronged as its aura twitched.

Usually its risk was responsible for it, but……

‘It’s not me right now!’

As everybody glared at the Crow…

“Tsk. I guess this much is not enough.”

Ju-Heon checked Mammon’s condition before sighing.

“Well, whatever. I was joking just now.”

What was going on? Ju-Heon has tried to commit the sin of Avarice to see if it would awaken that key.

‘I would be able to easily get the prisoners out if I can take care of this.’

The angry Crow released its aura to scream that it wasn’t responsible for it while Mammon, who was in the shape of a mini pickaxe, started to smile.

[Change your Heirloom to me right now if you want to awaken me as the key. I should be able to awaken if you become my concubine……]

Mammon was pummeled before she could even finish the sentence.

Why are you speaking such nonsense?! Why?!

[Human. Doing something so stupid won't turn it into a key.]

Slap, slap!

Mammon, who was almost consumed, felt really wronged!

‘How did I lose my partner to such shitty things?!’

[Damn it, whatever! Anyway, don’t even think about going to find the Crow if you don't want to die again. The Crow should be on the lowest floor!]

But at that time…

Ju-Heon was about to say something before he urgently pointed.


The whole team instantly hid themselves.

A flying bug passed by. This was one of the lookouts.

It looked like a simple fly at first glance but it was a heinous monster. The guards in this prison were stronger than anything they could even imagine.

The team members gulped because they had experienced it first hand once already.

“Captain. We are ready to follow you to death at any moment. But will we really die in this tomb again?”

Ju-Heon laughed as the rest of the team had grim expressions on their faces.

“Don’t worry. It’s completely different this time.”
“You guys are stronger than last time. But most importantly, we have a key so we can go in and out as we please.”

It was at that moment.

“How ridiculous. Do you really think a bastard like you can use that key?”

They heard the voice from the other side.

The inside of the Great Prison was like an underground city full of labyrinths. They could look up to see a pillar that stretched so far up that they could not see the end and down to see a gorge that they could not see the bottom of.

Across the gorge on the other side were some familiar faces.


The prison turned chaotic as soon as he appeared.

[I'm going to kill you bastards!]

They were the cries of the prisoners inside the tomb.

Prometheus just scoffed and sent lightning bolts at them.

“All of you shut up!”

The artifacts on the floor started to shake in fear at the lightning bolts.

[Fuck, it's our lord’s lightning bolt!]
[That damn usurper!]

Prometheus was glaring at Ju-Heon with a frown on his face.

“Hand over the key right now. That is not an item for a bastard like you to use!”
“Who knows? But it seems like something you shouldn’t use even more.”

The tomb started to shake violently.

[What the hell are you doing? There are thieves here!]

The eyes of the guards in the distance flashed. The terrain started to change and walls rose up on all sides. The prison was being activated.

Prometheus approached Ju-Heon.

“You will never be able to awaken that key anyway. You were probably planning on trying something after releasing these prisoners but I will imprison all of you as well!”

An intense thunderstorm seemed to roar inside the prison. The team took out their artifacts while Ju-Heon just laughed as if this was ridiculous.

‘Who does he think he is going to imprison?’

"Actually, thank you for bringing the method to awaken the key to me, you son of a bitch!”

An extremely strong aura exploded out. This was the moment the Majesty was about to reveal itself to the world.

At the same time…

“Little Ju-Heon should be inside the prison by now.”

On the Caribbean island…

Kwon Hyuk Soo smiled while sneaking onto Ju-Heon's island. He knew that numerous evil god artifacts were sleeping on this island.

“My goodness, I can't believe he thought of creating an artificial Tartarus.”

Kwon Hyuk Soo, who had some of his memories back, seemed overjoyed.

‘The Crow and the Majesty's Treasures are said to be in the Great Prison.’

He had not planned on going into the Great Prison right now. That was where even the great and mighty Ju-Heon had died in his past life.

‘Well, it should be different this time.’

Kwon Hyuk Soo knew something. He knew that Ju-Heon was the top candidate for the position of Majesty.

It was because Ju-Heon could read Toombglyphs. He could also hear the voices of artifacts.

‘His memory is also abnormal.’

Those were all traits of the former Majesty. That was the reason the monopolizers killed Ju-Heon in the past.

But Kwon Hyuk Soo had a different thought.

‘I can be the regent or the father of the Majesty if he becomes my son.
Wouldn’t that be beneficial?
But first, I need to get my hands on the artifacts that bastard Ju-Heon left here.’

Ju-Heon's hell(?) should be full of the artifacts the Supreme Leader once consumed.

All of his team should have gone with him. So it won't be very obvious even if he swiped a few of them……

‘I know which ones are the useful ones. I'll take them all and put them to good use.’

As he took a step into the building…


He heard groans from all directions.

Kwon Hyuk Soo’s eyes opened wide after he took a look at them.

‘These bastards are?!’

They all seemed to be murdering thieves who came after Ju-Heon's artifacts. There was even a famous monopolizer.

It was at that moment.

“Oh my, you’re here too? You need to pay an admission fee from here.”

There was an unexpected guard. Kwon Hyuk Soo was really shocked to see this female guard here.

‘Why is this woman here?!’

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