Chapter 321: New Heirloom

[The rope is being promoted.]
[It is being promoted to a Heirloom.]

It was an extremely shocking message. It was such an unbelievable message that even Ju-Heon had to rub his eyes.

He couldn’t help but laugh.

‘It’s a Heirloom?’

It was too hard to believe.

This rope was not alive(?) compared to the other Heirlooms.

But what?

At that moment…

Ahh, what the hell is this bastard?!

Go away! I said, go away! You stupid rope!

Where are you from?! How dare an inferior bastard like you touch someone like me!

Ju-Heon turned his head as the artifacts screamed.

The screams were coming from the sky.

The rope had split its body to bind down 1,000 artifacts at once.

The rope looked like a net as the 1,000 strands reached out in all directions.

These artifacts had no way of escaping.

Ju-Heon questioned his eyes after looking at the rope.


He thought that the rope looked human for a moment.

But that human form disappeared as if it had been a mirage.

He heard his team members shouting.

“Jackpot! Did it capture all of them? Really?”
“Ohh, I knew that rope was a hack from the beginning.”
“U, unbelievable.”

Even Mammon was gasping.

[W, wait. If it’s like this…!]

Mammon urgently turned toward Ju-Heon and the rope.

Ju-Heon looked satisfied and the rope flew over to Ju-Heon after seeing he was out.

I filled it! I filled it! 1,000 Divine-Grade artifacts!

Ju-Heon laughed as the rope looked like a kid bringing a giant batch of 1,000 balloons behind it.

He still couldn’t understand what it was saying, but whatever.

“Yes yes, I'll take you as my partner.”

The team members almost fainted.

"Captain! Are you out of your mind?!”
“Wow, he’s finally done it. Whatever, I have nothing to do this with. This artifactphile finally……!”

Ju-Heon shouted in anger.

“No. Not that kind of partner! My Heirloom! They call Heirlooms your partner artifact!”
“Ah……Heirloom. Ah……yes sir.”

Jaeha mockingly laughed before his eyes opened wide.

“Huh? Wait a minute. Then are you planning on throwing the Crow away and taking the rope as your Heirloom?”

The Crow was the most shocked to hear this.

Ju-Heon was going to throw it away?!

The Crow flinched and tried to chase after the artifacts but it was too late and Divine-Grade artifacts didn’t just fall from the sky.

Mammon was stomping her feet in frustration.

[Human, artifacts can't just be Heirlooms because they want to do it!]

"Why not?”

[Why else?! They don’t meet the requirements……]

‘Requirements my ass.’

“It’s already a Heirloom though?”


Mammon urgently turned her head and the rope's eyes(?) were sparkling as it bobbed up and down.

I got promoted! I got it!

It was proudly bobbing up and down.

The other artifacts all gasped.

This is blasphemyyyyyyy!

[It's blasphemyyyyyyyyy!]

Even the artifacts belonging to Ju-Heon's team members peeked out and started shouting.

This makes no sense! It’s not a Divine Beast or a leader of a group…!

This was as unbelievable as saying that humans originated from a paper cup.

[Isn’t this a scam? Maybe it’s just pretending to be a Heirloom!]

Unfortunately, it didn’t matter what the artifacts had to say.

‘It really does have the aura of a Heirloom.’

That was the undeniable proof that it was a Heirloom.

Of course, there were a lot of weird things about this.
The only way to become a Heirloom was to have a Heirloom pass down its position to a new artifact.

But the rope was not a Divine Beast nor did it get handed a position.

The number of Heirlooms was a fixed amount as well.

‘But for it to have become a Heirloom…’

Ju-Heon suspiciously looked at the rope’s smelly body.

‘There’s no way it was the garlic and Korean wormwood, right…?’

It sounded plausible as the Bear used garlic and Korean wormwood to become Hwanung's partner.
For artifacts, becoming a human's partner meant becoming their Heirloom.

Was that the reason or was it because it captured all of the artifacts from the Supreme Leader artifact's body?

‘Either way, this silly rope breaks all supposed laws of artifacts.’

An artifact that shouldn't be able to upgrade had upgraded and even jumped past grades, it really likes a human and had no problem smacking the Supreme Leader.

This mysterious artifact seemed to be made up of all things that shouldn't exist in this world.

‘Is it really Gleipnir?’

It was at that moment.

[H, human… Are you really going to take this rope as your Heirloom?]

Ju-Heon laughed at Mammon's question.

“Why not?”

The rest of the team became excited to hear that.

“Then please give me the Crow artifact! Me, me!”
“Hey! The Phoenix is enough for you. Please give it to me instead. Please Captain!”
“Shut the hell up! I don’t want to be a meat shield anymore! I'll become a multi-ability user if I consume the Phoenix with the Crow!”
“That’s true, the Captain-nim’s artifact is like hitting the jackpot!”

The whole team was greedy for the Crow.

However, the Crow’s aura was shaking. It had only been wary of Mammon and then ended up being smacked in the back by an unexpected opponent.

But it couldn’t argue against the rope.

The rope did have the power of a proper Heirloom and it was up to the master to decide if they wanted to break the Heirloom contract.

“Alright, then…”

As the team’s eyes sparkled and the Crow sulked…

Let’s do it together! Let’s do it together!

The rope jumped up and down before landing on Ju-Heon’s head.


It was at that moment.

A shocking message appeared as the Heirloom contract with the rope took place.

[You have received an additional Heirloom contract.]
[You have become the master of two Heirlooms.]
[You have become the only dual Heirloom user in the world.]

Ju-Heon's eyes opened wide.

‘Oh, would you look at this?’

His shocked expression made the rest of the team awkwardly ask.

“Captain-nim? Are you not going to break the contract?”
“Umm, who are you going to give the Crow to……”

Ju-Heon smirked as if they were ridiculous.

“Get lost. Both of them are mine.”
“Excuse me?!”
“I'd have to be crazy to let you have such a useful artifact.”
“Excuse me? B, but people can only have one Heirloom……”

Ju-Heon pointed to his clavicle instead of responding.
The Toombglyph tattoo symbolizing his contract with the Crow was clearly visible.

It was located the same way as any possession-type artifact’s proof of contract, but Heirloom tattoos looked different in both shape and color.

The team gasped after looking where he was pointing.

“T, there’s one more!”
“What? Then he has two Heirlooms?!”

Jaeha started to scream that this was a scam.

“Holy shit, this is so unfair! You damn thief! You fucking scammeeeeeeer! You always take all the good things for yourself!”

The entire team started crying in envy but it didn’t matter.

[What the hell is this trashy human bastard?]

Ju-Heon heard an annoyed voice.

It was from one of the evil god artifacts that the rope had captured. They were bound by the rope but still salivating while looking at Ju-Heon.

[I was happy enough to be freed from that motherfucking spider bastard but there’s even a feast for me.]
[Good little rope. Eaaaat him!]

The evil artifacts all charged toward Ju-Heon.
The rest of the team and even their artifacts started screaming.

It was because these artifacts were evil god artifacts that other artifacts avoided as if they were literal shit.

They were different from regular artifacts. They made even the artifacts of the Tower of Pride shiver.

Each of them were either diseases with terrible personalities or disasters that loved to harm humans.

They had all been wondering how Ju-Heon was going to handle all of these artifacts.

Just having them by his side would be cancerous.

That was probably the reason.

[Hey! Seo Ju-Heon! Those bastards are dangerous!]
[You don't avoid shit because it’s scary! You avoid it because it’s dirty! What the hell are you going to do about these pieces of shit?!]

What was Ju-Heon’s plan?

‘I already found a great place.’

But before that…

"These pieces of shit can't even recognize their master.”

The two Heirlooms were viciously activated as soon as he said that.

There was a loud explosion in Manhattan.

The screams were just an extra benefit that was pleasing to Ju-Heon's ears.

[Hey. What the hell are we looking at?]

The doggie artifacts seemed quite shocked. The other artifacts responded to Anubis's question.

[Umm……we are watching the creation of a prison.]

That was the case.

They were currently on a remote island in the Caribbean.
A grotesque building was being built in front of the doggies’ eyes.

Ju-Heon was currently creating Tartarus.

Basically, he was creating hell.

It would be a place to train these shitty thi………err, to take care of these artifacts.

Ju-Heon, who was giving Jaeha directions on how to build it, was smiling arrogantly.

“Humans fall to hell if they sin. Artifacts should go to hell if they do bad things too.”


“I'll make it so that you beg to call me master within a month.”

The artifacts were shaking.

Even artifacts that belonged to the rest of this team were shaking in fear.

‘I was wondering how he was going to suppress these heinous artifacts!’

He was basically going to put shit in the shit bucket.

Now that they thought about, Ju-Heon had been buying land all around the world for a while. This remote island in the Caribbean was one of many islands that Ju-Heon had bought.

They had thought that he was just going to be like any other rich person and build vacation homes all around the world, but…

[Aigoooo! Who knew that a human bastard would create hell?!]
[Who could have expected that he would create something like this for the artifacts he captured?!]

They could already tell.

[I guarantee that this penitentiary will be the worst place to be.]

Just look at the ingredients going into its creation!

Anubis got angry at them.

[You stupid fool. That’s not it. That is not what I am shocked about.]


Something like that wasn’t weird. His master was someone who would make all of the artifacts in the world his slave without batting an eye.

In fact, it was weird that something like this was being built now instead of having been built earlier.

[T, then……]

Osiris and Set, who were next to Anubis, chimed in.

[Yes. The shocking thing is that this thing is our restroom!]

They were shocked while looking at the chamber pot in front of them.

This was the gourd where Ju-Heon had imprisoned the Supreme Leader… It looked like a chamber pot now but whatever.

[Maaaaaaster! Even if you wanted to scare us, this is not it!]
[How can this be our restroom?!]

Anubis foamed at the mouth.

[No sir! The thing that should surprise us right now is that the rope became a Heirloom!]

That was the case.

The thing that shocked Anubis was the unprecedented appearance of a Heirloom.

[How did a little punk who wasn’t even a Divine-Grade artifact become a Heirloom?]

The Heirlooms selected Monarchs and were the Monarch’s partners to protect them. How could a simple rope rise to such a position?!

Set and Osiris just laughed.

[It’s not that weird.]
[That kid could probably even become the Supreme Leader.]
[T, this is not the time to say such casual things!]

‘It had already increased by one because of the Crow!’

The rope had instantly made the number of Heirlooms grow by one again.

Something like this had never happened before.

[The Heirlooms and artifacts all around the world will never accept this.]

It was true; artifacts all around the world were gasping right now. Of course, the subject of the matter didn't seem to care about it at all.

I gathered 1000! I did it!

The rope was just following Ju-Heon around with a sparkle in its eyes.

Can I be with you now? Can I?

Is this day 1? Day 1?

That seems to be the thought on its mind.

It was no wonder Anubis was getting flustered.
Anubis scowled and groaned.

[Regardless of how the master deals with it, this is definitely something for the artifact court.]

The rope would end up having its Heirloom authority revoked.

[It’s not even a Divine-Grade artifact…]

“But it is a Divine-Grade artifact.”

Anubis's eyes opened wide at Ju-Heon’s comment.


“I don’t know why you guys can't sense it, but the rope is clearing giving off the aura of a Divine-Grade artifact.”


Was Ju-Heon telling the truth?

Was a stupid rope like this really a Divine-Grade artifact like them?

Anubis freaked out even more.

‘This is really driving me crazy!’

But the ones really going crazy were not any of them.

“That damn spider lost?!”

Prometheus's hand was shaking.
He never expected Ju-Heon to clear the Supreme Leader’s tomb.

That wasn't all.

[Now that the Spider Supreme Leader is captured, it’s subordinate artifacts are acting weird as well.]

The doggies with Ju-Heon, who were Division Commanders and Commander of the Corps, had nobody to fear anymore while the other artifacts were talking about whether they should follow Ju-Heon as well.

[It is dangerous like this. The people the System Artifact chose will not become the Majesty at this rate. And now all 7 Great Tombs……]

That was the case. Ju-Heon had all of the keys.

[He is going to try to open the Great Prison now.]

They were done for if that prison was opened.

To be more specific, if Ju-Heon took possession of the criminals in that tomb……!

Prometheus urgently looked at the Pandora System Artifact.

“I can't let that bastard use this artifact.”


"We still have time.”

That was true.
Even if he had the keys, he could not instantly open that tomb.

“It is the Great Prison. A mere human will not be able to open it so easily.”

Prometheus smiled wickedly.

“So hurry up and do as I comm……”

But at that moment…



The Pandora System artifact suddenly started to go crazy and released a warning.

[Warning. A change is happening in the world.]

It was as if Ju-Heon was sneering at them.

The Great Prison where they had stuffed the major gods and hidden away was starting to open!

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