Chapter 320: The Supreme Leader of the Artifacts (4)

“Oh right, you asked me how I felt when you died.”

The blade of the knife flashed as Ju-Heon continued to speak.

“I was very sad. We were together for a bit after all.”

Zhen Cai Yuan's eyes opened wide while Julian gasped.

‘Wait, what did he just say?
He was sad?
He was VERY sad?
This son of a bitch! He’s definitely gone crazy.’

Julian seriously thought Ju-Heon had gone crazy.

He couldn’t help but have such a reaction. There was no way something so romantic would come out of Seo Ju-Heon's mouth!

This guy didn't give a damn about anybody whether they were men or women!

There was no way that such a bastard would say such sweet words to Zhen Cai Yuan!

Then there was only one answer!

‘This son of a bitch is trying to scam her again!’

“Seo Ju-Heon, you……!”

But Julian flinched before he cussed at Ju-Heon.

‘No. He might not seem like it, but Ju-Heon is actually a very affectionate person.’

He would not have worked together with this bastard for 10 years if he really shed no blood or tears like a psychopath.

Ju-Heon even looked a bit sad right now.

Julian started to speak with a compassionate gaze in his eyes.

“I see, I guess you really did have some feelings for Zhen Cai Yuan……”

But forget having feelings…

“So just tell me a bit about the artifacts China has before you die.”
“Hey you damn trashy son of a bitch!”

Julian grabbed the back of his neck while the spider artifact roared in anger.

[See, this bastard is someone who says stupid shit like this! Hurry up and kill him!]

Ju-Heon was the enemy.

This arrogant bastard was trying to become the master of all artifacts in the world.

‘We can't let a bastard like this get all of the artifacts!’

Well, part of the reason the spider felt that way was because it believed all of the artifacts in the world should be his.

[Alright! All of the artifacts will be taken by this bastard if you don’t do anything! Hurry up and kill him!]

However, at that moment…

“I don’t want to.”


Zhen Cai Yuan immediately rejected the spider. She had an extremely satisfied expression on her face.

The Spider couldn’t help but become anxious.

[You stupid bitch, are you really believing what this bastard just said?! You're satisfied with that?!]

Zhen Cai Yuan started to smile.

Of course she was satisfied.


Ju-Heon was usually not the type to even say empty words. That was why it was fine if it was a lie, and……

‘It doesn’t seem like a total lie either.’

She could tell by his gaze. Of course, it was possible that Ju-Heon was doing it on purpose to make himself seem more believable.

"Anyway, I lost. They're going to execute me if I go back to China like this anyway. So hurry up and kill me. Take the Supreme Leader artifact from me.”

Ju-Heon gently smiled.

It was as he expected.

Zhen Cai Yuan was the type to not care about things once she got what she wanted.

He knew that she would even give up on the artifacts as long as she got what she really wanted.


“If you want to kill me, stab me deep right here. The artifact’s core is located there.”

Ju-Heon had no idea where the Supreme Leader was located inside her body.

As one of the Four Emperors, she was able to hide it very well.

In order to remove a parasitic artifact, that location needed to be known but he had no idea where it could be.

‘I get it now.’

She pointed deep inside her neck.

It was also the spot she cut her neck to kill herself in the past. She let him know that she would just molt again if he did not properly destroy the core.

“Just destroy the artifact core. The Supreme Leader will die with me, but you have a talented restorer with you anyway.”

Ju-Heon lifted the knife.

‘Good, I won.’

Zhen Cai Yuan was looking at Irene for some reason. She was planning to die in Ju-Heon's hands from the beginning.


She believed she would remain in his memory if he personally killed her.

“Do you have any last words?”
“I hope that you will be able to like me in my next life.”

Ju-Heon viciously smiled as she said that. But as he struck down to stab Zhen Cai Yuan…

[You motherfucking bitch! I don’t need you anymore!]

The Spider could not hold it in any longer and burst out of Zhen Cai Yuan’s body.

It couldn't believe that this woman was pretty much committing suicide.

The Spider decided to throw away this crazy woman.

And then…

[Seo Ju-Heon, you should be thankful! I will take you as my host!]

It’s chaotic aura aimed for Ju-Heon. Both Zhen Cai Yuan and Julian were shocked to see that.

Why? It was not good news for the Supreme Leader to take anybody as a host.

‘The Supreme Leader is the Gu poison artifact.’

Gu poison was an artifact that called forth curses.

This bastard would bring unbelievable wealth to its host but will kill the host if it was not fed.

Basically, the Supreme Leader was planning on sticking to Ju-Heon and forcing him to feed it!

The food it wasn’t wasn't regular food either!

[I’ll request your team members as my first meals!]

It would do that to make Seo Ju-Heon cry tears of blood! It was shameful to stick to Seo Ju-Heon but it seemed extremely beneficial looting at the long-term results.

Whether Ju-Heon would be pained to feed it or die because he couldn’t feed it!

It would enjoy both scenarios!

The Spider bared its fangs toward Ju-Heon.

Zhen Cai Yuan became anxious.

'I can’t let it do a host contract.’

She did not want to see Ju-Heon crying tears of blood.

Well, she might enjoy it if he cried some tears of blood for her, but…! Zhen Cai Yuan quickly grabbed a knife.

Her only choice was to kill the spider before it could attack Ju-Heon!

‘Seo Ju-Heon. Go become the ruler of the artifacts.’

As she was about to stab her own neck!



The knife stopped moving.

Ju-Heon had grabbed Zhen Cai Yuan’s knife. He did it extremely manly with his bare hand!


His hand was dripping blood but Ju-Heon just laughed as if it was nothing. Zhen Cai Yuan was baffled.

‘But why? He’s going to die at this rate!’

The spider stuck itself to Ju-Heon's back at that moment. It then started to laugh.

[You stupid fool, I got you now!]

But as the spider tried to rip apart Ju-Heon's neck…


The spider coughed up blood and moved away from Ju-Heon's body.

The spider was flailing on the ground in pain as if it was having diarrhea and vomiting at the same time.

[You bastard, what the hell did you rub all over your body……?!]

Ju-Heon lifted his shirt a bit and started to smile.

What had he rubbed on his body?

[1,000 years old extremely stinky garlic extract (SS-Grade:Divine-Grade - Consumable Artifact)]
[Holy blood that scares even the king of ghosts (SS-Grade:Divine-Grade - Consumable Artifact)]

[The Lord of Flies’ Poop Excreted by the Monarch of Devils Heirloom (Food poisoning bacteria) (SS-Grade:Divine-Grade - Consumable Artifact)]

What had Ju-Heon done?

He had ground up all sorts of artifacts and rubbed them on his body.

He would not come unprepared to meet Zhen Cai Yuan.

He had come up with this method while debating how he could defend himself against her.

He had rubbed all sorts of artifacts because he didn’t know the damn spider's true identity, but it was an artifact of gluttony after all.
As a fellow artifact of predation user, he knew very well how it worked.

‘You get a stomach ache if you eat something you shouldn’t eat.’

The Dongui Bogam artifact that came out in the past would have been able to accurately come up with an antidote for the Gu poison, but……

‘I guess it's enough.’

He had no right to tell the rope that it was stinky.

“Alright, get lost if you understand!”

Ju-Heon started swinging the smelly garlic rope around.

Garlic was known for warding off evil in both the East and the West!

The rope even roared to threaten the Supreme Leader.

The Supreme Leader that had gotten weaker after losing the artifacts that made up its body glared at Ju-Heon.

[You son of a bitch, do you really think something stupid like this would work?!]

"Something stupid? It sure seems to be effective.”

Ju-Heon laughed and bound the Supreme Leader up with the rope. The garlic rope was extremely effective.

It could probably be used to ward off all sorts of evil in the future.
He laughed and started to stomp on the spider.

“Well, it looks like you were the Emperor of a large Empire in the past so I will show you some respect as a person.”


Ju-Heon took out a gourd.

“You may have been a greedy bastard, but you probably didn't choose to be swallowed by the Gu poison. I will properly clear your tomb.”

The gourd grew into the size of a building once he channeled his Dominance. The spider was baffled.

[What the hell are you planning?]

“Nothing. I’m going to give you a chance to keep your honor as a human being.”


This was the Tomb of the Gu poison.

The way to properly clear this tomb was to have a battle royale inside the gourd similar to how the Gu poison was created.

“I've been curious about it. Let’s go figure out whether my Crow's predation or your predation is stronger.”

Julian urgently shouted.

"Are you planning on fighting with the spider?! That’s too dangerous!”

Ju-Heon ignored him and motioned to the spider.

“And it looks like you may have been the Crow's master at some point so I will give you some special treatment.”

The spider released its chaotic aura as soon as Ju-Heon said that.

[Fine. That Crow will be mine if I consume you!]

Julian became anxious as the spider and Ju-Heon headed for the gourd.

“Hey! Captain! Stop it!”
“Mr. Ju-Heon!”

Ju-Heon didn't care and walked into the gourd with the spider.
The spider became excited once it was inside.

[Alright! Bring it on! Let’s see who survives in the end!]

It was at that moment.

“Mm, yeah. Give it your best on your own.”


The spider urgently turned its head but…


Ju-Heon quickly closed the opening of the gourd. The spider anxiously ran toward the entrance.

[What the hell are you doing?!]

Ju-Heon ignored it and channeled his Dominance into the gourd again.

The gourd slowly shrank until it was the size of a paper cup.

Julian was astonished at what just happened.

“Hey! What the hell are you doing?!”

Ju-Heon looked at the tiny gourd and laughed out loud.

“What else? I'd have to be fucking crazy to get trapped in a gourd with a damn spider.”

Julian was truly flabbergasted.

“I thought you were going to show it respect for being an Emperor in the past.”
“Emperor? It’s just a dumbass who couldn’t overcome its own greed and turned into an artifact.”
“You said you were going to show it respect as a person…!”
“It’s just a shitty artifact bastard now. It’s not human.”

Julian grabbed the back of his neck.

“What about the whole ‘do it properly’ because it was the Crow's former master?”
“Like hell it was the former master.”

The small glimpse he got into the Supreme Leader's memories showed that this bastard was not the Crow's master.

Someone else was the Crow's true former master.

In fact, that guy seemed to be the Supreme Leader's slave in the past.

The spider was just the Emperor of an Ancient Empire who tried to get the Crow and lost it to his own slave.

The Crow seemed to be the strongest of the Heirlooms. It had a direct connection to the Majesty.

‘I saw something quite interesting in that memory.’

He also had everything he needed to open the Great Prison now.

They could hear the spider grinding its teeth inside the gourd as Ju-Heon laughed.

Seo Ju-Heeeeeeeeeeeeon! Get your ass inside now! Get in here!

Ju-Heon just sneered at the spider.

“Shut up. I’m going to let our doggies shit on you.”

At the same time…

[Huff, huff! When is my damn master coming out?!]

Mammon, who had mined the artifacts from the Supreme Leader's tomb, was stomping her feet.

The artifacts Mammon mined were all artifacts that the Supreme Leader had consumed.
Helping them escape made the Supreme Leader weaker so Ju-Heon should be able to clear the tomb.

She had watched the artifacts inside the Supreme Leader's tomb dig their way out and scatter.


[Why is he not coming out?! The tomb should be cleared! H, he wasn’t swallowed by the Supreme Leader, right?]

“U, ugh! I don't know what you are saying, but please let go……!”

As Jaeha, who Mammon was grabbing by the collar and shaking anxiously, groaned in pain…

“Hey hey, hold on. Is it really okay to let all those artifacts escape?”

Ilya, who met up with Jaeha and Seol-A pointed at the sky.

“The Captain will probably be angry.”

What was he pointing at?

The sky was full of artifacts from the Supreme Leader artifact's stomach that were running away. They looked like dragons ascending to the sky.

Seol-A was anxiously biting her fingernails while looking at the artifacts escaping.

“I need to get all of those!”

She needed to gather 1,000 Divine-Grade artifacts to give to her Captain-nim as dowry.
Jaeha stopped Seol-A who was trying to chase after the artifacts.

“Hey hey, stop! It’s obvious those are all evil god artifacts! Even the artifacts from the Tower of Pride can’t capture them!”

This was the truth.

The artifacts the Supreme Leader had consumed were mainly evil god artifacts.

They were all extremely dangerous, heinous, and disgusting.

That was probably the reason.

[Aigoo, I'm just giving up on that free rent.]
[Those bastards are too wicked and strong!]

“There's no way we can get those! We’ll die from their venomous aura! Just let them go!”
“But the Captain-nim will be disappointed……!”

As Mammon and the other artifacts had all given up…


Something urgently burst out of the tomb.


It was the rope.

But the rope looked different from its usual appearance.

“Huh? Huh?! The color changed!”
“Hey! No, it's appearance just now……!”

The rope looked odd as it flew up to the sky.

It definitely looked like a rope as usual, but……

“Didn’t it just look like a person? Did my eyes go crazy?”

It was at that moment.

"What the hell is going on?”
“Ah, Captain-nim. Actually, the rope!”

The rope that flew up to the sky flashed its eyes and tried to capture the scattering evil god artifacts.

Where do you think you're going? Where do you think you're going?

The evil god artifacts foamed at the mouth.

What the hell is this shitty rope?!

You shitty bastard! Go away! I said, go away!

The rope grinded its teeth in anger as it was sent flying with a punch.

The rope flashed before it split into many ropes. When had this rope learned Bunshin no jutsu?!

The rope flashed its eyes and started capturing the evil artifacts left and right.
It started with one, then two, three, one hundred… One thousand?!

“I, it captured all of them?!”

Mammon’s jaw dropped in shock.

[T, that punk! What the hell did it just do?!]

Ju-Heon saw a shocking message at that moment.

[The rope is being promoted.]
[It is being promoted to a Heirloom.]

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