Chapter 314: Who Are you going to choose? (2)

“You’re sure that Irene wasn’t involved?”

Julian needed one more confirmation. He was very thorough and tended to be the one to always recheck the things Ju-Heon might miss. It might be because he was the Vice Captain.

Ju-Heon nodded his head at Julian’s question.

“Yes. There were some bastards that really pushed the plan forward.”

Ju-Heon showed him his phone.

“And this is the list of those people.”

Julian was shocked after seeing the list.

An unexpected person was on the list as well.

“Why would this person want to kill us?!”
“Isn’t it entertaining? But this is the important part over here.”

< Regarding the Pandora System Artifact >

  • Results of Activation Analysis:
    It is a detection-type artifact and is suspected of being the Majesty's Treasure.

This is only a very small portion so it cannot use a lot of its powers but it is able to search for other artifacts.

< Regarding the Majesty's Treasure >

  • There seems to be multiple treasures based on types.

By Joy

“Anyway, I'm intrigued by this Majesty thing.”
“Majesty? Does it mean the king of the artifacts?”
“Yeah, it’s probably talking about the Monarch among Monarchs. Anyway, those bastards were scared of us. They’re scared of us now too.”

Ju-Heon smiled as if he was amused. Those bastards were scared that they would get the Majesty's Treasure.

“We should make them even more scared.”
“…You just want that Treasure, don’t you?”
“Of course I do! It's an artifact I know nothing about.”

None of them had any information on this treasure.

‘That artifact may be related to the fourth change.’

Ju-Heon smiled brightly and asked him a question.

“Anyway, in that sense, what do you think about this one?”

Ju-Heon was pointing at something. It was unexpectedly a woman’s bag.

Why were they looking at bags? Ju-Heon and Julian were at the department store right now. They were looking for Christmas presents to send to Ju-Heon's ‘family’ back in Korea.

He was also looking for presents for Irene, Seol-A… and even his little sister who did such a good job analyzing things this time.

An employee quickly walked over after seeing Ju-Heon pointing at the bag.

“Hello sir, are you looking for a present? Who are you shopping for?”
“Mm, my fiancee?”
“Oh my, really? You truly have an eye for the good stuff.”

Julian commented at that moment.

“Apparently you're a sucker.”

Ju-Heon laughed and the employee became anxious.

That was right. This was the reason Ju-Heon brought Julian with him. Haetae's ability to tell apart truths and lies was extremely useful in the world.

Ju-Heon pointed at something else while the employee was still anxious.

"What about that one?”

Another employee had a sparkle in his eyes as he rushed over.

Ju-Heon was obviously a clueless VIP! That meant…

‘He’s a pushover!’

This was their chance to get rid of some of their useless products that don't sell!

That was probably the reason.

“My goodness! This is a new product that is so popular that we only have a few in stock……”
“It’s not new. And there’s a ton of them in storage.”
"What about that one then?”
“T, that’s our brand’s best seller that we can’t even sell because there are none in stock…”
“It was returned yesterday.”
"What about that one then?”
“Most people wouldn’t take it even if it was offered for free.”
“And that?”
“Apparently most young people don’t use this brand at all.”
“Really? I guess this place is useless then.”

Ju-Heon laughed and walked out of the store.

The employees who had tried to sell off these terrible goods now looked as if they had seen some ghosts.
Ju-Heon was extremely happy that Julian was so useful.

“Great, Kongming, let’s go there next.”

Julian was in pain. He didn’t get his artifact for it to be used like this.

Later in the day, Julian put his hand against his forehead as if he was tired. He was currently heading back with Jaeha and Ju-Heon.

They were headed to Jaeha’s workroom. It was time for a team meeting. And it was fine that they were going to Jaeha’s workroom instead of the hotel, but……

"Good. Hey Kongming. Should we go shopping for cars next time?”

Ju-Heon seemed so satisfied with his shopping today that he was already thinking about taking Julian with him again.

Julian grabbed the back of his neck and shouted.

“Even if we go shopping, not for cars! You can't buy cars!”
“What? Why?”
“Why else?! You'll turn a new car into scraps in a week! Who do you think needs to get it fixed after you do that?!”

Ju-Heon was actually a great driver but his cars always ended up destroyed.

“Just buy a toy car if you want a car! Or maybe buy a racing game!”

‘This bastard.’

“Or maybe buy a damn artifact car!”
“Hmm, I don’t like any of the artifact cars.”

That was to be expected.

Artifacts were being used to develop Home Appliances, clothes, and all sorts of industrial products. There were artifact cars, but……

‘They’re all just C-Grade artifacts.’

They were cars with artifacts to prevent scratches, but actual artifacts only had old trains used to transport nameless soldiers, or horses.

“Ah. It'd be great if the Red Hare artifact came out.”

Jaeha sneered at him.

“Do you think something that precious would come out?”
“Anyway, be careful today.”

Today was Christmas Eve. Ju-Heon had to go out to see someone.

“Think about who you are seeing today. You might end up dying. Anyway, keep it a secret from Seol-A and Irene and…”
‘Okay, I got i…”

But the moment they walked in through the door to the workroom…


They couldn’t help but gasp.

It was to be expected.

“Captain-nim, you had an appointment today?”


Seol-A and the rope were squatting just inside the door sulking. Nero was with them as well.

It was surprisingly raining around her.

‘How is it raining indoors?’

‘What kind of artifact's risk is that?’

All of the lights were off that they thought she was a ghost.

“Captain-nim. You have an appointment today?”

Ju-Heon looked away and the sulking Seol-A and the rope sniffled.

‘Captain-nim……! You always spent Christmas with me……!”

You always spent it together with me! Together with me!

Ju-Heon had never spent Christmas together with the rope but anyway…

“Why do you look like lost puppies? And what the fuck are you doing over there Nero?”

[This is a betrayal against this Emperor.]

Ju-Heon blasted Nero away. It was at that moment.

“Are you really going on a date today?”

Well, she was used to Ju-Heon being with other women.


‘The Captain-nim don't see team members as women!’

That was right. Ju-Heon was the type to say something shitty like how they can’t have inter-team relationships. His reasoning made sense.

‘It’ll distract you.’

People would become distracted in tombs where they needed to focus for their survival and to clear the tombs. He even said something about focusing on the wrong thing (ie each other) instead of the tomb.

Seol-A agreed with him as well. The first people to die inside tombs were always one half of a couple. Artifacts were extremely wicked bastards after all.
Ju-Heon also had a need to keep things fair for all of the team members.

Seol-A bit down on her lower lip.

“Captain-nim, I know that you don’t see me as a woman! I know that! But…”

The sniffling Seol-A approached Ju-Heon.

“Even still, not Zhen Cai Yuan! You know what kind of woman she is!”

That’s right! Not her! Not her!

Ju-Heon slowly looked away.

Well, he didn’t like that woman either but he had no choice.

‘Seol-A is no joke.’

Ju-Heon really didn't treat the members of his team as women. But there had been a time when he had treated Seol-A as a woman.

He knew that Seol-A liked him and when Ju-Heon had that incident with TKBM… That ‘incident’ was when Chairman Kwon killed off employees on other teams who listened to Ju-Heon. Ju-Heon had gone against Chairman Kwon's orders to rebel against what had happened.

An angry Chairman Kwon had ordered Ju-Heon to be fired. The entire tomb raiding team had been disbanded for a bit.

Seol-A had seduced Ju-Heon at that point. To be more specific, it was because she saw that Ju-Heon had lost all desires at doing anything because he was full of doubt about everything.

‘You're not going to work with artifacts anymore?’

‘I'm not.’

‘Then sleep with me. We're not teammates anymore if you're not going to work with artifacts.’

It was a sort of gamble. She was hoping that Ju-Heon would come back to work with artifacts. She just wanted him to say that he didn’t see team members as women.

Of course, there was a part of her that wanted to be in his arms at least once as well.

How many men would be able to reject a woman who was practically begging him to sleep with her? Sadly that relationship ended as if it had never happened once the tomb raiding team was unexpectedly restored five months later.

‘Tsk, he’s so old-fashioned about such weird things.’

Seol-A had grumbled but continued to be on Ju-Heon’s team because that was one of the things she liked about Ju-Heon. It was more important for her to protect Ju-Heon than to have him see her as a woman.


“Not today!”

Ju-Heon hesitated as Seol-A jumped up.

He felt as if he was looking at the same desperate gaze she had when the tomb raiding team had been disbanded.

Jaeha and Julian slowly turned around and walked out the door.

They knew that getting involved in this would only lead to headaches.

“G, good luck.”

Unfortunately, they could not stay out of it for too long. It was now two hours later and Julian was tapping his foot nervously.
That was to be expected.

“What the hell? Look at the time! Why is he still here?”

Julian, who had left for a bit, was shocked. He was getting anxious after sensing Ju-Heon's aura inside the building.

“It’s already 6pm. Wasn’t he supposed to meet Zhen Cai Yuan earlier?”
“Uhh, yeah.”

Ilya, who Julian happened to run into outside, was thinking it was odd as well.

But Ilya soon snickered.

“Well, it’s Christmas Eve. Who knows what could have happened between a man and a woman? Huehuehue.”
“No……he might be having a meeting regarding his appointment with Zhen Cai Yuan.”

‘It really is too dangerous for him to go meet with the Supreme Leader alone.’

Julian wanted to stop Ju-Heon from going if he could do so.

But they had no idea when they might be able to see Zhen Cai Yuan again if he didn't go today. She was quite the capricious woman.

Ilya clicked his tongue at Julian and pointed at the door.

“Then let’s go inside.”
“W, what?! Is it okay to go in?!”
“What’s wrong? I thought you said they’re probably having a meeting.”
“……U, uhh.”

As they pushed the door open…

They were shocked at what they saw inside.

“Seo Ju-Heon?!”

Seol-A and the rope were not in the room.

All they saw inside was Ju-Heon who was deep in sleep and an artifact that was rolling around the floor.

[Sleeping Beauty’s Spinning Needle (A-Grade:Treasure-Grade - Consumable Artifact)]

They couldn't help but gasp.

“What the hell did Seol-A do?! Did she go to meet Zhen Cai Yuan?!”

Current time: December 24th, 7:00pm.

Zhen Cai Yuan looked anxious while waiting outside the station.

She was usually confident and proud but she seemed oddly anxious today.

It was because she didn't think that she would really get to go on a date with Ju-Heon.

And most importantly…

‘……I need to ask him about that memory as well.’

Zhen Cai Yuan recalled the memory of her death. That was why she was still waiting even though Ju-Heon was already one hour late.

Of course, the Supreme Leader artifact was already releasing its chaotic aura.

It was planning on killing Ju-Heon on this date. It was at that moment.

“Ah. Sorry, did you wait long?”


Zhen Cai Yuan smiled after hearing the familiar voice and quickly turned her head.

‘Seo Ju-Heon!’

But Ju-Heon was sweating bullets.


‘Fuuuuck, I'm dead if she finds out!’

It was because this Ju-Heon was Jaeha who was disguised as him.

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