Chapter 311: Artifact Tears (3)

‘Did this old bastard…’

Kwon Hyuk Soo frowned and asked back.

“Hyung-nim, is your Achilles’s Heel perhaps my daughter?”

He expected to hear a negative response but Chairman Kwon calmly answered back.

[Heal her properly if you know that.]

Flames looked ready to burst out of Kwon Hyuk Soo’s eyes.

“Wasn’t your Achilles’s Heel the TKBM HQ building?”

Chairman Kwon shamelessly responded back.

[I used Un-known to change it. I already told you that.]

“You told me that it was originally the outer wall of TKBM's HQ but that you changed it to something on the inside!”

[No? That was a lie. Who knows when any part of a building might break?]

Kwon Hyuk Soo scoffed.

‘Well, fine.’

That statement was acceptable.

Chairman Kwon had selected TKBM’s HQ as his Achilles’s Heel upon getting Achilles’s Armor.

But he had been the one to advise his hyung-nim to ask Pandora to switch it because the building seemed a bit dangerous to select.


“But you fucking changed it to my daughter?!”

Kwon Hyuk Soo sounded very angry.

Chairman Kwon still sounded relaxed.

[What's wrong? What is the problem? There’s no way that you would let your daughter die and someone at your level is the greatest warden in the world.]

Kwon Hyuk Soo couldn't even laugh anymore.

Should he be thankful that his hyung-nim was praising his abilities so highly?

But still this was too much!

“You did that without saying anything to me? That’s betrayal.”

Chairman Kwon just scoffed at him.

[Betrayal? I know that you planted spies in my company without my knowledge as well. You shouldn’t have sent your daughter to my company if you didn't want anything to happen.]


[You even thought about destroying TKBM's HQ if the right chance came along, didn't you?]

Kwon Hyuk Soo scrunched his face.

Well, it was true that he planted people in Chairman Kwon’s company.

“Spies? They are scouts just in case anything unexpected happens…”

[Shut up. Now that you know, protect your daughter well. That is the way for both you and I to get out of this with a win-win situation.]

“You should have at least told me about it!”

[Why should I have trusted you with that? This is the kind of thing you don’t even tell your family members.]

Kwon Hyuk Soo scrunched his face even more.

“Is it because of that future that didn’t happen?”


Kwon Hyuk Soo knew that Chairman Kwon had always been wary of him.

He also knew that Chairman Kwon became even warier of him after using that memory artifact Yang Chen had brought.

“I don't know what you saw with that but hyung-nim, were you scared that I would take your place?”

[……Kwon Hyuk Soo.]

There was a brief moment of heavy silence.
It was the type of silence that could shake this sworn sibling relationship that had existed for tens of years.

Kwon Hyuk Soo was the first to break the silence.

“Well, I'm just joking.”

Kwon Hyuk Soo took a big breath as if to brush everything off before smiling brightly.

“Anyway, I understand what you were thinking, hyung-nim. I’ll let it go this time since I can see why you would do something like that. I probably would have done the same.”

[Thank you for understanding. Anyway……cough!]

Chairman Kwon coughed and Yoon Shi Woo urgently butted in.

[We need to quickly recover the Chairman-nim’s body. He’ll be in serious danger if we don't put the head back on……!]

"Ah, ah, I got it. Don’t worry about that. I'll get hyung-nim’s body back soon.”

Chairman Kwon urgently added on.

[While you are there, Seo Ju-Heon… Grab some information about the future from that son of a bitch.]


[That bastard knows more than I do. I will only lose again without that info!]

He was lacking memories of the future.
He had too little information about the past life, well, the future that was to come, compared to Seo Ju-Heon.

He was certain that those bastards had some more information about the future.

They must have something that was better than this Merlin's artifact.

He needed to take that away from them.

Kwon Hyuk Soo happily nodded his head.

“Okay, I'll bring that too.”


Kwon Hyuk Soo hung up with a smile on his face.


‘Motherfucking old bastard.

How dare you take my daughter hostage and send me to do your errands.’

His face was full of murderous intent as if he had never been smiling in the first place.

It wasn’t that he didn't understand Chairman Kwon.

As he had said, he would have probably done the same thing and taken Chairman Kwon's daughter hostage.

The two of them were both terrible people like that.


‘But it still doesn't feel good to be on the receiving end.’

Kwon Hyuk Soo's gaze looked quite serious as he looked at Gungnir.

While that was going on…

[Gungnir succeeded in stabbing the enemy’s Achilles’s Heel.]
[It scratched her side.]
[Gungnir successfully stabbing Kwon Sae Yeon has affected Achilles’s Armor!]

Ju-Heon smirked while looking at these messages.

It was because they all knew who Kwon Sae Yeon was.

They were all shocked to hear Ju-Heon say that name.

“Kwon Hyuk Soo's daughter is his Achilles’s Heel? It was a person?!”
“But wasn't Kwon Sae Yeon that old bastard’s mistress……”
“Either way, it was changed to Kwon Hyuk Soo’s daughter? That’s fucking crazy. No wonder I couldn't find it!”
“It’s understandable though.”
“Yeah, he basically got a super strong bodyguard named Kwon Hyuk Soo for free.”
“Do you think they discussed it beforehand?”

Ilya, who knew Kwon Hyuk Soo very well, shook his head.

"Absolutely not. No matter how terrible he is, he’s not someone who would use his daughter like that.”

That bastard used his subordinates as if they were single-use tools but he cherished his daughter as the most precious thing in the world.

“I agree. It was probably a ploy to make sure Kwon Hyuk Soo stays on his side.”

Whether Kwon Hyuk Soo knew about it or not, he would be Chairman Kwon's bodyguard.
No matter what happened, Chairman Kwon would have this perfect bodyguard.

That was Chairman Kwon's method of using the people around him however he wanted.

The Chairman Kwon of the past was just as bad if not worse than the current one.

This guy was just a douchebag.

“But Kwon Hyuk Soo and Chairman Kwon are sworn brothers. He might be okay with it.”
“Well, they already know that they are both rotten bastards. They also have the shared goal of being in Pandora.”

The team members knew Kwon Hyuk Soo and Kwon Tae Joon's personalities well.

Their relationship wasn't that shallow that something like this would cause a rift.


‘Who knows? Will that really be the case?’

Ju-Heon was the only one who was smiling with amusement.

It was at that moment.

“Anyway, that’s not the problem! Achilles’s Armor is ours now!”

Yoo Jaeha was very happy.

He liked all artifacts but he had a thing for armors even more.

“I'll restore it right now……!”

As he approached the armor that had turned into pieces…


Ju-Heon urgently pulled Jaeha by the collar.


It was extremely quick.

Jaeha was thrown toward the rest of the team just as a vicious aura burst out.


[Achilles's Armor is starting to create a Tomb Appearance.]

Toombglyphs started to appear around them.

“This is the sign of a Tomb Appearance!”

It seemed as if Chairman Kwon's head had ordered it to do this.

It must have told the armor to attack Ju-Heon's group with the last of its strength.

It would be able to use traps to attack humans if it created a tomb.

[Warning. A tomb is appearing.]
[Warning. A tomb is appearing.]

But it must have forgotten who it was going up against right now.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ju-Heon used Tomb Destruction and Artifact Destruction to ruthlessly destroy the armor.

It fell over in serious pain.

Then some new messages appeared.

[Achilles’s Armor has been completely destroyed.]
[The contract with its master has been broken.]
[The aura of immortality is disappearing.]

Ju-Heon stomped on Chairman Kwon’s naked body as soon as he saw that message.

The headless Chairman Kwon's body jerked vigorously. It finally seemed to be able to feel pain.

Chairman Kwon’s body looked full of pain as they stabbed him with a knife.

But someone gasped at that moment.

“W, what the hell?! Why is he still alive even after we took the armor off?!”

There was a simple explanation.

Ju-Heon nonchalantly explained.

"That bastard has a fake Heirloom as well.”

Heirlooms turned their users to superhumans. Basically, they made the user not die so easily in the War of Artifacts.


“But it fortifies a person's life force and doesn't turn them invincible.”


Ju-Heon started to smile.

Basically, if a regular person would die in one minute from significant blood loss, someone with a Heirloom would be able to last at least one hour.
That ‘golden time’ would increase.

Chairman Kwon would be fine for a bit even without the armor for that same reason.


‘He’s probably in intense pain right now.’

The armor that prevented him from feeling pain was gone now.

“T, then are you going to let him just die like this?”

As Ju-Heon walked over to Chairman Kwon…


Something came flying toward the window. It was extremely quick.

It was none other than……


Gungnir had returned after completing its mission.

Ju-Heon grabbed Gungnir that was rising up faster than an airplane.

He then spun it around as if he was practicing pole arts before stopping the roaring Gungnir.

The team members sighed in relief.

“I was wondering what came flying.”
"Well, Gungnir isn't the only thing to fly over.”
“Excuse me?!”

They heard laughter outside at that moment.

“I was wondering who sent that thing. It was you, you little bastard?”

Kwon Hyuk Soo had flown over while holding onto Gungnir.


Ju-Heon's group instantly became wary after hearing that familiar voice.


They took out their artifacts as soon as they saw Kwon Hyuk Soo.

"Did that old bastard fly over on Gungnir?!”

Gungnir was extremely fast.

This guy had flown over on something that flies as quickly as a missile!

Furthermore, Kwon Hyuk Soo had been in Korea just now. He had crossed over the Pacific Ocean!

Yoo Jaeha shouted in shock.

“He really isn't human……!”
“Look at the pot calling the kettle black.”

Ju-Heon was being serious.

Anyway, Kwon Hyuk Soo's eyes were full of anger as he glared at Ju-Heon.

“You bastard, were you the one who was aiming for my daughter?”

This guy who gave no shits about his subordinates dying still seemed to have his honor as a dad and cherished his daughter a lot.

Kwon Hyuk Soo's Dominance was going wild in anger.

“Answer me. Were you the one who was aiming for my daughter?”

Kwon Hyuk Soo immediately summoned his artifact. This was the artifact that gave him the name of the Monarch of Love!

A chilling aura swirled inside the room. That artifact might have been responsible for the things in the room starting to melt.

This dangerous aura was Kwon Hyuk Soo's power as one of the Four Emperors that he did not reveal very often.

Ju-Heon was surprisingly still calm.

“I had no idea. Who the hell would think that Chairman Kwon’s Achilles’s Heel would be your daughter?”
“Do you honestly expect me to believe that?”
“I'm sure you already recognized the artifact you flew over on.”

Kwon Hyuk Soo frowned.


Ju-Heon started to speak again.

“I just told it to aim for his Achilles’s Heel.”

Kwon Hyuk Soo thought for a moment before accepting that explanation.

There was no way that this bastard would have known about the Achilles’s Heel that even he didn’t know about.

Kwon Hyuk Soo then snorted.

“First, hand over hyung-nim’s body.”

Ju-Heon laughed in response.

“Sure, take it if you want.”

The team members gasped.

“Is it really okay to give it to him?!”

Ju-Heon flicked his finger. Something shocking happened.


There was a sudden earthquake and a sinkhole appeared under Chairman Kwon’s body.

And then…

[Osiris is opening the Gate to the Afterlife.]
[Osiris is opening the Gate to the Afterlife.]

A chaotic black whirlwind shot up from the sinkhole.


Kwon Hyuk Soo was extremely familiar with this scene.

How could he not when he was stuck in there just a few weeks ago?!

And then…


Chairman Kwon was dragged into the whirlwind.


Kwon Hyuk Soo glared at Ju-Heon.

Ju-Heon nonchalantly chuckled.

“Feel free to go inside and take it. You should know the layout since you've already been there once before.”

‘This son of a bitch.’

Kwon Hyuk Soo was angry but it was as Ju-Heon said. He had already been to this Egyptian Hell once before.

Finding Chairman Kwon's body in there and coming back out would be easy.

That was why he was suspicious as it didn't make sense that Ju-Heon would make it so easy for him.
But at that moment…

“Your daughter wasn't hurt a lot but she was still hurt, wasn’t she?”

Ju-Heon smiled and shook something in the air. It looked like some sort of ointment.

"This ointment is good for injuries from weapon artifacts. It's a special item created by a Heirloom.”

That was right.

Chloe had created this item.

Chloe's Heirloom was a unicorn. She could use the unicorn's horn to make all sorts of healing artifacts.
Kwon Hyuk Soo looked at it and scoffed.

“Are you threatening me with that?”
“No? I'm not interested in using medicine to threaten someone.”

Ju-Heon casually threw him the ointment.

“Don’t worry, we didn’t poison it.”

‘What the hell is this bastard thinking?

'Why is he being nice like this?’

Ju-Heon finally got to the point.

“It looks like you didn't know about Chairman Kwon's Achilles’s Heel either.”
“Get to the point.”

Ju-Heon smiled and added on.

“Do you really think Chairman Kwon is someone you can trust?”

Ju-Heon had some information about things because of the ghosts that Seol-A had planted.

He knew that Kwon Hyuk Soo was upset at Chairman Kwon for monopolizing information about the future.

Ju-Heon knew from past experience that Kwon Hyuk Soo was the type who would be really curious about that.

Ju-Heon shook the Raven’s Tears in the air.

“It’s obvious that the old bastard told you to get information about the future from me, right?”
“But if you take this with you, Chairman Kwon will monopolize the information again.”
“So choose one. You either go in there to save Chairman Kwon's body, or… You work together with me.”

They say that the enemy of an enemy is a friend.
Ju-Heon's plan to pit them against each other had started.

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