Chapter 310: Artifact Tears (2)

“Now then, time to experiment.”

Ju-Heon struck down with the spear.

But why did Ju-Heon have to aim for the spot between Chairman Kwon's legs?!

But the moment the spear was about to stab into that important spot!


A bright light flashed from the flailing Chairman Kwon’s body.
It was the light from the artifact inside.

[Achilles's Armor has detected a significant threat.]
[Achilles's Armor has detected a significant threat.]
[It is urgently activating defense mode.]
[The buff effect on the armor is being activated.]
[Buff - extra defense increase against assassination weapons.]
[Buff - increase resistance against Divine-Grade weapons.]

Ju-Heon was smiling as if he was enjoying himself.

“Yes, a defense-type armor should at least do this much!”

The attacking spear and the defending shield slammed against each other!



Some of the team members were almost sent flying from the impact. The gust of wind that burst out destroyed a lot of the things in the room.

Some artifacts started to get damaged as well.
Jaeha foamed at the mouth.

“Captain-nim! Hold on! Hold on! You can test it out if you want but still! You're destroying everything here! The hotel owner is going to cry!”

Well, he seemed like the one who really wanted to cry but that was besides the point.

Ju-Heon opened his eyes wide and nodded his head.

“Really? Then I guess we'll go outside.”

The team members gasped even more as Ju-Heon tried to drag the flailing Chairman Kwon out.

“Please stop!”

They didn't want to be associated with such a bizarre incident.

Yoo Jaeha shouted at that moment.

“The Captain-nim gave you a bonus not too long ago! What are you doing?! He gave it to you for times like this!”

Ilya shouted back at him.

“What? That wasn’t just a bonus for doing a good job?!”
“Haaaa! Do you really think the Captain-nim would give you something like that?! Hurry up and get to work you little punk!”

Ilya pouted and summoned his spell book artifact.
Lemegeton (The Lesser Key of Solomon) Book 3 - The Angels who control Time (SS-Grade:Divine-Grade - Possession Artifact)]

This was one of Ilya’s many spell book artifacts.

Basically, it was a mysterious spell book that could control time. It was the artifact with closest ties to Occultism in the entire team.

He activated the artifact, making a barrier of light appeared around the room that caused something unbelievable to happen.

[The time in this area is in regression.]
[The time in this area is in regression.]

“Captain, you can test all you want now!”

Ju-Heon swung Gungnir down as soon as Ilya said that!


The team members clenched their eyes shut at the clash of the two strong auras.

Ju-Heon was probably the only one in the world who could remain calm in the midst of such a fierce battle of auras.

But they slowly opened their eyes to peek because they were curious to know the results.


“W, what the?!”
“I, it’s totally fine!”

They gasped in shock.


That was right.

Ju-Heon had stabbed at numerous vital points but Chairman Kwon’s body was completely fine.

This defense was extremely strong.

Of course, Chairman Kwon’s body was feeling as if it was about to die.


It could only roll around in pain as it couldn't say anything without a head.

There were no injuries on the body because of the super strong armor but the places Ju-Heon was aiming for were embarrassing locations.

The team members stepped in.

“Let’s see if it still doesn't work when I do this! Captain-nim, I'm borrowing this!”

Jaeha grabbed Xiang Yu and ran toward the body. He then stabbed it in the butt!


Although the arms were covering the butt as if it was in pain, the team members gasped after seeing that it had no damage at all.

And then…

“Fine, let’s see who wins, you son of a bitch!”

The team members who were feeling their pride attacked by this armor started calling out all of their artifacts.



Vicious thunderbolts and numerous swords roared inside the room!

Chairman Kwon's body was in serious pain.

Ju-Heon, on the other hand, was having quite a lot of fun.

[Achilles's Armor is becoming even stronger.]
[Achilles's Armor is becoming even stronger.]

“This old bastard really has a great armor.”

He had expected this.

Achilles's Armor was an S-Grade artifact but it was extremely well-known in history. It was as strong as Divine-Grade artifacts.

Basically, it was the highest-grade defense-type weapon that could not be pierced by your average weapons!

It was extremely great at physical defense.

The team members didn’t know what else to do after it blocked everything they threw at it.

“What should we do? It shows no signs of breaking at all.”

But Ju-Heon started to laugh.

“It’d be bad if it broke so easily.”
“Excuse me?”
“Alright, test over. Now it's time to destroy this armor.”

Ju-Heon properly channeled his Dominance into Gungnir this time.

Gungnir resisted with all its strength.

“It really is difficult.’

Ju-Heon slightly frowned.

He could feel his strength quickly being sucked out as he tried to use it properly.

The doggie artifacts had difficult risks and took a lot of stamina as well but Gungnir seemed to be the type to drain his mental fortitude.

But he needed to destroy the armor. It was not just because he desired the armor for himself.

‘Chairman Kwon cannot feel any lasting pain or even the fear of death right now.’

Having an artifact of immortality takes away a person's fear of death.

Ju-Heon couldn't let it stay that way.

‘I need that bastard to experience the same pain we experienced.’

Chairman Kwon needed to experience the Crow's tomb as well.

The pain and fear they had felt… The fear that made them feel like lowly animals!

No matter what, Ju-Heon wanted to at least make that bastard shed as much tears as his subordinates had shed.
This was the first step to get him there.

“But it won’t break no matter what we do! It’s not like we can just strip it off of him!”
“Do we need to pour oil all over his body or something?”

What was Ju-Heon planning?

“As you all know, you just have to go for Achilles's heel.”

“Achilles's Armor's weakness was naturally Achilles's heel.


“You coudn’t find the heel even in your past life!”
“It’s not just cutting of Achilles's tendon?”

Jaeha shouted in anger at Ilya's question.

“Ow! Shut the hell up if you've never tried! Would it be an S-Grade artifact if the weakness was so obvious?!”

This was the truth.

Achilles's Armor's weakness was not the tendon at the heel. Its weakness was at an unexpected location based on each user.

‘This ‘Achilles's heel’ is catered to Chairman Kwon.’

Usually, it would take the form of an item or a location.

But Ju-Heon had been unable to find it even after being around Chairman Kwon for 10 years.

‘I couldn't find it no matter what I did.’

He didn't know why but even Kongming had failed over and over again.

They had searched everywhere they suspected it might be but none of it had been right.

It wasn’t as if Ju-Heon had not found Chairman Kwon’s weakness for 10 years because he was a slacker.

“How are you planning on finding his Achilles's heel……?!”

Ju-Heon just laughed instead of responding.

While they were doing that, Chairman Kwon was screaming in anger.

“Ugh, uuuugh!”

It was to be expected.

Chairman Kwon's head was still ‘connected’ to his body. Although he couldn't see what was going on, he could feel what was going on.

"What the fuck are these bastards doing with my body?! Ugh!”

He had never felt such indignity before.

“Where they hell are they stabbing?!”

His son-in-law, Yoon Shi Woo, who was in the room with him, frowned.

‘Are you okay sir? If, hypothetically speaking, the armor was to break…”
“How foolish. Do you really think that would be possible?”

Yoon Shi Woo smiled wickedly in response. The engineering team had worked their asses off to upgrade Chairman Kwon’s armor.

“The only way for them to destroy that armor is to aim for its Achilles’s heel. But there’s no way those bastards will figure it out.”

That was the reason Chairman Kwon could be so calm even though they had his body.

“That’s right. They are just wasting their time.”

This small amount of indignity didn’t matter.

‘I'll be able to get my body back soon.’

He had sent his subordinates to rescue his body.

But at that moment…


Chairman Kwon suddenly coughed up blood. Yoon Shi Woo became frantic.

"C, Chairman-nim? Sir, what’s wrong?”

Chairman Kwon started getting dizzy.


Yoon Shi Woo urgently ran toward Chairman Kwon. Chairman Kwon looked completely pale.

That was to be expected.

“The armor……my armor is in danger!”

Chairman Kwon, whose instincts had detected danger, started to shake.

“Hurry up and bring me the phone immediately!”

He could tell.

That bastard had figured out his Achilles’s tendon. He figured out something that nobody should ever know! Ju-Heon was smirking back in his hotel room.

It was because of the message that popped up.

[Gungnir is flying toward the Achilles's Heel.]

That was right.

Ju-Heon had channeled a ton of Dominance and sent Gungnir flying.

This was the perfect plan since Gungnir was a divine spear that would always hit its target!

Ju-Heon smirked knowing it couldn't fail.

‘Go, Gungnir! Aim for that bastard's Achilles's Heel!’

It was at that moment.

[The enemy's Achilles's Heel has been stabbed.]
[Achilles’s Armor is starting to lose power.]

Chairman Kwon's body started to glow at the same time.

To be more specific, Chairman Kwon's undershirt!

[Achilles’s Armor is starting to break!]

Chairman Kwon’s armor finally started to crack!

The team members gasped at this unexpected situation.

“What the hell? You really hit his Achilles's Heel?!”
“Where? What was his Achilles's Heel?!”

Julian was extremely curious. However, Ju-Heon looked perplexed.

[Gungnir has accurately struck the second Achilles’s tendon.]


Ju-Heon's eyes couldn’t help but flash after seeing that word.

‘Could this bastard change his Achilles's Heel?’

It was extremely likely.

Otherwise, it was impossible that the great and mighty Kongming would have been wrong so many times.

Ju-Heon started to smile.

‘Now I get it. No wonder we were always wrong.’

The Achilles’s Heel was the user’s weakness. But Chairman Kwon had switched his Achilles's Heel to the most unexpected of locations every so often.

He was pretty much cheating.

But the problem was the Achilles’s Heel that Gungnir had stabbed.

“Ho. This was that bastard's Achilles's Heel? This bastard is fucking crazy.”
“What? What the hell is it?!”


Ju-Heon was quite amused while reading the message.

At the same time…

Kwon Hyuk Soo was questioning his eyes.

He was currently running TKBM in Chairman Kwon’s place.

He had returned home for the first time in a long while to rest at home with his family.


“M, my goodness, what the……?!”

His wife was gasping at what was going on.

There was a broken window and a broken vase.

Then there was Gungnir that was roaring wildly in Kwon Hyuk Soo's hand.

“Honey, what is th…… kya!”

Gungnir that was in Kwon Hyuk Soo’s hand was releasing its chaotic aura while aiming for someone.

It was aiming for Kwon Hyuk Soo's daughter, Kwon Sae Yeon.

“U, ugh.”

Kwon Sae Yeon, Chairman Kwon’s secretary, was groaning on the ground.

She was bleeding from the side.

“F, father.”

Kwon Hyuk Soo's eyes opened wide.

Gungnir had suddenly broken through the window.

He had just barely managed to catch Gungnir to save his daughter's life, however……

“Why is this……ugh!”

Gungnir was flailing viciously. Kwon Hyuk Soo was barely able to stop Gungnir as he was also one of the Four Emperors, but still…

“Fuck, who the hell?!”

As Kwon Hyuk Soo was swearing…

He received an urgent call from Yoon Shi Woo. Kwon Hyuk Soo was annoyed but still picked up.

It was because he kept getting call after call no matter how many times he ignored it.

“What is it?! I don't have time to pick up your damn call right now……!”

[Chairman-nim, this is bad! The Chairman-nim…the Chairman-nim's Achilles’s Heel has been struck!]


[Just now……I believe something happened to the armor. Anyway, we need to quickly come up with a plan!]

But at that moment…

[Your daughter, is your daughter safe?!]

He could hear Chairman Kwon shouting through the phone.


[I asked you about your daughter!]


She was hurt.

But why was Chairman Kwon asking about that? And his Achilles’s Heel?

‘Hyung-nim’s Achilles’s Heel should be the TKBM building.’

Kwon Hyuk Soo, who knew about Chairman Kwon's artifact, asked back with a vicious expression on his face.

“Hyung-nim. What is going on?”

[Is she dead?! Just answer my question!]

“No, some spear flew in through the window and threatened her life. Why?”

[Make sure you get her treated. MAKE SURE TO DO IT!]

Kwon Hyuk Soo's eyes were full of murderous intent.

‘Did this old bastard…’

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