Chapter 309: Artifact Tears (1)

[Pandora’s New York HQ was attacked at 9pm on the 21st.]
[The area with the most damage was the Pandora Executive Office but surprisingly nothing around it was damaged at all.]
[It is amazing that there were no damages to the nearby buildings in such a congested area.]
[It’s definitely unbelievable that only the Pandora building was destroyed. This was not a person’s doing.]
[As a result of this incident, Pandora’s Executive Board Supreme Leader James Rothschild……]

The news was quite loud this morning.

People clicked their tongues after seeing Pandora’s building that had been scorched.

“My goodness, what happened here……?!”
“I heard that the Pandora Director was stabbed by a Divine-Grade Spear?”
“Really? Is he still alive?!”

People were most shocked at the fact that Pandora’s Director was attacked by a Divine-Grade artifact.

Rothschild was as skilled an artifact user as the Monarchs.
He had gone into a tomb alone and come back alive and had not received any injuries from being attacked by artifacts in the past.

But what?

“He was stabbed by a Divine-Grade artifact…?!”
“My goodness! Who did it?”
“Wasn’t it Seo Ju-Heon?”
“What? Seo Ju-Heon?! He went and even attacked the Pandora Director now?”
“No, I heard that he tried to kill Seo Ju-Heon and got hurt instead.”
“What? He got hurt instead?!”
“I guess Pandora’s Executive Board wasn’t much.”
“Isn't he just receiving Divine Punishment?”

The eagle was grinding its teeth while hearing these conversations.

He couldn't believe what these trashy human bastards were saying.

‘Lowly bastards.’

The eagle went to see Prometheus.

[Supreme Leader-nim, how is your condi……!]

There wasn't even a need to ask.

“Do you even need to ask that question?”

Prometheus, who was currently recovering in the Rothschild residence, was in a terrible condition.
His pale face and lips were proof he was not doing too well.

The most serious injury was the area around his chest.

His chest had a giant hole after being pierced by Gungnir and the area around it was rotting. The affected area was as hard as rocks and it was spreading to his shoulders and stomach.

Any affected area was dyed black and slowly crumbling.

It even looked as if he had turned to stone.

The eagle gulped after looking at Prometheus’s condition.

‘He's really going to die if this continues.’

It was extremely serious.

He had been hit by Gungnir after all.

[Sir, that was too much for an experi…]

“Shut up.”

Prometheus’s eyes flashed with anger.

He had worked so hard to stick Odin’s artifact in prison while bringing Gungnir out and training it, but then….

‘It’s all that damn Crow's fault.’

It was all because the Crow chose a bastard like Seo Ju-Heon. The Crow used to be one of the regular Heirlooms.

Of course, it had been the most competent of the Heirlooms. It was the artifact chosen to select the king.

That was why Prometheus had been happy when the Crow had consumed the major gods.

But what?

That bastard chose to betray them all and started on a path of consuming all artifacts. It had even threatened them.

‘We shouldn't have trusted it from the beginning.’

They killed its human master and imprisoned it in response.

But it chose a human master again……!

‘Why the hell does it keep taking the humans’ side over and over?’

That Crow bastard was quite the problem. Other artifacts either submitted to him or to the Spider Supreme Leader.

‘Should I ask the Pandora System artifact for help?’

He shook his head. The risks were too high to do that.

‘No. It’s still okay. There’s still the Tomb of Gluttony.’

The Tomb of Gluttony was one that the Supreme Leader personally administered.

Forget opening the prison, Seo Ju-Heon should not be able to survive the Tomb of Gluttony.

Prometheus stopped grinding his teeth and asked.

“What’s the status of the restorer?”

[……T, that…]

A restorer was the only one who could heal Prometheus right now.

Of course, he just needed to use the official restorers. The official restorers were created by Prometheus to restore artifacts as needed.


Whether they were consumable artifacts or possession-type artifacts,restorers were necessary for all of them.
He created these official restorers so that he could use them whenever he needed, but……

‘Some shitty motherfucker had to do something we didn’t tell him to do.’

That bastard Hitler was the problem. He had killed all of their official restorers.

‘Well, whatever. There are bound to be some crazies among the humans.’

Prometheus held himself back from shouting in anger.

“I remember telling you to fill those spots.”

The eagle warily looked at Prometheus.

[We are recruiting but it is difficult to find talented individuals……]

“Then what about the other Monarchs’ personal restorers?!”

[I'm not sure whether those humans can heal someone at your level, Supreme Leader-nim……]

An SS-Grade restorer, aka highest-grade restorer was necessary to restore an artifact at Prometheus’s level.

But there was only one such restorer in the entire world and he worked for Ju-Heon.

That was probably the reason.

[………Umm, maybe we should request the Monarch of Pushoverness’s help……]

“Are you fucking crazy?!”

He would not do that even if he died. Ju-Heon was the reason he ended up like this in the first place.

And putting aside the issue of pride……

“Like hell Seo Ju-Heon's subordinate would be willing to restore me!”
[Actually, sir!]

The eagle's eyes flashed.

[He…might be willing if you offered him a babe?]

“……Are you being serious?”

The eagle truly believed it would work.

“Ah, why aren’t they coming? Where are they?”

Inside their LA residence…

Jaeha was staring at his phone before they left to return to New York. Seol-A, who was next to him, was confused.

“Did you get a girl's number while you were in LA? Whose call are you waiting for?”
“Who else? The Pandora Director.”
“Oh, I was wonderi…… what?! Did you say Pandora Director? Why?!”
"Why else? That guy's in terrible condition right now. We heard that he's an artifact. Isn’t it obvious they would need a restorer to heal an artifact?”

Seol-A's eyes opened wide in anger.

“Are you thinking about restoring that Prometheus or whatever his name is?!”
"Are you crazy? I'm just trying to rip him off!”

The former Monarch of Fraud was chuckling.

“This is a job for our tomb raiding team’s businessman.”

‘Businessman my ass.’

After ripping Chairman Kwon off for two nights and three days using a Heirloom as bait, he seemed to want to rip Prometheus off this time.

He had all sorts of magazines with him about restaurants, game rooms, hot springs, clothes stores, and travel destinations.

The scammer continued to laugh.

“These kinds of clients are the easiest to rip off! Like hell I’d restore him!”

Ilya sneered at him.

“Who knows? You’ll probably restore him if he offered you a sexy babe.”
“Huh? Hey. I'm not a retard. Do you really think I would sink so low for a wom…”
"What if that babe is at Seol-A's level?”

Jaeha flinched and rolled his eyes.

“……I, I would d, definitely think about it…?”
“And if she's at Irene's level?”
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck…thank you very much God almight……ugh!”

Seol-A pummeled Jaeha to the ground.

“Hey! Do you want to die? Why the hell am I just a ‘think about it’ while Irene was an ‘okay’ right away?! Huh?! What am I lacking in comparison to Irene?!”

Jaeha was stomped on this time.

Ilya, who had asked the question, was chuckling as if he was enjoying this.

Seol-A wasn’t satisfied with just that. She ran over to Ju-Heon to snitch on Jaeha.

“Captain-nim! Please listen to me! Jaeha said that he would restore Prometheus! Apparently he’ll restore it in return for being introduced to a girl!”
“Hey, I didn’t say that! Captain-nim, I never said I……huh?”

The two of them, who were looking for Ju-Heon, couldn't help but be shocked.

It couldn't be helped, since……

Sit still. I said, sit still.

Gungnir had turned into a broom. The rope was holding onto Gungnir and making it sweep the floor.

Seol-A dropped her jaw in shock.

“Captain-nim! What are you doing with a Divine-Grade weapon……?!”

Ju-Heon, who was reading a book, nonchalantly responded.

“It had quite the attitude. I'm training it right now.”
“Excuse me?!”

The rest of the team who came to watch Jaeha cry gasped as well.

‘That crazy bastard made Gungnir look like a broom?’

‘Something like that is possible?’

That was right.

Making an artifact look like a modern item was something humans did to make artifacts submit.

Basically, it was changing them to an appearance that made it easy for the human to deal with. The artifacts actually felt a ton of shame to be forced into different forms like this.

The higher the grade of the artifact, the harder it was to change it to look like a modern item.

It would be even harder if the shape of the modern item had nothing to do with the artifact! But he was able to turn a godly killing weapon into a mere broom?!

“Seo Ju-Heon, you fucking crazy bastard!”

He had then handed the broom to the cleaning devils he had stolen from Mammon’s tomb. He told them to clean with it.

Unfortunately, Gungnir pecked away at all of them, forcing the rope to clean with it instead.

Gungnir complained and tried to escape but Ju-Heon just needed one hand to grab it each time.

That was why it was even more shocking.

“That chaotic aura……!”

He was grabbing such a chaotic aura with his bare hand.

“Even if it is drugged up……!”

Gungnir was weaker than it should have been because Prometheus seemed to have used some drugs to tame it. That was the reason Prometheus was able to use it.

‘He probably used Un-known on it.’

Thankfully, it also allowed Ju-Heon to use Gungnir pretty easily.

But the others didn’t care.

None of them were even thinking about touching this weapon.

‘I'm going to be controlled the moment I touch it. I'll probably have to stay in bed in pain for a month.’

‘I’d rather give up porn for good before I touch that thing.’

‘I would rather date men than to touch that thing.’

They all meant it.

Ju-Heon was able to use it as a broom but this was a chaotic weapon that even Monarchs would be unable to use.

That was the power of a major god's weapon. Even if it was in a weakened state, it was still the strongest of the Divine-Grade artifacts.

But Ju-Heon was easily handling such an item.

Well, Ju-Heon didn't think it was that hard.

‘Why can’t you touch it?’

Gungnir, who had suddenly been dragged to this unfamiliar place, was groaning.

It was upset about being abducted but now it had to suffer such indignity as well!

It started to rage in anger.


The angry Gungnir's chaotic aura exploded out.


It was extremely powerful. The rest of the team became extremely wary.

Gungnir continued to rage and returned to its original form.

It was back to being the powerful and sharp spear!

[Warning. The spear of lightning is threatening your life.]

It then attacked Ju-Heon. To be more specific, it attacked Ju-Heon and his artifacts!

It was going to fulfill its original mission before returning to Prometheus!

Unfortunately for Gungnir…


Ju-Heon used the book he was reading to smack Gungnir. It was as if he was swatting a fly!

That wasn't all.

Slap! Slap! Slap!


Something shocking happened once he smacked it some more as if he was catching a cockroach on the ground.

[You are using your Dominance to change the appearance of the artifact.]

Ju-Heon had changed Gungnir’s appearance once again.
This time, it was a plunger used to unclog a toilet. Gungnir was very sad.

But Ju-Heon didn't care and just clicked his tongue.

“Jaeha and Ilya, go to Chloe and get Chairman Kwon's body.”
“Excuse me?!”

Jaeha gasped for some reason while Julian asked with disgust.

“You’re not going to make Chairman Kwon clean the toilet with Gungnir, are you?”

Ju-Heon just laughed instead of responding.


Julian was relieved once the boys returned with Chairman Kwon's body.

Thankfully, it didn't look as if he would have to see a Dullahan cleaning the toilet.

The way Ju-Heon was inspecting Chairman Kwon's body must mean that he had a different reason for looking at it.

Jaeha, who had brought Chairman Kwon's body over, was peeking lower at Chairman Kwon’s body.


He had seen something shocking when he went to Chloe’s room earlier.
Jaeha had seen Chloe doing a surgery.

Chairman Kwon's body was flailing while tied down on the operating table and he was covered in a surgical cloth.

There was a small square cut out on the cloth, similar to when doctors performed open heart surgery.

The problem was WHERE she was working on.

‘Hey, what the hell?!’

Why was the cloth on top of Chairman Kwon's family jewels?!

Chloe had calmly responded to him.

‘The Captain-nim told me to cut it off while I removed all of the parasitic artifacts from his body.’

He was just checking to see if Chairman Kwon's manhood was still there.

But he could only peek for a moment as Ju-Heon raised Gungnir into the air.

Julian raised his eyebrow in confusion.

"What are you going to do with that?”
“What else? The same thing you thought about earlier.”
“What? Then are you……?!”

Jaeha suddenly screamed.

“Ack! We should at least let him die as a man! Kongming, you can't be like that either!”

Julian shouted back with a look of disgust.

“He’s just trying to pierce through Achilles’s Armor with Gungnir!”

That was right.

Achilles’s Armor could not be pierced with regular weapons.

It wouldn't break even if someone attacked the person's Achilles tendon.

Furthermore, Chairman Kwon had plastered Achilles’s Armor with a ton of buff artifacts.
But a Divine-Grade spear might be able to pierce through it. And if that was possible, Ju-Heon was planning on destroying Achilles’s Armor before restoring it and using it for himself.

“It means that we would have a highest-grade defense-type artifact in our hands!”

Chairman Kwon's body must have sensed danger as it started to flail.

“Now then, time to experiment.”

Ju-Heon struck down with the spear.

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