Chapter 308: I presume you prepared for the wedding expenses? (3)

[That is a spear that can even kill the phoenix!]

That was aiming for Ju-Heon, his team, and their artifacts.

Ju-Heon laughed and responded after looking at the spear.

“Yes, that’s the kind of thing you should bring as dowry!”


“All I got until now was some stupid photo.”

Mammon's jaw dropped in shock.

‘What does he mean a stupid photo?! This punk! Is he talking about the idol photo artifact I left for him?!’

Mammon became angry.

[You bastard! Are you calling the artifact I left you a stupid photo?!]

“Ah, you were the culprit behind that?”

[Yes! Do you know how hard I worked err…didn’t work to get it, but still!]

Ju-Heon nonchalantly chuckled.

"Well, it doesn't matter what it is as long as it is a Divine-Grade artifact, but cool things like this are so much better.”

Mammon grabbed the back of her neck in anger.


Well, humans might think that this spear was cool. This spear artifact was something that could strike a designated target anywhere in the world.

The accuracy was one thing, but it was a dangerous weapon that only aimed for the target’s vital points. It was so strong that it had been quite important in the war of the gods as well.
This damn spear had massacred so many artifacts and humans in the past.

Mammon, as someone who knew this spear’s history, urgently shouted to Ju-Heon.

[That spear can kill everybody here!]

They could clearly make out the weapon in the Los Angeles sky. It looked like a homing missile.

This thing had crossed through the sky to come 4,000km from New York to LA.

It started from the east coast where Pandora’s HQ was located and came all the way here to LA on the West Cost. It only took a few minutes to get across a large distance that would take a driver a couple days of nonstop driving to travel.

This thing was accurately aiming for Ju-Heon and the others’ lives. It was even aiming for their artifacts as well!

Seol-A started to worry as that weapon came closer.

‘I knew it was a dangerous artifact when I detected it, but…’

It looked even stronger now that she could see it.

“Captain-nim! It’s dangerous! This is no ordinary Divine-Grade artifact!”

Ju-Heon started to smile.

‘Oh, it definitely isn't an ordinary Divine-Grade artifact. This seems to be one of the strongest Divine-Grade artifacts.’

It must belong to a major god in order to have such power.

A weapon focused on killing with the power of lightning… A weapon that is capable of even killing a phoenix……

‘Is it the weapon from the Indian Mahabharata……?’

Ju-Heon soon figured it out.


This was Odin’s spear Gungnir! Mammon started to shout.

[That bastard Prometheus must have tamed similar artifacts since he can't use Zeus's spear!]

They used Un-known to…

Imprison all of the major gods and act as the leader of the artifacts.

And this was a spear that was said to be indestructible and known for chasing its target until the bitter end.

Similar to how Zeus, the greatest of the Greek gods was represented by his lightning bolt, Odin was also tied to a formidable lightning bolt.

Lightning bolts were the most threatening and fearsome natural phenomenons for ancient humans.

That was the reason lightning bolts were tied to the strongest beings in mythologies.

That raging spear of lightning was flying toward Ju-Heon.

[The spear of lightning will arrive in 1 minute 20 seconds.]
[The spear of lightning will arrive in 1 minute 19 seconds.]

But Ju-Heon wasn't scared at all. In fact, he twisted around to stretch.

Mammon freaked out in response.

[Human, are you thinking about using the Crow to do something?!]

Ju-Heon responded like this.

“It’s not respectful to reject a present.”

Mammon wanted to jump up and down in frustration. Even if they were bitter enemies, Mammon was well aware of the Crow's powers.


[You can’t eat that with the current Crow! You won't be suffering from just a stomach ache if you eat that!]

Mammon then added on.

[I'll try to drag that away……so you!]

Ju-Heon cut her off and started to laugh. It was because he knew what she was planning.

“Enough. You're probably going to try to sacrifice yourself to destroy it, but I won't let my artifacts die like that.”


Mammon seemed truly touched. But Julian was sneering internally.

‘He thinks that only he should be pestering his own artifacts.’

Mammon responded to him.

[But you really can’t eat that with the current Crow.]

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t plan on using the Crow bastard.”


Even the Crow seemed shocked this time.

Julian, who seemed to have realized Ju-Heon’s plan, helped him out.

"Fine. You can use this too if you're going to do that.”

Julian had thrown him an unexpected item.

Julian had thrown him a small bottle.

Ju-Heon's eyes opened wide after he caught it. He seemed to be asking why Julian had that.

"This is?”
“Just call it insurance. What it does is……”
“No, I can tell what it does even without you saying anything.”

That was to be expected.

[Phoenix feather]

The item inside the glass bottle was a portion of Jaeha’s Heirloom.

It was probably just an artifact that would allow him to film a zombie movie or something. A message popped up to explain the artifact.

[Completely invincible for 10 seconds (1/1)]

It was quite the useful artifact. The only thing that seemed odd was……

[The feather plucked from the crying phoenix (SS-Grade:Divine-Grade - Consumable Artifact)]

‘Plucked while it was crying?’

Ju-Heon looked at Julian and clicked his tongue.

"Wow, you truly are the Monarch of Pillage. You even stole the feathers of a bird? That bird isn't completely naked now is it? Did you pluck all of its feathers before frying it for dinner?”

Julian started to foam at the mouth.

“Am I you?!”

Ju-Heon just pretended to cry.

"Wow, poor little phoenix.”
"Damn it, it wasn’t like that! Jaeha plucked it because he didn't want any of his team members to die again!”
“Yes yes. I'll put this feather you pillaged to good use.”

It was at that moment.


Seol-A urgently shouted and Ju-Heon took something out of his pocket.

And then!


An extremely strong power descended on Ju-Heon.

The crackling spear was frantically moving forward to pierce Ju-Heon's heart.

That strong force pierced through Ju-Heon's chest.



Even looking at it felt painful. However, the spear was unable to reach his heart.

It was because of the item Ju-Heon had wrapped around his hand.


It was the rope!

[The rope that can even bind the gods has activated its powers.]
[It is offsetting the god’s power.]
[It is offsetting the god’s power.]
[It is offsetting the god’s power.]

Ju-Heon's plan was to use the rope to stop Gungnir!

The rope that had upgraded to become an S-Grade artifact was a rope that never breaks. It even had the power to bind gods!

Of course, it could have been difficult to completely stop the spear since it was not a SS-Grade artifact.

The spear that was bound by the rope still managed to pierce through Ju-Heon’s chest.

Drip, drip.

It wasn’t just the physical pain of it pushing into his chest. This scary spear of lightning burned everything it touched.

It should have been as painful as burning your skin with an iron!

Ju-Heon's chest caught on fire every time the spear burned his skin.

It was the power of the phoenix feather.

His skin would get burnt before the phoenix’s power would restore it.

He might have died from burns if he didn't have the phoenix feather.

However, although he was free from the dangers of being burnt by the spear, he could not stop the physical force of the spear.


The rope that had been groaning pushed even harder after seeing Ju-Heon in pain.


The spear that was stabbing into Ju-Heon seemed to become a bit subdued.

Ju-Heon’s eyes flashed.


Ju-Heon channeled his strong Dominance into Gungnir.

It was the power of removing an artifact’s power he stole from Hitler!

It was to weaken the spear.


Of course, it would not easily submit as it was the artifact of a major god.


In fact, it tried to kill Ju-Heon even more.

In this battle between an artifact’s aura and a human's Dominance that were trying to kill each other…

The two powers clashed and shot up into the air.

The lightning that had gotten even stronger than before burned Ju-Heon's entire body.


It was an intense battle.

Gungnir’s power was hard to suppress even with his power removal and Dominance at the level of the Four Emperors.

“Hurry! You have to make it submit within ten seconds!”

Julian was sweating bullets as he said that.

Forget ten seconds, it looked as if this battle of will might go on for ten hours.

But at that time…


There was a loud noise and Ju-Heon was smiling.

He had surprisingly succeeded in completely binding Gungnir.


Gungnir was flailing in pain while being tied up by the rope. It looked like a wild animal that had been caught.

It was difficult to completely subdue as it was an artifact of the highest-grade.

But the rest of the team gasped.

“H, he really grabbed it.”

They were looking at their captain as if he was some kind of monster.

“You didn't completely subdue that yet, right?”

He would probably need to constantly channel his Dominance into it for a whole year to make it submit with Dominance alone.

"Are you going to keep on making it submit?”
“What? Then……”

Ju-Heon smiled viciously.

“Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth!”


There was a loud explosion as if someone had shot a cannon.


Ju-Heon had flung that ferocious back. Gungnir could only return to its starting point as if it had received a counter.



Gungnir traveled back all 4,000km to New York.

And then…

"We detected a heinous aura above Pandora's HQ!”

Prometheus smiled after hearing that report.

Gungnir was like a boomerang; it would return to its master once it got rid of its target.

“Good. It should be back after taking care of th……”

It was at that moment.

[Supreme Leader-nim! It’s dangerous!]

The eagle who realized something urgently shouted. It was at that moment.



Gungnir dug into Prometheus’s heart.

It flew in with extreme force.

Gungnir stabbed into the artifact’s core, Prometheus's vital point.

“……U, ugh!”

[Supreme Leader-nim!]

The core that was stabbed was extremely vital for artifacts.

Prometheus felt intense pain. Gungnir was eaten by a wolf named Fenrir but it was still a weapon that was used in the battle between gods.

It had the power to destroy Divine-Grade artifacts.

Prometheus spurt out black blood from his mouth.

That wasn’t all.

Something twitched on Gungnir's shaft.


That was the rope that was hanging on Gungnir’s handle! Prometheus was confused.

‘Why is this thing here?!’

However, the rope just flashed its 'eyes’ and dropped something on the ground.

The item it dropped was the Code of Hammurabi!

The Code of Hammurabi had accumulated some of Gungnir's destructive force earlier.
Prometheus swore the moment it flashed.

“Seo Ju-Heon, you, son of a……!”

The Code of Hammurabi then exploded.


An extremely strong explosion swept through the Pandora HQ boardroom.

On the other side of the United States, Ju-Heon, who had suppressed Gungnir in exactly 8 seconds, was shaking his tingling hand.

He looked like a pitcher who had thrown a 100 mph fastball.
Ju-Heon started to smile. Mammon's jaw was dropped in shock.

[H, he sent that thing back?]

Mammon couldn't believe this side of Ju-Heon she had never seen in his past life.

It wasn’t that Ju-Heon was weak back then, but he seemed extremely strong right now.

Ju-Heon started to speak.

“Bring things like that as wedding presents from here on. Do you understand?”

Mammon could only chuckle in disbelief.

Julian, who was sighing in relief, asked him a question.

“That was not like you at all. You just returned the spear to him? Will that be okay?”
“Who said I returned it?”

It was at that moment.

They could see something flying toward them. Julian couldn't believe what he was seeing.

“T, that is?!”

The thing that was flying back to Ju-Heon was none other than Gungnir and……

I brought this back! I brought it! The rope was dragging Gungnir back against its wishes.

It seemed as if the rope was collecting Divine-Grade artifacts for Ju-Heon as well.

Ju-Heon smiled with satisfaction.

“Good, I will count that as being equivalent to 100 Divine-Grade artifacts.”

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