Chapter 306: I presume you prepared for the wedding expenses? (1)

“Get lost.”


He said it very sternly. That sharp response seemed to shock Mammon.

That was to be expected.

[Are you saying you don’t want to take me on as your Heirloom?]

Mammon looked crushed.

[Did you completely forget about me and stick to the Crow, my bitter enemy……?!]

Ju-Heon nonchalantly responded.

“No. I’m saying 1,000 Divine-Grade artifacts is not enough.”


“1,000 artifacts was the condition for me to become your master. The Heirloom is a different issue.”

Basically, he wanted more artifacts offered to him in order for Mammon to be his Heirloom.

The team members couldn’t help but grab the back of their necks in anger.

“Wow, look at this thieving son of a bitch!”

They couldn't hear what Mammon was saying but they could sort of tell based on how Ju-Heon responded. That was why they were shocked!

“Hey mister, asking for 1,000 Divine-Grade artifacts is already crazy.”
“Even the Four Emperors only recorded a max of 150 of them.”

The normal number of Divine-Grade artifacts that Monarchs could contract with was 10. The power of the Divine-Grade artifacts was too much for the human body.
Whether it is called an user’s max volume…

Or even a weight limit… Just contracting with them would require significant mental fortitude and stamina.

But what? He wanted 1,000 of them?

"Can you even handle that many?!”

Well, Ju-Heon didn’t need to contract with them.

“He just needs to use his landlord skill.’

His special landlord skill would let him use them as his slaves.

‘He can use the Avesta Sacred Text to control them after that.’

That was how he was being a tyrant over the artifacts he shoved in the Tower of Pride right now.


‘You better follow me before I raise your rent!’

And that was how Ju-Heon got the artifacts in the Tower of Pride to cry their hearts out while helping Ju-Heon for free.

He just shoved them back in there when they were done.

Sometimes he sold them off in auctions.

Although it was called the Tower of Pride, it was more of a slave artifact prison. He seemed to be planning on doing that to Divine-Grade artifacts as well.

‘I remember he was upset that there were no Divine-Grade artifacts in the Tower of Pride.’

The Tower of Pride had A-Grade (Treasure-Grade) artifacts and S-Grade (Legendary Hero) artifacts.

‘He’s always singing about making a Divine-Grade artifact prison.’

Ju-Heon, who was drawing the big picture in his mind, smiled like the devil.

“Basically, you owed me 1,000 Divine-Grade artifacts the moment you became my artifact. It’s only natural that you have to offer more if you want to be my Heirloom. How can you not even know that? Are you dumb?”


‘Listen to this punk!’

Mammon was shocked. It was because in the past, Ju-Heon was a dumbass who offered Chairman Kwon all of his artifacts. He had some level of greed but he was a stupid pushover nonetheless.

How the hell did he become a Demon King to screw over the devil of avarice?!

Mammon was only shocked for a moment before she asked in a serious tone.

[Fine. How many extra artifacts do I need to offer to become your Heirloom?]

“Hmm, since it is adding on, just 100 more……”



The voice came from somewhere else. The Crow was there giving off a chaotic aura.

[Human, I will bring you 200.]


The Crow was serious.

Heirlooms usually bind to a person's soul so it should be impossible to switch, but the Crow was a clone. It was possible to switch it out.

Mammon was smirking since she knew that was the case.

[I will give you 1,000 as a base. I will add 200 to that!]

It seemed as if a bunch of Divine-Grade artifacts would end up being abducted.

The Crow became desperate.

She had a lot of disadvantages against Mammon right now.

Most importantly, she was just a clone.

There were only a few things she could do as a Heirloom to support Ju-Heon.

In comparison, Mammon was his former partner artifact. There was no reason for Ju-Heon to say no.

The Crow tried her best to convince Ju-Heon.

[Okay, 1,200! Human, choose me.]

Mammon naturally raged in anger.

[Hey! Who the fuck do you think you are to interrupt us……?!]

“Okay. 1,200 CALL.”


Ju-Heon smiled brightly.

‘Why would I say no when I'm being offered more?’

Mammon started to shake after seeing Ju-Heon's bright smile.

‘You ungrateful bastard. After everything I did for you in your past life!’

The angry Mammon looked as if she wanted to eat Ju-Heon up.

She then grabbed Ju-Heon's collar and shouted in anger.

[300 extra! I'll add 300 more, you fucking bastard!]

“Really? Then I'll choose Mammon as my Heirloom.”




The two of them suddenly started a bidding war for Ju-Heon.

Another artifact joined in at this point.

1000! 1000!

It was the rope.

The excited rope was bobbing up and down while holding a piece of paper.

The number was written on there.

The rope seemed to want to become a Heirloom as well.

It even increased the bidding price significantly. Maybe the Heirloom position was like that of a lifelong companion for the artifacts.

Seol-A started to shake in the midst of this chaos.

And then…

“Captain-nim! Me too! 1,100!”

She was grinding her teeth as she raised her hand high into the air.

Jaeha tried his best to stop her.

“Hey hey, snap out of it! A human can’t become a Heirloom!”
“Shut the fuck up! I just need Divine-Grade artifacts to marry the Captain-nim!”

‘Huh? Is that how this works?’

Sparks were flying out of Seol-A's eyes. All of the Divine-Grade artifacts in the world were instantly turning into wedding presents.

The male team members shook their heads while looking at Ju-Heon. That was to be expected.

“Haha, great. That's a total of 3,000 Divine-Grade artifacts now.”

Ju-Heon was extremely happy, as if things went according to his plan.

He must really want to create that large slave prison.

At that moment…

Boom boom boom!


Jaeha started to shake after hearing the terrible noises on the other side of the door. They were coming from Chloe’s room.

‘Man, she told us not to come in no matter what.’

What kind of modifications was Chloe doing to Chairman Kwon's body after dragging it into her room?



They could even hear drills in there.

The moment Jaeha peeked inside out of curiosity…


He couldn't help but scream.

As they were having ‘fun’ like that, the entire world was in uproar.

“Umm, Director-nim. Are you serious?”
“Yes, I am completely serious about this.”
“B, but……”

The people gathered were anxious after looking at the documents handed to them. They were wanted posters for Ju-Heon and his team. Prometheus had created these and handed them to Pandora employees.

“I've already contacted Interpol. There is a bounty on all of them and the media should be picking it up soon.”
“Excuse me? The entire team?”
“Only Seo Ju-Heon and Yoo Jaeha had bounties until now…!”
"And this significant amount…… We’ve never seen bounties this high before……!”
“Shut up and just do it. They are extremely heinous people. They are villains who are trying to open a tomb of disasters that should not be opened. I am naming them enemies of the entire world from this point forward.”

It even said that it didn't matter whether they were caught dead or alive. Prometheus also wanted to capture anybody who was related to them.

Nothing like this had ever been done before.


“You're even going after the Holtens?!”

Prometheus had put bounties on people helping Ju-Heon.

“There’s going to be quite the upr……aahh!”

Prometheus slammed his hand on the table as if to tell them to shut up.

“The Holtens are the ones responsible for allowing Seo Ju-Heon to cause all of this chaos. Of course they are on the list. We would have been able to get rid of Seo Ju-Heon a long time ago if it wasn’t for them.”
“This is an urgent matter.”

Prometheus's ass was on fire.

‘There's only one of the 7 Great Tombs left now.’

That prison would appear if Seo Ju-Heon got that one as well.

The Crow was not the issue.

The cells of all those great sinners they have locked up since a long time ago would appear.

That would be the end. That was why he was doing this, even if it seemed a bit overboard.

[Seo Ju-Heon's entire tomb raiding team has been named as dangerous individuals.]
[Any companies, countries, or organizations associating with them will be considered accomplices.]
[They are trying to open a tomb that should not be opened.]
[They will bring disaster to the world.]
[Seo Ju-Heon is planning for the end of the world.]

“We need to do this much to make them unable to run wild.”
“They might realize the seriousness of the matter after looking at this. The entire world would be gunning for them.”
“They should be dejected after seeing the Interpol Wanted List going up now.”

However, forget being dejected…

“Can I really get a reward if I turn these bastards into Interpol?”

Ju-Heon was quite pleased while looking at the wanted posters.


Ju-Heon was thinking about ways to scam people after seeing the amount for each person.

[Captain, Seo Ju-Heon ($1,000,000,000)]
Illegal tomb infiltration

[Irene Holten ($900,000,000)]
Artifact Damage

[Yoo Jaeha ($800,000,000)]
Counterfeiting and Scams

[Julian Miller ($500,000,000)]

[Im Hae Jin ($300,000,000)]

[Lee Seol-A ($100,000,000)]
Possessed by an evil spirit

[Chloe Laurent ($40,000,000)]
Illegal Medical Operations

[Edward ($50,000,000)]
Illegal Business Operations

[Ily Volgof ($100,000)]
Eighth Grade Syndrome

Seol-A was especially angry.

“The Captain-nim’s picture came out too handsome! This is only going to increase the number of his fans! I'm certain that a woman was the one who chose this picture. It must be a woman!”

Well, the one who chose the picture was Prometheus, but we digress.

She was currently calling Pandora’s HQ to complain. She wanted them to change the picture immediately.

Ju-Heon was quite pleased while looking at the wanted posters.

“Let the others know about this. They’ll be very happy. Jaeha will like that his picture came out so well.”
“T, this is a good picture?”

‘He would probably cry because of it.’

However, it was unexpected that they would go after the Holtens as well.

But all of their efforts were for naught.

[Will Grave Company be impacted by the declaration of dangerous individuals?]
[Related businesses are enraged by the attack on the Holtens.]
[All businesses with connections to the Holtens are canceling all deals with Pandora in rage. The production lines have become paralyzed.]
[All generals with connections to the Holtens have submitted their resignations. National Defense has never been in such danger.]
[George Holten quits as a member of Pandora. Related artifact users are following as well. They are scared Pandora will crumble.]

It felt as if Pandora had pulled the whisker of a sleeping lion.
Irene’s angry dad was causing a ruckus for Pandora going after their great benefactor.

That was why he found it odd.

‘He’s not stupid. Why is Prometheus doing all this?’

Mammon was huffing as if she had read Ju-Heon's mind.

[The Great Prison will open if you get all seven of the Great artifacts.]

"The Great Prison?”

[He must be afraid you're going to take all of the prisoners from there.]

“Is the Crow in there as well?”

[Hmph. No! Absolutely not!]

‘It is in there.’

Ju-Heon smiled wickedly.

Then there was just one tomb left.


It wasn't that hard to figure out where the artifact of gluttony was located.


‘Don’t you think that Zhen Cai Yuan has it?’

Edward had shared some unexpected news.

His sources told him that Zhen Cai Yuan had the artifact of gluttony.
Ju-Heon debated for a moment before sending a message to Zhen Cai Yuan. He already owed her one anyway.

[Date in three days, meet in front of XXX Public Cemetery.]

This date(?) was one where turmoil was to be expected.

A little later that night…

“Hey! My human has a bounty on his head because of you!”

Currently at the park in the middle of the night.
Mammon who had come outside was grinding her teeth in anger at someone.

That someone was none other than the Crow.

The Crow really seemed to be on a hunt for Divine-Grade artifacts.

The proof was that the Crow was about to grab a bug on a tree, but……

“Get away from my human this instant.”

The useless Mammon had to show up and get in her way.

The Divine-Grade bug seemed to have noticed the opening as it ran away.

An angry Crow fluttered down from the tree.

But it looked different from usual.
Inside the chaotically fluctuating black aura… Was what seemed to be a person.

Mammon sneered at the Crow.

“Oh? It's been a long time since I've seen your true appearance, You stupid bird brain.”

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