Chapter 305: You were alive! (2)

[The fish Heirloom has activated.]
[The Bodhisattva is descending.]

An extremely bright light flashed through the Grand Canyon. It wasn’t just any kind of light.

It was a holy light that filled people with both awe and fear.

The enemies clearly saw it inside the light. They saw the appearances of some marvelous creatures inside that radiant gold light.
One was on a fish. Next to that Bodhisattva were more Bodhisattvas on elephants, lions, etc.

“W, what is that?”

They were all shocked but Ju-Heon's eyes were sparkling.

“Little punk, I was wondering what you earned.”


The fish represented Jesus Christ for Christianity and served as a revered figure for many ancient faiths.

However, fish were very often associated with Buddhism and could be found in many temple decorations as well.
Dan's Heirloom was Buddha’s Heirloom.

Messages confirming that to be true popped up as well.

[The Buddha is descending.]
[The Buddha is descending.]

Could this freely swimming fish should be related to the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism?

‘If the Bodhisattva is a fish then rebirth would be the water.’

There were many different concepts related to fish in Buddhism.

It was even said that Buddha came down in the form of a fish as well.

One of them was the Amitabha.

As the fish praising Namo Amitabha, it was said to be the form of Buddha that had appeared to give people rebirth in the Amitabha Land of Bliss.

Amitabha was the Buddha trying to let people be reborn into a world of paradise.

However, the enemies looking at this Heirloom wondered what it was.

“A f, fish?”
"What artifact is that?!”
"Who cares?! Just ignore it and grab Seo Ju-Heon!”

But at that moment…



There was another bright light and some of the enemies became unconscious.


Some more enemies suddenly screamed before they fainted.

“What the hell?!”

Those people had all screamed before they could even reach Ju-Heon.

Some of them turned into animals while others quickly turned into mummies.

Any of the enemies who were within the radius of that light ended up being affected.

The rest of the enemies became anxious.

"W, what is that?!”

Ju-Heon smiled while looking at what was going on.

‘What else would it be?’

[The Bodhisattva with the name of Sun and Moon has incarnated.]
[He is trying to bring rebirth to all those who touch the light of the sun.]
[Those who cannot clear their evil hearts will fall into one of the three evil paths, the path of hungry ghosts, the path of animals, or the path of hell.]

Basically, anybody touched by the sunlight would be punished by the three evil paths.

Any human who was greedy about artifacts would definitely deserve to fall into one of the three evil paths.

The enemies who were in the shadow of the Grand Canyon were safe.

However, staying in the shadows meant that they were stuck.

Dan suddenly disappeared at that moment.

He seemed to be moving at the speed of light.


Dan then appeared in front of the enemies and moved his index finger toward one of the enemy’s faces.

He was giving off a chilling overbearing pressure.

He then struck the person.

To be more specific, he brushed past the person.

That was probably the reason.

The enemies who had jumped in shock once Dan appeared started swearing.

“Fuck, I was shocked! You retard!”
“You missed!”



“U, uggh.”

They were ruthlessly sent flying a few seconds later by what felt as if a car weighing a ton had struck them.

That wasn’t all.

The ones who were hit looked quite odd.

“Damn it, my body. My body!”

The originally buff people turned extremely skinny while the handsome ones turned ugly.

Messages appeared in front of Ju-Heon at a scary pace.

[Aiding in reincarnation.]
[Aiding in reincarnation.]
[Aiding in reincarnation.]
[One should not use artifacts to trick people about one’s appearance.]

Ju-Heon started laughing out loud as if he was crazy.

‘Aiding my ass.’

“He’s a total apostate monk!”

He finally understood it.

Dan’s Heirloom was an artifact to call forth Buddha and the Bodhisattvas.

Basically, it was inviting Buddha or the Bodhisattvas temporarily into his body. He probably had some other ones he could call forth as well.

As proof of that……

"Fuck, why the hell am I trying to get things like artifacts?”
“There’s no point!”

The enemies’ minds were being reformed to lose all desires.

“This bastard! He turned into a bird!”

Dan would also turn into a bird to fly away or heal himself as needed, showing numerous powers in the process.

Turning into a bird was probably Guanyin Bodhisattva. Healing himself might be through the pharmacist Bodhisattva.
In addition…

“I shall send you to a Land of Bliss.”

Dan's eyes flashed and an extremely large golden fish appeared.

This was the Buddha who was said to reside in the Land of Bliss.

It was Amitabha of the Namo Amitabha chant.

The artifact started speaking to the enemies.

[You won't have any worries or pain in the Land of Bliss. There will be no end to life, no crime, and everyone will be happy.]

It sounded really nice.

But what did it really mean?

‘It means that they will die.’

And even if it was Buddha's artifact, this bastard was still an artifact. Would a Land of Bliss that an artifact takes you to really be a good place for humans?

Of course not.


The golden fish squirmed like a dragon and then flashed its eyes, making the enemies scream.

The enemies in its path all fell to the ground.

They had all fallen into a dream that they could never awaken from.

It was at that moment.

The rest of the enemies who were blankly watching started to shout.

“Fuck! My teammates!”
“Aim for Seo Ju-Heon first!”
“Retrieve the Chairman-nim’s body!”

Ju-Heon snorted as the enemies charged toward him.

“These stupid idiots. I'm really going to wash my feet and go to bed.”

Jaeha’s eyes flashed once Ju-Heon stepped forth.

“Wow, jackpot. The Captain-nim’s going to show his skills?”

Ju-Heon looked at him with a scowl before kicking someone in the butt.

“Go. I choose you, Monarch of Pillage.”

The one he kicked was Julian.

“Your Heirloom is the only one left now, you bastard.”

‘Are you really going to do this?!’

Julian's hands were shaking. Julian decided to just activate his artifact as the enemies approached.

‘You’re dead now, Seo Ju-Heon. I’ll make you pay the price for making me call forth my Heirloom.’

Crack, craaackle!

What he activated was a thunderbolt.

However, it was definitely different from his usual thunderbolt.

“Those who respond to me with lies will receive divine punishment. Those who hold back the truth will also receive divine punishment.”

Julian smiled wickedly.

“First, I have desired my team member’s wife or girlfriend.”
“W, what?”
“Second, I have thought that my superior next to me is a dumbass.”
“Third, I have screwed over a close friend to get a promotion.”
“Fourth, I have been attracted to a team member of the same sex.”
“Fifth, I would be willing to stab the person next to me for 1 billion dollars.”

The enemies stiffened up in confusion.

‘What kind of fucking questions are these?!’

“Pfft, why would we answer those questio……”

Thunderbolts started to strike down at that moment.


The enemies then realized that there were things written on the ground by their feet as well.

They each had different questions. They had all received different questions in addition to the original five questions.

They started grinding their teeth after seeing the questions they received.

“Fuck, you really want us to answer these?!”
"Why the hell should we answer?!”

Julian smiled brightly.

“You will receive divine punishment if you don't answer in 5 seconds.”

People urgently started to shout.

“Fuck! There’s no way I think that my superior is a dumbass…… I respect Chairman Kwon more than I respect my own father!”


“Do you really think I would sell out my teammates?! Get lost!”
“It looks like you have.”


“M, my last kiss……was before I came to the tomb! It was yesterday, you son of a bitch!”
“Survey says, you’ve never kissed anybody in your life.”


The others couldn’t believe it.

“How dare you think negatively of the Chairman-nim!”
“Hey, what the hell?! You always show off about all the girls you screwed! You said you were popular!”
“But you were actually a #Foreveralone…… what a poor bastard.”
“What the hell? You son of a bitch. You were the reason my promotion got denied?!”
“You were gay?! What the hell man?!”

It was quite chaotic.

A portion of the Grand Canyon had turned into pandemonium. The agitated enemies started to fight each other.

They were in no mood to get Ju-Heon. Julian scoffed and then decided to turn toward Ju-Heon.


‘I asked the team members the questions too.’

He was so angry that he asked everybody questions.

However, he made it so that only Ju-Heon would be struck by thunderbolt based on the question.
He heard a scream from the group and turned around.

“Seo Ju-Heon. That’s why you shouldn't keep asking me to take my Heirloom ou……”

But what?

"Damn it……!”
“U, ugh!”

Ju-Heon was fine while Jaeha and Ilya were on the ground after being struck by thunderbolts.

They were completely burnt and barely opening and closing their mouths.

Julian was truly flabbergasted.

“W, what the hell……?”

As for the questions written underneath their feet…

[I have desired my team member’s wife or girlfriend.]
[I would be willing to stab the person next to me for 1 billion dollars.]

Both of them must have answered, ‘No.’

But Jaeha and Ilya felt wronged.


“Damn it, is peeking at the numerous women gathering around the Captain-nim really desiring them?! Huh?!”
"Why?! I don’t need 1 billion dollars! I would stab him for 10 cents!”

‘D, damn it.’

As he had that thought…

“I got you know.”

Ju-Heon, who seemed to be fine despite the questions, had a glimmer in his eyes.

“Kongming, you have a really good Heirloom.”

Ju-Heon seemed to like Julian’s Heirloom quite a bit.
And then…

“Your Heirloom is Haetae right? Isn't it?”

Ju-Heon wickedly motioned with his hand.

Julian screamed as the Crow's aura came out of Ju-Heon's body.

“U, ugh!”

Chairman Kwon was in serious pain.

The people at Pandora were full of whispers while watching this talking head.

“Wow, only his head is alive.”

Kwon Hyuk Soo had worked his ass off to search the Grand Canyon to find Chairman Kwon’s head.

But Ju-Heon had the important body.

Chairman Kwon seemed to be in pain and had trouble breathing since a while ago.

Maybe the head could feel the pain the body was facing.

“……What the hell are those fuckers doing to my body?! Ugh!”

The others became serious.

“This is bad. The Chairman-nim’s body should have the artifact he contracted.”

Well, logically speaking, nobody should be able to take away a Possession-type artifact.

"Those bastards would even chop apart the Chairman-nim’s body to take it.”

They really seemed to be dissecting his body right now.

Anyway, Chairman Kwon was in quite the pickle right now.

He was alive right now even when his body and head were separated because of the evil god artifact, but his artifact was not a phoenix.
It was completely different from Jaeha’s artifact that could restore any body part that falls off.

‘I need to put my head back together with my body.’

This situation would only continue if he didn’t!

“Damn it. I don’t have enough memories.”

Prometheus chimed in at that moment.

“You said that you saw memories of what seemed to be a past life?”
“That’s right. Ugh!”

Prometheus turned serious. He had an idea as to what had happened.

‘Did that Crow bastard use the Akashic records?’

Even he and the Spider Supreme Leader could not use that library.


‘That library harms an artifact’s foundation.’

It was a place where the records of the universe were located. Artifacts were living beings that were born from human culture and memories.

Basically, someone could mess with the Akashic records to make an artifact disappear and become born renewed.
If the myth or culture changed, the artifact could disappear.

That was why it was not an artifact that just anybody could use.

‘That damn Crow bitch.’

Was she planning on doing the same thing as she did in the past? Was she trying to get rid of the artifacts again?

Returning back to Ju-Heon and the others…

“You hid it because you were embarrassed to get Haetae after getting the Monarch of Pillage title. Isn't that right?”
“It's not!”

Julian was groaning in pain.

He had been gobbled up by the Crow as soon as Ju-Heon found out his Heirloom was Haetae.

Well, it tried to eat him but failed.

Haetae had run away in disgust.

‘Haetae is an imaginary creature focused on law and justice.’

It was known for ripping apart evil things and determining what was right and wrong.

It was often seen as a symbol for lawyers.
In that sense, it suited the just Julian quite well. It’s ability was fitting as well.

‘Everything other than the fact that his title is the Monarch of Pillage.’

“Anyway, Haetae seems to be quite useful for determining truth and lies.”

Ju-Heon’s eyes flashed as he chased after the escaped Haetae.

However, there was an artifact that was fuming with anger as it watched.

[Human, don't ignore me!]

Mammon was boiling with rage.

‘Your partner artifact is right here so why do you keep looking at other artifacts?!’

There was a different reason she was so angry as well.

[Why the hell did you contract with the Crow?!]


That was right.

Mammon was angry about that.

[That Crow is basically the artifact that killed you! Why did you have to contract with such a bitch?!]

Even if the Crow had not actually killed him, Ju-Heon had died in the Crow’s tomb.
She started speaking as if she could not accept it.

[I'll give you 1,000 Divine-Grade artifacts. Take me as your Heirloom.]

Ju-Heon immediately responded.

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