Chapter 303: Shut up and follow me (3)

[Would you like for your artifact to regain its memories?]

Ju-Heon didn't know what the Crow was thinking to ask that.

His eyes opened wide in shock.

‘What did this bastard just say?’

“Restore the artifact’s memories?"

The shocked Ju-Heon quickly asked.

“Are you talking about that devil bastard?”

The Crow debated for a moment before responding.



This was unexpected.

It was one thing that this artifact could restore human memories. But it could also restore an artifact’s memories?

‘It can do that?’

He couldn't help but laugh.

“What kind of bastard gave you that power?”

He wasn’t expecting an answer but the Crow gave him one.

[I just use the library.]

‘The library?’

[There are artifacts that are related to space and human records as well.]


Ju-Heon realized something at that moment.

It was because he realized which artifact this Crow bastard was talking about.

‘Ah, so it works like that.’

The library that this Crow bastard was talking about was probably the ‘Akashic records’.

It came up in stories here and there.

It was a collection of all events in the universe that supposedly existed somewhere.

This Grand Library, with its vast records of space and all living organisms, would allow anyone who reads it to understand anything and everything to the point they could even predict the future to a degree.

He didn't expect something like that to exist as an artifact as well, but…

'I guess it’s not that weird.’

Mythology, great historical figures, legends, folk tales, and popular novels.

Stories that people remember for a long time have power.

Anything that could be orally shared among people could gain power and become an artifact.

“Hey bird-brain, then what about those tears you gave me?”

[That's a medium to make contact with the library artifact.]

The Crow had used that information from the library to restore the team members’ memories.

That storage facility even kept a record of a future that was now gone.

When he used the tears, the information recorded in the Akashic records was just delivered to the person's brain.

[Of course, not many artifacts have the qualifications to use that library.]

Ju-Heon sneered at the Crow.

“But you have the qualifications to do so?”


“Did you eat the administrator or something?”

[How did you know?]

‘Oh, it really was that?’

It didn’t matter.

What mattered was that it would not be weird for it to restore an artifact's memories if it was using that library.


‘I thought this bastard didn’t like Mammon.’

Forget don't like, they sounded like they wanted to hang one another upside down and beat each other like piñatas.

It wouldn't be surprising if they hung each other upside down and tortured the other.

Oh well, none of that mattered right now.

“Is there even a need to ask? Restore it immediately, bird-brain.”

[I guess I have no choice. If you want it……]

It seemed to have wanted Ju-Heon to say no.

[Hold him off for 5 minutes.]

‘5 minutes?’

It seemed a bit more complicated compared to using it against humans.

As Ju-Heon started to frown…

“What are you mumbling to yourself since earlier?”

TKBM’s excavation team approached Ju-Heon.

Chairman Kwon's subordinates looked completely different as they gathered around Ju-Heon.

Their biceps were nice and firm and their skin was red.

They even had horns, making them truly look like devils.

Maybe they were in ecstasy with this sudden influx of power.

“Do we scare you that much?”
“Are you shaking in fear because we are so scary?!”

They seemed to have become stupid in the process as well.

“Man, did these shitheads all turn into dumbasses?”

TKBM's excavation team members would be at least decently smart.
Suddenly, an earthquake happened.


They were stomping on the ground as if they were crazy bulls. It was an order from Mammon.

The first people they went after were the non-fighting team members.

Yoo Jaeha snorted as they made their way over to him as if he was obviously the first target.

“Man, they’re always running over to me first because I'm not a fighter. We’re not that dumb.”

Seol-A was truly touched by Jaeha’s words.

“Unbelievable. For you to fight in the vanguard……!”


“Go! Dan shield!”

Jaeha hid behind Dan.

“Hey, go! What can a weakling like me do?!”

However, he was thrown into the field of enemies along with Dan.


In fact, he fell right in the middle of the enemies.

Ju-Heon had grabbed and thrown him there.

“Look at this punk scheming his way out of a fight.”

At that moment…

“We’ll die together, Seo Ju-Heon!”
“We will go to the afterlife together!”

They all charged toward Ju-Heon as if they were launching a kamikaze-style suicide attack.

This was Mammon's doing as well.

She was triumphantly flicking her small fingers and controlling them.

[Alright, self-destruct together humans!]

Mammon was a devil of mining.

As it was a devil proficient in digging paths through deep mines to mine for ores, it was quite skilled in using bombs.
Her specialty was turning anything and everything into bombs!

Bang! Bang!

There was a reason Ju-Heon's specialty in his past life had been artifact explosion.

And at that moment…

“Let’s die together! Seo Ju-Heon!”

The aggravated human bombs tried to hug Ju-Heon.



The enemies who were charging at Ju-Heon as if they were crazy were all sent flying to the other side.
Their bones and teeth were broken and they were spurting blood.

And then…

“I have no business with you bastards. Stay out of my way.”

Ju-Heon headed toward Mammon.

Mammon, who was sitting there enjoying the chaos she had caused, flinched.

It was because Ju-Heon looked quite scary.

“Alright, just shut up and follow me.”

His smile was extremely scary. Normally, it would have sneered at the human who seemed to show such spirit.

There was no way for a human to drag it out of here.

Even if Seo Ju-Heon was a thief who could forcibly take artifacts out of their tombs and other artifacts had no way to deal with him…

Mammon was confident that she had a way to get away from this thieving bastard.


‘What is this feeling?’

Mammon felt anxious after sensing the Crow's aura.

That was to be expected.

‘This is a power I don’t know.’

The power the Crow was trying to release was not its usual power of predation.

It was using the power of the Akashic records to restore memories.

There was no way it would feel good to force one artifact to interact with another artifact.

A concerned Mammon stepped back, which caused Chairman Kwon to shout.

“What are you trying to do?! You damn artifact bastard!”


Chairman Kwon's instincts told him that Mammon was trying to destroy this tomb.

That was why he was angry.

“You and I are not even done with the contract process. I don’t care if you run away but at least finish the contract before you go.”

Chairman Kwon viciously walked toward Mammon. His Dominance was quite chaotic.

He had already turned into a devil but the way his veins were popping up made him truly look like a devil has descended into the tomb.

“Choose me. Then I will kill that bastard.”

Mammon seemed to be shaken by that statement.

Honestly speaking, Chairman Kwon was not lacking compared to Ju-Heon when it came to the qualifications to use her.
In fact, he was a very ideal master!

‘If it is this bastard……!’

He would be able to help turn Mammon into a Heirloom.

[Fine, human. I will make a special exception and let you be my slave without clearing the trials.]

As Mammon tried to reach her hand toward Chairman Kwon…


Chairman Kwon was stabbed. Dan was the one who stabbed him.

Dan started to stab away at Chairman Kwon's body nonstop.

He then shoved three swords into Chairman Kwon's back, as if to lower his Dominance.

Chairman Kwon coughed up blood and glared at Dan with his now red eyes.

“You dirty butcher! How dare you touch my body! Hurry up and take these swords out!”

Ju-Heon looked at Dan and laughed.

“The artifact in here is mine even if you don’t do that.”

Chairman Kwon glared at Ju-Heon next.
Ju-Heon then stomped on Chairman Kwon’s head.

“I'm sure you want this artifact really badly, but this artifact was mine from the beginning.”


Even Mammon was shocked this time.

Ju-Heon smiled and glared at Mammon.

[The memory artifact has finished its preparation.]
[The artifact is being activated.]

A bright light suddenly flashed.

Actually the chances of success were about 50/50.

Even if Mammon got her memories back, there was no guarantee that she would pick him again.

In fact, she might hate him even more if she got her memories back.


Mammon wasn’t like the rope; it always messed with him.

Now that Mammon got her memories back……

[Aigoo, damn it. Why did I have to get caught by such a frustrating bastard?!]
[Human, why the hell are you so poor?]
[Just fucking die already. Let me find a new master!]

She had said things like that to him all the time.

He couldn't understand anything else because she always mumbled, but those things were always crisp and clear.

This bastard always cursed him to die, telling him over and over to die in a tomb.

That was why it might still choose Chairman Kwon even if it was his artifact in the past.

The Chairman Kwon in Mammon's memories was someone who could give her everything she wanted.

Even the current Chairman Kwon was enough to be on her candidates list.

He had no guarantee that she would be his artifact again.

But the reason Ju-Heon still used the Crow's artifact was because…

Well, he had a pretty simple reason.

She was still his first artifact.

Every artifact in this world should belong to him and him alone.

Mammon screamed after the bright light flashed.

She felt as if something was digging its way into her memories.

Mammon’s instincts tried to push out the terrible sensation of being connected to a foreign artifact.

But Mammon flinched after seeing the memories flooding in.

[What a disrespectful human. You made it all the way here without properly clearing the trials.]
[Fine, I will take you as my servant.]

She couldn’t remember clearly, but she remembered Ju-Heon’s face.

Ju-Heon's face was popping up with this unfamiliar memory.

[Why do you do whatever that old bastard orders you to do?]
[Ah, this is so fucking frustrating!]
[I can’t deal with this anymore. I'm going to find a new master!]
[I will find a new master! You stupid retard!]
[So hurry up and die!]

Ju-Heon looked clearly different from the way he looked right now.

His complexion was worse and he seemed to be in a lot of pain.

Then there was the last memory…

[Human. I have a terrible feeling about this tomb. This is a prison that shouldn't have come up on its own……!]
[You retard, you were tricked by Chairman Kwon in the end!]

Ju-Heon's teammates had died and Ju-Heon was also dying after losing half of his body.

She couldn’t do anything in that Crow's tomb.

And at that moment…


The pained Mammon's eyes opened wide.

Ju-Heon was in front of her.

He looked almost the same as he looked when he first met her.

It was at that moment.

Chairman Kwon flailed around as if he couldn't deal with this any longer.

“Let go of me you damn butcher!”

Chairman Kwon's Dominance exploded. The swords stabbing Chairman Kwon in the neck crumbled and he jumped up.

He didn’t know what this bastard Seo Ju-Heon was trying to do, however……!

“That artifact is mine!”

He would use the artifact of conquest to forcibly take this artifact.

Chairman Kwon moved closer to Mammon.

“Hurry up and contract with me!”

It was at that moment.


It flew off.

Chairman Kwon's head flew off.

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