Chapter 302: Shut up and follow me (2)

Zhen Cai Yuan and Irene both screamed after seeing the light.


The light that burst out dug into their brains. It felt as if something was flowing through the nerves in their brains.


This is probably what it would feel like after being thrown into a sea of memories. The two were both in pain as memories they did not understand started to seep into their minds.

It felt more as if they were seasick than as if their heads would break. These foreign memories started to sprout in their minds through the pain.

Both of them first remembered some things about Ju-Heon.

Of course, the Ju-Heon both of them remembered was very different. First, the Ju-Heon that Zhen Cai Yuan remembered…

‘Seo Ju-Heon looted all of China’s tombs!’

‘What information did you hand over to a man you haven’t even been dating for a week?!’

‘You dumbass, Seo Ju-Heon just used you!’

The Ju-Heon she saw was the worst son of a bitch in the world.

It was fine that they quickly got close after a friend set up a date for them, but the world around them was full of spies similar to the Cold War era.

Ju-Heon had been moving under Chairman Kwon’s orders. Zhen Cai Yuan was just one of his targets.

It was a terrible thing for her to hand over information about tombs as the Supreme Leader of China.


‘I didn't know you would fall for him so quickly. Didn't you say you guys only held hands?! This isn't ancient times! How did you fall for him after just holding hands with him?!’


‘Why did you do something that is not like you at all?!’

Zhen Cai Yuan had a mental breakdown after that.

It was especially after Zhen Cai Yuan heard what Ju-Heon said to her after that.

‘I wouldn’t do it with you even if you were the only woman left in the world.’

He had said something so cruel like that too.

The memory after that was terrible.
She started to shake while recalling a memory of cutting her own neck.

As for the Ju-Heon that Irene remembered……

‘Fuck, it's the Monarch of Destitution! Run!’

Sadly, the Ju-Heon she saw was a man who wouldn't even show her his face properly.

Both of them felt significant pain as memories after memories seeped into their minds.

However, Zhen Cai Yuan was screaming while Irene was biting down on her lips while looking surprisingly calm.


‘……T, this is the future that Mr. Jaeha talked about!’

She had heard some things about the future already.

Although she didn’t know the details, she had a pretty good idea about how things went down. That was why Irene had a mental barrier unlike Zhen Cai Yuan who was seeing all these things for the first time.


‘My father, mother… even my brother……!’

There was a fact she didn't know.

She had not heard that her entire family had been killed.

She didn’t know that she had worked for Keira in order to save her family. She had to live as the Monarch of Destitution who shed no blood or tears.

That was why she was in so much pain.

In addition……

‘Mr. Ju-Heon.’

Irene’s pupils were shaking.

Maybe that was to be expected.

[The greatest tomb raiding team in the world futilely died in a tomb.]
[Survivors: 0]
[Chairman Kwon Tae Joon: “You reap what you sow. He shouldn't have been that greedy to go into that tomb.”]
[TKBM's leadership: “We definitely told them not to go. The fact that there is one team member who didn’t go is proof of that.]
[“Seo Ju-Heon’s excavation team became too greedy and it cost them their lives.”]
[The Monarch of Fraud claims this was a scheme by TKBM.]
[TKBM: “The Monarch of Fraud… He seems to be suffering a mental breakdown after losing the rest of his team. We are planning on getting him committed to a psych ward.”]

Irene had not heard about any of this.

She had heard that Chairman Kwon had betrayed Ju-Heon but not that he had done so much for Chairman Kwon before he was killed.
There was also another important fact.

‘We finally got rid of those thorns in our eyes.’

‘I thank all of the Monarchs for your cooperation.’

Chairman Kwon and the other culprits were smirking with joy.

Irene clenched her head after seeing that memory.

‘Mr. Ju-Heon.’

It was at that moment. Zhen Cai Yuan and Irene, who had both remembered different things about Ju-Heon, made eye contact.

Returning back to Ju-Heon’s group…

[The owner of the Tomb of Avarice has changed.]
[The owner is using its power to eat all of the artifacts inside the tomb.]

Ju-Heon laughed out loud after seeing the message in front of him.

‘What? It changed the owner of the tomb?!’

The berserk Crow's aura started to gobble up all of the artifacts inside the tomb.

[A defense-type gatekeeper has been eaten.]
[An attack-type gatekeeper has been eaten.]
[A coffee manufacturing devil has been eaten.]
[A farming devil has been eaten.]
[An extremely smart devil has been eaten.]
[A cleaning devil has been eaten.]
[It does not matter if the artifacts try to run. I just block their paths as the owner of the tomb.]

‘Good, very good.’

Ju-Heon was quite pleased. Of course, Julian was screaming about what was happening in the tomb.

“What the hell is going ooooon?!””

It wasn’t rational for the owner of a tomb to change!

“How does this make any sense?!”

This truly was something that should not have happened.

Of course, there was one artifact that was an exception and was capable of messing with what happened inside a tomb. The Supreme Leader should be the only exception though. However, there was a reason the Crow could go berserk in here.

‘This is the Tomb of Avarice.’

The Crow was also an artifact with the Avarice attribute. Looking at both its grade and attribute, the Crow was an artifact that was more than qualified to be one of the artifacts of the 7 Great Tombs. That was why it was able to barge into Mammon's tomb and cause a ruckus.

Mammon was going nuts at this.

And then…

[That fucking puny bird has no morals!]

Mammon flailed after being flung to the bottom floor of the tomb. The Crow had slammed her down so hard that she had broken through the ground and was stuck with half her body inside the floor.

In addition…

[I went easy on that bitch because I felt sorry for her being in prison but that damn fucking bird-brain!]

Her true appearance was a white bird as well but Mammon was grumbling about how the Crow's brain was small because it was a bird.

Anyway, Mammon finally managed to push herself out of the ground. She was covered in a red light as she furiously flew back up.

Mammon was one of the seven great devils. She was naturally famous among devils and artifacts receive more buff the more famous they are. That meant that she was a Divine-Grade artifact.

That was probably the reason.

[I'll kill you!]

It had long since lost any thoughts of contracting with Ju-Heon. It was a pity to lose Ju-Heon but it had no regrets.


[There’s no way I can live in the same house as that violent Crow bitch!]

It had many candidates for its master.

One of them was……

“C, Chairman-nim!”
“An extremely strong artifact is getting closer!”

One of them was Chairman Kwon.

An extremely bright light burst in front of TKBM's excavation team.


Everybody was shocked after seeing that a pretty little girl had appeared.

"W, who is that child?!”

However, Chairman Kwon's jaw dropped for a different reason.

‘This is the boss!’

He recognized Mammon right away.

However, his shock quickly turned into disbelief.

[Hmm, he’s too wrinkly and old to be my concubine.]

Mammon was looking over Chairman Kwon from head to toe and evaluating him.

She didn't seem to like Chairman Kwon. He seemed to have a high enough Dominance and met the qualifications, but…

[My goodness, there’s not a single area where you are better than Seo Ju-Heon.]


[Human. Can you even get it up at your age? Is it not wrinkly down there?]


Chairman Kwon had instantly been dissed by Mammon.

‘What is up with this bullshit after it suddenly showed up? What kind of things is this little girl saying?!’

But Mammon didn't care and just smiled.

[Well, it’s fine. I made up my mind.]

She then said the following.

[You. Be my slave.]

‘What?’ What did she just say?’

Chairman Kwon couldn’t believe what Mammon just said.

He was very thankful that the tomb’s boss had appeared in front of him. Chairman Kwon had been grinding his teeth in this tomb.


He couldn't get past the trials.

Who cared if he saw memories of his past life because of an artifact? Who cared if he got to peek at how Ju-Heon cleared the tomb through it?

‘We can’t use his methods at all.’

The strategy he saw was not wrong.

He tried to distract the gatekeeper before swiping the proof of completion.

There were plenty of trials and he just needed to get past any seven of them.

It was just that…

[How dare you try to use such shitty tricks!]


It was impossible to distract the gatekeepers. It was no wonder he was getting flustered.

‘How the hell did Seo Ju-Heon just swipe the proofs of completions?’

He had sacrificed a large number of his subordinates to get the proofs but that was at the limit now too.

‘I don’t have enough subordinates to sacrifice anymore.’

There were still 4 trials to complete. But the number of subordinates remaining could be counted on two hands. Clearing this tomb seemed completely impossible.

So the fact that the boss of the tomb suddenly appeared was a good thing. Although the chances of success were low, he could force the boss to submit using his artifact of conquest.
But the boss showed up on its own and wanted to contract with it?

He felt extremely lucky!

[Hurry up, I told you to be my slave.]

Well, as long as it shut up it was fine.

But he was in no place to be picky about things right now. He could tell that Mammon was a strong Divine-Grade artifact at first glance.

It would only benefit him to get this artifact on his side.

That was why Chairman Kwon reached his hand out.

“Fine, I will be your master.”

Mammon's large eyes glared in anger.

[Hey. Speak properly.]


[I'm the master! You are my slave!]


‘Why I ought to.’

Chairman Kwon started to grind his teeth.

‘Calm down, calm down.’

It was at that moment.

[But I have a condition.]

"A condition?”

[You should show me that you are worthy of becoming my slave.]


Chairman Kwon's group was suddenly dragged somewhere as soon as Mammon said that.


The place they teleported to was none other than……

“Huh, what the hell? Old bastard?”

They ended up right in front of Seo Ju-Heon.

TKBM's excavation team members were grinding their teeth in anger at Ju-Heon. There was a phrase about how a person would meet their bitter enemy on a narrow bridge.

“You son of a bitch!”

Mammon stopped them.

[Hold on. I will take you in as my slave if you can take care of that human.]

“You want me to take care of Seo Ju-Heon?”

[Yes. I wanted to take him as my concubine but I'm not interested in a human the Crow bastard has already licked.]


[Of course, I'll let you borrow my powers for it. Use it to take care of those humans. Those terrible bastards have done as they pleased in my tomb.]

The team gasped after hearing that.

"Why is the Captain-nim’s artifact with Chairman Kwon?!”

However, Ju-Heon seemed calm.

"Why else? Is there any other person that this artifact might think about sticking with other than me or that bastard?”
“Excuse me?!”

The condition for using the artifact of avarice… The first condition was that the user had to be extremely greedy.

The only people in this tomb greedy enough to handle Mammon were probably just Ju-Heon or Chairman Kwon.

The rest of his team accepted that explanation before frowning.

“Aren't we in a bit of a pickle?”

That was to be expected.

The greatest excavation artifact that Ju-Heon had used in the past was in Chairman Kwon's hands!

Julian scrunched his face as he assessed the situation.

“Didn’t Mammon go to him because the Crow got in her way?! It was such an easy chance to get her!”

The Crow flinched in response. Had her greed hindered things for Ju-Heon? Maybe that was the thought in its mind right now.

But some of them supported the Crow's actions.

“But it’s not like he could have accepted her condition to be her concubine.”
“Ah, I'm against it as well. I am against a harem for the Captain-nim. I wouldn't be able to live because I’m so jealous!”

At that moment…


An angry Mammon channeled her strength into Chairman Kwon.

Chairman Kwon’s body started to bulk up with muscles.

Chairman Kwon laughed with excitement as his body was brimming with energy from the devil's power.

His skin turned as white as a vampire while his eyes were as red as a devil's.

That wasn’t all.

“I, I feel the power!”

Chairman Kwon's subordinates started to turn into devils as well.

Of course, Ju-Heon’s team would not just stand around and let that happen.


His team instantly beat the enemies down.

"Captain-nim, leave them to us!”

An anxious Mammon smiled and channeled even more of her power.

[I will make you guys the strongest inside this tomb!]

Ju-Heon tried to take out a Divine-Grade artifact in response.

Mammon truly was strong enough to qualify as a Heirloom. Both sides would receive a lot of damage but he had no choice but to forcibly drag it out.
But at that moment…


The Crow that had been silent for a while as if it had been deep in thought called out to Ju-Heon.

And then…

[Would you like for your artifact to regain its memories?]

That was the question it asked Ju-Heon.

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