Chapter 301: Shut up and follow me (1)

“Huh? That’s weird. Mr. Ju-Heon, didn’t you say that you were going to a tomb?”

The two of them made eye contact for a moment.

Irene questioned her eyes.

Black shirt and a white apron…

This was definitely a housekeeper.

It wasn't that weird for a housekeeper to be cleaning Ju-Heon's room. It wasn't weird for her to make Ju-Heon's bed or organize his clothes.

But if that housekeeper was a familiar face…

And if that housekeeper was someone who would make Irene angry even at the thought of her touching Ju-Heon’s stuff…

It would be weird if Irene’s eyes did not have fire shooting out right now.

“Why are you here?”

Her voice was extremely pretty but quite sharp. Zhen Cai Yuan became anxious after hearing Irene’s vicious tone.

‘Why is the Monarch of Destitution here?! Isn't this Seo Ju-Heon's room?’

Irene's pretty face turned into a scowl regardless of whether Zhen Cai Yuan was anxious or not.

“I'm sure you didn't suddenly change jobs. What are you doing in someone else’s room? Are you trying to steal something?”

An anxious Zhen Cai Yuan dropped the Raven’s Tears.

Irene stomped over to Zhen Cai Yuan.

“I didn’t know you were still stalking Mr. Ju-Heon.”

She pulled Ju-Heon’s pillow away from Zhen Cai Yuan.
Zhen Cai Yuan awkwardly started to laugh.

“You seem to have the wrong idea. I just came here to clean as the housekeeper……”
“Oh really?”

Irene then smiled brightly.

And then…

“Then please take care of my room too.”

She dragged Zhen Cai Yuan out and pushed her into the next room!

“I don’t need to tip you, right?”

The door closed and Zhen Cai Yuan anxiously tried to open it.

Clunk clunk!


Irene had placed a pharaoh's artifact, an extremely heavy chunk of gold, outside the door.

There was no way for the door to open!

Irene then went into Ju-Heon's room and contacted the lobby.

“Ah, hello? We have a thief. Yes, yes, she's a pervert who was trying to steal some underwear. She is an artifact user so please call Pandora’s special team……”

It was at that moment.

“Damn it!”

An angry Zhen Cai Yuan destroyed the door and came out.

She had used the Supreme Leader artifact. She then viciously glared toward Ju-Heon's room.

‘That woman.’

Zhen Cai Yuan called out the spider and viciously destroyed the wall.

After that…

“I told you that I'm not a thief!”

A berserk Zhen Cai Yuan rushed into Ju-Heon's room.

Her Dominance was quite strong.
But it didn’t matter.


Irene's Dominance seemed to be at Zhen Cai Yuan’s level.

Others predicted that her Affinity would be higher because of her personality, but…

“Are you trying to start a fight?”


Irene, who usually never got this angry, viciously glared and her Heirloom activated.

‘Jeonhohoorang!’ [1]

A tiger and a wolf soon appeared and bit Zhen Cai Yuan.



Actually, the animals were chomping on the Supreme Leader’s aura and not on Zhen Cai Yuan.

They were so strong that the Supreme Leader’s legs were ripped apart.


Furthermore, the Master Fox's attribute was based on the disaster caused by a fox.

‘A woman beautiful enough to cause the downfall of a country, natural disasters, or even too much happiness becoming a source of disaster.

It was an ability that could bring down a nation or bring forth disasters.

Irene’s disasters struck Zhen Cai Yuan before she could even grimace in pain!



Zhen Cai Yuan suddenly started slipping.

“What the he…kyaa!”

She couldn't stand up. She couldn’t walk because it was so slippery.

That wasn't all.


“M, my clothes!”

She seemed to be extremely unlucky as her clothes and stockings kept getting caught on things and getting ripped.
Zhen Cai Yuan's lifetime of luck was turning into bad luck.

An angry Zhen Cai Yuan was grinding her teeth.

“You're just a damn Heirloom!”

Zhen Cai Yuan called out the Supreme Leader artifact.

“Good. You little bitch, I'll kill you and use your hide to gobble up Seo Ju-Heon!”
“What did you say?”

The two of their vicious auras were clashing against each other.

While that was going on…

“Ahhhh, what the hell is going oooooooon?”

There was a third party who was shaking in fear.

“Aigoo, hyung-nim, what happened while we were sleeping?!”
"The room is being destroyed, it is being destroyed! Actually no! The entire hotel is being destroyed!”

That was right.

Irene and Zhen Cai Yuan didn't know about it, but inside Ju-Heon’s room… To be more specific, three men were in the bathroom.

They were the farmers, the Oh Seung Woo group.

"Aigoo, aigoo, what is going on?!”

They were foaming in fear inside the spa that was the size of a swimming pool.

They were currently bathing the artifacts in the spa. Ju-Heon had even given them permission to play once they were done with this!

“Shit, I’ve never seen sister-in-law so angry!”

It was so bad that Pandora had to give an emergency evacuation order.

Buuzz. Buuzz.

[Dangerous aura detected. Might be a Tomb Appearance.]
[Disaster warning level: Level 4 (Highest-grade/Disaster-Grade}]
[Emergency Evacuation ordered for a 1km radius around XXX Hotel.]
[Evacuation Warning Delivered.]

It was so chaotic that Pandora thought there was a Disaster-Grade Tomb Appearance phenomenon going on at the hotel!

The trio urgently grabbed the artifacts and tried to leave.

“Aaaaaaah! Let’s grab hyung-nim’s artifacts and run for it! Hurry up!”

But things would not go as they wanted.

Oh yeeeeeeah! Fight more! Fight more!

Bring some coke and popcorn!

The extremely immature artifacts were quite excited.

The Oh Seung Woo group grabbed the back of their necks.

‘Damn it you little punks. This isn't the time for that!’

“Aigoo, hyung-niiiim! This is bad!”

They lamented in despair.

But around that same time…

The situation where Ju-Heon was wasn't that different.

“What did you just say?”

[Hmm? I told you to be my concubine.]

The Crow and rope exploded in anger.

'What the hell did this artifact just say to their master?'

The Crow who had sulked back at Ju-Heon's gaze earlier had burst out.

Concubine? Did you just say concubine?

The rope's ‘eyes’ were burning with rage.

Mammon sounded pompous regardless of their reaction.

[I will make a special exception and accept you as my concubine, human. It won’t be bad for you.]

The team members all questioned their ears.

"D, did she just say concubine?!”

They would normally not be able to hear the artifacts but they were currently in a tomb.

They could hear the voice of the tomb's owner like Mammon while in their tombs.
And then…

"S, Seol-A!”

Jaeha grabbed Seol-A who was about to faint.

“These damn artifact bastards……!”

However, Ju-Heon was laughing.

“Do you seriously mean that?”

Mammon’s eyes opened wide at Ju-Heon’s gaze and she responded.

[Ah, don’t worry. I don't care what you do; I will let you have your privacy.]

She wasn't that prude.

[It looks like you have a lot of artifacts that like you.]

She could see the twitching rope and Crow.

[I don’t care who you date. Ten, hundreds, or even thousands! Meet as many girls as you want and fool……ugh!]

The happily talking Mammon suddenly screamed. Mammon was slapped by something dull and sent flying!

“U, ugh! What the……?!”

Mammon was rolling on the ground like a little ball as she glared toward Ju-Heon and the others.
The one to slap Mammon was none other than the rope.

The rope looked like it was shadow boxing and throwing jabs.

'Do you want to get hit again? Do ya?'

It looked weird because it was twisting its whole body as it didn't have hands.

Mammon wiped the blood of her lips and glared once again.

[How dare a stupid rope……kyaaa!]

Mammon was smacked once again.

Pow, pow, pow pow!

The rope ruthlessly beat Mammon down.

It was not even whipping Mammon with its body as it usually did.

Pow! Pow!

It had rolled up its end into a ball and was throwing 'punches'!



Mammon looked like a mess after being punched in the cheeks and butt by the rope.

[This damn nonliving bastard!]

It hurt so much that Mammon was tearing up.

But the rope was not the only one that was angry.

[You disgusting devil bastard. You're really going to use such a scheme to become a Heirloom?]

The Crow that appeared looked ready to gobble Mammon up.

But the Crow thought it would be okay.


There was no way Ju-Heon would accept such a condition.

It was at that moment.



Ju-Heon happily accepted. Everybody questioned what they had just heard.

But Ju-Heon clarified it once more.

“I suppose I can be your concubine.”

The entire team gasped.

“A, are you crazy?!”

Ju-Heon was smiling like a devil.

“You prepared the wedding gifts right?”


The team members dropped their jaws in shock.

‘Is this son of a bitch……?!’

Ju-Heon smiled brightly.

“You artifacts might not know about it, but very expensive gifts are given during human weddings. That is the human tradition and the respectful thing to do.”

[T, tradition?]

“But I am a generous man. I will accept a small gift of 1,000 Divine-Grade artifacts.”

‘Damn it, I knew it!’

The male team members grabbed the back of their necks. Even the Four Emperors didn't have double digit Divine-Grade artifacts.
1,000 Divine-Grade artifacts would be enough to conquer the world a hundred times over!

Basically, it was something unachievable!

But there was an earthquake in Seol-A’s eyes.

‘I, I can marry the Captain-nim if I have a t, thousand Divine-Grade artifacts?’

Seol-A seriously debated leaving to search for artifacts.

As she had that thought…

[F, fine.]

The shocked Mammon nodded her head. She had a way to get 1,000 Divine-Grade artifacts.

[I will give you 1,000 Divine-Grade artifacts as a wedding gift.]

“Okay. Let’s seal the d……”

But at that moment…


The tomb suddenly shook. As they wondered what had happened…

[I can easily get you 1,000 Divine-Grade artifacts.]
[It is not that hard.]
[Let’s sweep everything in this tomb first.]

A chaotic aura was going berserk.
Mammon foamed at the mouth.

[Hey! What the hell are you doing in someone else’s tom……kyaaa!]

Mammon was thrown to the lowest floor of the tomb by the Crow's power.

It had shoved Mammon in the deepest part of the tomb, as if telling Mammon to stay the fuck out of their way.

[The owner of the Tomb of Avarice has changed.]
[The owner is using its power to eat all of the artifacts inside the tomb.]

Returning back to the cat fight…

“You keep sending weird text messages to Mr. Ju-Heon! You creepy stalker!”
“Hmph, you can’t even gather the courage to text him!”

Something odd was happening at the hotel where Irene and Zhen Cai Yuan were facing off against each other.

“I heard that you just roam on the outskirts of Seo Ju-Heon's tomb raiding team!”

Zhen Cai Yuan had changed her strategy.

‘I can't use the Supreme Leader artifact at full capacity in the middle of a city.’

She was going to attack Irene's weakness instead.

Based on the information she gathered, Irene had a big weakness.

“Am I wrong? Seo Ju-Heon’s team members all seem to share some kind of special memories.”
“Aww, poor Miss Holten, she's supported Seo Ju-Heon so much but she is still stuck on the outside looking in.”

However, Irene did not sulk at her attack.

“……Hmph, but you can’t even manage to do that!”
“W, what?”
“Do you really think Mr. Ju-Heon cares about you?”

Maybe it was because it reacted to the women’s powers…

The reagent that started on the table but was now on the floor, the Raven’s Tears, started to move and glow.

Actually, this was not the real Raven’s Tears. This was a copy that Jaeha had made.

Ju-Heon wanted to test it out but didn’t have any guinea pigs to use it on.

And then…


The moment the fighting women stepped on the Raven’s Tears…

There was a bright light.

Author's Notes

We've passed 300 chapters! Thank you for your support and love to allow Tomb Raider King to reach this point.

To the readers always cheering me on and my esteemed editor who always supports me, I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will continue to work hard to give you an even more entertaining story and will give it my best until the end.
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1. This phrase is based on Chinese characters and literally means Tiger to the front Wolf to the rear. It is a saying that once you get past one source of trouble only to find another one. I debated translating to Front Tiger Rear Wolf or ‘Tiger to the front Wolf to the back’ but I didn’t like either of them so I kept it as is.

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