Chapter 300: What’s up with this punk? (3)

“That’s a Devil-type artifact!”

That was right.

The artifact that appeared in front of Ju-Heon was a Devil artifact.

However, Ju-Heon had thought all this time that it was one of the many human Archaeologists of the past. But it was a Devil?

‘Is it a different artifact?’

No, that wasn’t it.

‘This is definitely the artifact I used in the past.’

It was quite the familiar aura that he had missed.

Well, he also hated this shitty thing for making him want to go see the Mona Lisa as he was about to have sex, but still…

It was also the key element that allowed him to become the greatest excavator. It was his lifesaver that saved his life many times inside tombs. Everything it had done for him made him think about contracting it once again if he met it.

But it was a Devil?

He couldn't tell what artifact it was though.


[The system has stopped.]
[There is no need for you to know any information about this artifact.]
[It is smarter to wash your neck and go to sleep.]

‘Stop telling me to go to sleep.’

Unfortunately, the Crow's artifact seemed to have made up its mind.

[Unable to load the system information.]
[Unable to load the system information.]

The Crow's attempts were futile.

“Hey Kongming, what is that artifact?”


The Crow's attempt to hinder Ju-Heon instantly ended in failure. Ju-Heon laughed but tilted his head in confusion at Julian's response.

‘The artifact I used was Mammon?’

As for the others…

‘How did hyung-nim know how to clear the Tomb of Avarice?’

Kwon Hyuk Soo was deep in thought.

‘Did he really see the future that was supposed to happen with Yang Chen's artifact?’

Kwon Hyuk Soo had asked Chairman Kwon about the future he saw. However, Chairman Kwon did not tell him anything.

‘You don't need to know.’

And when he asked to use the memory artifact himself…

‘This is not an artifact for you to use.’

He was rejected. Honestly speaking, Kwon Hyuk Soo was upset.

Of course, there was a reason Chairman Kwon said that.

The current Kwon Hyuk Soo might not be there, but Kwon Hyuk Soo was originally one of the Four Emperors, the strongest artifact users in the world.

He just stepped aside to give Chairman Kwon his spot. Chairman Kwon was wary because he didn’t know how Kwon Hyuk Soo would react if he shared that future with him.

It was possible Kwon Hyuk Soo would betray him. He might be greedy for the Four Emperors position.

However, it might have been better for Chairman Kwon to tell his sworn brother the truth.

‘Why is hyung-nim hiding it from me?’

It ended up causing a seed of doubt and hate to sprout inside him.

Returning back to Ju-Heon, the identity of this artifact was understandable.

Mammon was known as the Devil of Avarice in the Bible, an excavator devil that went around looking for hidden gold and treasures. There were even rumors that the reason humans started digging for ores and treasure was because a part of Mammon’s personality ended up in them.
Ability-wise, it was quite fitting for an excavation artifact.

But Ju-Heon, who liked to be certain, asked a question.

“Do you have any relationship with an Archaeologist?”

The Devil's eyes opened wide as if it was shocked. She thought for a moment before opening her mouth.

[Can you tell your Crow something before I answer that question?]


Mammon grumbled and added on.

[Tell that bitch to stop releasing such disgusting aura in someone else’s tomb.]


[That other human, Kwon Tae Joon, is unable to pass through the trials because of you. Every human is a precious candidate.]

Ju-Heon was wondering what Mammon was talking about, but it seemed as if the Crow was taking care of the enemies in the distance to earn some points with him.

[It's just a stupid idiot who can't even contract properly because its stuck in prison.]

The Crow's aura that had snuck out to show off flinched.

[So who told you to share the secrets of the gods to become public enemy number 1?]

The Crow became angry and tried to eat Mammon, however…


The Crow's aura flinched at Ju-Heon's gaze and slowly crawled back.

It seemed a bit depressed unlike its usual self.

Mammon smiled with satisfaction and looked toward Ju-Heon after seeing the Crow crawl back without being able to say anything.

[I want to answer your question right away but I have a condition.]

"A condition?”

Ju-Heon started to frown. It was probably something like clearing the remaining trials.

However, Mammon smiled brightly and said the following.

[Won’t you become my concubine? I need you for something.]


The Crow that crawled back burst out again and even the rope that was sleeping on Ju-Heon’s shoulder raised its head.

What? Concubine?

The eyes it didn't have seemed to be flashing.

“Why is Seo Ju-Heon not contacting me?”

Zhen Cai Yuan was currently wrestling with her phone.

‘He told me he would go on a date with me if I took care of the Four Emperors.’

It had been quite a while since Zhen Cai Yuan had been staring at her phone.

There was no way that Seo Ju-Heon wouldn’t know about how she attacked the Monarch of Evangelism.

‘Did he not see the news? Should I have made a bigger spectacle and destroyed a country as well?’

She was thinking about things that would make others boil in anger.

In fact, the US, which had become one of her targets, was quite a mess right now.

Hitler was a secret that the US was keeping quiet. But they were putting the artifacts and people he gathered to good use.

They were about to use those things to take care of Seo Ju-Heon, but then…

‘Why is Zhen Cai Yuan getting in our way?!’

The hot-blooded president considered it an act of provocation and was even ready to press the button to launch the nuclear weapons.

‘Calm down!’

‘China has the Supreme Leader artifact!’

Both the Democrats and the Republican Congressmen had foamed at the mouth and stopped the president.

They wanted to hold back for now.

It was because they knew that Zhen Cai Yuan would really invade the US with troops if she wanted to do so.

Most importantly, they believed that there was a reason that this woman was working with Seo Ju-Heon.

‘I'm sure that she is pretending to work with Seo Ju-Heon so that she can kill him.’

‘That woman is a shrewd fox.’

But forget taking care of Ju-Heon…

“…… To call, not to call, call, not call, call, not call……”

Zhen Cai Yuan was struggling with the most difficult problem in the world.

Of course, she had said the following publicly.

‘I will get close to Seo Ju-Heon and then kill him.’

She meant about 80% of it. Whether she thought about it rationally or emotionally, Seo Ju-Heon was her enemy. Ju-Heon was the only man to make her experience shame.

‘It’ll be bad if Seo Ju-Heon gets the Crow's artifact and gets the Treasure.’

China had to win this War of Artifacts. She couldn’t let an individual grab the power.

However, the way she was struggling while waiting for a call from Ju-Heon made it easy to wonder if she really had any intentions of killing him.

‘Is he busy? That must be the case. I heard that he’s in the Tomb of Avarice right now.’

She had thought about contacting him first many times. However…

‘……What if he rejects my call?’

He had ignored all of her attempts to contact him until now. That was why the fact that Ju-Heon contacted her first made her become flustered unlike her usual self. If she pestered him with a call, he might say she's too needy and call the date off because he already hates her.

She also didn’t want to come off like she was looking forward to it.

She had written and erased hundreds of text messages already. But to just sit back and wait……

‘I can’t wait.’

Zhen Cai Yuan, who had been pulling off flower petals like a little girl with a crush, jumped up from her seat.

“Let's go get Seo Ju-Heon’s schedule.”

She just had to coincidentally run into him on his day off.

She headed toward the hotel Ju-Heon was currently staying at.

She would normally have just barged in but she disguised herself as a housekeeper because Ju-Heon probably wouldn't like the fact that she barged in.


‘Which one is Seo Ju-Heon's room?’

It was hard to find because Ju-Heon had rented many rooms under his name.

She started to go into each room.

And then…

‘I smell Seo Ju-Heon.’

She was quite sensitive to the smell of artifacts as she had the artifact of gluttony.

This must be Ju-Heon's room.

As she started rummaging through the room to find Ju-Heon’s schedule…


She found many pictures on the table along with a reagent artifact.

‘This is……’

That was none other than the Raven’s Tears.
As Zhen Cai Yuan hugged a pillow and tried to take a closer look…



Someone swiped the card key and came inside. She could hear the footsteps heading toward this suite.

“Huh? Is someone inside?”

Zhen Cai Yuan became anxious after hearing the voice.


It was Irene's voice.

“Huh? That’s weird. Mr. Ju-Heon, didn’t you say that you were going to a tomb?”

The two of them made eye contact for a moment.

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