Chapter 295: Throwing a fit can be beneficial (2)

Chairman Kwon immediately frowned.

Stupid phone salesman.

That was probably the title Ju-Heon used when they first met.

At first, he wondered how there could be such a crazy bastard. But it was different now. Chairman Kwon's mind was complicated now that he had a bit of the memories of the past.

Why? The bastard he thought was a random lunatic actually had a deep relationship with him.

Furthermore, if what the artifact showed him was true, Ju-Heon was his lackey.

Chairman Kwon was extremely angry at the fact that someone like that got in his way so much.

‘This dog-like son of a bitch!’

He looked as if he would have sneered at Ju-Heon if they were face to face.

But Chairman Kwon seemed to be scared about something after seeing those memories. His hand still could not stop shaking.
Ju-Heon commented at that moment, as if he knew what Chairman Kwon was scared about.

[I heard you received the memory artifact from Yang Chen. How much were you able to figure out?]


[Did you manage to get any information about important tombs or artifacts? You probably don’t know a thing.]

Ju-Heon’s tone was making Chairman Kwon close to raging in anger.

“You son of a bitch.”

That was right. This was what Chairman Kwon was scared about.

People tend to be scared about things they don’t know. He was feeling scared that Ju-Heon had information he didn’t know about.

Furthermore, the information Ju-Heon seemed to have was at no ordinary level.

A person from the future. If he knew everything that happened in the future, nothing in this world could compare to him.

And if the future he saw was the one that was supposed to happen, that was an even greater problem.

He saw a society dominated by the monopolizers. Seo Ju-Heon was changing that future completely.

This bastard was someone who should have worked as his slave for 10 years! And, although he couldn’t be sure, he probably didn’t keep the promise he made with Ju-Heon. Knowing that Ju-Heon probably had grudges against him made it even scarier.

He was scared this bastard would gobble him up. He didn't know what this bastard was planning to do with him. He didn’t know how to deal with this bastard who was changing the future!

It would be one thing if he remembered everything. That might be why Chairman Kwon thoroughly rejected the notion that what he saw was the future.

“I don’t know what the hell you did, but I can tell that the future that this bastard Yang Chen showed me is a lie.”

Yang Chen almost jumped in shock.

"Chairman-nim……what do you…ugh!”


Yang Chen was having trouble breathing after being instantly choked.

“C, Chairman-nim……it's not a l…!”
“Shut up. How dare you try to mess with me with something like this after failing your mission.”
“U, ugh……!”

Chairman Kwon glared at Yang Chen with his bloodshot eyes while his hand was squeezing Yang Chen’s neck.

[U, ugh! Chairman…nim……! Please don't do……th…]
[This despicable bastard. I wondered why you showed up but you showed up as Seo Ju-Heon's spy?]
[T, that’s not…… ugh!]
[I should have figured it out from the moment you claimed to have broken out of that prison. Did Seo Ju-Heon let you out to do this?]
[A, aaah! Please trust……!]
[Trust you? Are you trying to rile me up? Believing that future means that I was bitten by a dog that I raised.]

Ju-Heon was clutching his stomach and laughing as he heard Yang Chen suffocating.

‘This stupid old bastard.’

He was trying to kill a bastard who could help him because he couldn't trust him.

Well, Ju-Heon didn't care whether Yang Chen died or not. He expected this from the moment he knew Yang Chen would go to Chairman Kwon.

‘That old bastard is that kind of person.’

Yang Chen probably went to grab a lifeline after Chloe made it so that he couldn't use artifacts, but… Chairman Kwon was no lifeline. Even after seeing the future, he was the type who would not accept such a shitty future because of his pride.

He would definitely not accept it with Ju-Heon calling him to tease him like this.

As expected, Chairman Kwon commented while choking Yang Chen.

[Seo Ju-Heon… Your scheme will not work. Did you plan to confuse me with such a fake future?]

"What the hell? You already found out? I helped that bastard Yang Chen break out of prison to do such a shitty job?”

The wronged Yang Chen screamed while Chairman Kwon ground his teeth.

And then…


Yang Chen's voice could not be heard anymore.

Ju-Heon calmly added on after that.

“Of course I was joking.”


Ju-Heon despicably smiled.

“If you can't believe it, let me tell you something quite entertaining about the future. For example, maybe the business you are thinking of starting?”

Chairman Kwon seemed quite anxious. This was extremely top secret information that had not leaked.

But Ju-Heon just casually started talking about it.

“XX Artifact City Construction Business. Investments for your daughter Kwon Joo Hee. Creation of an Artifact Foundation. Ah, you were going to call it AA right? You were also going to purchase land in Zone A for your in-laws. By the way, they all fail. Just don't do them.”


“I made them all fail. I took care of all those corrupt bastards.”

‘This crazy fucker.’

Ju-Heon even knew about other things as well.

“You were going to name your first granddaughter Tae Hee, right? I really have to leave it to you, you old bastard. But did you have to put a part of your name into your granddaughter’s name?”

‘This bastard.’

Ju-Heon continued on while Chairman Kwon was shaking in anger.

“It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not. What matters to me is that you know about it.”


“It was getting boring messing with someone who doesn't know anything.”

Ju-Heon sounded quite pleased.

Without the Raven’s artifact, all those bastards would get was like watching a movie. It was completely different from the Raven’s Tears that would fuse the memories of the person here with their future selves.

He knew that Yang Chen sharing the album with Chairman Kwon would not harm them in any way.

‘Well, they’ll just feel as if it was them.’

It was the perfect amount Ju-Heon wanted them to remember.

“I was changing the difficulty since you don't know jack shit.”

The team members around him gasped.

‘He did this to change the difficulty?!’

Ju-Heon was being serious.

And then…

“Now that you saw that, I can stop warming up now, right?”

‘What? Warning up?’

Chairman Kwon was about to quickly say something, but…


The call ended abruptly.


“Hyu, hyung-nim.”

Kwon Hyuk Soo seemed anxious while looking at Chairman Kwon. The suffocated Yang Chen wasn’t moving at all.

Chairman Kwon had thrown his phone with his face flushed with anger the moment Ju-Heon hung up.

‘That deplorable bastard……!’

The thing he was worried about seemed as if it would become reality.

‘I'll be gobbled up by this bastard.’

He tried to believe that what he saw was not true, but it was useless.

The events of the past life started to feel more as if it had been his own as time went on.

He didn’t know about most things, but the fact that he had been Ju-Heon’s master and gave the order to kill him….

Things like that seemed to want to spark some things in his mind.
That made him even angrier.

‘How dare he……!’

According to his memories, that bastard was his subordinate.

But what?

‘Warming up?’

“Is that bastard fucking crazy?!”

Chairman Kwon was about to explode.

He had suffered quite a lot at Ju-Heon's hands already.

The Herb of Eternal Youth, Ju-Heon embarrassing his stupid son-in-law, grabbing Yoo Jaeha from under his nose, making him become the enemy of the US-Europe alliance… Turning him into a corpse inside a coffin, shamelessly imprisoning his children and looting his artifact! This shitty bastard also ruined his relationships with his precious partner businesses! He even stole TKBM stock and rattled the company!

Thinking about how he had to sell precious artifacts and Tomb Excavation Rights at cheap prices to deal with these losses was aggravating!

Even as a large global corporation, TKBM had faced danger quite a few times because of Ju-Heon. Chairman Kwon was barely able to stabilize the shaking company because he had artifacts, Tomb Excavation Rights, and a know-how about excavation.
Most countries and businesses looked favorably on him because he was one of the trailblazers in the artifact world.

But they would only support him a few times. Yet Ju-Heon was saying all of this was just the warm up?


Being extremely angry was one thing……

“I need to stop that bastard! I need to regain my position!”

That bastard was aiming for him. He didn’t know for sure, but it was probably for revenge.

And that bastard would head to even greater heights. Ju-Heon was the type who would do it just to destroy him! Chairman Kwon slammed his hand on the table while going crazy with anger.

“Contact Pandora right away and make them prepare the following artifact!”
“Excuse me?”
"We need to stop him from clearing the 7 Great Tombs first. I have a pretty good idea about what that bastard is going to do.”

Chairman Kwon, whose ass has been on fire, started to smile.

It was only for a moment, but he had seen something in those memories.

He would use that to make that bastard Seo Ju-Heon fall to the ground.

The angry Chairman Kwon’s eyes looked quite evil.

“Excuse me? You know where Seo Ju-Heon is going to summon a tomb?”

Pandora and the large excavation teams of different countries were tilting their heads in confusion.

It was because of a message they received from TKBM two day ago.

They claimed to have information on Seo Ju-Heon!

Of course, they already knew that Ju-Heon was going to summon the Tomb of Avarice with the fossil artifact he took from George Holten. But they had no idea where he would summon it.

“The Grand Canyon?”

Unexpectedly, Chairman Kwon said that Ju-Heon might summon the tomb there.

There were some other potential spots as well but that was the most likely spot.

There was a reason for his theory.

‘The Tomb of Avarice I saw in that memory was in the Grand Canyon.’

Of course, he might not summon it there.

But there were many factors that made it very likely. For example, there was the ‘most ideal environment’ to consider.

Furthermore, Ju-Heon had moved around the Grand Canyon area.

Although it was difficult to figure out how Chairman Kwon figured it out, it was quite amazing.

There was something even more amazing.

‘I also know the artifact necessary to open the entrance of the Tomb of Avarice.’

Chairman Kwon even knew how to open the tomb.

He didn't know the details about how to clear it, but he had some ideas.

The surprising thing was that the Tomb of Avarice really had been summoned when a team arrived at the Grand Canyon.

The peaks sticking up in the desert were proof. Chairman Kwon smiled after hearing that they had found the tomb.

“I will thoroughly use that memory to my benefit.”

Around that same time…

“Captain-nim, are you not going to use the Raven’s tears on Chairman Kwon?”

On a desolate desert in the United States… Around the Grand Canyon…

The team members looked around as they asked. Ju-Heon gave a simple response.

“No, I will use it.”
“You are going to use it?”

Ju-Heon smiled.

“That old bastard has some glimpses of the future right now. The chances of him remembering the things I want him to remember are pretty low.”
“I am going to use the Raven’s Tears on that bastard at the final moment. Then I will make him thoroughly realize it. He will feel the shame of being bitten by a dog he has raised.”

But what he knew was enough for right now.

“But that old bastard seems to have gotten a useful memory.”

The team members clicked their tongues while looking at the hoards of excavation teams in the desert.

That was right. Their enemies, who somehow figured out where they would be, were all around the desert.

Well, maybe it wasn't too shocking. They had not hid their movements at all.

Ju-Heon even summoned it here on purpose.


“Wow, those bastards even know how to open the entrance.”

The enemies who had followed Ju-Heon seemed to know how to get inside.

The artifacts in their hands were proof that was the case.

It was to be expected.

Chairman Kwon should have seen the Tomb of Avarice while going through those memories.

That tomb was the one Ju-Heon had cleared. He had discussed the way to open the tomb with numerous newspapers.

Chairman Kwon was probably going to use that memory as foundation to get inside before Ju-Heon, but……

“Well, it doesn’t matter.”
“You have a point. They can't do anything like that.”

They could see a lot of people screaming in front of them.

“Aaah! What the hell is that?!”
“Which one is the real tomb?!”

That was right. There were hundreds of the same peaks around the Grand Canyon.

They were the fake tombs that Jaeha had created! He had copied the fossil artifact itself to call forth hundreds of tombs.

Jaeha, who was still copying the fossil artifact to summon even more fake tombs, laughed out loud.

“Hahaha, good luck finding the real tomb, you retards! I bet that you can't find it! There’s no way you'll find it! Kakakakakaka!”

He seemed quite excited while summoning tombs left and right.

“Captain-nim, I did good, right? Did I do good? If so, please change my contract! Profits divided 9:1! 9:1! Please be humane and give me at least 10%!”

Well, he wasn’t really thinking about taking it.

“You can just have all 10.”
“Oh, really? REALLY?! OHHH YEEEEAH!”

Ju-Heon smiled while looking at his confused enemies.

“Let’s go inside. Time to go to the real tomb.”

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