Chapter 290: Don't touch my stuff! (1)

“Chloe, is the Captain-nim really okay?”

“Mr. Ju-Heon will be okay, right?”

Seol-A and Irene were anxiously tapping their feet.

The issue at the art gallery had ended without any other incident. Even Jaeha’s hand had recovered. The exhibition had to be canceled in the middle but it was fine since it was finished at a different location.

And if there was a great gain from this incident, it would be that……

‘He seems to have gained Hitler’s power.’

Julian had definitely seen it with Zhuge Kongming's artifact.

He had seen the movement of the chaotic auras. Ju-Heon had gobbled up Hitler’s artifact and used its abilities.

It wasn’t weird at all.

‘He said the Crow could use the powers it ate.’

That meant that Ju-Heon’s powers had grown.

But who cared about that?

“Ugh….. a digestant……”

Ju-Heon was groaning in pain. He had a stomach ache!

Seol-A and Irene were still tapping their feet because they were concerned about Ju-Heon.

“Chloeeee! The Captain-nim won't die right? He just has a stomach ache, right?!”

“Mr. Ju-Heon will be okay, right? Please tell me he will be okay!”

They seemed frantic that Ju-Heon was lying on the bed like a zombie.

They were bringing all sorts of things while nursing Ju-Heon.

Cold towels and a change of clothes didn't seem enough to them. Seol-A brought all sorts of medical equipments from Chloe's room and even a massager while Irene……

“Umm…… I asked the butler to bring some things that would be good for the body…..! Do you think that these will help?!”

Antipyretics, digestants, vitamins… Herbal medicines that were said to be good for the body, Wild ginseng, medicinal herbs, eels, turtles, carps, she brought all sorts of ingredients.

The ingredients were so fresh that they were still jumping up and down in the boxes.

“Ahhhh, Mr. Ju-Heon, please don't die!”


Chloe facepalmed after seeing the things the two women brought.

Everything else was fine, but why was viagra mixed in as well?

Chloe couldn’t deal with it anymore and started to speak.

“Umm, you don’t need to worry that much……”

Seol-A hugged Ju-Heon and cried.

“I've never seen the Captain-nim in so much pain before!”


Ju-Heon stayed attached to Seol-A as if he was a koala. If Seol-A left, he stuck to Irene like glue.

They had been scared to see him act like this when the normal Ju-Heon would never behave this way.

It wasn't that Chloe didn't understand how they were feeling. When Ju-Heon was really sick, back in the past when he was suffering from tomb syndrome, he never showed any signs of being in pain.

But for a person who looked so calm while suffering from tomb syndrome which was like terminal cancer to be acting like this for a simple stomach ache……

“Ugh, ugh, my intestines feel like they're twisted……”

Chloe smacked Ju-Heon on the head with his charts. A rare sight like this to see Ju-Heon whining about being in pain was cute to Chloe, but……

“That’s why we said don’t pick up random things and eat them.”

“I didn't do that!”

“Then you purposely chose to eat something dirty. You're not a child so why are you eating things you shouldn't eat and getting a stomach ache?!”

Ju-Heon pouted.

“Okay, I got it. So please give me a digestant…”

“I told you that won't work! You need a shot!”

Ju-Heon as well as the rest of the team flinched.

“You'll be better with a shot so everybody else please leave.”

Chloe then ripped Seol-A away from Ju-Heon's side.

“You too!”

Seol-A shouted while being dragged out.

"Chloe, can it be anything else? Anything but that! A shot for the Captain-nim? That’s too cruel!”

“Hurry up and get out!”

Chloe kicked Seol-A out.

She kicked Seol-A out first for some reason.

Maybe she didn't like the fact that she was stuck to Ju-Heon.

Seol-A was banging on the door after being kicked out.

“Chloe! I'll take the shot in the Captain-nim’s place! It’s too much for him!”

Ju-Heon was tightly clenching Irene now. It was rare to see him shaking like this.

“Mr. Ju-Heon?”

“I'll just keep my stomach ache. That’ll be better.”

“M, Mr. Ju-Heon?!”

Irene wondered why he was acting like this.

But she kept hugging him tightly.

“But Mr. Ju-Heon, you still need to get the shot……”

“No, I'll get better like this.”


The male team members started swearing as Ju-Heon stuffed his face in Irene's chest.

‘Fucking bastard, I'm so jealous.’

But they still felt pity for Ju-Heon while having that thought.

That was to be expected.

‘I'd rather die than get that shot.’

‘How could there be such a torture in this world.’

‘I'm glad I'm not the one who needs the shot.’

Chloe's shot was extremely effective but truly hurt like hell.

The male team members slowly started moving out of the room.


“Ah, right. Everybody else needs shots as well.”


"What the hell are you talking about?!”

They looked as if their house had been foreclosed and taken by the bank.

"Why do we need shots too?!”

“Hitler’s aura is quite venomous. The Captain-nim is okay because he has Tolerance but you were all hit by the aura as well.”


There were quite a lot of screams in the hotel that day.

After some time…

"Fucking Chloe, she just took the Captain-nim and went inside.”

Seol-A was grinding her teeth outside a door.

‘When are they going to come out? When are they going to come out?’

It looked as if there were beams coming out of her eyes toward that direction.

Her gaze was focused on a room where only Chloe and Ju-Heon were inside.

“It’s already been 43 minutes!”

Seol-A exploded.

Something that should normally take 10 minutes was taking so long today!

Yoo Jaeha held her back as she looked ready to spew flames out of her mouth.

"Woah, woah, don't worry, everything will be fi……ugh!”

“I'm sure of it! She used treatment as an excuse because she wanted to be alone with the Captain-nim!”

Why else would she want to be alone with Ju-Heon whenever she treated him?

‘She treats the rest of us all at once!’

Julian, who was inspecting the artifact Ju-Heon got at the tomb, calmed her down.

“The Captain always had special treatment. His tomb syndrome was worse than any of us and he didn’t want us seeing him being treated. It’s just a habit now.”

The other male team members grumbled to themselves.

“That damn captain monopolizing all of the female team members.”

“I wish I could put my head in Irene's chest too…”

Seol-A heard that and looked at Irene while banging on the wall.

She had heard that Ju-Heon shoved his face in Irene’s chest.

Seol-A looked down at Irene’s chest and continued slamming on the innocent wall.

‘I know! I know that my boobs are small! But this is discrimination! He’s never put his face in my boobs!’

Seol-A was crying internally thinking that at least her boobs would be more elastic.

‘I thought I won because the Captain-nim hugged me!’

Ju-Heon had hugged her as if he was a koala. Maybe it was because of the memories of his past life. An old habit had come out subconsciously.

That was why she had thought she had a better chance of victory…… but …… she was sniffling internally as she started spewing fire.

‘I have no other choice then.’

She really didn't want to do this, but…

"Vice Captain-nim.”


“Let’s go to a breast enlarging tomb next time.”

Julian spit up the coffee he was drinking.

"That…… umm… The next tomb has already been decided.”

He let out a fake cough before returning to his artifact analysis.

‘This is that mysterious artifact Chairman Kwon took in the past.’

Julian did not know that this had to do with the Majesty's Treasure yet.

While that was going on, Irene had her own concerns as well.


It was because Ju-Heon had tightly hugged Seol-A. He had done it because of the stomach ache, but a person's subconsciousness was a serious thing.

‘Mr. Ju-Heon, you really……”

At that moment…

“The Captain really is taking a long time.”

Ilya looked toward the room.

“What if the Captain's risk activated?”

“What? Risk?”

"Why else would it take so long? The door is locked as well.”

Yoo Jaeha agreed with him.

“You have a point. The Captain-nim said that his Immunity has fallen because of the stomach ache and that the risks will activate much easier.”

Irene and Seol-A both gasped. Seol-A then tried her best to smile.

“Uhh, uhh, it should be okay. Chloe said that she’s not interested in younger men.”

“If you use the American system, aren’t they the same age?”


It was at that moment. Jaeha who had his ear on the door was shocked.

“Huh? Hey, wait. I heard some moans inside……”

Seol-A became frantic and started banging on the door.

"Chloe, what the hell is going on in theeeeeeeeeere?!”

“Mr. Ju-Heon!”

Irene joined in to bang on the door as well until they broke the door.

The two women screamed once they saw what was going on inside.


“Mr. Ju-Heon!”

Something shocking was going on inside the room where Ju-Heon was being treated.

They saw some flesh intertwining inside the room.

Ju-Heon was lying down on the bed inside the room and Chloe was straddling him.

It was just that Ju-Heon had fainted. the two of them had their clothes off as well.

Well, they weren't completely naked. Ju-Heon's shirt was undone and Chloe had her shirt off, with her black bra making her white skin seem even whiter.

They looked as if they might have been fighting, but it was quite a risqué-looking scene. The other team members couldn't help but gasp.

“H, hold on!”

Julian froze after seeing this steamy sight but Yoo Jaeha was frozen for a different reason.


‘Eek! They really were getting it on?! What?!’

He had said he heard some moans but he had been bluffing!

He was saying that to tease Irene and Seol-A!

Ilya was snickering while Irene and Seol-A were foaming at the mouth.

They didn’t expect to see Chloe taking advantage of a sleeping Ju-Heon!

The doctor was about to have her way with a patient!

"Mr. Ju-Heeeeeon!”

“Hey! Chloeeeeeeeee!”

The two women charged toward Ju-Heon at the same time.

Jaeha was about to head that way as well when he heard some banging noises next to him.


One of the cabinets was shaking quite a bit.

It was locked.

Bang bang!

He didn't know what was inside, but the cabinet looked as if it would soon break from the impact.

Jaeha grabbed the key above it wondering what it was.

He cautiously opened the cabinet and inside……

“Aaah! What the?!”

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