Chapter 289: That’s my prey, you little punk (5)

“Let me apologize for my earlier statements. You truly have some talented subordinates.”

He seemed afraid that Jaeha would hand over the new artifact to Ju-Heon.

That was probably the reason.

“Let’s make a deal. I'll give you that unconfirmed artifact if you work with us.”

Ju-Heon shook his head and scoffed at Hitler.

“What? It’s already ours.”


“Oh, and I wouldn’t work with you even if I didn't have this artifact, you son of a bitch.”

“I guess you're angry that I hurt your precious subordinate?”

Yoo Jaeha's ears perked up, waiting to hear what Ju-Heon would say.


“No. If you were going to do it, you should have killed him instead of cutting off his hands. Then that bastard’s Heirloom would have been mine.”


‘Why did I expect anything from this shitty boss?!’

Yoo Jaeha shouted with anger.

“You shitty Captain, I'm going to keep this weird artifact if you're going to be like that!”

“Do whatever you want.”


Yoo Jaeha couldn't believe what he had just heard.

‘What? The artifactphile is declining an artifact?’

He didn’t have to question it for long as he figured out the reason!

It couldn't be helped, since……

“Aaah! What is this?!”

A bug was crawling out of the fossil artifact Jaeha said he restored!

Crack, crack-

It had a smooth brown back… Long antennas… Disgusting legs that made it one of the best in the world at escaping…

This disgusting appearance was definitely a……!

“It's a cockroach!”

Ju-Heon chuckled while waving around a different fossil artifact.

“You can have that one. I'll take the good one.”

Yoo Jaeha rummaged through his pockets and foamed at the mouth in anger.

“Ow! Ah, that damn thief!”

Hitler snorted after seeing Ju-Heon take the fossil artifact.

“You should return that to me while I ask nicely.”

“Why should I?”

“You seem quite pompous for someone with a clone Heirloom.”

Hitler snickered while looking at Ju-Heon.

“The Crow you have is not it’s real body.”

That was true. Although the Crow Ju-Heon was handling had overwhelming strength, it was just a clone. It’s true body was sealed deep inside a tomb.

Basically, the Crow was not fully settled in Ju-Heon’s body. It shouldn’t impact his ability to use its powers, but……

“Heirlooms stick to their masters’ bodies to help them always maintain their top condition. But isn’t that impossible for you?”

It was impossible to guarantee its reliability and abilities 100% of the time.

“I don’t understand why someone as talented as you is sticking with such an inferior product.”

Ju-Heon could feel the Crow's aura around him flinching.

It was still imprisoned inside a tomb. Maybe it realized that Ju-Heon might like some of the other Heirlooms more.

Hitler continued speaking.

“Throw away such inferior product…”

Ju-Heon started laughing out loud.

“HAHAHA. Inferior product? Are your eyes just for show? You can’t even see the value of this bastard.”


The Crow's aura seemed to be getting stronger again. It seemed much stronger than earlier!

Ju-Heon continued to speak.

“And even if we call it an inferior product… The regular Heirlooms must be so great that their masters can lose a hand so easily.”

Yoo Jaeha cried.

‘Why is he talking shit about my innocent Heirloom?! What the hell did my Heirloom do wrong?!’

Jaeha's phoenix must have gotten upset as well as he could see it charging toward Ju-Heon.

The fiery bird came out of Jaeha’s body and was flapping its wings trying to peck at Ju-Heon.

Insolent human bastard, do not look down on my abilities!

The phoenix was objecting that its abilities had only been temporarily suppressed by Hitler’s artifact.

Ju-Heon smiled with satisfaction after seeing the phoenix Heirloom releasing a strong aura as if it had awakened.

“Okay, this should be strong enough to take on Hitler.”

“Excuse me? What do you……”

Ju-Heon pushed Jaeha forward instead of responding.

“Good luck. Let's go, meat shield.”

“W, what?!”

Yoo Jaeha screamed and Hitler revealed his true nature.

“I was planning on taking the Crow but I guess the negotiations have broken down. I was going to give you the artifact from this tomb as well if you agreed to work with me.”

Ju-Heon chuckled in response.

“I don’t need it. It’s not that important.”

“You should really learn to control your bluffing. The artifact in this tomb is difficult for your small team to excavate……”

“No. I already got the artifact from this tomb.”


HItler was shocked and Ju-Heon pointed to the ceiling instead of responding.

The ceiling was starting to crack. The art gallery where the Tomb Appearance had happened was crumbling down.

That meant that…

“Tomb cleared.”

The art gallery completely crumbled as soon as he said that.

They could hear people talking all around them.

Everybody was looking at the shining letters in the air.


Julian had created it with his currents.

Hitler frowned and looked extremely anxious.

“Ho, I was wondering why I didn't see a few of your team members.”

Julian and Chloe had not been visible. They had gone in a different direction as soon as the team came into the art gallery.

Ju-Heon had them aim for the tomb’s artifact while he held Hitler down.

Although the artifact had been taken by Chairman Kwon in the past, Kongming and Ju-Heon had cleared this tomb once already.

Ju-Heon was smiling.

“I wasn’t interested in your artifact at all since it doesn't look that tasty.”


Was Ju-Heon saying that his goal was the tomb's artifact from the beginning?

It was at that moment. Dan pulled out his knife as Hitler opened his eyes wide in anger.

"Captain-nim, I will take care of things here.Please take Jaeha and Seol-A and……”

Ju-Heon quickly shoved Dan to the side and stepped forward. He felt an aura that only he could handle.


It was an aura that anybody with an artifact would end up being injured.

A bright light appeared from the ground.

Yoo Jaeha and Hitler’s subordinates started screaming.

That was to be expected.

[Hitler’s power is descending on the city.]

His Dominance descended on them as the Nazi symbol, a large Hakenkreuz, floated up.

It was big enough to cover this whole city!


This was completely different from putting seals around the art gallery.

[Your artifact’s abilities are being removed in this area.]

[Your artifact’s abilities are being removed in this area.]

[The risks that have been piling up are striking at once.]

[The risks that have been piling up are striking at once.]

All of the people who had been receiving buffs from artifacts started to fall over as their artifacts lost power.

The people who had raised their energy or strength with artifacts, people who used them to prevent aging, basically everybody who was using artifacts to benefit them in some way had been harmed.

“That crazy bastard even struck his own allies!”

The angry Hitler seemed to want to take care of Ju-Heon here even if it meant that his allies would be injured.

The artifacts suddenly seemed to work in reverse.

For example, someone like Seol-A who used a ghost artifact felt her spirit leave her body while a person who used an artifact to maintain his youth would suddenly get 50 years older.

Matthew truly must be angry because Ju-Heon took the fossil artifact and the artifact from this tomb.

Ju-Heon clicked his tongue.

“Tsk, I was holding back because he didn’t look like he would taste good.”

Ju-Heon immediately activated the Crow's artifact. Ju-Heon’s eyes turned red and the Crow's aura exploded.


It was much stronger than usual. The Crow’s black aura soon covered the entire city.


That crazy aura slowly started absorbing Hitler’s power. The ability removal power was disappearing with it.

“H, huff!”

“My artifacts are working again!”

But it truly seemed to deserve its status as a Four Emperors-Grade artifact as it was extremely strong.

[Warning. You have surpassed the amount you can absorb.]

[Warning. You have surpassed the amount you can absorb.]

Ju-Heon smirked in response.

‘Whatever, I guess I’ll just have a stomachache.’


Ju-Heon's eyes flashed and a strong pressure pushed down on Hitler.


Hitler became anxious.


‘I'm going to lose the artifact at this rate.’

He channeled even more Dominance to activate his artifact.

Ju-Heon’s Heirloom was just a clone, it couldn't be that strong.

Hitler focused all of the ability removal power toward Ju-Heon.


Ju-Heon stumbled.

He could feel the Crow’s power slowly disappearing.

However, Ju-Heon focused his mind.

He would not be able to live with himself if he allowed his artifact to be destroyed like this.

It was at that moment.


[The Heirloom’s power is upgrading.]

[You are now able to use the abilities of artifacts you have absorbed.]

The Crow's artifact's original ability was taking the artifacts it gobbled up and turning it into its own power.


Ju-Heon smiled after feeling a new power inside of him.

And then…

He activated it. He used the Hitler’s artifact's power of removal that he had absorbed until now!

A large explosion occurred.

The power of removal struck Hitler and he coughed up blood.

He was struck by the risk from his artifact just as the others had suffered from earlier.

“H, huff…!”

Hitler could hardly breathe because he was in pain.

Ju-Heon smiled and walked toward him.

The Crow's black aura that was viciously glowing looked like a pair of wings behind Ju-Heon.

“I'll make it so you can’t pull this kind of bullshit ever again.”

The aura that looked like wings pierced through Hitler's body.



The Crow's aura ruthlessly gobbled up Hitler’s artifact.

It had preyed on this bastard's evil god artifact.

Hitler turned into a regular person again and was suffering from a ton of pain.

Ju-Heon pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the neck.


Ju-Heon had killed him on the spot.

The Crow's aura that was chaotically fluttering disappeared in that instant.



His team members and Hitler's subordinates appeared.

Seol-A quickly hugged Ju-Heon who was falling over. Ju-Heon tightly clenched Seol-A as he too was suffering from pain.


"Captain-nim, are you okay? Captain-nim!”

The rope was whimpering as it roamed around Ju-Heon.

It was scared because it had never seen Ju-Heon in this much pain before.

"Captain-nim, are you o……”

Ju-Heon, who was holding onto Seol-A as if he was a koala, caught his breath and barely managed to speak.

“…I, I have a stomach ache from eating something weird……”

“Excuse me?!”

Ju-Heon's face was purple and he really looked as if he was about to die.

It was at that moment.

Hitler’s subordinates glared at Ju-Heon and the others.

"We won't let you get away with this.”


It was at that moment.



Thunderbolts shot down in front of them.

They then heard a vicious voice.

“We’ll gladly take you on but you are the ones who will suffer.”

Julian had appeared. Chloe, Ilya, and Irene were all with him as well.

The enemies shook in fear and quickly disappeared once they realized he was being serious.

Julian stopped the others who tried to chase them.

“We already got what we need. There’s no need to chase them. More importantly……”

“Mr. Ju-Heon, Mr. Ju-Heon, are you okay?”

Irene shouted with concern while Julian grabbed the back of his head while looking at the groaning Ju-Heon.

It would be great if he got Hitler’s removal ability, but……

“I told you not to eat random stuff!”

‘He got a stomach ache in the end!’

Ju-Heon became like a zombie.

“……Chloe, I need a digestant, a digestant…”

“Do you really think a digestant would be enough?! Huh?!”

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