Chapter 288: That’s my prey, you little punk (4)

The left hand that should have been cut off looked perfectly fine!

‘We definitely cut that off……!’

Jaeha just smirked at the shocked Goebbels.

“You shouldn't be shocked at just that.”


Yoo Jaeha took something out of his pocket and showed it to her. Goebbels screamed after seeing what he took out.

That was to be expected.

“Y, your right hand is fine too?!”

Was she dreaming? Both of Jaeha’s hands were fine.

Goebbels started shaking in confusion.

‘What the hell is going on?!’

She had confirmed it with her own eyes that they had both been chopped off!

She wondered if Hitler or Gung Ye had gone easy on him but that wasn’t the case. She had seen how they chopped off the hands of every restorer who went against them.

‘Did he restore his hands with an artifact already?’

No, that wasn’t it.

‘He shouldn't be able to use any artifacts in this area.’

Hitler’s ability was covering the entire art gallery. She had seen that only their allies were able to use their artifact's abilities.

That meant that he shouldn't have been able to use a healing artifact.

‘So how are his hands…?! And those artifacts…!’

Goebbels then realized it.

She saw the Nazi swastika seal in Jaeha’s hand.

‘That is?!’

Yoo Jaeha started to smile.

"This is the medium right? This is the thing that makes it so people can't use their abilities?”


Other people won’t be able to see it because there were invisible seals all around this building.

It was the Nazi swastika. Nobody could use their artifacts in an area where the seals were placed.

Seo Ju-Heon and his team were no exception!

But Jaeha was holding onto one!

“How do you have that……?!”

Yoo Jaeha smiled viciously.

“How? Are you looking down on Monarchs with Heirlooms right now?”


Thunderbolts shot down as she got the chills from seeing his smile.


Goebbels looked at Jaeha with fear in her eyes.

He was holding an orb in his hand.

‘Indra's artifact!’

Had he created that with da Vinci's artifact?

'That bastard really can use his artifacts right now.’

But Goebbels soon scoffed.

“It’s a fake and not the real Indra's artifact……”

Indra’s artifact viciously started to roar.




The torture devices turned into ashes after being struck by the thunderbolts.

Goebbels plopped down in fear while Yoo Jaeha sneered at her.

“A fake? It’s still enough to kill someone like you.”

Goebbels was shaking.

‘He’s no pushover. I looked down on the Monarch of Pushoverness too much!’

She was about to go crazy.

She had come to confirm that a cockroach was dead after eating the poison but what the hell?!

‘How the hell did his hands appear?’

She became anxious and tried to make a deal with Jaeha.

“Okay! I'll, I'll give you information on a great artifact! You can even have my artifact if you want it!”

Yoo Jaeha shouted at her.

“Get lost! You think I'm an artifactphile like a certain someone? I would have thought about it if you said you’ll set me up on a date.”

Goebbels looked confused for a moment before she smiled.

“O, okay! I know a lot of pretty girls……!”

“Ah, whatever. I already got all of their numbers.”


Jaeha shook Goebbels’s phone around.

“Okay then bye, pretty noona.”

“Wait, waiiiiiiit!”

Unfortunately for her, a flashing thunderbolt ruthlessly fell on her.

"Wow, she really fainted.”

Dan poked the unconscious Goebbels with amazement.

He had been quite shocked when Jaeha said that he would be bait but to think that he really took her down…

“Wasn’t it an illusion?”

That was right.

Goebbels, who should have turned into ashes after being hit by the thunderbolt, was not harmed at all.

Of course, this was the expected outcome.

“That Indra's artifact is a D-Grade fake too, right?”

“Yes, it can only charge a battery or something.”

Indra’s artifact that Jaeha had created was the lowest-grade copy. The torture chamber he had created was all an illusion as well.

He would normally have created the real things, however……

“This is my limit without my hands.”

But didn't he have his hands?

Actually, Jaeha’s hands being restored was fake. He had used da Vinci's artifact to pretend as if his hands were back to fluster the enemy.

She would only believe that he could use da Vinci's artifact at full power if he did that.

That wasn't all.

‘The fact that I found this Nazi seal is a bluff too.’

Jaeha threw aside the swastika that he had shown Goebbels.

It looked real but this was also a fake he had created. He had not found the swastika in this area yet.

Everything had been a bluff for this 'former' Monarch of Fraud.

“Well, I managed to trick her. Hahaha!”

It was a relief that he could find the spot where Hitler’s ability was a bit weaker, as if it was a wifi signal.

There was actually a simple reason he could use da Vinci's artifact even after losing both hands.


‘One hand is fine.’

One hand was still fine?

You see, Jaeha had done something when he fell down after Hitler cut off his hand.

He had hid his real arm and created a fake.

He felt that the crazy bastard might cut off the other hand too and it would have been really bad if he lost both hands!

“Anyway, Dan. Did you find it?”

Dan smiled at him.

While Jaeha and Dan were taking care of Goebbels…

“I guess I should say long time no see?”

Ju-Heon was scoffing in front of General Matthew.

He had felt that this guy had a detestable artifact when they met at the Pentagon, however…..

“I never expected it to be the damn Nazi leader’s artifact.”

Hitler seemed shocked to hear that.

“You knew what artifact it was even without me telling you.”

“Shut up. It’d be weird if I didn’t know.”

He could smell Nazi artifacts he had seen before nearby.

There would be only one Four Emperors-Grade artifact that could rule over them all.

But most importantly, this bastard’s artifact…

[The power of the Heirlooms is being removed.]

[The power of the Heirlooms is being removed.]

The other team members started frowning.

“Captain-nim, we really……”

Their Heirlooms were losing powers as well. They would not be able to use their abilities.

They had never seen this ability before.

Gung Ye, who was under Ju-Heon's foot, sneered at them.

“You guys can’t use artifacts anymore. I can't believe you walked in here on your own accord. You dumba…… ugh!”

Ju-Heon stomped on Gung Ye’s face and gave orders.

“Ilya, find symbols related to Nazis.”


“No artifact is omnipotent. I'm sure there is a medium that is preventing us from using our abilities.”

Matthew laughed at Ju-Heon who had instantly dissected the basis of his artifact.

He had felt this last time as well but Ju-Heon was truly a desirable person as a subordinate.

This bastard knew something that nobody else knew.

He couldn’t help but make this offer.

“Why don't you join us?”


“We've gone independent from Pandora. There’s no need for us to be enemies anymore.”

He was being serious.

“There is an extremely dangerous large-scale tomb among the ones that have not appeared yet.”

Ju-Heon started to frown.

He knew that one of those dangerous tombs would be the Crow's tomb.

“Your tomb raiding team is talented. But there will be some tombs that are difficult for you guys because there’s only a few of you. That’s why we should work together. There are many factions aligned behind me already.”

The size of that alliance was already at the level of the Four Emperors of the past.

The General continued speaking.

“We also brought some useful artifact users from Pandora as well. I think they would be useful to you.”

He was basically saying that he would give those artifact users to Ju-Heon if he wanted them.

“What do you think? Based on your personality, I think the two of us would get along pretty well. Don’t you think so?”

It was at that moment.

“Get along?”


His chaotic aura seemed to be going berserk.

“Someone who thinks we could get along messed with my damn subordinate?”


The Crow’s aura charged at him.

It was so strong that it impacted the entire gallery.


The enemies inside the gallery started screaming.

“There’s a crack on my artifact……!”

“Aaah! What the hell?!”

Their artifacts were cracking and being destroyed.

“General Matthew!”

“Please stop Seo Ju-Heon!”

Hitler’s subordinates urgently sought him out. Ju-Heon seemed extremely angry.

Ju-Heon’s Dominance was shooting up wildly.


Matthew was a bit flustered but soon started smiling.

He had used his ability.

[The power of artifact removal has activated.]

[The power of artifact removal has activated.]

His power started to get rid of Ju-Heon's Crow's aura.

It was at that moment.


Hitler felt that something was wrong.

‘That bastard's artifact is not disappearing!’

This was very weird.

Ju-Heon’s artifact seemed to be flailing even stronger the more he tried to get rid of it.

‘What's going on?’

A message appeared as if to explain what had happened.

[This tomb's artifact is starting to get interested in you.]

[This tomb's artifact is starting to get interested in you.]

Hitler, who had no way of knowing that, activated his ability even more.

He was planning on getting rid of Ju-Heon and the others’ artifacts at the same time.

But at that moment…



Matthew was quite shocked.

The mediums that allow him to extend the radius of his ability… A swastika he had placed in the gallery had been destroyed.

It was the one that had the strongest impact!

‘Who the hell?’

It was at that moment.

“That ability removal artifact shouldn't work here now.”

He heard a familiar voice.

Ju-Heon’s group was a bit shocked to see those people.



"And Louie…!”

Hitler frowned.

'That bastard.’

It seemed as if Dan had found Louie who had been hiding in the gallery.

Louie must have spilled the beans on where all of the swastikas were located.

Hitler sighed and addressed Ju-Heon.

“Seo Ju-Heon. I don't want to use any rougher methods than I already have. I'll even tell you about the fossil artifact if you team up with me.”

“Fossil artifact?”

Yoo Jaeha seemed to realize something and quickly shouted to Ju-Heon who seemed interested.

‘This damn artifactphile might really fall for it!’

“Ah, Captain-nim. There’s no need to team up with him for it. I already stole one and restored it!”


Hitler finally took a thorough look at Jaeha’s hands.

He was holding a fossil-shaped unidentified artifact!

Furthermore, it was restored.

Hitler couldn't help but scoff.

It was to be expected.

‘Goebbels should have taken care of this bastard.’

Hitler started laughing.

“You rat-like bastard. You managed to run away from Goebbels and come here.”

Yoo Jaeha scoffed at him.

“Run away? I sent that lady off with my art masters’ artifacts. She peed her pants and fainted because of my illusion.”


"I thought she would be difficult to handle because she was Hitler’s subordinate, but she was pretty easy to deal with. Oh, I brought this as a present.”


Yoo Jaeha was definitely shaking a fossil artifact around. He must have stolen it from Goebbels.

Hitler became anxious.

“How could you use art artifacts without any hands……”

Hitler soon realized his mistake.

‘Did he just pretend like his hand had been cut off?’

Yoo Jaeha, who had restored the fossil artifact, was chuckling.

“Anyway, we have two fossil artifacts now. Hahaha!”

He headed next to Ju-Heon as he said that.

Hitler felt as if his ass was on fire once the two of them reunited.

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