Chapter 281A: Scouting War (5)

“My goodness, how the heck are all of your artifacts so good?”


She instantly looted Ju-Heon’s artifacts!

Ju-Heon was shocked.

It couldn't be helped, since some artifacts really disappeared from his pockets.


Ju-Heon’s eyes opened wide at this experience that he had never had before.

Even the team members watching had their eyes opened wide in shock as well.

That was to be expected.

‘The Captain-nim had his artifacts looted…?!’

“Wasn’t taking artifacts from the Captain Mission Impossible?!”

“Holy shit, that’s crazy! The Monarch of Plunder had his artifacts plundered!”

"She really is his sister!”

The team members were shrieking in shock.

That was how unbelievable this was right now.

The biggest shock was that Joy was tied up by the rope right now. Even if she pushed herself onto Ju-Heon, there was no way she could steal things.

Then was it a stealing-type artifact?

No, that was definitely not it either.

Joy did not have a single artifact on her right now.

They would have noticed if she used a stealing-type artifact.

Most importantly…

‘That guy isn't someone who would allow things to be stolen from him!’

‘How did this greedy bastard get plundered?!’

The looted artifacts’ reactions were quite shocking as well……

We’re free! We’re free!

Evil landlord Seo Ju-Heon should repent!

Huff, huff, please just tell me what to do.

I'll do anything you say!

Aaaaaahng, hit me! Please hit me!

Ju-Heon’s artifacts were all floating around Joy.

That wasn’t all.

[I am finally freed from your grasp you damn human!]

Some of the Heirlooms that Ju-Heon had monopolized were by Joy as well!

The team members could not hold their shocks in any longer and shouted toward him.

“Captain-nim! What happened?!”

Even these veterans could not understand what had happened.

Ju-Heon didn't seem shocked at all and just clicked his tongue.

“Tsk, nothing to be shocked about; it’s because of her Affinity.”

“Excuse me?!”

Ju-Heon seemed to have realized what was going on. It was just a hypothesis originally, but something had confirmed his theory.

[The opponent’s overwhelming Affinity made her close to the artifacts.]

[The opponent’s overwhelming Affinity made her close to the artifacts.]

“It is plundering using Affinity.”

Jaeha screamed as if he was the character in Edvard Munch's The Scream.

“Are you crazy?! Since when can Affinity be used like that?!”

For Yoo Jaeha, Affinity was something that made artifacts treat him like a pushover no matter how high it was.

Even though his Affinity ranked either one or two on the entire team, the artifacts beat him up or bit him every time he restored them! That was the norm!

It felt as if he was an animal groomer trying to wash a ferocious and difficult animal or taking care of an animal that didn't want to be there!

But what?!!!!!

“How does that make any sense?!”

“It’s understandable. Her Affinity is so high that she can be friendly with any artifact. That means she can take anybody's artifact regardless of who its master is or what the contract status is.”

‘Basically she can plunder like you do!’

Yoo Jaeha looked as if he was going to die.

“Hey you terrible shits! What the hell is in your blood that crazy mutants like you ap…… ugh!”

Ju-Heon punched Jaeha.

Ju-Heon looked at the artifacts by Joy's side and started to think.

‘I didn't think that even the Heirlooms would go to her.’

Of course, the person who had ended up as a thief instantly… Joy was gulping in fear.


‘Shit, why did the Heirlooms come too?’

She was just trying to take a few artifacts so that she could force Ju-Heon to chat with her!

That was all she wanted!

Joy didn't actually plan on stealing any of the artifacts.

She did hate artifacts for a lot of reasons but honestly speaking, she was an artifact geek as well.

She did get tempted by Ju-Heon’s overwhelming amount of strong artifacts, but……

‘I, I still don’t enjoy stealing things.’

At least that’s what she thought.

Although she didn't like artifacts, she did enjoy doing research about artifacts.

Someone had just told her something.

‘Mm, you want to know about your brother? He’s an extreme artifactphile. That’s how he ended up the Monarch of Plunder.’


Joy wanted to live as a regular person but had contact with an artifact user.

There was an artifact-related company that had helped her out when she was in trouble.

That company’s President had said the following to Joy.

‘This guy. He is an extreme artifactphile.’

‘J, Ju-Heon is an artifactphile?!’

‘Well, that’s why our Dir… I mean Seo Ju-Heon probably doesn't care about what anybody has to say. He’s been completely brainwashed by artifacts. Hahaha! He’s famous in our world.’

Joy had been shocked to hear that.

That was why she thought that this was the only way to sit Ju-Heon down and chat with him.

He had even said that the reason he showed up today was because of an artifact.

‘But why did the Heirlooms come?!’

She wasn’t planning on doing that!

The Heirlooms who had used Joy's Affinity to their benefit started to laugh without caring about what she was thinking.

[Seo Ju-Heon, you despicable human. I guess we should thank you. You helped us find a strong person who could free us from your grasp!]

[We are not scared of your Dominance when we have this human's Affinity!]

‘No, that’s not what I want! Stop it!’

Although she could not understand the artifacts’ language, Joy could understand them because she could read a bit of their thoughts.

The other artifacts seemed to think this was a great time to revolt as well.

That’s right! Go away you tyrant! Go away!

We want freedom and peace!

This girl is the only human for us! Only one!

Basically, the artifacts that had been suppressed because of their fear of Ju-Heon were eyeing their freedom.

“What bullshit. Artifacts deserve no freedom.”


[The Crow's aura is spreading in all directions.]

[The Crow's aura is spreading in all directions.]


His overbearing Dominance descended upon Joy and the artifacts.

Ju-Heon was crossing his arms and the aura behind him in the shape of a Crow was calm but chaotic at the same time.

“What the fuck do you think you're doing?!”

His chaotic aura made the artifacts scream in pain. They were foaming at the mouth even though he had only released his aura.

The Heirlooms were shaking in fear as well.

The Crow's aura's compatibility with Ju-Heon’s Dominance seemed to be amazing as it was growing like crazy.

‘This crazy bastard.’

Ju-Heon then started to laugh.

“What did you say? Please hit me? Do whatever you want? Then I will eat all of you up. You damn artifacts with no principles.”

The artifacts started to scream once Ju-Heon's eyes turned red.

He generally just talked about eating artifacts to extort them, but it was different now.

He was a predator who would prey on them and really eat them!

Their bodies would disappear and their souls would be chewed up and end up his blood, skin, and abilities!

They were scared even though it didn't seem as if Ju-Heon could use that ability yet. It was because the artifacts could not forget about the Crow's rampage in the past.

Please forgive us! Please!

We apologize! We apologize! Give us one chance! Just oooooone chaaaaaance!

We were swayed by this dream-like freedom!

They had gone blind at this Affinity but Ju-Heon’s Dominance was truly scary.

Furthermore, Ju-Heon’s artifacts had received terrible mental training from Ju-Heon quite frequently. It was difficult to forget about a fear that had been engraved into your mind.

The artifacts were bawling as they returned to Ju-Heon's pocket.

We've committed a grave sin, sir!

Even the escaped Heirlooms sniffled as they quickly returned to Ju-Heon.

And then…

“Now then, it is time to deal with our ugly pig.”


Ju-Heon sat down on Joy as if she was a couch and started to smile.

“I wasn’t planning on being rough with you since you were my sister, but…”

Joy became anxious.

“W, wait……!”

“I heard that you have no intentions of using any artifacts, right? You said you hate artifacts.”

“H, how do you know that?”

"Well that’s fine. I was just planning on watching what happened but I changed my mind.”

‘If she has such a useful ability, then…’

He would put her to use.

Ju-Heon's eyes shined viciously.

“Alright, come become my subordinate, my little sister.”

Joy screamed after getting scared of his red eyes.

“H, hold on! Don’t use an artifact on me, that sir will come to my rescue if you harm me!”

Ju-Heon started to frown.

“That sir?”

He didn't seem to believe her.

“Y, yeah. He’s someone at the company who saved me. He’s part of that G, Grave Company that is famous for artifact related things!”

That was right.

Joy had gone to buy an artifact to take care of an evil artifact that had stuck itself to her house.

It was normal for disease-causing artifacts to attach themselves to houses like mold after a Tomb Appearance.

People could buy artifacts to take care of these things from TKBM, Grave Company, and other world famous artifact related companies.

C and D-Grade artifacts that were improved or turned into industrial products were being sold.

Most people had enough Dominance or Affinity to handle C and D-Grade artifacts and they could even get their abilities tested for free.

“Anyway, I have connections with that Grave Company. I know someone really high up in the company.”

Ju-Heon chuckled.

“Oh, I see, someone in Grave Company?”

Joy continued speaking while shaking in fear.

“Y, yeah. Anyway, that sir said he would come whenever an artifact user was threatening me.”

“Oh, why would he care about an ugly kid like you?”

"Why else?! I'm a secret researcher for Grave Company… shit! Anyway, someone high up in the chain of command is protecting me. So don’t even think about……”

Ju-Heon sneered while showing her his phone.

“Is this old man the one you are talking about?”


Ju-Heon showed her a picture of Edward.

Joy was shocked after looking at the picture.

“O, oppa, how do you know about President Edward?”

“Of course I know him. This old guy is my sl… Salaried subordinate, you dumbass.”

“W, what?! Subordinate?”

"And I am the owner of that company.”


The Crow's aura viciously charged toward Joy who ran away screaming.

“This is a scam.”

Joy, who was once again tied up by the rope, was shaking in fear.

She was currently in her dormitories.

Ju-Heon had broken through all the locks and shamelessly entered the women’s dormitory to rummage through Joy's room.

He didn't care whether he was throwing clothes, underwear, accessories etc.. as he managed to find fifty artifacts.

“Little sister, you have hidden quite a lot of artifacts.”

Ju-Heon laughed out loud after succeeding in his treasure hunt.

Edward, who was next to Ju-Heon, sighed as he watched.

He had instantly flown over to Harvard thanks to Ilya.

“My goodness, Director-nim. You still can’t rummage through a lady's room like this.”

“Shut up. Old man, do you want me to lower your salary?”


Joy dropped her jaw in shock after seeing Edward shut up.

She could tell for real now.

Ju-Heon really was Edward’s superior.

“O, oppa, you really are the owner of Grave Company?”


“Then were you the one who told the mister to help me……”

“Well, I told him to keep an eye on you. I never told him to hire you.”

Joy fell backward after hearing that.

Everything had been on the top of her oppa’s hand in the end.

That was right.

Edward had received Ju-Heon’s orders to approach Joy.

He needed to keep an eye on her.

He originally did not plan to actually talk to her in case Chairman Kwon's spies found out, but……

He had no choice because her extremely high Affinity was a problem as it dragged a bunch of artifacts to the company.

He was also shocked by Joy's research abilities!

They say that blood does not lie and it seems to be correct as she was an extreme artifact geek.

She didn't like artifact users or using artifacts herself because of the trouble they caused but she did like researching them.

That was why he had hired her without Ju-Heon knowing about it.

She was in their artifact research lab in the R&D team.

Ju-Heon clicked his tongue.

“You should have told me.”

“Aw, I was trying to surprise you, Director-nim. And to be honest with you, there is a Heirloom attached to Joy that even she does not know about…”

“Oh, a Heirloom attached to her?”

“I was going to take it for myself before telling you about it! If you had just given me a Heirloom early on……”

Ju-Heon’s eyes flashed.

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