Chapter 280: Scouting War (4)

There was another explosion inside the laboratory!

The explosions continued one after another.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ju-Heon was using Divine-Grade artifacts to attack his twin sister as if he was crazy.

It was as if he wasn’t happy to be reunited with his sister! He even called Osiris to open the Gate to the Afterlife!

[The Gate to the Afterlife has been opened.]
[The Gate to the Afterlife has been opened.]

The others who came with Ju-Heon could only drop their jaws in shock.

‘What the hell is this guy doing?!’

Was this any way to act to a blood sister he had not seen for 17 years?!

The funny thing was that Joy didn't have a scratch on her despite everything Ju-Heon did.

‘She truly has max Affinity.’

He did not know about this in his past life and had not believed it at first when Edward told him about it, but…

‘I guess it is real.’

Both of these siblings were at the Four Emperors level.

‘But she's pretty much a dud at fighting since her Dominance is at zero.’

Ju-Heon smiled as if he was amused after personally analyzing Joy's power.

However, Joy's lab was destroyed and ended up a total mess.

Yoo Jaeha could not hold back anymore and started to shout.

“Captain-nim! You’re going to get arrested for property damage! Are you crazy?!”
“How can you destroy the building……?!”

Ju-Heon kicked a crumpled steel door out of the way and responded to them.

“Why do you think I brought you guys with me?”
“……Excuse me?”

Ju-Heon smiled at Ilya and Yoo Jaeha.

“A restorer and the aftermath clean-up crew. What a perfect combination.”

‘This son of a bitch!’


Joy was crying as she ran away from the destroyed lab.

“Wahhh! That stupid bastard, that motherfucker!”

She should not have been happy to see his face after 17 years.

‘Why did he change so much?!’

“I, I have to call the cops first!”

She urgently looked for her phone.

However, she could not find her phone anywhere.

"What the hell? Where’s my phone?! My phone! Where did I drop it?”
“Are you looking for this?”

Joy started to foam at the mouth.

Ju-Heon was holding something as he chased after her with a bright smile on his face.

It was her gold and pink colored cell phone!

When had he stolen that from her?!

She shouted with anger.

“Hand it over!”

But forget handing it to her…

"Ah, why did it have to be a TKBM phone of all things?”


Ju-Heon broke the phone into two.

Joy screamed.

“What are you doooooooing?! My phoooooooone! I haven't even had it for a month yet!”
“Your older brother will buy you a new one.”

Ju-Heon threw the phone away and continued to chase after her.

“So little puppy, come over here.”
“Waaaaaaaaaah! That son of a bitch!”

Joy ran as if her life was on the line. She felt as if she was being chased by a homicidal maniac.

“Fuck, that look-alike from yesterday was a thousand, no, a million times better!”

Joy was bawling now.

Unfortunately, Ju-Heon seemed angry after hearing her comment.

"What did you just say?!”

Ju-Heon’s expression turned vicious as he chased after her.

“You said that crazy look-alike is a million times better than me?!”

Joy screamed.

“Of course! Is this how you treat your sister after seeing her for the first time in 17 years?! You son of a bitch!”
“What? Son of a bitch! Hey, call me oppa!”
“Oppa my ass! You were born just a few minutes earlier! Biologically, the first born is the younger one! Plus, we’re twins! Who knows if the hospital screwed up the records!”
“Are you crazy? Do you really think a hospital would not be able to tell apart a boy and a girl?”
“Waaaaaaah! Stop chasing me! You big dummy!”

Ju-Heon clicked his tongue.

‘I thought she was a bookworm. Did she run every day or something? How the hell is she so fast?’

Ju-Heon got annoyed with chasing her and activated a long necklace and white gold watch.

Two large animals instantly appeared in front of Joy!


They were the large White Dog Set that was taller than most adults and the black doggie Anubis.

The two of them moved toward Joy with vicious expressions on their faces. Joy was completely scared.

Her reaction was understandable. Set was so scary that the part-timers delivering chicken quit after seeing him once.

Anubis looked majestic but his size, charisma, and ferocious gaze was enough to make even trained soldiers shiver in fear.
She couldn't help but be scared since he was drooling and baring his fangs unlike his usual self.

“H, hold on……!”

Set opened his mouth wide. And then he attacked……


Nope, he did not attack and just licked Joy's cheek.


As for Anubis… He tried to push his head under her skirt as if he was courting her.

Of course, Ju-Heon pummeled him for trying to do that.

“Do you want to get fucked up? What do you think you're doing?”

A scared Anubis quickly shook his head.

[M, master, this isn't what it looks like! That human bitch has a monstrous Affinity level that I lost my mind…… ahhhh!]

Ju-Heon smiled while stomping on Anubis.

“I'm not certain but it looks like she has something that’s not a Heirloom but is like a Heirloom.”

She was giving off an odd scent.

It was probably a parasitic artifact.

Ju-Heon's eyes flashed as he turned back toward her.

“Hey, stupid idiot. Strip down.”

However, his sister had long since run away.

‘He's crazy, he’s crazy! He’s fucking crazy!’

Joy was crying internally.

Seo Ju-Heon, that damn bastard had come to look for her after 17 years just to try to kill her!

She only sniffled for a moment before smiling in relief after coming to a busy restaurant.

‘He won't be able to do anything in a place full of people.’

She then asked some students if she could borrow their phone for a moment. She was planning on calling for help.

‘Let’s call the professor first to ask for help……’

However, forget getting help…

[Beeep- beep- beep-]

The phone she borrowed didn't seem to work!

"W, what the hell? What’s wrong with this thing?”

It was at that moment.

“Kya! What the hell? My phone stopped working!”
“A ghost! It says it's because of a ghost!”
“What? Kyaaaaaa! What is that?!”

All devices in the restaurant became useless because of all the ghosts that had appeared!

Joy decided she had to change plans and tried to personally ask someone for help when……

“Hey! I heard someone say that they saw President John Kennedy over there!”
“Hey! There’s a ghost over there dropping money!”
“What? Really? Really?”

People were focused on finding these ghosts. Nobody seemed to be interested in Joy at all.

“D, damn it.”

She was certain about it.

This was her brother’s doing!

Joy quickly tried to rush outside.



Someone was holding Joy from behind and covered her mouth.

She turned around to see Ju-Heon smiling as if he was a wild beast.

“I found you.”
“Let me go, let me go……! Mmph! Mmmmph!”
“Where do you think you’re running away, you damn pig.”

Joy, who had been instantly captured byJu-Heon, was tied up by the rope.


He carried Joy over his shoulder like a bag of rice and walked out of the restaurant.

The abduction had happened in an instant.

There was a woman on the roof of the restaurant watching this abduction take place.

“Is it really okay to do this……”

Seol-A sighed while controlling her ghosts.

“Fuck, why the hell do we have to do this?”

Yoo Jaeha and Ilya were currently stuck side by side restoring Joy's public lab that their Captain had destroyed.

“I'm going to kill that Captain of ours.”
“I'm going to make him pay me more for overtime.”

Although they were grumbling, this kind of restoration was nothing to them.

Ilya lightly motioned with his hand and the destroyed lab immediately started to get fixed.

The broken things were getting back together, the crumpled door was opening back up, things seemed as if they were going back in time.

The items that had fallen to the ground returned to their spots as well. Even the particles of dust returned to their original locations.

Everything returned to before Ju-Heon had come here.

It was a time regression spell for a specific area.

Something like this was nothing for Ilya who used spell book artifacts as the aftermath clean-up crew.

Yoo Jaeha's work was quite the spectacle as well.
Ilya was in charge of restoring the area in order for Jaeha to save energy while he took care of the destroyed equipment. His restoration was so great that the old equipment turned into new equipment in the process!

Returning to the present…

"Are you done fixing things?”

Ju-Heon was satisfied with his subordinates’ work after returning to the lab.

He was most satisfied with the old equipment that had turned new.

“Good, she should at least have this much.”

But then he tapped on the door.

“Ilya. The door is squeaking. Tighten the screws properly.”

Ilya and Yoo Jaeha asked as if they realized something.

“I, is that why you destroyed everything?”
“You wanted to remodel your sister’s lab?”

Ju-Heon was silent for a moment before he sneered.

“No? I just thought we could charge the school a remodeling fee like this.”

His subordinates started swearing.

“#$&#[email protected]&#*!”

It didn't sound as if they were speaking a human language though.
Ju-Heon threw his sister who was tightly bound to the couch.

"M, mmph! Mmph!”

Joy flailed around as best as she could while being bound by the rope.

Unlike the rest of the artifacts that could not harm her at all because of her Artifact Affinity, the rope seemed to be an exception.

‘What is going on?’


Ju-Heon ordered the rope to release Joy's mouth.

He then said the following.

“I’ll get right to the point. Don’t you have a special artifact on you?”
“It’d be a parasitic type that is inside your body.”

Joy seemed to become a bit depressed after hearing that. But she answered his question anyway.

“……I don’t have anything like that.”
“Really? You really don’t have anything like that?”
“I really don't.”

Ju-Heon sighed and turned around.

“Alright then, I'm leaving.”

Joy became flustered and urgently asked.

“Hey Ju-Heon, no, oppa. Did you come all the way here just to ask that question? That’s all you wanted to know after 17 years?”
“Yes. Why else would I need to come find you? We are strangers at this point.”
“What did you expect? Did you want me to cry my eyes out like we were separated by the Korean border for ages? What bullshit.”

He sounded as if he came because of money. Well, technically that wasn’t wrong since he came because of a potential artifact.

Joy bit down on her lips as if she was upset.

They were twins. Even if they were separated because of the adoption, they were the only kins left in this world.

But after ignoring her for 17 years he showed up all of a sudden for this?!

“……You shitty artifactphile.”

Ju-Heon quietly sighed while looking at her with her head down.

It was normal for her to get angry or cry. Even he knew that he did something terrible. He had done something terrible in the past and right now as well.

However, he did not believe that either of his actions were wrong.

But still……

“Fine. What do you need? Money? I can get someone to…”
“Okay, artifa…… what?!”

Forget crying, Joy jumped on Ju-Heon.


An angry Joy grabbed Ju-Heon’s artifacts as if she had never been crying in the first place.

“My goodness, how the heck are all of your artifacts so good?”

She instantly looted Ju-Heon’s artifacts!

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