Chapter 279: Scouting War (3)



The attack from the artifact headed for Joy suddenly disappeared.

To be more accurate, the artifact withdrew its attack on its own.

‘What is going on?’

Something was weird. Joy was fine despite not having a single artifact on her!

The Monarch of the Heavens figured something out and started frowning.

‘Did this punk perhaps……?!’

Something came flying toward him before he could finish the thought.


It was a fire extinguisher.

“Ah, that damn lunatic. I couldn't grab an artifact in the end.”

“J, Joy!”

“I was sure that he would use a good artifact since he is a Monarch.”

“Joy, are you crazy?!”

All of Harvard was in uproar right now.

It was a big issue that a Monarch had visited the campus but there was a woman who had kicked that Monarch to the curb!

Furthermore, that woman was upset that she did not manage to grab an artifact from the Monarch!

“Joy, are you okay? Isn’t that guy your twin brother you talked about before?”

Joy scoffed in response.

“Who said he was my twin? That’s just a look-alike.”

“What? A look-alike?”

She had last seen Ju-Heon in Korea 17 years ago.

They had not been able to see each other since then. Actually, the truth was that Ju-Heon refused to meet with her.

Maybe he was justified with his actions.

‘Especially after that kind of goodbye.’

Originally, Ju-Heon was supposed to be adopted with her. They were supposed to go together.

However, Ju-Heon stole the to-be foster parents’ wallet on the day of the adoption. Furthermore, he started a fire in the to-be foster parents’ car.

He then held up a can of oil and spewed some nonsense.

‘Get lost. Or you'll be lit on fire next.’

Her adopted parents had said they couldn't handle such a child and left Ju-Heon behind while taking her with them.

She could not even dream of meeting Ju-Heon until she became an adult. She did track Ju-Heon down while she went on a trip to Korea as a middle school student, but… He had left her hanging.

She had somehow managed to get his number and call him, but…

‘Get lost. I don't have a sibling like you.’

He ignored all of her messages and letters.

It had been close to 20 years since she had not seen him.

Forget his face, she didn't even know his voice.

That was why she had been shocked to see the look-alike appear in front of her today.

She really wondered if the guy was Ju-Heon.

Her friend Arthur asked her about it as well. It was because that guy looked identical to Ju-Heon he had seen on TV.

"Are you sure that’s not your twin brother?”

“No. They don’t look alike at all! Their noses are completely different! His nostril is tilted 1 cm in comparison and the shape of their ears is different too. I'm sure of it.”


“I now understand why you don’t have a boyf……ugh!”

She ruthlessly pummeled her friend.

“It’s a good thing I remembered that guy's face.”

Although she was saying that, the Youtube video she saw while looking for some research materials had been extremely helpful.

She had stopped tuning into any form of media ever since the artifacts appeared because she hated both artifacts and artifact users, however……

‘I'm sure of it.’

The man in the video had been Ju-Heon.

Joy sighed.

‘That look-alike from earlier and all these artifacts…’

"What the hell is he going around doing?”

She sounded a bit concerned.

Back in New York, Yoo Jaeha was smiling like a buffoon while looking at a picture Ilya had taken.

“Our Ju-Won really is pretty.”

Ilya had visited Harvard under Ju-Heon's orders.

It was easy to teleport stealthily thanks to Seol-A's Heirloom and his spellbook artifact.

He took a picture and brought it back, but this damn bastard……

“Captain-nim, please give me your twin sis…… ugh!”

Yoo Jaeha was hit by a steel mug and beaten to a pulp. Ilya whispered to him after seeing Jaeha in pain.

“Tsk, you get rejected by Seol-A so you go for the Captain-nim’s sister now?”

“W, what?”

Yoo Jaeha became flustered and Ilya wickedly added on.

“What’s wrong? You confessed to Seol-A and she rejected you.”

Yoo Jaeha urgently covered Ilya's mouth.

“Hey, that’s from the past life…… That’s so long ago! We only care about the right now! That's a dark page in history! You deserve a dropkick for that!”

"Well, whatever. Give up on the Captain-nim’s sister.Even that Maitreya was beaten to a pulp.”

Yoo Jaeha's jaw dropped in shock after hearing about that.

"What? Ju-Won beat the hell out of the Maitreya?! That crazy Maitreya?!”

"She even tried to steal his artifact. His son was attacked as well.”

“What? That bastard has a son?”

“His unborn son.”

Yoo Jaeha started to shake in fear after hearing about the attack. Ilya, who had seen it all in person, was also shaking.


“I guess they really are siblings……”

Blood definitely does not lie.

‘They act the same way!’

Ju-Heon was calm. Actually, he complained about what Joy had done.

“Damn, she should have just cut it off while she was at it.”

“It’s hell enough with what she did okay? The Maitreya almost lost his son and went straight to hell. The Monarch of the Heavens almost became the Monarch of Eunuchs.”

“Sounds good. It’s not like a Maitreya needs that.”

They all shook in fear.

‘Well, to be honest, it doesn't seem like the Captain-nim’s sister would be taken down so easily.’


She was the almighty Seo Ju-Heon's other half!

It was obvious that his sister would also be a fireball.


“Will you be okay? Captain-nim?”


“Captain-nim, maybe you’ll get beaten to a pulp too when you get to see Ju-Won.”


That might actually happen. He had been neglecting her for the past 17 years.

“Well, it’s not like she’ll want to see me anyway.”

There was no need for him to go find her. Even if he did go, he would not let her hit him just because she wanted to do so.

“But Captain, the Monarch of the Heavens's artifact didn't seem to work on Ju-Won. She didn’t seem to have used an artifact, so how……”

Jaeha: “That is a bit odd. Did she have some kind of artifact related ability?”

Ju-Heon: “Ah, she does.”

“Excuse me?”

“Her Affinity level is no joke.”

“………Excuse me?”

Ju-Heon picked his ear with his pinky.

“How do I explain this… You know how I have 100 Dominance and 0 Affinity? She's 0 Dominance 100 Affinity.”


“While I find Affinity to be completely useless, her Affinity is so high that the artifacts don't want to attack her.”

Ilya and Jaeha both dropped their jaws at the same time.

‘Something like that is possible?!’

Yoo Jaeha was extremely flabbergasted.

His Affinity was quite high compared to the others on this tomb raiding team but forget not attacking him, the artifacts treated him as a pushover!

He did not have the time to test his sister’s abilities in the past.


Unfortunately, he had seen his sister again for the first time in his late twenties. He had Inspector Kim help him find his twin sister but she was already suffering from a severe case of tomb syndrome at that point.

She was almost a corpse and all artifact-related abilities had fallen.

She was in the critical care unit so he could not even meet her. All Chairman Kwon told him was that he would give Ju-Heon some healing artifacts if he completed his missions.

But there was also Inspector Kim’s family as well. Ju-Heon had been toiling away as a slave under Chairman Kwon to heal Inspector Kim's family and their tomb syndrome because they had been more like family to him than his real family.

That was why he had been having Edward keep an eye on her after returning to the past. Edward was to let him know if anything happened.

He didn’t want to personally go because it would just be giving Chairman Kwon and his other enemies an extra pawn.

Ilya chimed in.

“Oh, based on what I heard, she seems to be talented enough to be an Artifact Engineer. And if her Affinity is really that high, then what about that Pandora system artifact you got from the Monarch of Detection? Maybe she might be able to activate it?”

Ju-Heon had taken a piece of the Pandora system artifact from the Monarch of Detection in the past.

He had tried to use it but the message had been quite clear.

[Your Affinity is extremely lacking.]

Ju-Heon had then tossed it to Yoo Jaeha who had the highest Affinity level on the team, however…

[You are not qualified. Your Affinity is not high enough. You are unable to use this artifact.]

Ju-Heon didn't think much about his failing because he was pretty much an Affinity eunuch, but it was shocking to see Yoo Jaeha, a person whose Affinity was at the Monarch level, fail like that.

‘This is no normal artifact.’

It seemed as if the artifact had activated for the Monarch of Detection not because of his Affinity but because he was a member of Pandora.

That was why they had kept it stashed away even though it seemed important.


‘And she manhandled a person who was strengthened with an Heirloom substitute?’

Ju-Heon had to think hard about this.

He had known that his twin sister had extremely high defenses because her Affinity was at max level.

But to handle someone with an Heirloom like that……

‘Apparently Ilya's devil didn't even have time to react……’

Something seemed weird.

‘Unless she has an Heirloom as well……’

Ju-Heon greedily started to smile.

‘Did that punk?’

Returning back to Harvard.

Inside a Harvard University laboratory…

“Joy, this is bad! Someone who looks like you is here again!”


“Someone came to look for you again!”

Joy got angry thinking that the crazy bastard from earlier had come back.

But something seemed a bit different this time.


A loud noise echoed throughout the university.

There was something different from the earlier situation with the Maitreya……

“H, hey! That is a restricted area!”



Someone kicked the door down as if it was a decoration and not an actual door.

"Call the cops! The cops!”

“What the hell?! Who the hell is this rampaging idiot?!”

Joy's face slowly turned pale inside this pandemonium.

‘N, no way, right?’

And then…


The person barged in.

"Ah, I finally found you, you ugly puppy.”

It was the original this time!

Joy screamed internally while looking at the person in front of her.

She was sure of it.

This voice and this face!

‘It really is Ju-Heon……!’

She subconsciously started to smile.

It really was her twin brother.

This was the first time she had seen him in 17 years since the last time she saw him was when they were six years old.

But she could tell by looking at him. He truly did look different from the look-like who was here yesterday.

She wondered why he had such a grumbling expression on his face, but she immediately recalled the child from back then.

He had not changed at all since then.

Joy started to feel emotional.

‘He got so tall.’

He had been shorter than her when they were little but now she needed to lift her head up to look at his face.

Although she had seen him in videos, it was different seeing him in person.

She was happy.

That was probably the reason.

“Ju-Heon op……!”

She was about to happily greet Ju-Heon.


“I got you now, you fat pig.”


There was a bright light.

And then…


The ground Joy was standing on exploded.


A hole was instantly created and the white gown hanging next to her burnt to a crisp!

Joy plopped down on the floor in shock.

But Ju-Heon didn’t care about that at all and just seemed quite amused.

“Oh, the artifact really doesn’t want to attack her.”

‘W, what?!’

Artifacts taking on all sorts of appearances such as pencils, necklaces, fountain pens, etc started floating in the air.

They were all Divine-Grade artifacts.

Anubis, Osiris, even Xiang Yu's artifact was there!

Joy turned completely pale after looking at them. Ju-Heon just smiled brightly without caring about her at all.

“Ah, right. I should tell you this in advance.”

“W, what?”

"Don't cry if you get hit.”


"What do you mea…… kyaaaaaa!”


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