Chapter 274: Jack the Ripper (3)

The footsteps were getting closer. He heard the voice behind him.

He didn't even need to turn around to see who it was.

‘F, fuck.’

He was certain. It was an extremely low voice for someone who still had some child-look aspects to his face.

That familiar voice was……

“Say that again. What Heirloom?”

‘Fuck, this shitty Seo Ju-Heeeeeeon!’

Yoo Jaeha gasped and kicked the ground.

“Even tigers don't appear like this. You damn retarded captain bastard!”

‘What kind of shitty timing is this?!’

Yoo Jaeha was crying as he started running away.

Julian shouted and tried to get him to stop but there was no need to listen.

‘Fuck, he definitely heard it.’

He was certain. Ju-Heon wouldn't have such an expression on his face if he didn't.

‘Shit, I'm really dead now!’

This was the truth. Ju-Heon was smiling extremely brightly.

That was why it was even scarier. His face was saying that he heard something quite useful. He looked as if he had found an unbelievable toy!

That was exactly right.

"Where do you think you're going?”

Yoo Jaeha was instantly caught by Ju-Heon.

“Didn’t you just say what your Heirloom was? What? A phoenix?”
“Huh, what? What are you talking about? You must have heard wrong.”

Yoo Jaeha avoided his gaze. Ju-Heon just clenched Jaeha’s shoulder even harder.

“Was that the same one you had in the past?”

His voice seemed to carry some murderous intent. It was a gaze of loathing.


Yoo Jaeha clenched his eyes and started shouting.

“Ah what the hell?! You shitty artifactphile! Now you're even hearing things …… ahhh!”

He couldn’t help but scream. A vicious knife came flying toward him.


He even thought that it almost struck somewhere dangerous. Ju-Heon, who had missed, became annoyed.

“Damn it, stand still!”
“What do you mean stand still, you weirdo?! Are you fucking crazy?!”
“I was only going to cut off one side but I'm going to cut both if you keep moving.”

The dagger made another arc! Yoo Jaeha started crying after feeling Ju-Heon’s vicious murderous intent.

Jaeha knew that this guy wouldn't really kill him, but…!

“Ah, come on, what the hell are you doing, you lunatic?!”

'Do you really need to ask?'

“Experiment. You said it wasn’t the phoenix artifact. I need to test it out to see if it is real or not. You're going to trick me again if I don't do it properly.”
“Aaah! What are you going to do if you're wrong?!”
“Then I will be super nice and put a 100 carat diamond in your coffin.”

‘What the fuck?!’

“Fuck, do you want to die?!”

Yoo Jaeha continued to run away from Ju-Heon’s continued attacks. Ju-Heon was the person who hated his lies the most.

That was probably the reason for this current predicament.

He must have decided he would really die as he urgently blurted out the truth.

“Okay, okay! It is the phoenix artifact! It is! Are you happy now?! Stop this nonsense now that you know!”

Unfortunately, thinking that telling the truth would get Ju-Heon to stop was just a delusion in Jaeha's mind.

"Why would I stop? You need to hand it over if it really is the phoenix.”

The attacks became even more vicious than before.

“Hand over the Heirloom, you little punk.”
“Stop running!”
“Waaaaaaaah! This shitty risk!”

Yoo Jaeha truly felt as if he would be murdered. He was more scared of Ju-Heon than Jack the Ripper.

Jack the Ripper was a murdering bastard to start with but this guy had gone crazy for artifacts to the point that he would kill his own team members!

“Waaaaah, I'm going to sue you for workplace injuries! I'm going to quit if you keep this up! Huh? You got that?!”
“I will tell your family that you were a good employee.”

Julian couldn't listen anymore and shouted at them.

“Hey! This isn’t the time……”
“Ahhh! Put Xiang Yu's artifact away! Are you fucking crazy?! Aaah! Osiris is even worse!”

Bang! Bang!


Julian who was watching and even Jack the Ripper, who was trying to kill them, were just standing there in disbelief.

“What the heck are they doing right now?”

The murderer who was quietly bidding for an opening didn't know what to do.

This was not something they had ever experienced before.

“Fine, then switch with me!”
"Why not?! Crows and phoenixes are both birds! What the hell is your issue?!”

‘I have many issues!’

“I don’t want to become an artifactphile like you! I would rather die!”

Jack the Ripper sighed without being able to go out.

‘What should I do now? Should I take care of all three of them? Should I wait for Seo Ju-Heon to take his Heirloom away and then kill only him?’

While Jack the Ripper was not sure of what to do…

Yoo Jaeha, who felt as if he would really be murdered by Ju-Heon, started shouting.

“I told you that this isn't the time for this! Do you not understand that Jack the Ripper is here, right now?!”

Julian seemed to think it was the right time to butt in as well.

“That’s right, Jack is somewhere nearby!”

Julian was sending thunderbolts all around them to create a sort of barrier. The other side seemed to have thought things out as they had an anti-thunderbolt artifact that nullified Julian's attacks but he would at least be able to tell when they got close.

“Razor blade Jack is someone who caused even you and Dan issues.”

That was true. They needed time to counterattack but that bastard took care of his victims one-shot one-kill.

That wasn't all.

‘He hides like a damn ghost.’

He had fought against Jack the Ripper once before but that was because the bastard was trying to get in their way and not actually kill them.

‘It’s obvious that Chairman Kwon gave the order not to, but……’

He could have put Jack the Ripper to spy on them to make sure they didn't do anything to go against him.

He had not cared much about Jack the Ripper because he didn’t try to kill them, but……

‘It’s a different story now.’

Ju-Heon looked at Yoo Jaeha’s neck.

There was a scar to show how deep the knife had stabbed into his vital point.

The cut area was now being restored but anybody other than Yoo Jaeha would have really died.

‘That bastard is trying to kill us.’

His goal was probably the Heirlooms.

They might be able to defend with a defense-type artifact but they probably wouldn't be able to survive unless they had a Divine-Grade defense-type artifact like Achilles’s artifact.

Unfortunately, defense-type artifacts were just as rare as healing artifacts. They had a few that they had gathered but their tomb raiding team did not have a single armor style defense-type artifact. That was something that even the executives of the extremely large excavation teams would be lucky to have.

Ju-Heon's fans had given him a high-grade defense-type artifact sweatsuit but he did not have that right now. Yoo Jaeha had run off with it claiming he needed to restore it.

The Italian expert was still busy creating the defense-type artifacts for the rest of the team.

That meant that they were in an extremely difficult situation right now.

Technically, Ju-Heon would be able to kill Jack the Ripper with a single attack. But Jack the Ripper could also kill Ju-Heon with a single attack.

If both sides would die with a single hit, what if Jack the Ripper struck first?

“Kongming, where is that bastard?”
“In that direction.”

Since the Ripper was extremely skilled in stealth, even Julian could not tell the exact location.

But that was enough.

“He’s going to attack soon. Get ready to support me.”

Julian asked in confusion after seeing that Ju-Heon did not look like he was going to run.

“You’re not planning on capturing him, are you?”
“Of course I am. And then I'll put the bastard to use.”
“It's not like we can run away since that bastard has us in his sight. It’s either die or capture him.”

‘He’s planning on using Jack the Ripper?’

Ju-Heon was smiling.

‘It’s best to take a headache of an enemy and turn them into an ally.’

This bastard was different from Dan but was an amazing assassin who was at Dan's level. There would be no better person to take care of the people in his way if Jack became his ally.

Yoo Jaeha foamed at the mouth after hearing Ju-Heon’s plan.

“Are you crazy? How are you going to catch Jack the Ripper without Dan here?”

It would be difficult to suppress Jack the Ripper even with Dan. But most importantly, he didn't want to use Dan for something like this.

“Then what the hell are you planning on doing……?!”

It was at that moment.

“He’s coming!”

Julian quickly shouted.

“300 meters in that direction! It's probably in the four…… Behind you!”

The bastard jumped out of the darkness. It was in the exact direction Julian had pointed toward.

Ju-Heon started to smile as if he had been waiting for him.

‘They want to know how I'm going to capture Jack the Ripper?’

The raincoat wearing bastard slowly came closer.

200 meters, 100 meters, 50 meters!

‘How else?’

“Like this!”
“Eek, wait!”

Ju-Heon waited for the perfect timing before pulling Yoo Jaeha by the collar. He had instantly created a meat shield!

Yoo Jaeha was ruthlessly stabbed.

Jack the Ripper had attacked!



Yoo Jaeha clutched his stomach as he fell to the ground.

Jack the Ripper’s movement slowed down for a moment.

He must have been shocked.
Ju-Heon would not miss that opening.

Now that Yoo Jaeha had done his job as a meat shield, Ju-Heon used superhuman agility to aim for Jack the Ripper.


Ju-Heon's dagger stabbed into Jack the Ripper's shoulder. Jack the Ripper had such swift reactions that he had barely managed to stab the shoulder.

He could not see the person’s face because of the yellow raincoat.

But what he knew for sure was……

‘I got him!’

Ju-Heon grabbed the stumbling Jack the Ripper.
It was at that moment.

[The opponent is using a teleportation artifact.]


Jack the Ripper instantly disappeared.


Ju-Heon started to grind his teeth.

He had almost caught the bastard.

However, he wasn’t too disappointed.

‘He’s coming back.’

[The assassination artifact was unable to go far.]
[The person with the assassination artifact is approaching again.]

The teleportation artifact the bastard used must not have been the long-distance type.

Yoo Jaeha was grumbling as he stood back up.

“Ow, I'm lucky I can't die and that I feel less pain than most people.”

He looked toward Ju-Heon as if he had been wronged.

“Anyway, Captain-nim. Let's not do this ag…… ahhhhhh!”

Yoo Jaeha was dragged by the collar again.
And then…



He ended up as a meat shield once again.

“Sorry, I was in a rush.”

He fell to the ground while bleeding out and started to cry.

“…I knew it would be like this. This is why I didn't tell him. I knew this guy would use me like this……”

The pain and the injury would both disappear in a few seconds but this was still wrong! Yoo Jaeha soon recovered as if he was a monster before protesting to Julian.

“Hey! Kongming! Isn't this something I can sue him for?! I'm going to sue him. I'm going to throw him in jail! Please be my lawyer and represent me against him!”

But forget representing him…

“Oh, this is great.”

Julian, who had been focused on Jaeha’s condition for a moment, grabbed him by the collar as well.

And then…


He ended up becoming Juilan’s shield as well.

Julian had been about to stop Ju-Heon because he was worried Jaeha might be in danger but he had changed his mind after seeing that Jaeha was fine.

That was probably the reason.

“Good, Captain, I have a good idea!”

He even formed a strategy using Jaeha!

“We will use Jaeha to catch Jack the Ripper.”
"Right? Doesn’t it look like we won’t need to call Dan?”
“Yes. He’ll be the perfect shield.”

The yellow raincoat-clad Jack the Ripper appeared once again.

He was about 100 meters away.

He was moving slower than before, probably because of Ju-Heon’s attacks that had landed a few times.

Ju-Heon, who was on the phone, said something to Jaeha.

“I still thought about your health and called Chloe. You can get stabbed to your heart's content now, Jaeha.”
“W, what did you say?!”

Julian became angry.

“Hey, Seo Ju-Heon. You’re not qualified to be the captain. How many times do you plan on hurting your subordinate……?!”
“K, Kongming!”
“Here, let me give you my anesthesia artifact. Good luck.”

Yoo Jaeha cried as he was being thrown side to side.

“You’re all going to hell! Huh?!”

However, it didn't end there.

“Oh, I came because I was curious but it seems like we have a new shield?”

What was the saying? You reap what you sow?
The original Friend Shield appeared with a glow in his eyes.

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