Chapter 273: Jack the Ripper (2)

‘Tsk, do they still not have Seo Ju-Heon’s Heirloom?’

Prometheus was feeling as if his ass was on fire. It had already been 1 week since Seo Ju-Heon’s group had monopolized all of the Heirlooms.

It was almost time for him to make a decision.

‘I need to prevent a situation where the Monarchs are unable to use Divine-Grade artifacts.’

He kept receiving these kinds of complaints.

[We were able to use Divine-Grade without Heirlooms until now.]

They were asking if there was a way to use Divine-Grade artifacts without sucking up to that damn bastard.

It was infuriating.

They would receive benefits as well but they were going crazy being pushed around by Seo Ju-Heon.

They tried to force a different outcome.


‘You are the leader of the artifacts. Can’t you give the order so that we can just keep using Divine-Grade artifacts?’

‘Damn it.’

It wasn’t as if he had not done that when he could do so.

Prometheus was the Giant Supreme Leader at the same level as the Spider Supreme Leader. He had the power to give orders to the artifacts as well.


‘We’re at the limit of meeting the humans where they are at.’

There was no way that the human body would be able to handle the strength of the gods.

That was why the Heirlooms were turning the human bodies into ones with superhuman powers and the artifacts had done their best to suppress their powers until the Heirlooms appeared so that it would not be too taxing on the human body.

It took so much for them to put aside their pride and do that!

‘That was the only way to lure in as many artifact users as possible.’

It was similar to a drug.

Humans would have tried to get rid of artifacts if they learned that the side effects of using artifacts were much greater than their efficiency.

That was why they had ‘tamed’ the humans first. Although the humans could have rejected them in the beginning, they would not be able to stop using the artifacts if they used them once despite knowing the harmful side effects.

‘There’s no way anybody can give up on a Divine-Grade artifact after using them once.’

The artifacts had held back their desire to harm and met the humans where they were at, until now, but…

‘We can't do that anymore.’

The artifacts doing things to help humans instead of harming them was a shortcut to losing their powers.

‘We can't just end up as antiques.’

Prometheus and the artifacts had set the Heirlooms as the division line.

They would use that moment as the time to show their true colors.

‘It’s part of our plan to start destroying the humans.’

It had been that way in the past. The Tomb syndrome spread like a communicable disease and humans started to die in mass numbers once the Heirlooms appeared.

‘This is a plan the Spider and I agreed on.’

But that motherfucking Seo Ju-Heon was hindering their plan.

“The Spider bitch seems to have thought about the same thing as us.”

Zhen Cai Yuan, the Supreme Leader in China. She had a small Pandora’s Box.

That box was the key.
And as for them……

‘I have no choice.’

Prometheus started to head toward where those bastards were located. He had no choice even if this was the results the Crow bastard wanted.

Back at the coffee shop…

“Where do you think you're going?”

Ju-Heon was walking past the Monarch of Seduction when she put her arms around his neck and chuu.
She gave him a deep kiss.


It had all happened in an instant.

That shocking sight made Seol-A and Irene’s eyes open wide.

It was the same for Ju-Heon.

She moved so fluidly that the fact that she was so used to this had shocked him.

Her tongue intertwined with Ju-Heon’s tongue and their saliva wet their lips.

Chuu, chuu.

It was an extremely erotic and deep kiss.
There were not many men who could reject Elena as she had an extremely beautiful face, a sexy body and most importantly, the skills to please a man.

But there was also an even more effective strategy as she was the Monarch of Seduction.

It was her saliva. Her saliva was like an aphrodisiac that drew out the other person's desires and raised their level of excitement thanks to her artifact.

It was so effective that even an ascended monk would instantly fall for her.

Actually, her artifact was something that could influence music, knowledge, socialization, art, etc. It’s powers weren’t only for seducing men, however……

‘This is the most effective method with men.’

Of course, the two women would not sit back and let her do as she pleased.

“Hey! Get the fuck away from the Captain-nim right now!”

The two of them had felt as if someone had smacked them on the head but snapped out of it quickly to charge in.

“Let go of him! You damn slut!”
“Mr. Ju-Heon! Get away from her right now!”

They started to pull Ju-Heon's arms. But the Monarch of Seduction would not let him go that easily.

She tightly hugged Ju-Heon.

“It's useless. Seo Ju-Heon’s body and Heirloom are both mine now.”
“What the hell did you just say?!”
“Get lost if you und… ugh!”

The Monarch of Seduction was smacked again before she could finish her sentence. It was the angry rope's doing.

The rope quickly tied Ju-Heon up and pulled him back.

And then…

Who is yours?! Who did you say is yours?!

Pow! Pow pow pow pow!

It moved back and started to ruthlessly launch its fists of fury.

The Monarch of Seduction couldn't think straight after being hit so many times.

“Stop, stop! Ugh!”

The whining rope rushed back to Ju-Heon and started to wipe Ju-Heon's mouth.

The rope’s body was now as soft as silk so it didn't cause any harm, but…

“Hey……. mmph!”

It was rubbing so hard as if something dirty was on his lips that everybody could only stand around in shock.
Well, the sleeping lions’ whispers had been touched long before this moment though.

[The ghosts are going berserk.]
[The ghosts are going berserk.]
[The shop is starting to fill with grudge.]
[The shop is about to turn into a cemetery.]
[The Monarch of Destitution is about to go berserk.]
[The Monarch of Destitution is about to go berserk.]

They looked as if some female ghosts with serious grudges had possessed their bodies. The inside of the shop turned into a mess.

“How dare you put your dirty lips on the Captain-nim you bitch……”

The Monarch of Seduction started to laugh.

“It's useless. I did get Seo Ju-Heon excited and he won't be able to live without me anymore.”
“What did you say?”

Irene became angry but Seol-A flinched.


Seol-A knew about the Monarch of Seduction from the past. She also knew her methods to turn men into her slaves!

‘There were no men who managed to get out of the Monarch of Seduction's spell……’

Her numerous sponsors were proof of her abilities.

‘Fuck, I put my guard down.’

The Monarch of Seduction shamelessly laughed.

“Stop your artifacts while I'm asking nicely.”
“I can control Seo Ju-Heon now. Stop them unless you want to see your Captain getting hurt.”
“And hand over your Heirlooms as well.”

She would usually never agree to such a thing but the hostage was Ju-Heon right now. There was no way Seol-A or Irene could do anything.


Ju-Heon got up at that moment. Seol-A and Irene flinched while the Monarch of Seduction seemed extremely happy.

"Seo Ju-Heon is mine now…”

But at that moment…


Something shocking happened.

Ju-Heon tightly hugged the rope instead of the Monarch of Seduction!


And then…

“You look really pretty today.”

He started to rub his face on the soft rope and started to show his affection.

That wasn’t all.

Ju-Heon walked behind Irene and Seol-A and put his face by their necks.

He didn't even give a single glance to the Monarch of Seduction as if she was just a piece of shit.

The Monarch of Seduction couldn't believe it.

“Is he crazy?!”

‘My ability should have activated!’

He should be lusting after her, so why?! The Monarch of Seduction realized something at that moment.

‘Is it because he’s an Artifactphile?’

Was that why he went after the rope, Seol-A and Irene instead?

Something still seemed odd.


“I have more artifacts than they do!”

She had come with a ton of artifacts on her. Make-up, body oil, perfume, underwear, tattoo, accessories, clothes, and even nail art!

There was no way this artifactphile wouldn't fall for her!

"Why are you going after them when I have more artifact……?!”

Ju-Heon, who had been leaving hickeys on the two women’s necks snorted at her.

“Get lost. You don’t even have an Heirloom.”

The Monarch of Seduction fell into a state of shock.

‘Is he discriminating between artifacts? Is it because of the quality of the artifacts?!’

She grabbed the back of her neck in shock.

Ju-Heon then caressed the rope again. He bit down on it every so often as well, making the rope flinch.
Seol-A and Irene smiled at this point.

Ju-Heon being obsessed with the rope was an issue as well but it was a thousand times, no, a million times better than being obsessed with the Monarch of Seduction.

‘She should have used his desire for knowledge over lust.’

Ju-Heon, who had a risk of greed for knowledge in the past, might have fallen for it.

Anyway, the important thing was that this woman had aimed for Ju-Heon. That was probably the reason.

“Why don't we have a nice ‘conversation,’ hmm?”
“Jaeha should be taking care of the Jack the Ripper side.”

The Monarch of Seduction started to shake in fear.

“Hey, wait a minute. Why don't we talk about it…”


“Shut up. Follow me.”

She was ruthlessly dragged out.

In a back alley outside the shop…

"What? Jack the Ripper was inside the shop?”
“Yes, and it is obvious that his target is us and our Heirlooms.”

Yoo Jaeha had explained the situation to Julian.

And then…

“I can't believe it is razor blade Jack……”

‘That bastard is extremely dangerous.’

Even Dan and Ju-Heon could not figure out a way to deal with that bastard in the past.

One-shot one-kill.

That bastard would instantly murder someone before they could do anything.

The person would die from the first strike without being able to try anything at all. The reason Ju-Heon and the rest of his team could stay alive was because they were Chairman Kwon’s subordinates.
Jack the Ripper seemed to have some relationship with Chairman Kwon.

He only got in their way but did not kill them.

Julian urgently turned around.

“Got it. Then let’s take Nina and go elsewhere for now.”

He was about to return to Nina who was still in the shop.

Yoo Jaeha urgently grabbed his arm.

“Hey hey hey! Are you crazy?! Who are you going to take?!”
"What’s wrong?”
“We need to suspect your sister!”

Julian's eyes opened wide.

“What? What the hell are you talking about?!”

He shouted in disbelief.

“Why the hell is Nina Jack the Ripper?! She can't even bear to kill an ant!”

Yoo Jaeha waived his hand to calm down the angry Julian.

“Hey hey, calm down. Don’t protect her because she’s your sister…”
“It's not a matter of whether she is my sister or not! That artifact is only for men.”
“Have you ever seen those artifact bastards change their minds? They have no problem changing things left and right.”

A frustrated Julian started to argue back.

“Shut up, you damn scammer. Do you think I have the Kongming artifact just for show?”

He would have found out if she had something like that.

Yoo Jaeha sighed.

“Aww come on, I'm just saying there’s no harm in being wary……”

It was at that moment.



Someone had slashed Yoo Jaeha's head off. Blood spurted up into the air like a fountain.
Yoo Jaeha's head had been cut with a single swift movement.

Julian turned pale after seeing Jaeha's body fall down.


Yoo Jaeha was a bloody mess on the ground after his head was cut off.

He was certain about it.

‘Jack the Ripper.’

Julian's pupils started to shake.


He was dead. This wasn't even a doppelganger.
It was at that moment. Julian felt an unfamiliar presence.

‘Jack the Ripper!’

He released his thunderbolts in all directions.

The opponent was human.

There was no way they would be faster than the thunderbolts.

The knife-wielding murderer could not get close to Julian.

Julian bit down on his lips and used a healing artifact on Yoo Jaeha right away.

But healing artifacts were rare. This was only a C-Grade artifact and wouldn't work on such an injury.
He quickly called Chloe.

‘Chloe, hurry up and pick up. Hurry……’

But at that moment…

“Gaaaaaaaaaaaasp! I really thought I was going to die!”

Yoo Jaeha suddenly sat up.

He looked so much like a zombie that Julian gasped and fell on his ass.

"Ah, fuck, really, holy shit!”

Yoo Jaeha was almost gagging as he touched his neck. He looked completely fine.

Julian's jaw dropped as if he had seen a ghost.

“W, what the? What the hell did you do?!”
“What? You want to know what I did?”

None of the team members knew about Yoo Jaeha’s Heirloom.

They thought that Jaeha who had ‘died’ had lived because he had exchanged his real body with a doppelganger fake every time.

But now……

The sharp Julian started to shout.

“You, you, is your Heirloom a phoe……. mmph!”
“Shut the hell up, you dumbass!”

Yoo Jaeha looked around after covering Julian’s mouth with his hands.

“Fuck, I'm destined to be a meat shield if the Captain-nim finds out. Shut up. You can't tell anyone!”

However, at that moment…

“Oh really? What did you say your Heirloom is?”

Yoo Jaeha instantly got the chills.

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