Chapter 271: Relationships from the past (2)

“Oh, the Captain-nim went on a date.”

Yoo Jaeha was actually the one who gasped the most.

‘What the fuck is that guy saying right now?!’

“Hey, you dimwit! How can you tell them that?!”
“What’s wrong? He’s allowed to go on dates.”
“W, what? T, that, uhh……”

Yoo Jaeha peeked behind him. And behind him was, as he had expected….

“Mr. Yoo Jaeha, why did you lie? You said the Captain-nim went on a walk?”
Why did you only tell us about it now? Well, Mr. Jaeha?”

Chaotic aura started to rise from the two women’s bodies.

Yoo Jaeha screamed after seeing the strong auras coming out.

“Both of you need to calm, calm down!”

The vicious aura coming out of Seol-A was in the shape of a horse!

This was no ordinary horse.
This winged horse was said to be a horse that connected this world with the afterlife.

It was a sign of the appearance of Emperors in the East and said to be a spiritual beast that helps a person ascend with their soul.

The Heavenly Horse.

It was that holy divine horse that was often seen in tomb paintings and burial traditions.

But Seol-A was not the only one giving off a chaotic aura.

“Aaah! My artifaaaaaaaaaact!”

Yoo Jaeha's artifact started to crumble because of the artifact of destitution.

Yoo Jaeha foamed at the mouth and grabbed all of the artifacts. They surprisingly started to become restored.

That was right. Yoo Jaeha’s Heirloom was actually the phoenix. Yes, it was the divine bird often compared with the Egyptian Bennu, the Fenghuang, India’s Garuda, and the Jujak (Vermilion Bird).

It was the symbol of rebirth after death and endless restoration. That was why Yoo Jaeha had a body that couldn’t be killed even if he was struck by lightning or fell out of a plane and gave him the scam-like restoration ability.

He could restore artifacts similarly to how he could restore his own body.

Yoo Jaeha restored all of the artifacts before looking at the two women.

"Aigoo, both of you can stop worrying. The Captain-nim will be back soon… eek.”

He then threw Ilya toward them.

“Damn it, I leave it to you! Go little chick! Friends Shield!”
“W, what?!”

Ilya started to scream as soon as he was pushed.


Ilya fell to the ground after being struck by the two women’s auras.

“……You, you son of a bitch. I'm going to kill…”
“Huff huff, I'm alive.”

Even though he had the Phoenix Heirloom, he could still feel pain. The pain was much less compared to other people but that didn’t mean that it would not hurt.

That was why he kept his Heirloom a secret from Ju-Heon in the past life.


‘I'm certain of it. I'm going to end up as a meat shield the moment the Captain-nim finds out.’

He was evil enough to do something like that.

Yoo Jaeha urgently started to calm the two women down.

“Hold on, I'll explain everything to you so just w……!”

Unfortunately, Irene and Seol-A were already gone.

Around the same time…

Julian’s gaze did not move his eyes from the beautiful woman next to him at all.

‘Is she really Nina?’

She had short dark blonde hair like Julian and brown eyes. He still had not forgotten about the moment his sister died.

It was a few months ago. She had been stabbed by someone who was being controlled by an artifact during a Tomb Appearance that happened at her school.

He was unable to retrieve her body.

Ju-Heon had said the following after hearing about that from Julian.

‘Your sister might actually just have been in a state of thanatosis instead of being dead.'


He was saying that there could be an artifact that could make anybody it stabbed seem to be dead.

‘Someone could have abducted Nina after that.’

They had received information after that saying someone saw Nina with other people in the US.

And now… That sister was in front of Julian.

He was certain this was his younger sister Nina.


‘Kate Allen?’

She said she was an American and not German. How could Julian not be shocked at all?

‘Damn it, what the hell is going on?’

Was she not Nina?

Ju-Heon was staring at Kate as well.

‘I'm certain this is Kongming’s sister.’

She didn't look like Kongming but it was obvious. He had been the one to find Kongming's sister for him in the past.

‘She didn't tell us what she did during the time she was missing.’

Anyway, he would have already noticed if this girl was a fake created by artifacts.

That meant that……

‘She is pretending to be someone else on purpose.’

But she didn't seem to recognize Julian either.

Ju-Heon peeked toward the Monarch of Seduction.

‘Did this woman erase her memories?’

The chances of that being the case were high. She probably had Nina come out here on purpose as well.


‘To steal a Heirloom.’

Pretty much everybody knew that Kongming had lost his sister. And although they didn't know where the Monarch of Seduction would have found his sister……

‘Was she planning on using the sister to steal a Heirloom?

If that was the case, why would the Monarch of Seduction say that she was someone else and throw Julian’s mind into such a chaotic mess?

It was sort of understandable.

‘She must be doing this to shake his Dominance.’

That would make it easier to steal the Heirloom.

Julian's ass was on fire because he had no real proof.

And then…

“Oh my, why do you keep looking at Kate like that? Do you still think she looks like your sister? Are you sure you don’t have a serious sister complex?”

She sounded shocked.

Julian could not hold it in any longer and jumped up in anger.

“…Hey! I’ve been telling you this since earlier but this girl is not Kate, she is Ni……ugh!”

Julian was instantly being stepped on!

It was Ju-Heon.

"What the hell are you doing…….?!”

Ju-Heon had his arms crossed and quietly mumbled as his eyes flashed.

"Don't get overly excited and sit down.”

He was speaking in Korean.
'Your Dominance is the only thing that will be shaken.'

Julian was grinding his teeth until he said something back and smiled.

Ju-Heon was speaking as if he was consoling him.

“I told you, don't worry. If all else fails, I will seduce her and get her out of them.”

Ju-Heon was grabbed by the collar again.

“I really ought to……!”

His fiancee was enough girls he lost to Ju-Heon.

Elena despicably smiled and started to speak.

“It's rude to speak like that so other people can't understand. Not only me but Kate can also only speak English because we've lived in the US our whole lives.”

Julian pounded his chest in frustration.

“I told you that she is not Kate, she is Nina……!”
“Do you have any proof?”
“Do you have any proof?”

Ju-Heon scoffed in annoyance.

‘Whether I seduce her or not, I guess I have to take these despicable masks off first.’

First mask was pretending to be Americans.
Ju-Heon started to speak in German for that reason.

“Hey, Julian. Isn’t it really annoying that she thinks she’s super pretty?”

Elena tilted her head in confusion while Kate flinched.

Julian answered back in his mother tongue as he was caught off guard.

“W, what the hell are you talking about?”

The tomb raiding team used English 70% of the time and Korean that they had learned while working in TKBM for the remaining 30%.

So why would he suddenly change to German and openly mock someone……

Julian then realized it.

‘Is this punk…’

That was right as Ju-Heon started to sneer.

“I hate these bitches who don’t know their place. But her body is hot so she’s good enough.”
“What? You want to take her instead?”
“Hey, Seo Ju……”
“What’s wrong? She seems like the type who’ll shake her ass and follow you if you pay her enough.”

Kate jumped up in anger as Julian was about to get angry. She looked extremely embarrassed.

“Hey, those words……!”

Ju-Heon then started to smirk.

“Those words?”
“……That's right, the things you just said!”
“What the hell? I thought you only spoke English?”

Kate became anxious and started to think of an excuse.

“……T, that, I didn’t understand what you were saying but you're making me uncomfortable so stop it.”

Kate smiled brightly and Ju-Heon said something in German.

“You should probably get rid of the pepper flake in your teeth first.”

Kate covered her mouth out of reflex.

Ju-Heon started to smirk.

“You understand German so well.”

Elena clicked her tongue as if her plan had been ruined.

“I thought you said you were born and raised in the US.”


“Who the fuck do you think you're trying to lie to?”

‘Damn it.’

Elena started to frown while looking at Julian and Nina chatting at a different table.

‘Why the hell did she slip up like that? We could have taken the Monarch of Pillage's Heirloom in just a little bit.’

She had no choice.

‘No choice but to go to the next level of the plan.’

Elena sighed before smiling brightly and sitting next to Ju-Heon.

Her body that gave off a wonderful scent really was lovely.

But Ju-Heon just glared at her as if she was a piece of shit.

“There are plenty of seats. Sit somewhere else.”

Elena ignored him and slowly leaned her head against Ju-Heon's chest.

“Aww, I just want to have a nice chat with you, Mr. Ju-Heon.”

Elena almost blushed after feeling Ju-Heon's firm muscles.

‘Oh? He doesn’t seem buff but it’s completely different underneath his clothes.’

She felt as if she wanted to strip him down.

“I guess you don’t like me very much, Mr. Ju-Heon?”
“Whatever. You told me you'll tell me about that girl once we were alone. Hurry up and tell me.”

Elena slowly placed her hand on Ju-Heon's thigh and gently caressed it.

“I could tell you, but shouldn't we have a conversation of our own?”

Elena smelled really good.

‘Is it an artifact?’

He could faintly feel the aura of artifacts all over her body.

While that was going on…

“Kyaaaa! Is she crazy?! How dare she put her head on the Captain-nim’s chest! Does that bitch want to die?!”
“My goodness, palm reading?! That’s something even my parents wouldn't have used as a pickup line.”

There were two women cursing Elena while watching them from a distance.

They were Irene and Seol-A.

Whether it was intentional or not, the two women who were wearing hats and masks as a disguise wanted to rip Elena up.

And then…

“Her hand, her hand! Move that shitty hand right now!”
“Where the hell does she think she is touching?!”

There was also someone who was awkwardly reaching his hand toward them.

“Umm…… shouldn't we at least order some coffee?”

They had dragged Yoo Jaeha with them.

‘Aigoo, my poor life.’

It was good that he followed them before Irene and Seol-A caused any issues, but Seol-A had grabbed him by the collar and turned him into a GPS.

Yoo Jaeha sniffled while peeking at the employee.

“Hey, the employee is viciously glaring at us right now. We should order……”
“Shut the hell up!”
“Please order me anything!”
“…… Uhh? Okay. Then three cups of coffee…… But this place requires you to pay first……”
“Kyaaaa! That bitch is moving her damn duck-like beak toward the Captain-nim…”
“Where does she live?”

‘Aigoo, my poor life.’

Yoo Jaeha sniffled as he ordered three cups of coffee.

Something like this wouldn’t normally happen, but the two of them seemed to have lost all rationality right now.

‘Well, I guess it makes sense.’

The atmosphere between Ju-Heon and Elena looked good.

Elena was slowly sticking closer and closer to Ju-Heon.

As her hand caressed Ju-Heon’s face and the two of them were about to kiss…


Someone tightly grabbed Elena’s arm.

Ju-Heon then started to speak.

“Enough with your bullshit.”

Sadly, it just looked like Ju-Heon was taking the initiative and grabbing Elena’s arm from a distance.

“Stop wasting my time and tell me. Where the hell did you find that girl?”

Elena moved her face closer to Ju-Heon’s as she started to smile.

“Do you really think it's okay to do this to me? You’re about to be hunted down.”

It was at that moment.

All of the lights in the cafe suddenly turned off.

A shocked Julian tried to calm his sister down.

“Nina, it’s okay. The light will come back on soon…….”

However, at that moment…

Yoo Jaeha was the only one who flinched in the power outage.


‘This is the same thing that happened at the auction house…’

Nina’s eyes flashed.

This was the moment that Jack the Ripper appeared.

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