Chapter 270: Relationships from the past (1)

Ju-Heon’s gaze turned for a moment. It was just a brief second but he definitely felt it.


Ju-Heon looked behind him as he walked through the crosswalk. Numerous people were walking across during the green light.

White people, Black people, Asians, all sorts of people were walking by but they were all regular people.
None of them were artifacts. But he definitely felt the bastard's presence.

It probably had long black hair.

It seemed to be in its twenties?

It was at that moment.

“Seo Ju-Heon! It’s red!”

Danger! Danger!

The rope urgently pulled Ju-Heon forward. Ju-Heon was almost hit by a car as he continued to look past the crosswalk.

Are you okay? Are you okay?

Ju-Heon patted the rope who was making sure he was okay before running through the crowd and chasing after the bastard.

Julian was saying something about being late to the appointment but that wasn't important.

“You go first, you son of a bitch. It’s a very important appointment so don’t make any mistakes.”
“Wait, you should be there if it’s so import…!”

He left Julian behind and disappeared.

‘That perverted bastard… I knew you would be stalking me.’

The rope was just whimpering as it checked the time.

Is it really okay for you to not go to the appointment? Is it?

It lightly tapped on Ju-Heon's cheek.

But regardless of the appointment or whatever else he had to do…

‘I'm sure Kongming will take care of it.’

The one who would be disappointed was the other side and not him anyway, so he didn't care. Ju-Heon then started to speed up.

Julian was swearing internally once he arrived at the appointment location.

‘Fuck, Seo Ju-Heon… This isn't right!’

Maybe that was to be expected.

“My goodness, you came on your own?”
“Where is Mr. Seo Ju-Heon?”

There were beautiful women in front of him. He was at a luxurious bar.

‘That bastard, he said it was an appointment he couldn’t miss…!

It was this kind of appointment?!’

Elena Cotton, a famous Hollywood actress, was there as well. She was the monopolizer known as the Monarch of Seduction. [1] Why was she here?

‘She used Cleopatra's artifact in the past.’

She was an extremely beautiful woman. Although she was a different kind of beauty compared to Irene, they were both extremely beautiful.

She walked over and sat down next to Julian as she started to speak.

“How come you are here instead of Seo Ju-Heon?”
“……That son of a bitch… will be here soon.”

‘Aigoo, my head.’

Julian started to frown as if he had a headache.

‘He should have told me the Monarch of Seduction was coming!’

And what? A group date?

‘Seo Ju-Heon, you son of a bitch! You said that others were okay but that I MUST show up and what…?!’

Was Ju-Heon making fun of him?

‘That bastard stole my fiancee in the past life.’

It was at that moment.

“Is Mr. Seo Ju-Heon really going to come?”
“Yes he…… mmph!”

Julian was shocked after feeling a soft sensation on his thigh.

Julian screamed internally after thinking that he could also see between the woman’s smooth thighs.

‘Damn it, Seo Ju-Heon, you cruel bastard. I'm out.’

He had only come because he was concerned that Ju-Heon might be going to meet with a monopolizer.

It was because the Monarch of Fate had prophesized four changes to the world.

The first was the Great Tomb Appearance. The second was the appearance of the Heirlooms.

And then…

‘Now the third and fourth ones are left.’

Although only Irene and Jaeha would know about the fourth since it happened after they died, they all knew about the third.

‘We called it the Four Emperors Round.’

He wondered how there would be Monarchs and Four Emperors with them having all of the Heirlooms, but Julian was still wary of it.

The four prophecies were large incidents that were going to happen for sure.

That meant that there would be the Four Emperors even if their team monopolized all of the Heirlooms.

He came here thinking that something might happen to Ju-Heon, but……

‘It… Was this kind of appointment?!

I'm never trusting that son of a bitch again!’

As an angry Julian was about to get up…


“I'm sorry. I'm a bit late.”
“Oh my, you’re here?”

Julian was shocked after seeing someone walk up to Elena.

‘Wait, that person is…?!’

He was certain about it.

This was the person he had been searching for for a very long time.

Around the same time…

Ju-Heon was grumbling at the park.

He was far from the appointment location and had walked over to find that damn Crow!

[Ahhhhh, we failed! We failed to grab that bastard!]
[Retreat, retreat! Tell the Supreme Leader-nim that we failed!]

He had to deal with these other stupid crows instead. Ju-Heon growled while glaring at the fluttering crows in his hand.

These bastards seemed to have noticed that the Crow was not in his body.

‘It should be parasitic to my body like the other Heirlooms.’

Well, he had a pretty good idea as to what was going on.

The thing Ju-Heon wanted to ask the Crow was not about something like that.

‘I definitely felt that bastard’s aura.’

Ju-Heon sat down on a bench and clicked his tongue after being unable to find the Crow.

"Tsk, where the hell are my artifacts running around?”

As Ju-Heon got back up to head to the appointment location…

[Where else? We’re right here with you.]


Ju-Heon turned his head after hearing a familiar voice.

“Right here my a…”

Ju-Heon was shocked once he turned his head.


There was an extremely voluptuous babe standing in front of him! Not only that, she was completely naked!

Ju-Heon questioned his eyes.

He was certain this was the Crow bastard. However…

‘She’s naked?’

There was a woman curled up and looking down at Ju-Heon.

Her long black hair surrounded her body. Her eyes were cold. A young woman was sitting on top of the tree.


The beauty looked at him with a gaze that seemed to be waiting for something.


“Why the fuck do you look like that?”

Ju-Heon didn’t even blink.

The Crow's pride seemed to be hit as she started to speak.

[Is it not to your liking? I decided to be nice and came in the form that a human man would like.]

Ju-Heon snorted.

Idiots like Jaeha might get super excited while seeing this form, but…

‘It’s still just an artifact.’

Ju-Heon waived his hand.

“Whatever, change to something else.”

[Something else?]

“Anything but that.”

The Crow changed to a different appearance.

[Is it better now?]

Ju-Heon almost swore after looking at this new appearance.

The Crow had turned into an extremely voluptuous male bodybuilder.

No… Extremely buff is probably the term here.

“Damn it, do you want to die?!”

The Crow flexed his muscles and said something.

[What’s wrong? You told me anything else was fine.]

I should just choke this bitch to death.

“You still shouldn't turn into a man…”

The Crow then returned to its original Crow form.

It must have a lot of different appearances after gobbling up numerous artifacts.

“I will get right down to business.”

Ju-Heon looked toward the Crow.

"Where is your real body?”


The Crow seemed a bit shocked.

“This is not your real body.”

The Crow seemed to be smiling. Ju-Heon and the Crow really did sign a Heirloom contract.

However, it was a different sort of contract from the other Heirlooms. There was a simple reason for that.

‘This bastard is imprisoned in that Great Prison thing.’

It was the same tomb where they had died.

‘The Monarch’s Tomb was a bit weak compared to the one where we died.’

That one had truly been hell.

That meant that this bastard in front of him right now was a sort of clone that had used an opening to get out of there. Ju-Heon had contracted with the Crow even while knowing that was the case.


“You were the strongest of the Heirlooms at that tomb.”

Ju-Heon’s eyes flashed.

Even this clone was stronger than the rest of the Heirlooms although it didn't have its full strength.

[Then are you saying that you contracted with me while knowing that I was a clone?]

“You told me everything before we sealed the deal. You said the stability might be less compared to the other Heirlooms. You said I wouldn’t be as superhuman as other people and that there will be restrictions. It was easy to put two and two together after that.”

Ju-Heon had still chosen the Crow despite all of that.

“You told me that I would be able to get all 15 other Heirlooms if I took you. That really happened. As long as your skills are there I will just consider that stability issue as a risk.”

It was stronger than any artifact in this world. He was saying that was enough. This bastard was an artifact that made Divine-Grade artifacts and even the Supreme Leaders shiver in fear after all.

"But I can’t have a clone as my Heirloom forever.”

That was the reason he was asking this question.

"Where the hell are you?”

The Crow started to smile.

[Are you going to come find me? You’re going to do that even though you can use my powers because of the contract?]

“I don’t care for some half-ass power.”

Most importantly, Ju-Heon had experienced the Crow's power in the Monarch’s Tomb. It had been so strong even though it was only a clone.

‘The real body's strength must be beyond my wildest imaginations.’

"So tell me, where the fuck are you?”

[You'll understand if you gather all 7 artifacts from the Great Tombs. There will be a change in the world. In addition…]


[It's fine that you monopolized the Heirlooms but be wary of the Spider Supreme Leader and the Giant Supreme Leader.]

“The Giant Supreme Leader?”

[Those bastards have no intentions of choosing a Human ruler.]
[Only the Majesty, the Emperor’s Treasure will be your strength.]

‘Majesty? Emperor?’

Ju-Heon frowned after hearing the familiar terms.

The Crow disappeared after saying that.

Ju-Heon started to scoff.

“That bastard says whatever it wants and then leaves.”

After that…

Ju-Heon finally arrived at the appointment location.

“Mm, I got here a bit early.”

Someone grabbed Ju-Heon by the collar as soon as he entered.

“Seo Ju-Heon, do you know what time it is?! How can you be so late?!”
“Hmm? I’m only late by like two hours.”

Julian grabbed the back of his neck.

“Do you want to die?! And you were coming to meet the Monarch of Seduction of all people? Are you crazy?!”
“Why not? She’s pretty. She asked about a group date so I thought we could get you a girlfriend.”

It was obvious Ju-Heon's true intentions to make fun of him on the side.

“You stayed here all this time despite knowing who I was meeting with, didn’t you?”

Julian's eyes flashed with anger.

“You dragged me here knowing it would be like this, didn’t you?!”

Ju-Heon looked around at the women in the shop and smiled with satisfaction.

“I thought it might be the case and I was right.”

Ju-Heon started to smile. There was a reason Julian originally ended up in TKBM and had to serve Chairman Kwon.

Ju-Heon had run into the Monarch of Seduction while looking for Julian’s younger sister.

That was why Ju-Heon lured in the Monarch of Seduction who had been trying to get close to him.

“Is it actually her?”
“That… I can't be sure because she doesn’t seem to recognize me, but……”

Julian had personally seen his sister die. However, he had not let go of hope because of something Ju-Heon had told him in the past.

‘Don’t worry. I'm sure your sister is alive somewhere.’

He had heard some information that someone had seen his supposedly dead sister.

And now…

‘For her to appear with the Monarch of Seduction…’

That meant that she was an enemy.

Julian’s hand was shaking while looking at his sister. Ju-Heon lightly sighed while looking at Julian.

He understood what Julian must be going through right now.

He finally saw his sister again but she was with the enemies.

That was probably the reason.
Ju-Heon patted Julian’s shoulder as if to calm him down.

“Don’t worry. I'll seduce your sister away.”

Julian instantly grabbed Ju-Heon by the collar.

At the same time…

“Huh? The Captain-nim went somewhere?”

Yoo Jaeha flinched after hearing Seol-A’s question while in the middle of restoring artifacts. It was because he knew exactly who Ju-Heon had gone out to meet.

She would probably throw a fit if she knew he went to meet the Monarch of Seduction. He was probably right.

‘He even said it was a group date.’

“Uhh, uhh…… The Captain-nim went out for a walk.”
“A walk? The Captain-nim went for a walk at this time of day?”

Yoo Jaeha feigned ignorance after Seol-A glared at him.

The dumbass Ilya responded at that moment.

“Oh, the Captain-nim went on a date.”

Both Seol-A and Irene's eyes flashed after hearing that.

'What did he just say?’

1. She used to be Elena Mecken and now she’s Elena Cotton… Oh well

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