Chapter 269: Evil Nolbu Mindset (5)

“Wait, why are you all so shocked?”

Why would they not be shocked to see the Monarch of Pushoverness?

TKBM's team leaders and Chairman Kwon were grinding their teeth while looking at Yoo Jaeha.

Although it was not as much as Ju-Heon had done, Yoo Jaeha had harmed them quite a bit as well.

The biggest of them all was when Yoo Jaeha had pretended to be Chloe and came to Chairman Kwon's hospital room. The others all just had to do with Yoo Jaeha's cloning abilities.

Honestly speaking, they weren't that afraid of Yoo Jaeha.


‘Fuck, why the hell did he need to bring the Monarch of Destitution with him……?!’

Chairman Kwon's expression was quite the spectacle as he was the CEO of a global corporation and people who had more to lose would fear the Monarch of Destitution the most.

They felt that way even though Irene was just standing there with a smile on her beautiful face.

She was glowing even though she wore a simple formal outfit since this was a business meeting.

It was to the point that Yoo Jaeha had said, “Will you shake my hand? It’d be even better if you would give me a kiss.”

He was naturally beaten up by Ju-Heon after that.

Her usually down hair was in a low ponytail as well, but that looked good on her too. Her neckline that was visible now was killer.

She was like a glowing goddess to all of the men there with her.

Yoo Jaeha was snickering thinking that he got them right where he wanted them, but TKBM probably did not feel the same way.

‘Shit, did he bring her to send us to hell?’

‘The way she is glowing so beautifully is like a goodbye present. That must be it.’

There was nothing scarier than a beautiful woman who could kill them.

The Monarch of Destitution was already fearsome to start but she even had a Heirloom now.

‘We don't even know which Heirloom she got.’

Yoo Jaeha also had an Heirloom but they had long since forgotten about him.

Irene had captivated them too much.

“Umm, you spilled some coffee. Are you okay?”

They were so shocked while looking at Irene that they had accidentally poured the coffee on the table and their phones.

TKBM's captains quickly responded after Irene tilted her head in confusion and asked about it.

“Hey, she asked if we were okay!”
“Do you want to die? Hurry up and tell her that you're fine! Tell her that your phone is fine too!”

The person tried to quickly clean up and ended up knocking over a bottle of water this time.

The water spilled and wet Chairman Kwon's pants.

Funnily enough, TKBM’s captains and Yoon Shi Woo gasped and offered their handkerchiefs to Irene.

“We’re so sorry! We accidentally spilled the water!”
“Excuse me? Umm, excuse me? The one who got wet was your Chairman-nim……”
“I've committed a grave sin, ma’am! I dared to spill water!”

Chairman Kwon, the one who was actually drenched by the water, glared at his subordinates.

As that happened…

“Hey hey, you captains over there. Enough. Hurry up and order. I'm really hungry.”

The captains all glared at Yoo Jaeha.

‘Order my ass. You guys stood us up for a couple days and made us wait in this restaurant for 14 hours.’

“How dare you say that to us.”
“Hurry up and call Seo Ju-Heon! Tell him to bring over a Heirloom!”

Yoo Jaeha started to snicker in response.

"Why are you acting like that? Our Captain-nim doesn’t like you guys but I came all the way here to help you out.”
“How can you treat the person who showed up because he felt sorry for standing you guys up like this? Huh?”

Yoo Jaeha started to smile in an extremely annoying manner.

“Well, I might be able to put in a good word with the Captain-nim if you feed me something.”

The captains then peeked toward Chairman Kwon. Chairman Kwon started to frown.

It was annoying to feed a bastard like this.

However, he gave them a look that told them to just take care of it.

‘But feed him the cheapest stuff.’

As they called over a waiter and were about to order something…

“Ah, hold on. Get me this one.”

Yoo Jaeha ordered the most expensive dish.


"Ah, I've been craving alcohol lately. Bring me this one and this one. Ah, this one too.”

Every drink he ordered were extremely expensive ones that would make people gasp.

The captains’ faces were twitching in anger.

“Hey. Yoo Jaeha……”
“What is it? You guys can't even do this much when you're treating someone? Is TKBM really that cheap?”

They had no choice but to get Chairman Kwon's permission and order everything Yoo Jaeha requested.

That wasn't all.

“Then let’s talk about the Heirloom now……”
“Ah. The Heirloom? This is the price we were thinking of.”

They gasped after reading the document Yoo Jaeha handed them.

“Holy shit, this is enough money to buy a country! Are you fucking crazy?!”
"What's wrong? You don't want to do it?”
“It’s not a matter of whether we want it or not……!”
“This is the price that my boss decided. But as you know, business is all about negotiations and making a deal.”

Yoo Jaeha then snickered while looking at Chairman Kwon’s arm.

“Ah, hey, Mr. Chairman over there. Isn't that watch an artifact?”
“It looks nice. I think it would look better on my wrist though.”
“What did you say?! You damn…”

Yoo Jaeha calmly waved the document around as Yoon Shi Woo and the captains glared at him.

"What's wrong? You guys don’t want a discount?”

Chairman Kwon was grinding his teeth as he took the precious watch off.

But Yoo Jaeha's ripping off did not stop there.

“Wow, this would look good on my sister-in-law!”

Yoo Jaeha dragged them around to a second, third, and fourth location before continuing with his crap.

His hands were already full of all sorts of brand-name gifts and artifacts, but he wasn’t done.

Irene whispered to him.

“U, umm, Mr. Jaeha. Is it really okay to do this?”

Yoo Jaeha didn't care and pointed to a necklace as he smiled.

It was the most expensive necklace in the store.

“Wow, the Captain-nim really likes this style. I know the Captain-nim’s style very well. He goes crazy for this kind of thing.”

Irene's eyes flashed after hearing that.

Irene was about to take out her credit card without even looking at the price when Yoo Jaeha stopped her and looked toward Chairman Kwon.

“Tsk tsk, look at this clueless old man.”

‘Why I ought to.’

Chairman Kwon was extremely angry.

That wasn’t all.

“Hey, you over there! Bring that over too!”
“T, this one?”
“Yes, that one. Ah, that one over there too! I should get this for Seol-A. Ah! This is for our Captain-nim, this is for our Dan. This is for our Vice Captain-nim, this is for our Chloe. Uhh……This…… Should be good enough for our baby chick.”

Yoo Jaeha looked at a piece of candy from a bag he had been eating from.

The captains held back their tears and anger as they listened to everything Yoo Jaeha told them.

They went through a couple days of stay at a luxurious hotel, massage, shopping, and eating. TKBM's employees glared at the eating Yoo Jaeha after being dragged around by him for a few days.

“Okay, we have fulfilled all of your requests, sir. Can we sign the contract for the Heirloom now? Yoo Jaeha-nim!”

Chairman Kwon was looking at Yoo Jaeha with a grumbling expression as well.

He had spent his own money to suck up to Yoo Jaeha and managed to lower the price of the Heirloom to 500 million dollars.

‘How much did we spend the last few days?’

Chairman Kwon had to completely wipe out one of his international bank accounts.

But it was all worth it. This was much better than the shitty original price for the Heirloom.

‘I'm willing to pay the price no matter what as long as i can get a Heirloom.’

And now…

“Okay, now the Heirloom……!”

But at that moment…

“Thank you. It’s been fun.”

Yoo Jaeha stood up and smiled at them.


They became flustered and grabbed Yoo Jaeha.

“Wait! What about the Heirloom contract?!”
“You said that you would give us a Heirloom!”

Yoo Jaeha seemed to have realized his mistake as he pulled something out of his bag.

And that was……

[Brown-eared bulbul]

Rare file - Organized by Serial Number (22TB)] [1]

It was a hard drive with numerous videos!

“That’s my treasure. Please cherish and love it!”

Yoo Jaeha then started to run.

The captains and Chairman Kwon blankly stared for a moment before exploding.

“You son of a bitch, get your ass back here right now!”
“Yoo Jaeha, you son of a bitch, how dare the Monarch of Pushoverness treat us like pushovers!”

They exploded in anger and tried to kill Yoo Jaeha with artifacts.

They should have done this from the beginning.


“Kyaaaaaa! Sister-in-law Irene! Please save me! I'm going to be murdered!”

Yoo Jaeha called for Irene and ran away. TKBM's people immediately turned pale once Irene appeared.

"Were you just trying to harm Mr. Jaeha?”

TKBM's people all stopped moving after seeing Irene's gaze.

"W, wait……!”
“No! Wait a minute, what do you mean by harm? Of course not. We just want to have a peaceful conversation.”
“Yes, we must love peace. W, why don’t we treat you to a meal again……!”

[TKBM tried to get a Heirloom and is now in a financial crisis.]
[Chairman Kwon Tae Joon is angry. Planning on suing Yoo Jaeha.]

Ju-Heon's tyranny was continuing.

Well, it seemed as if it was only directed at TKBM.

TKBM's people became so angry that they even made a call like this to Pandora.

[Can I just not get a Heirloom? Can I just say fuck it all?]

That call made Rothschild, no, Prometheus, grab his forehead as if it was tired.

“I've told you about this many times already, Chairman Kwon.”

This seemed to be the con for being the only artifact that could associate with humans like this.

They all came to look for him whenever something happened.

But it could not be helped.

‘We need to cherish the candidates who would be able to handle the Majesty's Treasure.’

That was probably why Prometheus was being extremely gentle with them.

“There is still a chance. Seo Ju-Heon has proclaimed that he would sell the Heirlooms. So if you…”

  • Do you really think those conditions are from someone who actually wants to sell them?!


This was the truth.

Ju-Heon had announced that he would be willing to sell some Heirlooms. Of course, they had to agree to obey all of his conditions.


[That bastard’s conditions will only lead to our self-destruction.]

“Then an Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. We just have to take it from him like he took it from us. If all else fails, we…”

[Try it if you think you can, you useless Pandora.]

The call ended with that angry comment.

The Eagle asked Prometheus a question at that moment.

[Do you really think they would be able to steal the Heirlooms?]

Prometheus clicked his tongue.

“Bring that key just in case.”

The Eagle gasped.

[A, are you really thinking about calling those bastards back?!]

“We have no choice.”

[We would only be doing that Crow a favor if we release those bastards again!]

“That’s why hurry up and get those damn Monarchs to steal the Heirlooms.”

He prayed that he would not need to make that shitty decision.

‘Something is weird.’

Julian was looking at Ju-Heon as if something was weird.
They were currently headed somewhere right now for a meeting. Although Julian didn't know who they were meeting, he was heading out because he had no choice but to do so.

It didn't change the fact that something was weird.

‘I don’t see the Crow.’

The Heirlooms were always by their master’s side.

They were parasitic as well, so the Heirloom's aura could always be felt by its master.

But Ju-Heon didn't have anything like that.

‘It’s such a strong Heirloom so how come I can’t feel the Heirloom's aura?’

Julian could not hold it in anymore and asked.

“Where the hell did you throw away the Crow? Are you sure you really got it? Don't tell me you camouflaged it so that even I can't feel it?”

Ju-Heon started to chuckle after seeing Julian's gaze.

It was obvious what he wanted to know.

“My Heirloom truly is different than all of yours.”
“What? What does that mean?”
“Who knows? I want to know why that stalker is not showing himself too. I have some questions for the bastard.”
“What do you mea…”

It was at that moment.


The rope that was curled up and sleeping on Ju-Heon's shoulder raised its head.

It seemed to have detected something.

Something fluttered in front of Ju-Heon at that moment.

It was a black feather.

That bastard was standing there looking like a human.

1. Apparently, this Brown-eared bulbul folder is a hidden porn folder people have?

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