Chapter 260: Choose me (3)

[It seems as if something good will happen if you take this path.]
[It seems as if you will become extremely lucky.]
[It seems as if you will gain an extremely beneficial artifact.]

Ju-Heon shook his head after reading those messages.

‘This Crow bastard.’

In a way, it was kind of obvious what it was trying to do.
That was why Ju-Heon was trying to ignore it and go find the Heirlooms.

He then started to wonder.

‘Will that bastard really be beneficial for me?’

That bastard had been the one to return him to the past as he was about to die. It had since then followed him around like a stalker.

It probably gave him powers so that he could help it get out of its tomb.

‘Is it really okay to let that bastard out of the tomb?’

Ju-Heon had never seen that suspicious artifact before.
Furthermore, this cursed Crow was despised by the artifacts.

‘Will that bastard really be beneficial for me?’

Ju-Heon decided to walk down this side path.

There were other Heirlooms available but he was now curious.

He really wanted to know how useful it was that it was saying such bullshit.

His curiosity was too strong to go look for any other artifacts right now.

He came across a dead end not long after entering the path but it didn’t matter.


This was probably some kind of seal created by the artifacts.

There were lots of difficult text that humans should never be able to read.

Unfortunately for them, Ju-Heon had no problem reading it.

The interesting thing was that the faint Toombglyphs started to light up every time he touched them.

It was at that moment.

[A portion of the tomb is being opened.]


The wall crumbled and an extremely bright light flashed.

That was how the chaotic aura started to shoot up from the Monarch’s tomb.

And at the same time…

“Vice Captain-nim, that is?!”

Ju-Heon's team was becoming anxious while looking at the raging aura.

They were certain of it.

‘That aura is…’

It was the same chaotic aura they had felt in the tomb where they had died.

‘It’s that Crow.’

Of course, they had never met with the Crow. Ju-Heon was the only one who had done so.

However, they could tell.

They could tell that this was the tomb where they had died.

It wasn’t completely the same but it was almost identical.

They then started to shake with fear.

How could they not?

“Seol-A, is the Captain-nim…”

This question did not need to be answered.
They didn't know what was going on but they knew that Ju-Heon was over there right now.

He was in a place that was similar to the tomb where they had died!

‘The tomb from back then didn’t appear again, right?’

Seol-A started to run the moment she recalled Ju-Heon having his legs cut off in the past.


Ju-Heon had told them that the Crow helped send him back to the past.

It had helped him.

But who cared about that?

‘It’s still an artifact.’

It was the owner of the tomb that killed them. Since they didn't know anything about that tomb, they could only rely on the one thing that they knew - the Crow was their enemy who had eaten Ju-Heon.

Seol-A was fuming with anger thinking about that.


Julian realized something and started to shout.

"Seol-A, you can't go that way!”

There were suddenly giant balls of fire falling from the sky!

Irene flung herself to push Seol-A out of the way.


The fireballs just barely missed Seol-A.

“You guys can't go over there.”

The enemies started to appear one by one.

They saw people wearing orange jackets. They seemed to be part of Austin Rockefeller's excavation team. They could also see other excavation teams that were aligned with them.

None of them were in the Top 5 like TKBM's team but multiple teams close to that level were slowly showing up.

Julian started to frown.

“What the hell are you guys doing?”

The enemies started to laugh at Julian's question.

“What else?” Our Captains ordered us to hinder people that are in their way.”
“We heard that there is a Heirloom that is stronger than all the others. What was it, the Crow or something?”
“That chaotic aura is probably that Crow.”
“We don’t know what kind of artifact it is but that belongs to our captains.”
“Why not choose the best of the best, right?”

They seemed to believe the Monarch of Fate's shoddy prophecy.

[Aim for the Crow among the Heirlooms. It is the strongest artifact.]

Most of the Monarchs should have heard that rumor.

However, Ju-Heon's team members snorted after hearing that.

It wouldn't have been weird if they started rolling on the floor laughing.


They had to aim for that artifact of all artifacts.

‘They’re all going to die.’

They knew from experience.

That was why Ju-Heon's team members were worried about Ju-Heon as they looked toward the stone mountain with the chaotic aura.

‘The Captain should be okay, right?
Don't be greedy.
That’s a monster.’

Julian hoped that Ju-Heon would be smart.

And at the same time…


The tomb suddenly started to shake! Everybody in the tomb started to scream.

Ilya started to shake in fear because of the chaotic aura spreading all around them.

‘Fuck, this is?!’

Ilya plopped down after sensing the terrible aura and almost vomited.

Ilya also recalled the moment of his death as Julian, Seol-A and Chloe had felt.
Yoo Jaeha became anxious.

“Hey baby chick. What’s wrong with you?”

Ilya was shaking as he quietly mumbled.

“That time, when we died, that……that tomb.”

Yoo Jaeha had not felt it because he had sent a clone.

But he was smart enough to quickly figure it out.

‘That bastard, the Monarch of Fate, said that the Crow's tomb would appear here. It really is here?!’

An extremely strong earthquake rumbled the island and the scared excavation teams started to talk.

“Hey, what was that earthquake just now?”
“Is someone already getting their hands on a Heirloom?”

Julien, the top official restorer, was confused as well.

Unlike the sensitive Ilya, the others did not seem to have noticed the Crow’s aura.

It was the same for this woman as well.

“Mm, I guess Seo Ju-Heon really isn't here.”

Yoo Jaeha and Ilya started to frown.

It couldn't be helped, since……

‘Zhen Cai Yuan, the Monarch of Gluttony.’

‘The woman from China with the Supreme Leader artifact.’

‘Why did this woman of all people have to appear?!’

They were just too unlucky. It was understandable if another Monarch suddenly showed up.

Even they would be quite the headache right now, but……

‘One of the Four Emperors is too much!’

Ilya started to swear.

“Hey, fuck, shouldn't one of the Four Emperors showing up in front of the Capta……ugh!”

Ilya was saying that when Yoo Jaeha smacked him. Ilya instantly started to glare at Jaeha.

"What?! Am I wrong?”
“No. I just wanted to hit you.”

Yoo Jaeha was catching his breath as he said that.

He had been flustered for a moment after meeting one of the Four Emperors, but decided that it should be okay.

‘Zhen Cai Yuan should have had her artifacts taken as well.’

Everybody should have ended up with useless artifacts.

‘We’re all dealing with the same conditions.’

That meant that they should be at an advantage since they had more ‘know-how’ of tombs.
But what?

“Hey. Pushover! I, is that thing…?!”

They gasped after seeing the orb in Zhen Cai Yuan’s hand.

It was an orb with lightning crackling around it.

‘Is that perhaps……?! Is that Kongming’s lightning artifact?!’

Ilya and Yoo Jaeha gasped at the same time.

They knew they were right.

That was definitely Julian's Indra’s artifact! They then became angry.

"Did you bastard harm Miller?!”

Julien, who seemed to be working with Zhen Cai Yuan, sneered at them.

“What bullshit are you talking about? We never even ran into Julian Miller. Professor Zhen Cai Yuan was just assigned Indra's artifact from the beginning.”

This made Ilya and Yoo Jaeha extremely angry.

‘Wait, what the hell?!’

‘We get some stupid dog-bone like artifact and she got Indra?! She got a damn Divine-Grade artifact?!’

“Those motherfucking Heirloom bastards!”

They were certain of it.

It seemed to be true that the Heirlooms had already chosen their candidates.

That was why the Heirlooms gave the artifact users they didn't care about useless artifacts while giving their preferred candidates great artifacts.

‘Well, I guess it is expected that they would treat the woman with the Supreme Leader artifact well.’

However, at that moment… Something even more shocking happened.

What could it have been?

“Sunbae. You know what this is, right?”

Julien and Yoo Jaeha's hoobae, Shin Seung Hee, took out a problematic item.

It was Leonardo da Vinci's artifact!

Yes, this was Jaeha’s artifact!

Julien's subordinate ended up with Leonardo da Vinci's artifact!

Ilya gasped while Yoo Jaeha foamed at the mouth.

“Ah, fuck! Why the hell is my artifact over there?!”

Unfortunately, it was like pearls on a pig since Shin Seung Hee did not have the skills to activate it.

Julien started to laugh as he watched Jaeha's reaction.

“Seung Hee can’t transfer ownership so she has it right now but see what happens when we get out of the tomb. Da Vinci's artifact and the Heirloom are both mine. You just wait and see, Yoo Jaeha.”

Yoo Jaeha grabbed the back of his neck.

Now it made sense why Zhen Cai Yuan agreed to work with these restorer bastards.

There was a simple explanation.

‘Those bastards probably agreed to become exclusive restorers for China if she helps them get Heirlooms.’

That was the truth.

No matter what happened in the past, Julien was the top official restorer.

Yoo Jaeha may have pounded him to the ground but he still had the title of world’s greatest restorer.

China cherished restorers because Pandora swiped away all good restorers right now.

They were training some of their own but they would need time for them to get better.

Furthermore, they needed something like da Vinci's artifact to restore Divine-Grade artifacts and the Supreme Leader's artifact.
So, when the top restorers showed up in front of her and offered to be exclusive restorers for China if she helps them get Heirlooms?

In addition, they happened to have da Vinci's artifact with them?

It must have been a deal China could not turn down.

This situation looked quite problematic for Jaeha and Ilya.

‘We’re going to lose the Heirlooms to them like this.’

Zhen Cai Yuan would not have issues going through the traps and getting the Heirloom since she had Indra's artifact.

Ilya poked Jaeha and asked a question.

“Hey. Pushover. What the hell are you going to do? We have no useful artifacts right now.”

They would be too embarrassed to face Ju-Heon like this.

But at that moment…


There was another earthquake.

“Aaah! Again?! What is up with these earthquakes?!”

The Crow's chaotic aura shot out again. It was stronger than last time.

It was strong enough that the others noticed it as well.

“Hey, is this… is this what the Monarch of Fate prophesized?”
“This is that Crow's artifact?”

Zhen Cai Yuan must have felt that strong presence as she started to smile.

“This is……”

She had an extremely desiring look on her face.

And then… She quickly started to move in Ju-Heon’s direction.

She must be aiming for the Crow's artifact.

Yoo Jaeha became concerned and started to shout.


He didn’t know why, but he felt that it would be bad if this woman went to where his Captain-nim was right now.

That was probably the reason.

“Hey Professor. Why don’t you ignore those bastards and work with me?”

He needed to keep this woman here.

He also needed a way to gain an Heirloom. Finally, he also needed to get da Vinci's artifact back.

The Monarch of Pushoverness had found a way to kill three birds with one stone.

“Professor, you're interested in our Captain-nim, aren’t you? I'm right, aren’t I?”

Zhen Cai Yuan stopped moving and looked toward Yoo Jaeha.

“What does that have to do with you?”

Yoo Jaeha started to smile.

‘I got you now, you bitch.’

“What does that have to do with me? I'm thinking about giving you something extremely precious.”

And at the same time…

The Heirlooms were a mess. It was because of that damn Crow’s aura that was spreading throughout the Monarch’s tomb.

[Holy shit, what the hell is this?!]
[It’s the scent of that Crow!]

They were extremely anxious.

Zeus’s eagle had visited and told them the following.

‘Take a good look around the tomb. We can feel that Crow bastard’s aura.’

But even if they had gotten the warning…

They had ignored it until now.

They thought that something like that was not possible.

[The only ones in this tomb are the 15 Heirlooms.]

Only the 15 special artifacts to select the Monarchs were here.

That was what they believed.
15 total godly and evil godly artifacts.

15 artifacts to rule them all.

These artifacts would choose the humans they believed were qualified to be Monarchs and give them power beyond their wildest imaginations.

However, the scent of the Crow bastard they had exiled was spreading through their tomb right now.

[What is going on? Why is that bastard here?!]

Someone else responded.

[A, actually, it’s not that weird is it?]
[The Crow was originally one of the Heirlooms.]

It was just that it had its qualifications revoked and a different artifact had taken its place.

[D, does that mean there are 16 Heirlooms in this tomb then?]
[What’s most important is how that bastard got here!]

The Heirlooms became anxious.

They had not noticed it until now.

They had not realized that the Crow bastard had snuck into the tomb.

Around that same time…

Ju-Heon gulped after breaking the seal of the tomb and entering.

‘That motherfucking Crow. How the hell is this going to help me?’

It was rare to see Ju-Heon sweating bullets like this.

He became scared once he broke the wall and entered.

It was because he was reminded of the tomb where they had died.

It felt as if he was walking into a tiger’s den.
Byeon Kang-Soe had fainted a long time ago. The rope was fine but it was stuck on Ju-Heon's shoulder and looking around.

As the rope was doing that…

They walked through the small path and entered a wide area of the cave.

There was a small bit of light coming in from the ceiling.

It allowed him to see something sitting there.

[Human, you are here.]

It was a bastard with pitch black wings.

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