Chapter 259: Choose me (2)

[Sire. I believe the Crow's tomb is near this area.]


Ju-Heon stopped moving.

‘Wait, what did it just say?’

He looked at Byeon Kang-Soe in his pocket thinking that he had heard wrong.

“What did you just say?”

[T, the Crow-nim…… no, that crow that deserves to be cursed is near-by sire!]

Byeon Kang-Soe was shaking as he said that.

This reaction was understandable.

The Crow was an artifact that even Divine-Grade were extremely wary about.

There was no way that Byeon Kang-Soe's artifact, a mere B-Grade artifact, would not be scared of it.

Ju-Heon frowned after hearing it mention the Crow.

“The Crow's tomb is nearby?”

Ju-Heon found this to be odd. It wasn’t that he did not expect it.

‘The Monarch of Fate made that prophecy.’

He said that the Crow’s tomb would appear when the Heirlooms appear. That was something he would not forget.

However, Ju-Heon had believed that it was not this place.


‘I didn't feel the aura of the Crow's tomb at all.’

He had already been to the Crow's tomb once before. He would not forget the unique sensation of that tomb.
This was not Ju-Heon being arrogant; that was how impressionable the Crow's tomb was as it was a tomb that openly showed off its domineering strength.

It was a tomb that his team, the veterans among veterans, could not figure out.

It was a place where you were dead by the time you noticed a tomb and a place where, forget having a funeral for their fallen team members, they didn’t even have time to grab their bodies.

If that shitty tomb was here, he would have definitely noticed it.

It left such a terrible taste in his mouth that he was extremely wary of it.

But what?

"Did you say the Crow's tomb?”

[Yes sir, it is quite far, but……]

Ju-Heon thought for a moment before starting to walk in the original direction he had planned.

It was to be expected.

There was another Heirloom nearby.

[An extremely strong Heirloom is nearby.]

The rope reacted nervously and held onto Ju-Heon for dear life once again when he tried to move.

Not over there, no!

‘What’s up with this thing?’

Ju-Heon looked at the rope in disbelief but the rope was whimpering.

It was weird because it would not normally act like this.

There was a reason the rope was acting this way.

There's something dangerous over there! Something dangerous!

It was a dangerous bastard even among the Heirlooms.

It was better than that artifact that stalked Ju-Heon earlier, but it was still dangerous.

It was the type that cut away at its master's life.

The rope was flailing around trying to explain it to Ju-Heon.

Ju-Heon watched the rope make all sorts of odd motions before nodding his head.

“Got it. I understand exactly what you are trying to say.”

The rope’s face lit up after hearing that comment.


"It’s so nice of you to cheer me on. Thank you.”


The rope was shocked.

The rope turned pale after seeing Ju-Heon start to walk again.

T, that’s not what I meant!

The rope sniffled and chased after Ju-Heon, making Byeon Kang-Soe say something.

[S, sir, I think it is saying that you shouldn't go that way.]

“I know.”

He was just messing with it.

It looked quite cute as it desperately flailed around.

Ju-Heon soon started to focus and detect auras.

Seol-A would have been able to do it better if she was here, but she was not with him right now.

However, he could do just enough for what he needed.

[An evil artifact is being sensed.]
[A holy grail is being sensed.]
[An artifact of knowledge is being sensed.]
[An extremely chaotic Crow's aura is being sensed.]

Ju-Heon started to smile.

He could sort of tell where the Crow's tomb was located even without asking Byeon Kang-Soe.

Ju-Heon then nonchalantly chose a direction.

"Good, let’s head toward this holy artifact.”

[Yessir, I have a good feeling about that artifact as well.]

The tomb started to shake once he made up his mind.



Ju-Heon looked up at the ceiling after feeling this sudden shake.

“……Should I just aim for the artifact of knowledge then?”

[Ohhhh! That sounds great too, sire!]



The tomb started to shake again. Whatever was causing it seemed even more upset than earlier.

Ju-Heon chuckled and chose a direction.

“No. The evil artifact it is.”

The tomb started to shake as if the whole world was ending as Ju-Heon entered the middle road.


It seemed to be protesting why he had to pick that one of all things.

It was at that moment.

The tomb started to shake as if the thing responsible for causing this phenomenon was annoyed.

[S, sire!]

Of course, the tomb was not crumbling. The terrain was just shifting and creating a path for him.
A small path appeared to Ju-Heon's right.

The small path seemed to be asking him to come that way.

Some messages then popped up.

[It seems as if something good will happen if you take this path.]
[It seems as if you will become extremely lucky.]
[It seems as if you will gain an extremely beneficial artifact.]

Ju-Heon scoffed after reading those messages.

‘My goodness, look at this punk.’

As for how the others were doing…

“Ah shit, how the hell do I get in there?”

Yoo Jaeha was holding an axe as he tilted his head side to side inside a cave.

He had come to find his Monarch of Fraud’s Heirloom. He clearly remembered the place he went to in the past.


“Fuck, it’s impossible to go in here alone……”

He couldn’t do it alone.

This was an extremely dangerous path.

He went in with TKBM's excavation team in the past as well.

Yoo Jaeha peeked toward his friend(?) next to him.

“Hey, you go inside.”
“Are you crazy?”

Ilya, who barely managed to get away from the cannibals, was huffing as he looked back at Yoo Jaeha.

They could tell because they were both veterans.

‘We’re fucked if we go in there like this.’

That was why they were struggling out here when they barely made it to just about where the Heirloom was located.

"What to do……”
“The Heirloom is right in front of us…”

It was at that moment.

“What the? Why are you here?”
“It looks like you made a new friend.”

Yoo Jaeha's eyes opened wide after hearing some familiar voices.

He turned around and saw some people standing there.

‘Julien and Shin Seung Hee.’

Yoo Jaeha scoffed after realizing who they were.

“Sunbae……no, why are you shitheads here?”

Who were these people?

The official top restorer team was in front of him.

The number one official restorer, Yoo Jaeha's sunbae, and his hoobae were with them.

Julien started to frown after hearing Yoo Jaeha’s response.

He didn't like how Yoo Jaeha was coming off extremely strongly unlike before.

“Hmph, why else? We came back to regain our fame we lost because of you, you bastard.”
"We just need Heirlooms to become confirmed as Monarchs.”
“We're going to use that to get Professor Richard out of prison. Got it?”

They seemed to have plans on completely shaming Yoo Jaeha.

Yoo Jaeha just snorted at their bluff.

The Heirloom was right in front of them, however……

“You guys are going to get an Heirloom?”

They were restorers just like him. They were not attacking team members.

“You'd be lucky if you don't get fucked going in there.”
“It doesn't matter. We’re not the ones going inside.”
“The excavation team working with us will go in for us.”

It was at that moment.

“Oh my, I guess your captain…… Seo Ju-Heon is not here?”

They gasped at the Monarch who appeared in front of them.

‘T, that person is?!’

On another part of the island…

Daji was about to go crazy because of Irene.

It was fine that she was split away from Ju-Heon as soon as they got to this Monarch's tomb.

She knew this was the Heirlooms’ test to select Monarchs.

That meant that all artifact users would be disarmed.

Three women Daji had considered as thorns in her eyes, Irene, Lee Seol-A, and Chloe, were all on this island.

‘It’s a good chance to take care of those human women and take Ju-Heon for myself.’

Everybody was disarmed on this island.

It was not just out of a sense of jealousy.

Those women and one rope(?) were always getting in her way. They always stopped her when she went into her master’s bedroom to get some yang energy.
Even if she didn't need to worry about Chloe or the rope, Seol-A and Irene were big problems.

Ju-Heon was extremely close to those two women. It was both mental and physical.

Daji believed that Ju-Heon was not falling for her seduction because of those two women.

That was why Daji was desperate.

‘I need to use Seo Ju-Heon's yang energy to advance to an SS-Grade artifact here.’

She needed to take care of those women no matter what.

Well, she didn’t plan on killing them.
She didn't want Ju-Heon to hate her.

Although Daji just needed Ju-Heon for his yang energy, she actually liked Ju-Heon quite a bit.

That was why she was just going to meet Irene and the others while they were disarmed and teach them a lesson.

She would then try to take Ju-Heon's yang energy in this tomb without anybody getting in her way.

But what?

[Why the hell did I end up with the Monarch of Destitution as my master?!]

Daji was crying as she tried to kill Irene.

It was extremely shameful that Irene was her master.

She felt as if she was being forced to kneel in front of Irene. She felt as if she had turned into a maid.

Of course, Irene was nice to Daji when they first saw each other here.

How could she not?

Whether she liked it or not, Daji was Ju-Heon's artifact.


[Get lost! I don't want to be dominated by you!]

Daji tried to kill Irene and ended up being instantly suppressed by Irene.

Whether it was because she was a Monarch for a reason or because Ju-Heon's lessons were extremely effective…

Irene easily suppressed Daji even though she should have been difficult to handle.

She treated Daji nicely even though she did not like Daji very much.


[Human. Do you know which part of my body Seo Ju-Heon likes the most?]

Daji started to seriously get on Irene’s nerves!

She was doing it because putting a person in disarray would lower their Dominance!

However, forget Irene’s Dominance going down…

“Are you asking if I know what kind of skinship Mr. Ju-Heon likes?”

‘She's asking if I know where Mr. Ju-Heon likes being touched?!’

“You damn artifact of lust.”

‘What the hell did she just say?!’


Irene had exploded in anger.
Returning to the present…

[Kyaaaa! No, I was wrong, stop, stoooooop! Kyaaaa!]

Daji was being destroyed by Irene's Dominance.

She was a model student in Ju-Heon's classes and knew how to destroy artifacts unlike most people.

That wasn't all.

"What? What did you say about the Captain-nim’s yang energy? You damn artifact!”
“Where the hell did such a treacherous thing roll in from?! I was being nice to it until now because it is the Captain-nim’s artifact!”

[Let go of me! You damn concubines! I am the true wife!]

“Are you fucking crazy?!”

Daji now had to face not just Irene’s wrath but Seol-A and Chloe’s wraths as well.

Daji tried to call her subordinates out to defend but it was useless.

Daji forcibly had her powers removed and turned into a little girl.

There were people shaking in fear as they watched.

“A, as expected of a Monarch. She’s strong even without the artifact of destitution.”
“That’s not all. I'm sure that all of those women are Monarchs.”
“There are truly amazing people around Seo Ju-Heon.”

The Hunters who had approached to take care of them did not dare to get close.

“L, let’s run away for now.”

But at that time…

“Where do you think you’re going?”

They screamed after seeing a man place his hand on one of their shoulders.

“Y, you are?! The Monarch of Strategies!”

Julian smiled brightly.

“Just hand over everything you have.”

The area was soon full of screams.

All of the enemies foamed at the mouth and fainted because of artifact bombs. He then calmly took everything from them, including their wallets and artifacts.

The Monarch of Strategies seemed to have turned into the Monarch of Pillage for some reason.

Irene and the others were shocked to see this.

“Mr. Miller?”

Julian was relieved to see that they were all okay and started to speak.

“It looks like we need to start moving quickly. The main excavation teams seem to be arriving at the island one by one.”

He asked them if they had seen Ju-Heon or the others.

“I feel like I can sense an Heirloom around here……”

Seol-A looked anxious as she pointed to the north of the central region.

“I felt the Captain-nim’s aura over there.”

It was at that moment.

A bright light burst out from the stone mountain they expected Ju-Heon to be.

“That is?!”

Julian and Seol-A were especially shocked.

They saw a chaotic aura shooting up into the sky. This aura was familiar to both of them.

It was the same aura they had felt in the tomb where they had died.

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