Chapter 258: Choose me (1)

‘This voice is?’

The voice echoed throughout the cave.

It was very familiar to him.

It was the voice of an artifact.

However, it was not the Crow. He was used to the Crow’s voice since he had heard it multiple times. It didn't have this cunning and disgusting tone.

The Crow's voice sounded like a noble aristocrat man from the past.

Then was it one of his other artifacts?

No, that was definitely not it either.

He had some terrible bastards but most of them were more like mischievous goblins.

But this bastard was different. This artifact fell into the category of artifacts that Ju-Heon hated the most.

It fell under the category of the truly disgusting artifacts. It was one of those cunning and evil bastards that treated humans like pigs.

This voice was very similar to the voice of those bastards.

When was it…

‘Hey Cai Yuan, what is this?’

‘Ah, that thing?’

It must have been when he approached Zhen Cai Yuan because of Chairman Kwon’s order.

Chairman Kwon had been extremely close with the US at that time and cared a lot about what China was going to do since the two countries were about to go to war.

That was why he made Ju-Heon do what he often made him do and approach Zhen Cai Yuan.

Ju-Heon became so close to Zhen Cai Yuan that he had a chance to go deep into Zhen Cai Yuan’s laboratory.

He remembered seeing it at that time. It was a suspicious box.

‘What is this box? It looks like there are artifacts inside.’

‘Ah, it is a small version of a certain artifact.’

‘A certain artifact? You mean Pandora?’

‘The real Pandora artifact is much larger… But I got a piece of it by chance. I plan on using it against the US this time. I can show it to you if you're interested, Ju-Heon.’

‘Is that okay?’

‘I am happy to show you everything.’

The artifacts he had seen at that time…

She had said that there were terrible historical figures such as Hitler’s artifact along with some disease-type artifact as well.

The voice he was hearing now was the same as the voices of those terrible artifacts.

[Human, let us out of here.]
[We will turn you into the greatest king if you let us out of here.]

They were eerie and chilling voices.

He could not forget them because their voices were eerie and because their auras had been truly disgusting.

They were way too dangerous.
He had never heard about those artifacts until then.

‘Why would those artifacts from back then be here?’

A message popped up at that moment.

[Warning. A wicked artifact is hiding among the Monarchs’ Heirlooms.]
[Warning. That evil Monarch's Heirloom is approaching you.]
[Warning. It seems to like you a lot.]

A chaotic aura charged toward Ju-Heon.
It looked like a sharp black tentacle.

Boom! Booooooom!

The aura that was strong enough to be seen was stretching out through the cave and chasing after Ju-Heon.

[Warning, you are becoming vulnerable to an extremely strong level of tomb syndrome.]
[Your skin is starting to deteriorate because of the aura.]
[Your Tolerance is defending against it.]
[It is difficult to block all of it even with your Tolerance.]


Ju-Heon quickly started to run. However, the black aura that was stretching out like vines of thorns attacked underneath Ju-Heon's foot.


Ju-Heon had to jump out of the way to dodge. Debris started to fall from the ceiling as if to tease Ju-Heon.


It wouldn't be an issue if he had his Divine-Grade artifacts but all he had right now were Byeon Kang-Soe and the rope!


Ju-Heon grabbed the rope to barely dodge the debris. However, the artifact bastard wasn’t done.

[Humans truly are weak without Heirlooms.]
[The chaotic aura wishes to be with you.]
[It desires your body.]
[This unpleasant yet strong Heirloom likes you very much.]
[It wishes to contract with you.]

‘I don't need you, you bastard.’

He didn't know what it was but it gave him the chills.

‘What is this artifact?’

Even Ju-Heon had never seen this artifact before.

It was actually a dangerous and greedy artifact that had never been seen in the world before.

It’s chaotic aura tried to wrap around Ju-Heon.

But at that moment…

It’s too dangerous! It’s too dangerous!

The rope swiped Ju-Heon and got him away using strength that Ju-Heon didn't even know it possessed.


Ju-Heon who managed to get away was huffing and trying to catch his breath. However, it only lasted for a moment before he started to cough.

It was because of the rope.

There's something dirty on you! It’s on you!

The rope was grumbling as it started from Ju-Heon’s face to rub the evil artifact's aura off.

It looked extremely upset.

It didn't seem to like the fact that another artifact was desiring Ju-Heon.

It was at that moment.

[Warning. That bastard is approaching again.]

It now looked as if the rope was baring its fangs. It was telling the evil artifact to bring it on.

But it only lasted for a moment.


Ju-Heon quickly grabbed the rope's tail and used a skill, as if telling it that it was in the wrong spot.

[You used Tomb Destruction.]

Boo boo boom!

Ju-Heon quickly created a hole to escape.

‘Tsk, the one I’m going to contract first isn’t a bastard like that.’

Even if he planned to take all fifteen Heirlooms away, he still needed to pick a Heirloom to contract with first.

However, he didn't want a Heirloom like this even if it flung itself at him.

He had no plans on giving a bastard like this to any of his team members either.

‘It’s too dangerous.’

As he had that thought…

[Warning. The artifact is right behind you.]


The stalker artifact from earlier seemed to have quickly caught up to Ju-Heon.

It started to speak to Ju-Heon.

[I like you. Contract with me.]

It was trying to contract with Ju-Heon no matter what. Of course, Ju-Heon would not let it do as it pleased.

"Shut up and get lost. You’re not my type.”

That wasn't all. Ju-Heon recalled what Yoo Jaeha had told him.

‘You understand, Captain-nim? You cannot contract with just any Heirloom. The Heirlooms’ buffs are two sides of a coin.’

‘Two sides of a coin?’

‘You do become superhuman but some of them will give you a debuff instead. For example, your Dominance can go down to zero… You might become an eunuch… The opposite gender might lose all interest in you……sob.’

‘……That’s not what you had to deal with, is it?’

‘I used it because I wouldn't have been able to use Divine-Grade artifacts without it, but… fuck.’

Anyway, it was important to think things through before contracting a Heirloom. He wouldn't be able to contract with other Heirlooms if he contracted with this one first.
But most importantly, he didn't like how this bastard felt.

Unfortunately, this eerie artifact didn't seem to care about his thoughts as it grabbed Ju-Heon by force.

[It is rare to find such a strong Monarch like you. I like you.]

‘No? I don't like you.’

The black aura wrapped around Ju-Heon’s leg and started to crawl up.

[Danger. You are starting to erode.]
[The artifact is trying to force a contract on you.]

Byeon Kang-Soe must have felt something terrible as it shouted, ‘Sire!’

It then charged toward Ju-Heon but ended up destroyed as soon as it touched the aura.



The rope also got angry and tried to grab the bastard.

Ju-Heon realized something at that point.

‘No. That punk should be debuffed right now.’

He was right.


The rope started to erode the moment it touched the black aura. It was because it's opponent was so chaotic that it could not handle it.

It was at that moment.

The moment the suspicious artifact completely covered Ju-Heon's body and was about to force him to sign a contract…

The rope started to whine and its eyes flashed.

And at that moment…

[Who dares to put their hands on that human?!]

There was a familiar voice and a bright light flashed.

Ju-Heon and Yoo Jaeha had talked about something in the past.

It was in their past life.

“Iiiiiii~ will tell you something nice since you bought me some booze, retarded Captain-nim.”
“Hey retard, just go to sleep.”
"Damn it, just listen! I think that the artifacts are looking for a talented ruler among the humans!”
“A ruler?”
“Yeeeeeeeeeeees. They’re looking for a strong and influential ruler who can change the history of mankind. Someone like Jesus or Sakamuni? Well, the artifacts just want a strong destroyer who will shake human society on their behalf.”

He said that he believed that was why the Monarch's Heirlooms had appeared.


“Everybooooooody is the same if they don’t have artifacts.”

Artifacts were basically items. They were similar to equipment or potions in video games. That was why people became ‘regular’ again if that item was destroyed or stolen.

There were many ways they could lose artifacts.

However, things seemed a bit different once someone earned a Heirloom.

“You truly stop being a normal human once you get a Heirloom.”
“Is the reason you can survive after falling out of an airplane because of that?”
“Ah, ahem.”
“Crazy bastard.”

They seemed to make people superhuman so that they can handle artifacts better and more effectively than others and live much longer as well.

Even a cunning human wouldn't be able to do anything if they lost their strength, was assassinated, or arrested.

The Heirlooms were created to create humans who could bother other humans most effectively.

It was truly fitting of the artifacts’ desires.

Now back to the present… Ju-Heon had a pretty good idea now. This unknown artifact was desiring him for a similar reason.

He wondered if the Crow was looking at him the same way, but……

[Get lost artifact. Don’t you dare lay a finger on that human.]

A familiar aura that Ju-Heon presumed was the Crow's pushed the chaotic aura away.

[Evil Divine-Grade artifacts are clashing against each other.]

It was a clash between two extremely strong powers.

The shock from the battle destroyed the ground and the ceiling, making Ju-Heon fall underground.
Thankfully, that chilling artifact did not chase him any longer.


Ju-Heon caught his breath and started to think.

‘Did the Crow appear again?’

He wondered why it was here but decided not to think much about it.

That bastard was a stalker that always followed him around anyway.

But at that moment…

[Sire, sire! It smells.]

The shaking panties…… Err, Byeon Kang-Soe crawled out of Ju-Heon’s pocket.

[It smells!]

“You smell in my opinion.”

Ju-Heon became annoyed and tried to turn around.

“I need to go find a different Heirloom. One that is decent enough to contract.”

He could tell after coming up against one Heirloom.

‘They're strong.’

Ju-Heon started to smile with excitement.

That bastard he just saw might be unique but Heirlooms truly seemed to be at a different level. That was why he desired them even more.

He could now understand why the people with Heirlooms became much stronger.

Ju-Heon’s eyes were sparkling as he started to walk down a side path.

He could tell where to go after focusing for a moment.

‘I feel an extremely strong Heirloom in that direction.’

There were two Heirlooms in this area. He didn’t know why there were two here but he seemed to have made the right decision to come to the area that seemed to have the strongest artifacts.

This one gave a much better feeling than that chaotic one from earlier.
But at that moment…

Not over there! Not over there!


The rope was whimpering for some reason and tightly grabbing onto Ju-Heon's foot.

Ju-Heon got angry because it was pulling him in a direction where he didn't feel anything.

“Let go of me! It’s not over there.”

The rope vigorously shook its head.

No! No! Not over there!

“Let me go!”

No! No!

‘Why the hell is it acting like this?’

Ju-Heon was about to ignore it and go look for another Heirloom.


The tomb suddenly started to shake.

He tilted his head in confusion and tried to walk again.


The tomb started to shake with anger every time he tried to go to find a different Heirloom.

Ju-Heon didn’t know why that was happening.

He didn't know until Byeon Kang-Soe said something.

[Sire! I believe the Crow's tomb is near this area.]


Ju-Heon stopped moving.

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