Chapter 256: Strange Roommate (2)

‘What the hell is this thing's true identity?’

The rope was only an S-Grade artifact.

Well, it’s rank itself was nothing to look down on, but it was a different story right now.

‘This is the middle of a tomb.’

Most artifacts were at their strongest in their own tombs.

It was similar to a sports team playing on their home field.

That was why the other Divine-Grade artifacts were so easily abducted.

But the rope managed to resist it?

It was very suspicious.

‘Now that I think about it, this rope has defied logic in multiple ways.’

It had been able to subdue S-Grade artifacts as a C-Grade artifact and now, as an S-Grade artifact, even Divine-Grade artifacts ran away from it.

The doggie artifacts always gasped in fear whenever they saw the rope.
He had brushed it aside because it was useful and effective, but this was too suspicious.

‘How was it able to stay here?’

Ju-Heon stared at the rope and thought for a bit before finding his answer.

‘Why am I thinking about this? This punk even slapped the Supreme Leader.’

It's rebellious nature might be the greatest in the artifact world.

It wasn’t the type to get scared because the Heirloom artifacts ordered it to come.

That was why there was only one possible answer.

'It resisted it with its will.’

Of course, the Heirlooms were probably extremely angry right now.

That was the truth.

[What the hell is that artifact and why is it not responding to our summon?]

The owners of this Monarch's Tomb could not believe it.

This was unbelievable.

They had imprisoned the rest of the artifacts that had come to this tomb.
There were quite a lot of complaints coming from the underground area of this central region of the tomb.

[Ho, is this how you punks want to play?]
[How dare you lock us up in here!]

The artifacts were all here.

They were in this underground cave-like area, submerged in what seemed to be a shining lake.

They looked as if they had nonchalantly been thrown in there.

That wasn't all.

[You guys made it so that we could not use our powers.]

All of the artifacts there were grumbling.

[I know this is the Monarch selection process, but don’t you think this is too disrespectful?]
[These sons of bitches summoned us by force too. Huh? You guys want to start something? Let us out of here right now!]

The Heirlooms started to speak as Ju-Heon's Divine-Grade artifacts bared their fangs.

[Shut up, you Egyptian gods.]

There were a total of 15 Heirlooms.

Some of them looked human while others looked like beasts.

They continued to speak in an extremely overbearing tone.

[We are aware that you guys are trying to help that human, Seo Ju-Heon.]
[The fact that you guys are helping a human is quite well-known already.]
[You so-called Divine-Grade artifacts even cleared a tomb as his substitute.]
[How do you know about that?!]

Anubis sighed while looking at Set and Osiris who were feeling guilty.

Did they really think others wouldn't find out after they caused such a ruckus in the Tower of Pride?

[That’s why I told you guys not to over do i……]
[You're also an accomplice, Anubis.]

Set and Osiris started to sneer at him.

[That’s right, that's right Anubis, you were the one who got most riled up and swept them all away in the Tower of Pride.]
[Wow, those poor S-Grade artifacts. What did they ever do to you?]
[You diabolical bastard.]

Anubis felt wronged.

Set and Osiris had ordered him to destroy everything and they were now putting all the blame on him!

The Heirlooms snorted and looked at the Egyptian artifacts.

[To believe that you guys were won over by mere food or by treats.]
[What’s so entertaining about human women dancing?]

Set and Osiris started to get angry.

[Mere food?! Are you looking down on chicken, you bastard?!]
[Are you looking down on the uncle fans?! [1] You damn bastard!]

[Take that back right now!]

Their anger made the artifacts imprisoned with them shake in fear.

It was because the Egyptian gods were much stronger when looking at just their attacking abilities. They were Commander of the Corps and Division Commanders for a reason.

The Heirlooms were special Divine-Grade artifacts compared to other artifacts.

‘The Monarch’s Plate.’

That was the term given to these special artifacts.

It made the other artifacts respect them.

But there was still a limit to what the other artifacts were willing to tolerate.

[We went easy on you guys because you guys are the ones to pick the Monarchs but what?!]

However, at that moment…

One of the Heirlooms urgently shouted.

[Hey, that’s not important right now. That rope is the problem.]

They truly found the rope to be odd.

[Why doesn’t it respond to our summon? Do you know anything about it?]

Set sneered at them.

[Say it properly. You guys were unable to summon it.]

The Heirlooms started to frown. Set didn’t seem to like them paying attention to the rope.

[Whatever, that rope is just a mutant. You don’t need to worry about it.]
[Set, you son of a bitch, what the hell are you hiding?]
[Set you son of a bitch…… you're suspicious. You gave us quite the handful in the past with that Crow incident as well.]

Set snorted at them and responded.

[Why don’t you create more traps if you have the time to think about those things? There’s someone who is already nearby.]

As soon as he said that, Boom! They all felt an earthquake.

The central region they were in was shaking.

[Someone's already here?]
[They got past all of those traps?]
[Who is it? Who is already here?!]

Who else would it be?

“Huff! Huff!”

Julian was catching his breath around the tomb’s central region.

Although they might seem as if they are missing a few screws, Ju-Heon's team members were all talented.

They were all instantly getting through the traps and heading toward the central region.


“Good, I might be able to get inside if I do it a little more.”

Julian was mimicking Ju-Heon and creating artifact bombs before throwing them.

The bombs were quite effective.

"Good, just a few more times like this!”

Julian quickly reached his hand out.

“Hey! Give me a few more artifacts!”


[Hand over the money! Money! Hurryyyyyyyyyyyyyy!]


Julian let out a tiring sigh as he looked toward the screeching worm.

This was what he was stuck with.
He ended up with Ju-Heon's worm artifact. It was Xu Fu's greedy artifact that just wanted money.

It’s ability was to grow the Herb of Eternal Youth and it was just an artifact that ripped people off when the Herb of Eternal Youth was not around.

‘It really is taking everything.’

He had already had his wallet, shirt, and bag taken.

All that Julian had left now was his pants and his watch.

‘Why the hell did all of my artifacts have to disappear and something like this appear? This artifact is a shitty bastard like Seo Ju-Heon.’

He had no choice but to make deals with it since it was the only artifact he had with him, however……

[Hey, you beggar! Hurry up and hand over the money! I let you borrow the artifacts!]

‘Argh, why I outta.’

He didn't know what it was saying, but he could tell that this damn worm was acting like a loan shark.

[Hand over the money, moneeeeey!]

It was kicking him and writing ‘money!’ on the ground.
That was extremely weird.

In the end, Julian undid his watch and handed it to the worm.

The worm started to frown after looking at Julian’s watch.

And then…

[Get lost! I don’t need such a cheap thing!]
[Give me something else!]

Julian became upset.

“Hey, it might look like that but it’s pretty expensive!”

Julian soon sighed.

‘There’s no point to argue with a damn worm. I need to hurry up and get an Heirloom.’

He wasn't sure but he felt as if the other Monarchs were getting closer to the island.

They were probably less than 1km away.

He could feel the strong aura of Divine-Grade artifacts.

That was enough proof that the Monarchs were getting closer.

Well, they should have their artifacts forcibly taken and end up just like them as soon as they landed on the island.

That wasn't all.

‘There are some already hiding on the island.’

As proof of that……

‘They’re here.’

They probably thought that they wouldn't get caught but they were clearly visible to Ju-Heon's tomb raiding team members.

Large rocks started to fall toward Julian.


Julian quickly dodged.

He then saw some unfamiliar people on the trees.

“Stop him!”
“Don't let him get into that central region!”

He didn’t know which excavation team it was just yet, but what was clear was that they were enemies.

The enemies started to charge toward Julian while carrying knives.

Julian urgently called out to the worm.

“Give me one more artifact, I don't care what it is! Hurry up!”

[Then hand over your pants!]

Julian started to frown.

‘My pants?’

“Alright! I'll give it to you so hand it over!”

[Don’t forget the price! Human!]

The worm handed him a B-Grade pen artifact! Julian threw a fastball with an artifact bomb toward them.

And then…



Julian then handed the worm a pair of just-worn pants.

Of course, it wasn't his own.

“Here! Here’s the price!”

The worm was happy after receiving the enemy’s pants. It must be a decently expensive pair of jeans.

[Oh, this is a decent pair of pants.]

Julian continued to strip the enemies and the worm happily handed him artifacts.

The enemies looked shocked at this point.

"W, what the hell? Is he crazy?”

Julian just started to smile as if he had met some easy prey.

“Shut up and hand over everything you guys have while I'm asking nicely.”
“W, what did you say?”
“I'm in need of some artifacts right now.”

They screamed once Julian came closer.

“S, Seo Ju-Heon is here!”

Julian started to twitch his eyebrows in anger.

“Hey. I'm not Seo Ju-Heon.”
“Then someone like Seo Ju-Heon has appeared!”

The fallen(?) Julian charged toward them.

He had become a looter…

And he seemed to be enjoying this new life.

Around the same time…

“Damn it, stop chasing me!”

Ilya, who was running unlike his usual self, was grinding his teeth in the jungle area.

He knew that his artifactphile captain would head toward the central region of the tomb.

That was why he had come here, but……

“Stop chasing me!”

He was being chased by about five cannibals.

He would usually use his devils or magic to destroy these bastards, but…

“Ah fuck, even if it was random, why this one?!”

Ilya was swearing while looking at his artifact.

But at that moment…

“Ahahahaha! What the hell? You’re being chased?!”

Ilya quickly turned his head after hearing a familiar voice.

This voice definitely belonged to that shithead Yoo Jaeha!

But he smiled, thinking it was his chance to get out of this predicament.

“Hey! Pushover! Great, help me ou……”

Ilya turned pale after looking behind him.

“Ahahaha! Who is going to help whom?! I have more, ahehehe!”

‘He’s gone crazy.’

They were in the same predicament.

Yoo Jaeha was also being chased by cannibals.

In fact, Ilya had it easy being chased by five cannibals. Yoo Jaeha had close to 100 of them behind him.

“Hehehe! You're going to be a roast too, a roast!”

‘Ow, this useless son of a bitch!’

"Don’t come this way! Stop, you son of a bitch!”

However, Yoo Jaeha was happy to see the artifact in Ilya’s hand.

“Hey! What the hell?! You at least got a decent artifact unlike me! Use the artifact! It’s useful! Save me!”

That was technically true.

Ilya might have gotten a useful artifact compared to the other members.

He got lucky and ended up with an attack-type artifact.

[Silver Axe (B-Grade:Rare-Grade - Consumable Artifact)]

Well, they didn't really know if it was an attack-type but at least it had a sharp end. It was able to kill people.

Furthermore, it was Ju-Heon’s artifact.

Yoo Jaeha seemed to find it reliable as he started to shout.

“Hey! Use that to do something!”

Ilya started to foam at the mouth.

“Are you crazy? I can't use this!”

Ilya was a mage-type artifact user who used spell book artifacts.

His stamina, reflexes, toughness and all fighting related stats were much lower than the average person due to the risk of those artifacts.

He would pretty much die with a single hit.

There was no way he could fight a close-ranged fight.

That was why he could only swear.

‘Fuck, of all artifacts!’

“Hey! Pushover! You use this then!”
“Sorry! I can't reach it!”
“Then what can we do?!”

Yoo Jaeha started to laugh.

"What else? Go! Go little chick! Become Jason!”

‘I'm going to kill this guy!’

1. Uncle fan is the term for a fan who is so much older than the idol that the idol could be their niece

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