Chapter 254: The Monarch’s Tomb (4)

They became anxious.

How could they not be?

It was the tomb of the Crow bastard they had imprisoned a long time ago in the past.

‘Why is that bastard there?’

The artifacts that should come out of the Monarch's Tomb are their allies. Heirlooms were special artifacts and sat on their fancy asses except to come out to judge the Monarchs.
They were also artifacts that had helped them imprison the Crow.

That was why there was no way that the Crow bastard would be a part of a tomb they had created.


‘There’s no way it would be there.’

That was not where they had imprisoned the Crow.

‘We imprisoned that bastard in that Great Prison.’

Zeus’s Eagle, the same one that was sent to eat Prometheus’s liver, cautiously asked.

[Do you think it is a coincidence and just happened to show up there because it is a drifting tomb that moves around?]

Could it really have been a coincidence?

Rothschild shook his head.

Even if it is a drifting tomb, it would not show itself so easily.

‘Unless the seal is removed that is.’

It was a special tomb that hundreds of Divine-Grade artifacts had worked together to seal. There was no way to call that tomb out without having all seven artifacts from the 7 Great Tombs that were the keys for it.

‘I'm sure it's nothing.’

But it wouldn't hurt to be cautious.

[Send our allies over there.]

Rothschild gave the Eagle an order.

The eagle said it understood and flew away.

“A total of twenty people. These are the total number of people who are currently listed as Monarchs. We purposely added five spots from the original 15 because of Seo Ju-Heon’s group taking some of the spots but they are the 15 who will become Monarchs in the end.

[Monarch of Plunder]
[Monarch of Pushoverness]
[Monarch of Strategies]
[Monarch of Harassment]
[Monarch of Proclamation]
[Monarch of Gambling]
[Monarch of Wealth]
[Monarch of Surplus]
[Monarch of Abundance]

[Monarch of Gluttony]
[Monarch of Healing]
[Monarch of Conquest]
[Monarch of Sales]
[Monarch of Perversion]
[Monarch of Seduction]
[Monarch of Games]

There were all sorts of Monarchs.

The screen showed a live feed of where they were moving.

The one that stood out the most was the Monarch of Plunder.

Rothschild started to grind his teeth.

“The Monarchs there right now are candidates selected by the system artifact. Only the 15 who get the Heirlooms will become the true Monarchs. Do you understand, everyone?”

They all started to shout.

“Hurry up and send the Monarchs and their excavation teams. We must not let Seo Ju-Heon take the artifacts!”

“Fuck, it’s another miss!”

The TKBM excavation team members could not hold it in any longer and started to swear.

“That motherfucking Monarch of Pushoverness bastard!”

They kicked the chuckling statue in front of them.

They seemed to have destroyed another fake Seo Ju-Heon.

The Monarch of Fate did share the prophecies, but they weren’t so stupid that they would blindly listen. They knew that Ju-Heon had done that to steer them in the wrong direction.

"Seo Ju-Heon is aiming for those artifacts as well.”
“The smartest thing would be to tail him…!”

But that dogshit Yoo Jaeha bastard pulled this shit again!

“I can't handle it anymore, let’s stick an assassin on Yoo Jaeha. We can aim for him when he’s sleeping.”
“No, just kill him in the middle of the street.”

Yoo Jaeha seemed to have instantly become unable to sleep or even walk out on the streets as he pleased.

“Ah, Yoo Jaeha is one thing but the Monarch of Fate is driving me crazy!”
“Exactly. What if the Chairman-nim gets unlucky and ends up not becoming a Monarch?”

TKBM was one of the excavation teams that, until recently, had a secret connection with the Monarch of Fate.

They were one of the people who were screwed over by Ju-Heon's shenanigans.

They became angry after looking at the article in the newspaper.

[Pandora system artifact: “Only those with the Heirlooms will be finalized as Monarchs.”]
[The excavation teams that are suddenly in danger: “We cannot miss out on a Monarch position.”]
[This might be the last chance to become a Monarch.]

‘What the hell do they mean by the last chance?!’

"Do they know how much money we poured into Pandora?!”

They would have easily gotten their hands on an Heirloom and become a Monarch as long as Seo Ju-Heon had not abducted the Monarch of Fate.

“What if none of the candidates we’ve been backing end up as Monarchs?”
“The number of people applying for the excavation team would go down if the captain is not a Monarch……”
“How the hell is the playing field going to change…”

The world would change four times as the Monarch of Fate had prophesized. The world would go through extremely drastic changes each of those four times.

Those changes were a sort of opportunity.

Someone shouted at that moment.

“Wait a minute, doesn't that mean that we have a chance too?”
“We can become Monarchs if we earn those Heirlooms ourselves.”

Silence filled the area for a moment.

Their gazes almost instantly changed.

“Now that you mention it, that is true.”
“Isn’t this the chance to change our lives?”

They had considered the Monarch position to be something reserved for the rich until now.

‘Other than a few of them, most of those so-called Monarchs are nothing.’

Bastards with a decent amount of money and power who met the minimum requirement for their level of Dominance had been listed as candidates.

“Honestly speaking, we're not lacking in skill compared to those bastards.”
“That’s true.”

The Expert-Grade artifact users on the Elite excavation teams started to riot.

“Hey! Find the Heirlooms!”
“They said five generations of your family will be able to live lavishly if you become a Monarch!”

That was the start of the destruction of numerous excavation teams.

The Monarchs were starting to get headaches because of the situation.

“What did you say?! The atmosphere is weird with our employees?”
“Yes sir, I believe that some of them have become hyenas aiming for the Heirlooms.”

The Monarchs in charge of excavation teams had to deal with this negative fallout.

Thanks to Seo Ju-Heon, a lot of them were getting led astray and thinking that anybody could become Monarchs.

"Did your team revolt as well?”
“All of them seem to be distracted right now.”
“It’s all because of that damn Monarch of Fate!”

There were many Monarchs who had deals with the Monarch of Fate.

Pretty much all Monarchs except Ju-Heon were the Monarch of Fate’s clients at some level.

The people who had purchased a Monarchs position with their money were angry. That was why they were shouting like this.

“Seo Ju-Heon, you son of a bitch!”

Ju-Heon was turning into a ‘dog’ quite a few times today.

Around the same time…

“The Monarch's Heirlooms seem to have appeared by the Pacific Ocean.”

The General Secretary of the Chinese Community Party and other political executives informed the Supreme Leader artifact user. Professor Zhen Cai Yuan, the Monarch of Gluttony, smiled brightly at them.

“Yes, I've heard as well. Our team member, Lee Seol-A, told me about it.”

The Chinese executives’ expressions lit up after hearing that.

“Oh, Lee Seol-A told you?”
“I thought we had lost her to Seo Ju-Heon but she seems to be doing her job properly.”
"She’s talented but the fact that she is so young was concerning……”

They had placed Seol-A around Ju-Heon as a spy but they seemed to have been worried whether she would do her job correctly.

Things were bound to happen when a young man and a young woman were together.

“Anyway, there was nothing especially concerning but we were planning on getting rid of her because we were antsy about what happened to her……”
“I even considered using her family to threaten her.”

Zhen Cai Yuan told them not to do that and smiled.

“It's fine. That child is properly handing over information about Seo Ju-Heon to me.”
“That’s a relief.”

Zhen Cai Yuan started to smile.

Like hell Seol-A was giving her information on Seo Ju-Heon. Seol-A had not even contacted Zhen Cai Yuan once.

However, Zhen Cai Yuan was still protecting Seol-A.


‘I might be able to win some points with Seo Ju-Heon by doing this.’

The fact that Ju-Heon cherished his team members seemed to be true.

And most importantly…

‘Technically, I am getting information.’

Zhen Cai Yuan was happy while looking at her phone. The phone was full of documents she had hacked from the Chinese executives.

To be more specific, it was the phone of the superior Seol-A was reporting to, with information about Ju-Heon.

Zhen Cai Yuan had hacked that phone so that she could read everything Seol-A sent.

There was nothing important but she was able to get some ‘important’ information about Ju-Heon.

‘Seo Ju-Heon, height 183cm, weight 74kg. Foot size is 275 mm.’

Anybody else would wonder if these were truly important things.

‘Should I send him some clothes or shoes as a gift this time?

Maybe I should send him a book since he has a written text addiction? Or how about a pair of gloves since he seems to like boxing?’

Zhen Cai Yuan seemed quite obsessed now.

She had never found a man who had peaked her interest like this.

‘At first it was to get rid of a hindrance, but……’

She sent e-mails and text messages every single day to gain Ju-Heon's interest but she was ignored and ignored again.

She probably never faced such treatment in her life as she was the type who would be hit on no matter where she went.

She seemed quite excited about this Monarch's Tomb issue.

‘I should be able to meet with Seo Ju-Heon again if I go to find the Heirlooms, right?’

She didn't seem to be thinking about the fact that she would be ignored again.

“It looks like the hyenas are about to gather.”

The team members were shocked to hear that.

It was shocking enough that an island suddenly shot up out of the Pacific Ocean once Ju-Heon arrived with artifacts from the 7 Great Tombs. They were in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and didn’t even have service on their phones but what?

“How do you know they are coming?”

Ju-Heon just laughed instead of responding.

‘How do I now?’

[Divine-Grade artifacts are slowly getting closer.]
[The Goddess of Beauty is slowly getting closer.]
[A violent devil is slowly getting closer.]

It was thanks to the messages popping up nonstop in front of him.
This was the reason he didn't need Pandora’s system artifact. His Spy skill was much better than it’s detection.

‘But there’s a lot of people I've never seen before.’

Monarchs from around the world were coming because of the importance of this tomb.

‘All of the artifacts popping up on the messages are probably Divine-Grade artifacts.’


[A terrible stench is slowly getting closer.]
[The curse of not wanting to do anything is quickly moving.]
[A pervert is approaching.]

‘What the hell are these things?’

They were Monarchs he had never seen before.

‘Well, there were 33 Monarch candidates in the past before the final 15 were determined……’

Basically, over half of them would fail.

Yoo Jaeha packed their bags and gasped while looking outside.

“I didn't know I would end up somewhere that is not on a map.”

That was right.

They arrived at a nameless island on the South Pacific Ocean. It was not very far from Guam. The island was small enough that a person could probably drive all around it in one hour.

But this island should have sunk underwater a long time ago. It was a small island that had completely disappeared from all maps but it was different now.

‘It is a temporary island created by the artifacts.’

That was why it was an unknown island not on maps that could not be detected.

The water around it was blue and the sandy beaches were white but it was no vacation spot. The proof of it was the forest and cliffs closer to the center of the island.

It definitely gave off the smell of a dangerous deserted island.

Ilya had to have quite the intimate(?) conversations with the crew to get to this island that was not on any maps.

Well, Ilya basically modified the captain's mind and changed the route.

The other people on the ship, including the crew, were all asleep.

“I'm sure they’ll return on their own once they wake up.”
“How are we going to leave?”
“Do you really think only a few people are going to come here?”

Basically, he was saying that they would steal someone’s ship to leave.

The rest of the team members sighed.

“Anyway, be careful. The island is full of chaotic artifacts.”

Ju-Heon smiled and took out the five artifacts from the 7 Great Tombs again.

They started to react.


The island suddenly started to shake.

[You are awakening the sleeping Monarch’s Tomb.]
[Five of the seven regions are awakening.]
[The entrance will be revealed as an advantage to the individuals with artifacts from the 7 Great Tombs.]

Pillars of light that only Ju-Heon could see shot up from multiple spots on the island along with that message.

Ju-Heon quickly had everyone touch the artifacts from the 7 Great Tombs.

"That light…!”
“Hurry up. We are heading toward the area with the strongest aura first.”

Once they got off the ship and took a step onto the island…

[Are you the Monarch candidates?]

It was an unfamiliar voice.

The message window started to shake.

[Warning, a strong aura is descending]
[Warning, a strong aura is descending]

Something unexpected happened.


All of the team members disappeared and Ju-Heon was teleported elsewhere as well.

“Mr. Ju-Heon!”

All of the team members seemed to have been teleported to different spots on the island.

It was at that moment.

[All of the artifacts in your possession have flown off somewhere.]
[However, the special benefit for possessing artifacts from the 7 Great Tombs will continue.]
[You are still able to see the location of the tomb entrance.]

They all heard a voice echo throughout the island.

[True strong artifact users who are the first to step onto the Monarch’s Tomb.]
[You are each allowed one artifact in your possession.]
[You have each been given the artifact most suitable for you.]
[Use them to get to us if you can.]

The team members all quickly looked for their artifacts after hearing those messages.

All of their artifacts were really gone. This seemed to be this tomb's trial, however……

“Fuck! Why the hell did I get stuck with this one?! My da Vinci's artifact! How the hell am I supposed to survive with this?!”

[Oh, yes! I knew you would choose me! Hey booooooy!]

“Ack! I don't know how to use this guy at all!”

Yoo Jaeha was in despair while looking at the happily dancing artifact of envy, Salieri’s artifact, of the 7 Great Tombs.

“What the hell?! Why the hell did Seo Ju-Heon's artifact end up with me?!”

[What the, do you have any money?]

Julian fell to the ground after seeing the worm in front of him.

Their artifacts seemed to have been swapped as well.

Around the same time…


Ju-Heon sighed after seeing that his useful doggies had all disappeared.

And why did this artifact of all things have to be left with him……

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