Chapter 238: We are important people too (3)

Ju-Heon urgently ran out of the workroom.


The loud noise made the people who were sleeping wake up in shock.

“What is it, what’s going on?”
“Uhh…… I feel like I heard the Captain-nim’s voice for some reason.”

Whether they heard his voice or not, they felt as if they could feel Ju-Heon's Dominance as well.

That might have been why Chloe's eyes flashed.


This was definitely Ju-Heon's Dominance. Other people might not be sure but Chloe, who thoroughly touched Ju-Heon’s entire body quite frequently, could tell.

“The Captain came here?”

Chloe rushed out of the room and found Seol-A standing there.

“Where’s the Captain?”

Seol-A pointed outside instead of responding.

Seol-A was checking something before she could rush after Ju-Heon. It was the screen of the security camera. She was looking at the screen Ju-Heon had seen before running out.

They had installed the CCTV because all of the artifacts were in Yoo Jaeha's workroom.

Of course, these were not regular cameras.


These surveillance artifacts were recording everything without any blind spots, however…

“I don't see anything out of the ordinary.”

Chloe said with confusion.

But at that time…

“Oh, he’s there. Ilya is there.”

Julian was the one who had said that. He still seemed half asleep as he was looking at the screen while frowning.

They could see a parking lot on the screen. There was a young man in his late twenties who seemed to be working on something.

Normal people would not be able to see what was going on because Ilya had cast a barrier, but Julian could see it thanks to Kongming's artifact.

“He hasn’t modified the CCTV recording yet, so Ju-Heon should be able to catch him if he goes there right now.”

But that was not important right now.

"The Captain was here?”
“The Captain-nim was really here?”

Yoo Jaeha chimed in as well.

Their expressions showed what they were all thinking. Their eyes were sparkling as well.

"Why did the Captain-nim come here? Did he come looking for us? Huh? Huh? Did he say he would hire us back?”

Seol-A looked toward the direction Ju-Heon went before nodding her head.

“Yeah… It seems as if he disbanded the tomb raiding team for a moment because of Ilya. He will restore it after…”

Julian and Yoo Jaeha’s faces lit up after hearing that.

“Restore? Did you say he would restore things back to normal?”
“The Captain-nim said that?”

The two were so happy that they could not control themselves but pretended as if they were as cool as cucumbers after seeing Seol-A's gaze.

"Ho, I knew Seo Ju-Heon would back down.”
“See, see! There are no better people in the world than us.”
“I knew he would hire us back.”
“My words exactly!”

‘Like hell you guys knew.’

Yoo Jaeha had cried while clutching his phone and Julian had a mental breakdown.

But they triumphantly pointed their noses in the air as if they had never acted that way.

“Even if he says he will hire us back…”
“Does he really think we will come back?”
“My thoughts exactly. He needs to learn to treat people better.”

Seol-A cut them off at that point.

“He didn't say he would rehire the two of you.”

Their snickering faces instantly turned pale.

‘Wait, what did she just say?’

“He’s not going to hire us back?!”

They desperately grabbed Seol-A’s arm.

"Why?! For what reason?! Why?!”

Seol-A became flustered.

“I, I don’t know! He said he was only going to rehire Chloe and me…….”

They started to pull at their hair.

“This is discrimination! He’s discriminating against us for being men!”
“This is a conspiracy, a conspiracy!”
“This is tyranny! Aaaaaaaaahh!”

The two Monarchs had mental breakdowns once again.

At the same time…

“Yes, inform that person about it.”

Ilya was on the phone with someone.

“Yes, I'm about to ambush their workroom soon.”

He was planning on entering Yoo Jaeha's workroom and modifying their memories.


“It doesn't feel like they have disbanded completely.”

The timing was too perfect.

‘Seo Ju-Heon fired them before I could disband them? How can that happen with such perfect timing?’

Well, the truth was that they had submitted their letters of resignation and Ju-Heon had accepted them.

‘It’s too unnatural.’

It felt as if Ju-Heon had disbanded the tomb raiding team knowing that he was aiming for them.

‘I would have normally withdrawn after seeing that the team has been disbanded, but……’

“The seniors hate Seo Ju-Heon's tomb raiding team way too much.”

[That’s why you need to make sure it’s taken care of properly? But why didn't you hire the Monarch of Evangelism? The Monarch of Evangelism has his assassination brigade.]

“No. I thought about doing that but that person seemed to be after one of Seo Ju-Heon’s team members……”

It was at that moment.

‘Who is that person?”

Ilya gasped after suddenly hearing a voice behind him.

It was understandable.

‘Seo Ju-Heon?! Why is that bastard here?!’

That wasn't important right now.

Ju-Heon should not have been able to hear him since he had cast a barrier.

‘How did he find me?’

Ilya urgently looked around.

He was in a transparent area that made it look as if everything around him was warping. Ilya was hiding himself inside that barrier.

‘The barrier is still fine.’

Ju-Heon must not be able to see Ilya as he was looking around.

“So where did you say Ilya Volgof is?”

Ilya became anxious.

‘Was I wrong? Did he not find me?’

It was at that moment.

“Ah, over there?”

Ju-Heon quickly walked closer to Ilya.

“Ah, a bit more to the left?”

It sounded as if he was talking to someone.

And at that moment! Grab!

Ilya gasped.

Ju-Heon had walked over and grabbed him by the collar.

Ilya almost screamed.

‘It doesn't seem like he used an artifact of detection.’

How was Ju-Heon able to grab him?

But this was easy for Ju-Heon.


Seo Ju-Heon! It’s Seo Ju-Heoooooooon!

Over here! Here! Hurry up and fuck him up! Fuck him up!

Ilya was hiding himself with artifacts but those artifacts were the problem.

Hey hey, he said ‘that person’ is aiming for Seo Ju-Heon’s team members!

He was planning on ambushing your team members now!

I did well, right?! I did well, right?!

So please give me a discount on my rent! Hmm?

Ju-Heon started to laugh.

“Sure, I'll give you a discount. One million won for now.”

Wow! Hooray! Hooray!

Ilya, who was hearing what Ju-Heon was saying, was extremely anxious now.

‘What the hell is this bastard doing talking to himself?’

But other artifacts started to complain.

Hey! Why are you only giving him a discount?! I'm the one who kept this bastard here!

No! It was me, me!

I'm the one that gave you the information! Hey hey, Seo Ju-Heon! This bastard seems to be connected with the Monarch of Evangelism!

Ju-Heon started to smile.

“Oh, you're in contact with the Monarch of Evangelism too? That’s great.”

Ily felt as if he was going crazy.

‘What the hell is up with this bastard?’

He was honestly scared.

It was at that moment. Ilya decided things weren't good and tried to push Ju-Heon's hands away to run.


“You’re too slow, you little punk.”


Set's artifact was activated.


There was an invisible gust of wind as sharp as blades around Ju-Heon once he activated Set's artifact.


Kakakakakaka! Die! All who mess with my master must die!

Set, who had received a franchise chicken shop from Ju-Heon recently, was extremely excited.

Ju-Heon just thought it was better to give a whole store than to order ten whole chickens a day, but Set was extremely happy.

He was even making a bit of money selling chicken in this shop.

He was a proud chicken shop business owner.



A sandstorm that could even turn buildings into dust descended around them.


The ground split open, the trees nearby were cut down, and that vicious wind instantly broke Ilya's barrier and his artifacts.



Ilya was completely visible now that his barrier and his artifacts were destroyed.

Ilya plopped down on the ground.

‘I got you now, you damn thief.”

Ju-Heon stomped on him as he smiled brightly.

"What? A backer at the Four Emperors level?”

Julian was quite shocked. Seol-A was telling him what Ju-Heon had told her.

It was shocking enough that Ju-Heon had disbanded the tomb raiding to take care of Ilya, but…….

“There’s one of the Four Emperors behind Ilya…?!”

Yoo Jaeha tilted his head in confusion.

“Didn't the Captain-nim destroy half of the Four Emperors already?”

Keira, the Monarch of War.

‘The Captain-nim already got rid of Keira.’

Zhen Cai Yuan, the Monarch of Gluttony?

He wondered if it was her, but Ju-Heon would have said it was Zhen Cai Yuan if it had been her.

As for Chairman Kwon…

“That old bastard should be a bag of bones thanks to Ramesses’s artifact by now. He needs to jerk off in moderation if he wants to live a long life.”

There was no need to even bring him up.

Then the only one who was left was……

‘The Monarch of Evangelism?’

They had thought he had disappeared the moment Ju-Heon had taken the Avesta Sacred Text.

“Is it that bastard?”

Julian looked at him as if he was stupid.

“Hey, Monarch of Fraud. You really don’t know?

He’s talking about TKBM's shadow boss who was in charge of the aftermath clean-up crew and the assassination team!”

“Huh? That’s none of my business!”

Yoo Jaeha pretended as if he didn’t know but there was no way that he didn't know about that person.

TKBM's shadow boss.

Chairman Kwon was the visual face as the CEO of the TKBM Empire, but the Monarch of Love was the man in the shadows.

He did that for fun but he was actually a major player in the underworld.

He was a man who did all sorts of things from destroying evidence, modifying world events, assassinations to many others.

He had been one of the Four Emperors for a very short period of time in the past. He was one of the main individuals responsible for turning TKBM into an Empire.

“The Monarch of Love.”

He was sworn brothers with Chairman Kwon.
But he had stepped down from the Four Emperors position even though he was extremely strong.


‘You need the Four Emperors position? Really? Okay then, you can have it, hyung-nim.’

He had handed over a position in the Four Emperors, something that anybody would love to have, over to Chairman Kwon. He had done it without any hesitation.

Even Ju-Heon, who had been planning on quite a war to get it, had been flustered.

‘That person is strong beyond our wildest imagination.’

In some ways, Pandora of the past could have been quite difficult if he had not given away his spot in the Four Emperors.

‘That man really might have become the overlord.’

That wasn't all. It was for a short time but there were rumors about that man being Ju-Heon's instructor.

‘He’s one of the top individuals in the entire world when it comes to using artifacts.’

The team members were shocked at the name Julian mentioned.

“When you say the Monarch of Love, you mean that………!”

He was such a saint and a pacifist that people wondered if he had Mother Teresa’s artifact or something.

‘He's worse than Chairman Kwon.’

"That person is probably stealthily aiming for an Heirloom this time. He probably sent his aftermath clean-up crew to locate the Monarch of Fate.”
“Please hold on a minute. That old man is Ilya’s backer? Nah, no way. Already?”
“Has the Captain's intuition ever been wrong?”

That was true.

Although that petty captain of theirs had ignored the new applications they submitted to get their jobs back…
“But I don't remember seeing his name on the artifact users list……”
“He’s probably making his move under the radar. He is stealthily gathering artifacts.”

That made Seol-A realize her mistake.

Ju-Heon had said the following while looking at the scouting offers that had come for them earlier.

‘Well, there is a bastard that he wants to drag out by the hair through Ilya.’

‘A bastard you want to drag out?’

‘There are monopolizers who are hiding themselves and pretending as if they don't exist. Honestly speaking, those bastards are the most annoying to deal with. You never know when they’ll show themselves and rush past you. But that son of a bitch is not someone who would sit still and not scout Monarchs.’

Ju-Heon, who had a big tomb to deal with soon, had no plans to waste this opportunity.

‘I hate being followed.’

At that moment…

“Oh, Ilya is with Seo Ju-Heon right now?”

At a beach in Hawaii…

A middle-aged man relaxing under a parasol started to smile.

“There are no hindrances?”

[Yes sir. Seo Ju-Heon's tomb raiding team has been disbanded as you wished, Chairman-nim.]


Chairman Kwon’s sworn younger brother, Kwon Hyuk Soo. He was quite a peculiar man.

He was a wealthy man who had asked Chairman Kwon to be sworn brothers just because they had the same last name. He was one of the world's top three influential figures in the finance world and was stealthily assisting TKBM from the shadows.

That was why there was no way he didn’t know about everything Ju-Heon had done to mess with Chairman Kwon.

Well… He actually seemed quite interested in Ju-Heon.

“I see, and how is hyung-nim?”

[H, he is still working hard to get it down……]

Kwon Hyuk Soo started to laugh like a maniac.

“Wow, hyung-nim is so amazing at his age. He truly deserves to be my hyung-nim. I guess I’ll send him some women next time.”

[U, umm…… He might really die if you do that sir.]

“Anyway, I’ve been quite interested in Seo Ju-Heon, so that’s great. It’s obvious that even Seo Ju-Heon would be no match for Ilya…”

Kwon Hyuk Soo’s eyes flashed.

“Deliver a message to Ilya. Modify that bastard’s memories. I'll be there soon.”

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