Chapter 234: Abducting someone is bad (2)

“Fuck, I'm going crazy.”

The Monarch of Fate started to pull at his hair.

It had already been a few days since he was abducted by Seo Ju-Heon. The Monarch of Fate continued to swear after seeing the piles of items around him.

It couldn't be helped, since he was still imprisoned inside a restroom. He also had an issue with the piles of items inside the restroom with him.

[Extremely strong sleeping pill ‘Fall asleep immediately.’]
[Sleeping pill ‘You'll never open your eyes again.’]
[Sleeping pill ‘Let’s sleep until we die.’]

Sleeping pills over here and sleeping pills over there!

“Ah, so crazy!”

There seemed to be at least 500 boxes of sleeping pills!

The Monarch of Fate started to swear at the CCTV on the ceiling.

“Hey, fuck, I'm going to die if I stuff myself with so many sleeping pills!”

He heard a voice respond in the speaker.

[Don't worry. We’ll get your stomach pumped if it looks as if you’re going to die.]

It was Chloe.

[So, just relax and eat them to fall asleep. That’s the only way for you to see the future.]

The Monarch of Fate grabbed the back of his neck after hearing the doctor’s calm voice.

‘How are there no normal people on this damn tomb raiding team?!’

That was right. These bastards were keeping him imprisoned and threatening him to look into the future.


[Live broadcast of Seostradamus's Daily Future Forecast.]

It was because of the TV program that Ju-Heon had created.

Ju-Heon had created a suspicious(?) program after calling the camera crew over.

He then had the Monarch of Fate predict things that would happen in the near future.

They were in numerous categories.

[Today's report is about the results of the sports competition happening later today!]
[Today's stocks are looking…]
[Today's weather!]
[Today's report is information about tombs and artifacts!]

Of course, Joshua was not the one on TV.

“Ohhhh! Irene! Ireeeeeeeeeeeene! Show us your face!”
“Oh, the Monarch of Pushoverness is not a bad emcee.”
“He gets to be on the same program as Irene! I'm going to kill you, you damn Monarch of Pushoverness!”
“I'm so jealous of Seo Ju-Heon! I heard he’s close to Irene!”

The ones on the show were Irene, the total babe, and Yoo Jaeha, the likeable talker who looked as if he would be a good MC.

[He’s here again today! Seostradamus!]

“Kyaaaa! Ju-Heon-nim!”
“Ju-Heon-nim came out!”

There was Seo Ju-Heon, the one making the predictions.

Anyway, Joshua had to be stuck in this restroom sleeping and having dreams.

He would read the future before Irene and Yoo Jaeha shared that information on the program.

Thanks to that, this mysterious program was currently breaking all viewing records throughout the world.
Even the political colossus and the extremely wealthy were focused on this program.

There was a simple reason for that.

‘Seo Ju-Heon, this bastard, did he abduct the Monarch of Fate to use him for this?’

‘What the hell is he planning?!’

‘Focus for now!’

It was pretty obvious that Seo Ju-Heon had abducted the Monarch of Fate since he disappeared when Ju-Heon broke into his home.

That was why the numerous excavation teams and individuals who had been relying on the Monarch of Fate could only focus on this program.

[Anyway, we need to send over the contents for tomorrow's broadcast. Go to sleep while I ask nicely.]

Joshua started to pull at his hair again after hearing Chloe’s threats(?).

They were doing this because he needed to fall asleep to see the future, but……

“Hey! How can a person sleep 24 hours a day?! Are you crazy?”

[Are you blind? What do you think all those pills are for? They are sleeping pills, sleeping pills. They’re there for you to take them and fall asleep!]

‘Ow! How can she call herself a doctor?!’

"What about food?! Are you not going to feed me?!”

[I put all of the nutrients you need on a daily basis in the pills so shut up and go to sleep.]

Was she thinking about turning him into a druggie?

‘I can’t keep going like this.’

He would really become a druggie and die at this rate!

The sniffling Monarch of Fate made up his mind to attempt to escape.

“Wow, this is crazy. We hit the jackpot in views again today!”

The people at the station were shouting in joy.

The views were high and they consisted of people in top positions around the world as well as extremely wealthy people. There were also regular civilians who watched as well. How could a single program get half of the entire world’s population to chime into it?

‘This is enough to call it the program with the most influence in the world.’

‘We’ve made so much in ad money!’

But there was something they did not understand.

"Why is Seo Ju-Heon doing this broadcast?”
“Isn't he just seeking attention?”
“No, this is Seo Ju-Heon after all.”

That was right. They had no idea as to why Ju-Heon would have a program like this.

Yoo Jaeha started to chuckle after overhearing their conversation.

‘Why else would he do it?’

There was a simple explanation.

“First. It’s to mess with the monopolizers.’

The Monarch of Fate had been responsible for the lives of many terrible bastards. The important individuals in the world had all been moving according to what the Monarch of Fate had said.

It was a daily occurrence!

But if Ju-Heon got involved and took that away…

‘Those bastards would 100% be controlled by the Captain-nim.’

Ju-Heon wasn’t honest about everything he said on the show. He added fake information on purpose to make those bastards waste their time.

That was why the Monarch of Fate's clients were about to blow up in anger.

There was more.

‘The Monarchs’ Heirlooms are going to appear soon.’

The number of talented artifact users were going up as more artifacts appeared.

There were many Expert-Grade users with the talents to become Monarchs.

Everybody was saying they deserved to be Monarchs and waiting in line after bribing Pandora, but things would change once the < Heirlooms > appeared.

‘People with the Heirlooms are the true Monarchs.’

The Monarch of Fate was the only person who could predict where those Heirlooms would appear.

The monopolizers’ asses were on fire because he had disappeared without sharing the location!

‘But we know where they will appear.’

Ju-Heon was working to drag the excavation teams away from the location because of how inconveniently it was located.

‘He’ll probably start to release false information about the Monarch's Tomb now.’

The people who had no choice but to focus on the program would end up getting a headache as to whether Ju-Heon was telling the truth or lying. He was aiming for the chaos it would create. They would use that opening to get a head start on the Monarch’s Tomb.

Their enemies were getting angry without even knowing the real reason this program had been created.
Just as he had expected…

“Hey! Where the hell is your captain?!”

Someone grabbed Yoo Jaeha by the collar again as he headed out after the show ended.

“Hey! Monarch of Pushoverness!”
“Damn it! It’s you guys again?! Aren’t you tired of doing this every day?!”

They looked as if they had a lot to say.

“Drag your damn captain out right now!”
"Seostradamus my ass!”
“Do you really think we don't know what you guys are scheming?!”

They were so angry that they were about to explode.

That was obvious.

He was openly spreading information about the future that only they should know about.

They really wanted to use their influence to get this program canceled, however…

‘Fuck, canceling this program might mean we have no contact with the real Monarch of Fate at all!’

That was why the monopolizers could only grab the back of their necks in anger without being able to do anything every time they watched the program.

‘Fuck, where the hell are they hiding him?’

They thought about threatening Irene as well but gave up on that and only chased after Yoo Jaeha who seemed easier to handle.

"Ah, whatever, where the hell is the Monarch of Fate?! Where is he?!”

At the same time…

[Breaking news. The Monarch of Fate who has been missing for five days, already appeared on TV.]

The mysterious disappearance of the Monarch of Fate.

As there were many speculations about him being dead or him running away with his hidden cash…

The Monarch of Fate had suddenly appeared on TV. The entire world gasped after seeing him appear on live television.

Before they could even get over that shock…

At Disneyland… While everybody else was enjoying themselves on the rides…

“You are Mr. Black, the excavation team wrecker, right?”

A suspicious deal was being made.

“Please disband Seo Ju-Heon’s excavation team. Please also find the Monarch of Fate. I'm sure he was abducted by Seo Ju-Heon!”

The silver-haired young man snickered after receiving the money.

“Please don’t worry. Disbanding excavation teams is my specialty.”

The hidden aftermath clean-up crew bastard had appeared.

Ilya Volgof.
He was a member of the tomb raiding team in the past and the leader of the aftermath clean-up crew.

Whether it was recovering things from the scene of the incident, restoring damage caused by artifacts, gathering evidence, or destroying things… He did all sorts of modifications but his specialty was modifying human memories and character, changing records, assassinating people and torturing people.

Basically, he was responsible for doing whatever it took to make things more advantageous for the team.

Seol-A and Chloe had been trying their best to find him but had not been able to find any traces of him at all. They had wondered if he was living a life not related to artifacts at all, but…

He was quite infamous among excavation teams already.
He was infamous for being a wrecker. He was a person who was feared by any Monarchs who had their own excavation teams.


‘The excavation team will be completely disbanded.’

It didn't matter about the size of the team.

He would modify their memories to completely disband an entire excavation team.

There were over one hundred cases of teams being disbanded by him already. His job was to be a hunter who targeted his client’s enemies to get rid of them.

In the middle of the dark night, this team was…
They were observing someone while stationed on a roof of a building in the city that never sleeps. Their unique characteristic might be that they all wore black suits that made them look like grim reapers.

“Haha, Captain Ilya. Is our prey this time that famous Seo Ju-Heon's excavation team?”
“Yes. We will get 80 B-Grade and higher artifacts if we take care of them.”
“Our backer will be quite pleased. He’s been gathering artifacts to tackle the Monarch’s Tomb.”
“No. We are preparing to take a Heirloom for ourselves without involving that person.”
“But without our backer, I don't think 80 B-Grade and higher artifacts are enough…”
“Don’t be surprised just yet. They will give us five SS-Grade artifacts as a reward if we get their captain. There is even a possession-type artifact among them.”
“Son of a!”
“Wow, Monarchs truly are different! No wait, they never gave us such payments for any other Monarchs!”
“Is it because it is Seo Ju-Heon?”
“Anyway, all we need to do is modify their memories.”

That was right.

They sneered at the Hunters for being barbarians.
They were an intelligent organization in comparison. Memories and evidence… They modified scenes of the crime and even modified family relationships or people’s personalities if they needed to do so.

They would modify anything and everything to completely get rid of an excavation team’s existence.

For example…

‘Hey, you know who I am? Who the hell are you and what the hell are you doing?!’

‘You don’t know who I am?!’

‘Waaaaaaaaaaah, tombs are so scary.’

‘You stole my money!’

‘Who the hell are you?!’

That was what happened once Ilya’s excavation team made their way through.

They were able to naturally get rid of excavation teams without any physical fights.

That was why numerous Monarchs had lost their excavation teams in their hands already.

As for their target this time…

‘Seo Ju-Heon. How should we disband his team?’

Ilya was looking through binoculars as he started to smile.

They were looking at someone right now.

“Wow, I truly am talented. I'm a celebrity no matter where I go.
I won’t lose to the Captain-nim now.”

They were looking at Yoo Jaeha who was returning to his workroom while praising(?) himself.

He had given everything he had to scam people on TV since there was only a few days until they went to look for Heirlooms.

As the self-praising(?) Yoo Jaeha said, ‘I should go get praised by the Captain-nim’.

And picked up his phone…

“Look at the Monarch of Pushoverness running his mouth.”

Yoo Jaeha was shocked after hearing that voice.

‘Huh? Wait a minute. This voice?’

However, Yoo Jaeha was swallowed by a serpent before he could even scream.


The only thing left was a tall young man with a long black coat.

“That’s one down.”

Ilya started to smile.

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