Chapter 233: Abducting someone is bad (1)

The team members sighed after hearing the loud shouts coming from the restroom.

Joshua, the Monarch of Fate, was being held captive inside the restroom.

He had been in there for about two days already.

‘It’s about time he got tired.’

“He’s still quite lively.”
“Will he calm down if we drown him?”

The Monarch of Fate started to foam at the mouth.

‘Lively? Drown me? What the hell did they just say?’

“Hey! You guys shouldn't be doing that! How can you do that to a person?!”

Someone slammed the door open after hearing that.

The person who had been the first to do so was unexpectedly Julian.

The Monarch of Fate's face lit up after seeing Julian.

‘The Monarch of Strategies! This bastard is a good person who will not forgive wrongdoings!’

There was no way this guy would leave a poor soul who had been tied up with duct tape and imprisoned inside a tub for two days.
That might have been why the Monarch of Fate started to feel rushed.

“Hurry and free me! This is a crime! Let’s work together to put that bastard Seo Ju-Heon behind bars!”

He believed that Julian would be on his side.

“You hated Seo Ju-Heon quite a lot too! You called him a criminal!”


“Can’t you cover his damn mouth? He’s so loud.”

‘What the hell did he just say?!’

The Monarch of Fate looked at Julian as if he had been punched. Julian just looked back at the Monarch of Fate as if he was ridiculous.

He was probably thinking that there was someone better than this guy for his good will.

“I definitely think there is a problem with his methods, but it shouldn't matter.”

The Monarch of Fate was a member of Pandora's Executive Board and the shadow puppeteer of the world’s powerful leaders. He was a criminal who had control over countries and a strong influence over the black markets that were known as the underground economy.

He had harmed a ton of people and caused chaos for the benefit of those he supported and his own.
Furthermore, that was not just in the past life.

“There are over 20,000 people who have been killed by your hands. Do you know that?”

All of that had happened in the past one year.

‘He’s the culprit behind wars.’

He had purposely caused war and chaos to kill people or push them out of their lands so that he could take control of artifacts and tombs.

Although Africa and the Middle East were still the main focus because of the terrorist organizations and riots… It was slowly spreading to Europe.

‘He even ordered the Monarch of Destitution to cause an economic crisis in the past life.’

World leaders would often try to use wars to overcome their economic danger.

It had made it so that the countries stuck between the weak countries and large countries would be beaten down without being able to do much.

‘It should be less now since Keira, the Monarch of War, is gone, but still…’

Asia would end up scorched in a few years too if the current situation continued. That was why although Julian would normally believe that all humans had the right to dignity……

“Isn’t it good in its own way if getting rid of one criminal would mean that hundreds of millions of people could be happy?”

The Monarch of Fate froze in place after seeing Julian's bright smile.

He was certain of it.

‘This son of a bitch is planning on killing me.’

The Monarch of Fate started to shout as if he felt wronged.

“Don't you know that your captain is a greater villain than me?! He's a wanted criminal!”

That made Julian sneer as if Joshua was a pot calling the kettle black.

"The two of you look the same in my eyes but I guess the results are a bit different.”
"The Monarch of Plunder and the Monarch of Fate. The people who will be happy with your disappearances are different.”

That was true.

The monopolizers would feel as if the whole world had been destroyed if the Monarch of Fate disappeared. The people of the world would still suffer from wars and famine.

But what if Ju-Heon disappeared?

The civilians might not necessarily be happy, but the monopolizers would be jumping up and down in joy.

That was the difference.

“That is why if I had to choose between the two of you, I would wholeheartedly choose you to disappear.”

The Monarch of Fate gasped and Yoo Jaeha who had entered the restroom started to snort.

“And there you have it. So please keep your damn mouth shut.”

He then started to run the water in the tub.

The Monarch of Fate gasped once more as the water level started to rise.


‘Are they really thinking about drowning me?! And the water is cold!’

“Fuck, it’s cold! It’s fucking cold!”
“Aww, it’s cold? Here you go.”

The Monarch of Fate started to scream that he was going to boil as Yoo Jaeha turned on the hot water instead.

Julian clicked his tongue as he watched.

“Hey scammer, don't overdo it. This can be considered torture. Don't do something that cannot be forgiven in modern society……”
“Huh? Hey. You’re the one who imprisoned that son of a bitch here.”
“There’s a big difference between holding someone captive for a little bit and torturing them.”

He knew that both actions were bad but Julian just didn’t like the Monarch of Fraud.

Even if Jaeha reflected on his past actions, he was still just the Monarch of Fraud to Julian.

Yoo Jaeha snorted, knowing that was the case.

“Ah whatever, don't tell me what to do when you’re not the Captain-nim. You damn pushover!”

The two of them started to fight.

They had fought a lot in the past as well since Yoo Jaeha was a scammer who made fakes while Julian was an appraiser who revealed the fakes.

Julian used his position as a lawyer to angrily sue Jaeha whenever he was scammed. That made Yoo Jaeha get angry at the fact that it seemed as if he received more court summons than credit card statements.

They sued each other so much that they saw each other more in the courtroom than in their office.

They were pretty much bitter enemies now that they got their memories back.

“The Captain-nim is the only one who can tell me what to do! Got it?”
“Sure, you damn scammer.”

Of course, the Monarch of Fate was about to die while they argued because the water had risen to his nose.

“M, mmmmph!”

Splash splash!

The Monarch of Fate started to shout once the water moved up past his nose and started to get to his head.

“Hey, wait! Stop fighting and stop this! Pleeeeeeease stop this! Ugh! Guzzle, guzzle!”

It was no longer an issue of whether the water was hot or cold.

“I'm d……! Cough, gurgle!”

It was at that moment.

“Hey. We still need him alive.”

Yoo Jaeha moved at the speed of light once Ju-Heon said something. He had pulled the plug out of the tub.

He then yelled at Julian for no reason.

“Sigh! Hey! The Captain-nim says you can’t kill him!”

‘Why I ought to.’

Julian didn’t have any plans on killing Joshua either, but…

‘This son of a bitch is annoying me.’

Julian turned toward Ju-Heon.

"Seo Ju-Heon, what are you planning on doing with him? This bastard heard everything we discussed back then.”

It couldn't be helped since the Monarch of Fraud bastard had asked for Ju-Heon's forgiveness right next to this guy.

“Weren't there some information that would be bad for him to know?”

The issue of the past life was a secret to anybody outside of the team. There was no way the Monarch of Fate would find out anything about the past life, however…

‘He probably realized something was odd.’

The Monarch of Fate was quite sharp.

Maybe that was the reason.

“……Cough, cough……h, hey?”

The two who would usually call each other nerdy bastard or scammer bastard shared a common thought right now.

“Hey Monarch of Fate. We can't leave you alone now that you heard our story.”
“I agree.”

The Monarch of Strategies and the Monarch of Pushoverness's eyes flashed.

“The bathroom will conduct electricity quite well. Right, pikachu?”
“Ho, you create the fake one this punk is dead. You damn scammer.”

The Monarch of Fate started to become desperate as the two of them got closer.

‘Fuck, these lunatics! Are they becoming like Seo Ju-Heon?! How can they threaten to use electricity in a place with water?!’

“I, I didn't hear anything. I really didn’t hear anything!”

He was telling the truth.

The Monarch of Fte thought that they were discussing some interesting things as Yoo Jaeha was kneeling in front of Ju-Heon. He was trying to keep this breath down and listen because he was quite amused, but…

That damn rope kept slapping him so that he could not hear properly!

Don’t listen! Don’t listen!

Are you going to keep listening? Are you?!

That was basically what it did.

How could he hear anything when he was suffering in pain?!

That was why the Monarch of Fate felt wronged.

“Really! I really didn’t hear anything!”

The Monarch of Strategies and Monarch of Pushoverness both smiled wickedly regardless of what he said.

“What bullshit. That’s what all of the criminals say.”
"Right? Who would admit to overhearing things?”
“H, hold on! You're a human rights lawyer! I'm telling the truth!”

Yoo Jaeha started to smirk while Julian slowly put his hand inside the tub.

The Monarch of Fate started to scream.

“Wait, stop. No! Don’t do it! I don’t have a defense-type artifact on! Don’t do it! I'll really die! I really didn't hear any……!”
“Alright, one, two……!”

The lights of the restroom went out as soon as Jaeha shouted three.

Chloe was the one who turned the lights off.

They turned the lights back to see that the Monarch of Fate had fainted while foaming at the mouth.

The Monarch of Fate, who really had not heard anything, had been toyed with by the team members. Yoo Jaeha clicked his tongue while looking at him.

“Wow, what a retard.”
"Anyway, Seo Ju-Heon…! What are we going to do with him…”

Ju-Heon was currently taking a look at the stock markets around the world. Things were changing because the Monarch of Fate had disappeared.
The person they had abducted was an extremely important person.

The excavation teams that had been using information given to them by the Monarch of Fate in order to find artifacts were in states of chaos as well.

“Captain-nim! What are you going to do with the Monarch of Fate…?!”

Ju-Heon started to smile after hearing the team members ask him the same question again.

“What else? Put him to use.”
“Put him to use? We're going to let him live even though he heard everything?”

They were asking if that wasn't dangerous. They knew very well that the monopolizers were not easy to deal with.

‘But to kill him…’

There were two types of Monarchs who were difficult to kill.

The first were people like Chairman Kwon and Zhen Cai Yuan who had special artifacts. They were difficult to kill because they had artifacts of immortality, healing, curse-resistance etc.

The second were members of Pandora's Executive Board. The Monarch of Fate fell under the second type, which made it quite the headache.

Well, all Monarchs would be difficult to kill for some reason once they got the Heirlooms, but…

Either way, it would be difficult to take care of or use the Monarch of Fate. Ju-Heon didn't seem to have any thoughts about killing the Monarch of Fate yet.


‘The Heirlooms are the issue.’

The Heirlooms were said to come out of the Monarch's tomb. That was the case in the past as well.

The Monarch of Fate had prophesized that the Heirlooms would appear in about two weeks.

The remaining 7 Great Tombs would appear within the next two weeks and the Monarch’s Tomb would appear after that.


‘No. I'm certain the Heirlooms would appear before that.’

Ju-Heon had shamelessly said that.

They were wondering what the hell he was talking about but this was what he had said.

‘Why wait until the day it shows up?’

‘Excuse me?’

‘Why wait until then? Why would we wait and go searching for the Heirlooms with everybody else?’


Ju-Heon had smiled wickedly.

‘We already know where the Monarch's tomb will appear.’


‘Jaeha-nim, the only one of us who was a Monarch in the past, happily shared his experience with us. He said that the artifacts from the 7 Great Tombs have the power to call forth the seven precincts where the Heirlooms are asleep. It won't be an issue to head over there first and open them up as long as we have these keys.’


‘Although we only have five of them, I heard each precinct had at least two Heirlooms? Then it’s a total steal to get 10 of them before everybody else. Should we, hmm, destroy the other precincts to get them out?’

‘This bastard!’

Anyway, that was how this plan to take it first had been created.

However, there was a problem.

“Why does the Monarch’s tomb have to be next to an area that’s always full of excavation teams?”

It would only be a matter of time before they were noticed.

That was why Ju-Heon was planning on using him.

“This damn son of a bitch.”
“Then use the Code of Hammurabi to turn the Monarch of Fate into a slave…!”
“Do you really think an A-Grade artifact would work on him?”

Using the Code of Hammurabi to create a slave was useful but it wouldn't work if the opponent’s Dominance was too high.

That was why Ju-Heon had people he could use it against and people he couldn't.

“Then a brainwashing artifact…”
“We will need an expert at at least the S-Grade to brainwash him or modify his memories so quickly.”

Seol-A gasped after hearing that.

“Ah, only if that punk was here right now……”

The other team members’ expressions all changed after hearing that.
It was because they all knew who she was talking about.

‘Ilya Volgof.’

He was usually referred to as the aftermath clean-up crew.

There were seven total tomb raiding team members excluding the three supporters.

Now that there were six of them, that bastard was the only one remaining.

That bastard was a specialist in all sorts of modification.

In simple terms, that bastard was the operative who made everything easier for the tomb raiding team.

They would have used him on the Monarch of Fate if he was here right now.

‘All we need to do is modify his memories.’


“He’s great at erasing his own tracks since he is the aftermath clean-up crew.”

It was extremely difficult to find him.

"What should we do? Should we look for a different aftermath clean-up crew?”
“Well, it’s fine. I don’t really need his help for this.”
“Excuse me?”

Ju-Heon nonchalantly started to call someone.

“Ah, old man, it’s me. Prepare a camera crew and bring them over.”

‘Huh? A camera crew?’

“I'm going to do an entertaining live broadcast. Only bring people you can trust.”
"A live broadcast?!”

‘What the hell is he trying to do?!’

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