Chapter 230: What happened in the past? (2)


He received a call.

It was from Yoo Jaeha.

The Monarch of Fate didn't know who it was at first.

He did not have it in his contacts.

‘Is it a new client?’


He then heard a voice.

[You can talk right now, right?]

They were shocked to hear this familiar voice. Maybe it was to be expected.

"The Monarch of Pushoverness?”
“Why would that bastard Yoo Jaeha be calling?”

They were extremely confused. It was the same for the Monarch of Fate.

‘Why would he call right now?’

Was it part of Seo Ju-Heon's ploy?

He found it weird but decided to talk for now.

"What is it, Monarch of Pushoverness. I'll let you know that I'm not going to leave that son of a bitch Seo Ju-Heon alone.”

He answered confidently but the words he heard on the phone were shocking.



[The Pandora Directors’ artifact. You have it, don't you?]


The Monarch of Fate froze in spot.

Normal people might not know what that meant, but it was extremely shocking to the monopolizers who were colluding with Pandora.


‘How does this bastard know about that?’

The only people who knew about that should be Chairman Kwon and the other Monarchs who had been around since the creation of Pandora.

‘Did the information leak?’


There was no way that this information had leaked. But how did Yoo Jaeha of all people know about that?

As the Monarch of Fate's pupils were shaking…

[I'm sure you don't want other artifact users knowing about Un-known and you really don’t want the world knowing about it. All of you will have major headaches if that happens.]

‘This son of a bitch.’

“Where did you hear……”

[It’s fine, make a deal with me.]

“A deal?”

[I'll give you information on Seo Ju-Heon. I'll make it so you can take care of him with certainty.]


The Monarch of Fate was in disbelief.

‘Wasn't this punk in Seo Ju-Heon's tomb raiding team?

Is he crazy? Is he trying to betray Seo Ju-Heon?’

"What’s your goal?”

[Nothing much. Just give me Un-known too. It’s really tempting.]

The Monarch of Fate scoffed once he heard that.

“How dare you ask for that when you are just an illegal restorer who became a Monarch without any qualifications……?!”

[What’s wrong? It’s not that hard for you guys. I'm offering you a way to take down Seo Ju-Heon, someone you guys have failed to take down no matter how hard you've tried. You don’t like it? Then never mind.]

‘This bastard.’

Yoo Jaeha quickly added on before the Monarch of Fate could figure out what Yoo Jaeha was really planning.

[Don’t get the wrong idea. I'm in a situation where Seo Ju-Heon might kill me if I do something wrong.]


[I caused a bit of an accident. That’s why I'm just preparing a lifeline before my captain finds out about it.]

The Monarch of Fate started to frown.

"What? You think Yoo Jaeha got his memories back?”

Julian and Seol-A were frantic after getting a call from Chloe.
Yoo Jaeha seemed to have escaped somewhere after getting his memories back.

Julian asked Chloe a question.

“Have you tried calling him?”
“He's not picking up. I think he’s ignoring my call.”
“Did you contact Seo Ju-Heon?”

Chloe sighed while looking at the phone.

“It looks like the Captain-nim’s cellphone is broken.”
“What? Really? Why?!”

Julian put a hand on his forehead as Seol-A shouted.

‘Why else? He probably broke it again!’

Ju-Heon was someone who destroyed a phone every time he went into a tomb.

It was extremely likely that it was already destroyed since he was causing a ruckus at the Monarch of Fate's house.

Well, TKBM had provided them with phones in the past.

“Anyway, so you can’t contact him……”

They started to become desperate.

It looked as if the worst possible scenario they had imagined had happened.

“It looks like Yoo Jaeha really is a traitor.”

There was no other reason for him to run away after getting his memories back. He knew because he had recovered his memories as well.

Even if there weren't as many emotions as during a family reunion for families that have been split apart in North and South Korea, they should at least be able to greet each other.

‘Instead, this son of a bitch chose to run away?’

What else could that mean?

“That bastard really must have sold us out. There's enough circumstantial evidence as well.”

Seol-A turned pale while Chloe looked anxious.

Julian started to grind his teeth while looking at Yoo Jaeha's number that he couldn't reach.

‘I didn’t want to believe it was real.’

Julian must have been unable to control his anger as thunderbolts started to crackle around him.

He quickly asked a question.

"Seol-A, are you able to track him down?”

Seol-A was a talented searcher and scout.

It would be easy for her to track down any of her team members.

Seol-A, who quickly used her ghosts and took out a radar, hesitated as she looked at Julian.

She was worried that Julian would really kill Yoo Jaeha if she informed Julian about Jaeha's current location.

“It’s fine, tell me.”
“Will it be okay not to tell the Captain-nim? What if we met up with the Captain-nim and tell him what is going on first…….?!”

Julian started to frown.

“Who knows what the hell that Monarch of Fraud would do in that time.”

Seol-A debated for a moment before starting to speak.

“It looks like he is within New York City.”
“Good. He hasn't gotten that far.”

It would take Ju-Heon three hours to fly here from Florida but they were only about 30 minutes away.

Julian quickly started to run.

‘Yoo Jaeha. I won’t let you get away with this.’

Ju-Heon had taken good care of Jaeha because he was one of their team members.
That was why Julian was angry.

‘You repaid his generosity with betrayal.’

“Umm…… Vice Captain-nim.”
"The Captain doesn't know about this yet.”

No. He didn't want Ju-Heon to know about it.

“Let’s take care of it before Ju-Heon figures it out.”

They would get rid of him from this world along with Yang Chen and Chairman Kwon.

[Why? You don’t want to make a deal?]

The Monarch of Fate's pupils were shaking at Yoo Jaeha’s offer.

It was because he couldn't figure out what this bastard was thinking at all.

‘Damn it. Is this son of a bitch telling the truth or is he lying?’

Yoo Jaeha looked annoyed at the prolonged silence and sounded as if he would hang up.

[Well, it's fine if you don't want to. I just need to tell the world about the Un-known that should be at your house right now.]

“N, no, wait! I don’t know how you know about it, but I've never seen it or used it……”

[What? Weren’t you going to use it on Seo Ju-Heon right now?]

The Monarch of Fate started to frown before he heard his subordinates shouting from the floor below.

“Aaah! Mr. Joshua! Hurry! Seo Ju-Heon is right outside!”

His subordinates were shouting because Ju-Heon was causing a ruckus and charging forward.

“Ow! Stop breaking everything, you son of a bitch!”
"Do you know how much that costs?!”

It was at that moment.


Ju-Heon made it into the bedroom on the floor below.

Ju-Heon, who had used his tomb destroying abilities to destroy this house, brushed the dust off of his clothes.

"Ah, so annoying. There’s so many fucking rooms.”

The Monarch of Fate started to shake while looking at him through a surveillance camera.

"T, that bastard……!”

Ju-Heon was smiling as he walked up a set of stairs.

Xiang Yu's Sword of the Sovereign and Spear of the Overlord were quite threatening.
The guards rushed toward him, but, unfortunately… The rope jumped out, wrapped around the guards and used them as drumsticks.

Don’t come closer! Don’t come closer!

The Monarch of Fate started to shake while looking at the screen before he shouted to Yoo Jaeha.

“Okay! I’ll give it to you! I'll give it to you so stop this son of a bitch! Now!”

Yoo Jaeha started to smile on the other end of the call.

‘I got you now. You bastard.’

[Then stop trying to activate Un-known for now.]


Joshua’s subordinates tried to enter the secret passage as Ju-Heon got closer.

The Monarch of Fate quickly stopped them.

“Stop!” Hold off on Un-known for now!”

His subordinates were shocked.

"Excuse me?! But…… We need to use it to get rid of Seo Ju-Heon for good…!”

The Monarch of Fate shook his head.

It was dangerous to use it now that Yoo Jaeha knew about it.

It would be a major headache if it was revealed to the world.

An urgent Monarch of Fate turned on the speaker system that broadcasts through the entire residence.

[Stop! Stop!]

He was stopping.

[Okay, I’ll head out so stop destroying my house!]

That message broadcasted throughout the house but Ju-Heon just laughed.

“Too late, you son of a bitch!”


The Monarch of Fate started to scream.

[Hey! I told you to stop! Damn it, my house! That thing's worth 100 million dollars! Shit, that one's worth 50 million……]

He started to foam at the mouth before continuing to shout.

[Fuck, I'll sell you some good information about the future!]

‘Information about the future my ass.’

Ju-Heon just went bang! He destroyed another wall.

“I know more than you, you bastard!”

He then finally barged into the bedroom the Monarch of Fate was in.

“Hey there, Monarch of Fate. Did you keep your neck clean for me?”

The Monarch of Fate became desperate after seeing Ju-Heon's vicious smile.
But it didn't matter as Ju-Heon stomped down on the Monarch of Fate.

“Alright, feel free to tell me which body part you want me to destroy first. I’ll be generous and give you that option.”

The Monarch of Fate who was under Ju-Heon's foot started to shout.

“Shit! Seo Ju-Heon, you have bigger things to worry about than doing this right now! You need to be wary of your subordinate!”

Ju-Heon stopped moving.

Was it because he already had an idea about it?

The Monarch of Fate thought this was his chance after Ju-Heon stopped.

“I had a prophecy.
Seo Ju-Heon will die when the Monarch of Fraud appears. Do you know what that means?”
“One of your subordinates can be considered the Monarch of Fraud. Shouldn’t you take care of that bastard first?”

The Monarch of Fate was talking about Yoo Jaeha.

There was no way Ju-Heon wouldn’t know that. He had seen it in the newspaper a while ago.

The Monarch of Fate became excited and continued to blab as Ju-Heon stood there without talking.

“To be honest with you, he wanted to make a deal with me. He said he would sell information about you because he felt as if you would kill him.”
“I will do a thorough reading of your future. Huh? It looks like that bastard ran away from the hospital, should I track him down for you? You don't know where he is, right? That’s why…”
“I don't need it.”
“He’s here.”

As soon as he said that, bang! The wall crumbled. The next room was completely visible once the wall was destroyed with Set’s artifact.

As for the person who had been hiding in the next room…
Yoo Jaeha gasped.

‘Fuck, I hid my presence completely!’

That was right.

The Yoo Jaeha Seol-A located in New York was a fake. The real one had secretly followed Ju-Heon.

But to notice him…

He held his breath and continued to hide thinking it could have been a coincidence, but Ju-Heon started to sneer.

“Come out, you retard. How long are you going to be secretly following me?”

Yoo Jaeha's hands shook for a moment.

‘What do I do? Should I go out?’

Ju-Heon became annoyed.

“Hurry up and come out, you beggar!”

Yoo Jaeha, who had been hesitating, jumped up as if he had been struck by lightning. He then coughed out loud before slowly crawling out toward the hole in the wall.

“A, aigoo, you found me.”
“Why did you follow me?”
"Aww, why else? I came to help you, Captain-nim.”

Yoo Jaeha nonchalantly smiled as he approached Ju-Heon.

“Do you need my help with anything? I want to get a bonus.”

However, at that moment…


Ju-Heon's dagger was pointed at Yoo Jaeha's neck.

Yoo Jaeha was shocked.

“C, captain-nim?”

Ju-Heon started to smile with satisfaction.

“Oho? ‘Retarded Captain.’ You're not going to call me that?”

Yoo Jaeha stiffened up after hearing that. He anxiously asked back.

“………E, excuse me? What do you mea……”
“Why are you shocked? You already got your memories back.”

The poker face on Yoo Jaeha's face instantly disappeared.

Ju-Heon started to smile as if he found Jaeha to be despicable.

“Did you think that I wouldn't know? You really thought I wouldn’t know you got your memories back?”

Silence filled the area.

Had the others contacted him?

Jaeha looked toward Ju-Heon with a gaze that seemed to be asking that question, but Ju-Heon showed him his destroyed cellphone.
He was showing that he couldn't have been contacted by them.

Yoo Jaeha gulped after seeing the blade against his neck.

“H, how can you know even without getting a call…”
“It’s not my first time dealing with your obvious methods.”

He knew from the beginning that this bastard had been lying.


‘I can tell by looking at the durability.’

The real Raven’s artifact that Yoo Jaeha had on him…
He had only used it three times but it showed that it had been used four times.

The gears fell into place once he thought of this bastard’s habits.

That was why he had pretended not to know to let Jaeha do as he pleased.

It was because he could predict what this bastard was going to do.

And now, in order to take care of everything…

Ju-Heon placed the tip of Xiang Yu’s sword right up against Jaeha's neck.

“Alright, answer my questions while I am asking nicely. Your head will be gone the moment you lie.”

Yoo Jaeha could see the light smile on Ju-Heon's face.

"Did you betray us too?”

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