Chapter 226: The one who cries because of their memories (3)

“Kill them. Doesn’t it hurt your pride to serve under Seo Ju-Heon when you used to be a Monarch?”
“Seo Ju-Heon is too dangerous if we let him be. That bastard is not normal. He’s pretending to be loyal right now but he might end up killing me.”

It was the scene of where he betrayed Ju-Heon.

But Yang Chen was shaking in fear after seeing what happened.

Something was weird. This was definitely the future, but…

For some reason, it felt as if he had experienced this in the past. That was how his body was reacting.

That wasn't all.

He almost went crazy when he activated the picture where he was murdered.

“You traitor.”

Seo Ju-Heon was walking toward him with a cold gaze.

This was the future where he would be butchered into pieces!

That was the only future of the present instead of a memory of the past life.
It was something he would eventually experience.

He screamed and stopped using the artifact.

“Huff…….. huff. Huff!”

Zhen Cai Yuan tilted her head while looking at Yang Chen.

“Did you see anything?”
"Seo Ju-Heon, Seo Ju-Heon, Seo Ju-Heeeeeeeeon…!”


Yang Chen fell off the chair.

His eyes were bloodshot and his hands were shaking in fear.

He seemed to slightly remember.
About Seo Ju-Heon, about his captain.

He also slightly remembered his sins as well.

Maybe that was the reason.

“Fuck, fuck……!”

Yang Chen’s pupils were violently shaking.

The memory about how he had betrayed his teammates and Ju-Heon’s overwhelmingly strong abilities.

The memory of how Chairman Kwon had been envious and afraid of Ju-Heon.


He was scared after Ju-Heon popped into his mind.
He had not gotten his memories back completely like the others with the Raven’s Tears.

The camera artifact that Zhen Cai Yuan used was only an A-Grade artifact that allowed people to experience the image in the picture. It was not made to return someone's memories.

That was why he didn't know anything about artifacts or tombs that would show up in the future like Ju-Heon did.

But it was as if he was deeply immersed in a movie. It felt as if he had taken the place of the movie’s main character.

It was enough to feel as if it was his own experience.

That was probably why he was acting like this.

‘I, I betrayed my teammates?’

That was the thought on his mind.

He then did his best to brush it off.

‘No, this is something that would happen in the future. Seo Ju-Heon will join TKBM in the future… And that’s when I’ll end up betraying him……’

But he screamed after looking at the Ju-Heon in the picture.

“Aaaaaaaaaak! Captain-nim!”

It felt more like fear than regret. Zhen Cai Yuan jumped up from her chair after seeing his reaction.

“What the hell? What did you see that is making you act like this?”

Zhen Cai Yuan was extremely curious.
She was curious about anything and everything related to Ju-Heon and wanted to know it all.

“Hey, Yang Chen!”

But he shook his head.

“No, nothing……”

Yang Chen did not easily trust people.

Zhen Cai Yuan was an enemy in the end as well.

He had only seen a portion of everything, but there was no way he would easily tell this woman about it.

But he peeked toward the pictures again.

‘I might be able to use this to figure out Seo Ju-Heon's weakness.’

He didn’t know what it was, but this was Seo Ju-Heon's future that only he could see.

‘It should be beneficial for the Chairman-nim.’

He was shaking but reached his hand out toward the picture again.

It was a picture of Ju-Heon with Chairman Kwon this time.

“Mr. Ju-Heon. It looks like that professor, Zhen Cai Yuan, went to the penitentiary with a suspicious camera!”

Ju-Heon was amused at this unexpected situation.

"A camera? She took it to Yang Chen?”
“Yes. It looks like this……”

Irene showed him a picture she received from her brother.

Ju-Heon scoffed after looking at the picture.

‘It’s the Monarch of Fate's artifact.’

He knew this tool very well.

It was a camera that could take a picture of a person's future and let them experience it.

Ju-Heon had a pretty good idea about what Zhen Cai Yuan and the Monarch of Fate were scheming.

‘It’s obvious they're trying to use Yang Chen to read the future……….’

He didn’t think that would change much. He would change it all regardless of what they tried.

It was at that moment.

‘Hmm? No, wait.’

He suddenly had a thought.

Would the images in the picture be things that have yet to happen?

Or would they be that ‘future’ that could be called a past life?

Ju-Heon started to smile after having that thought.

‘This is good.’

He had been curious about what had happened after they all died.

‘I'll kill him to get rid of any other memories.’

He could recover Yoo Jaeha's memories and ask since he was the only one among them who was alive after that, but……

Ju-Heon looked toward Yoo Jaeha who was sniffling while restoring an artifact.

‘Yeah. We can't have the Monarch of Fraud. That’ll be a major headache.’

Ju-Heon nodded his head.

He then got up from his seat.

“I'm heading to the penitentiary for a bit.”
“Excuse me?”
"That lunatic Zhen Cai Yuan did something useful this time.”
“Excuse me? What do you mea……?!”

Irene became a bit sullen and Seol-A started to grind her teeth as Ju-Heon left the hotel instead of responding.

‘I can't let that obsessed bitch get tangled up with the Captain-nim any more than she already has.’

Ju-Heon seemed to loath Zhen Cai Yuan as an attention seeking crazy woman, but Seol-A thought that it was a bit different.

She thought that this professor’s craze for Ju-Heon was based on affection.

This woman had committed suicide in front of Ju-Heon in the past after all.

‘I don’t think she’s fallen that deep for the Captain-nim yet, but……’

Either way, she needed to make sure that woman did not become interested in the Captain-nim.


Who cared if it was based on affection?

That was a type of twisted affection and that woman was one of the Four Emperors. She would be Ju-Heon's enemy in the end.
At that moment…

‘That lunatic Zhen Cai Yuan did something useful this time.’

Ju-Heon’s praise(?) that wasn’t really a praise put the rope in a state of shock.

‘My master praised someone else and not me again!’

The rope looked as if it would sulk for a moment before its eyes flashed.

Yoo Jaeha took a step back after getting an ominous feeling from it.

“Hey, heyhey……?”

The rope slowly approached Yoo Jaeha.


“Hey, hey! Stoooooooooop!”

But the rope that seemed to be charging at Yoo Jaeha started to dig the floor right next to him!


It was similar to when it found the secret safe that Yoo Jaeha had hidden in the restroom!

The rope was digging as if it was finding some money it had stashed away or as if it was a dog that was looking for where it had hidden a bone.
Its gaze seemed to be saying that it might find something else its master might like if it digged again!

Yoo Jaeha started to shout as he watched.

It was because he would end up having to restore everything the rope destroyed in the hotel.

“Hey! Stop it!”

But the rope didn’t care and continued to dig.

It had found the sweatsuit artifact when it dug through the restroom last time!

That was why……

An artifact would come out again if I dig! It will come out!

The excited rope started to dig all around.

Yoo Jaeha, who knew what it was thinking, felt as if he was going to die.

It was obviously trying to dig through to give the Captain-nim something!

“Hey! Things don’t just appear because you dig around! Huh?!”

The rope didn't care that Yoo Jaeha was shouting and just put a shovel in his hand.

You should dig too. Dig.

“Hey! This is vandalism!”

Louie looked at his father(?) and shook his head as he changed the TV channel.

While that was going on…

Yang Chen was looking for Ju-Heon's weakness through the photos.

The location was the TKBM office building.
However, the TKBM in the picture was much larger than the present.

It was pretty much an Empire.

The excavation team members were shocked at the breaking news they saw.

[The Ruler of the Middle East, one of the Four Emperors, destroyed.]
[Will the four giants crumble one by one?]
[TKBM's Seo Ju-Heon has conquered the Middle East-Europe-Africa area.]

“Jackpot! Seo Ju-Heon completely destroyed the Monarch of Evangelism!”
“Holy shit, he took down one of the Four Emperors with just 10 people?! He took down the Middle East and the Europe-Africa alliance?! He did that with his small team?!”
“He’s crazy. He’s definitely the Chairman-nim’s right arm……”
“Well, honestly speaking, that bastard is the one who raised our Chairman-nim to become one of the Four Emperors……”

Ju-Heon was one of Chairman Kwon's strongest cards after taking down the Monarch of Evangelism, one of the Four Emperors.

“Chairman-nim, congratulations. The only original Four Emperors left is Zhen Cai Yuan, China’s Monarch of Gluttony.”
“Seo Ju-Heon… No, Chairman-nim, your dog has been trained very well. I am envious of you.”

But he wasn’t always so proud of his ace.

“Proceed with the plan as soon as Seo Ju-Heon takes down the Emperor in China.”
“You want us to kill him?”
“Yes. Get rid of Seo Ju-Heon and his entire team from this world. They are too dangerous.”

Seo Ju-Heon, the man who had raised him to this level…
And his teammates who could take down the Four Emperors with just 10 people.

Chairman Kwon was scared of them and they probably got on his nerves.

He was scared that this slave that he had raised would cut his head off and rise in his place.

Yang Chen cautiously observed Chairman Kwon.

“Seo Ju-Heon and his group won't be very easy to kill……”
“Try to get Yoo Jaeha on your side. He seems to not like Seo Ju-Heon.”
“The Monarch of Fraud is a bit difficult to trust…”

Yang Chen then checked the examination records he had stolen from Chloe.

Those records should show Ju-Heon and the team’s body conditions, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

Yang Chen was happy to see through this memory.

He just needed to turn one more page to see Seo Ju-Heon's weaknesses.

‘Good. Turn it. Turn one more page!’

But at that moment…

[Human. How dare a lowly human try to look into this future.]


The area inside the picture he was in started to crumble!

He felt an extremely chilling aura.

“W, what the?!”


Yang Chen started to scream.

He then gasped after seeing the animal sitting behind him.

There was a pair of cold red eyes.

The Crow that preyed on artifacts was behind him.

It was the same artifact that had eaten numerous Divine-Grade artifacts until now and had been watching over Ju-Heon this whole time.

[You are not qualified to see any further.]

Yang Chen let out a terrible scream as he was forcibly kicked out.


And once Yang Chen got out of the picture…Boom! He heard something explode.

Zhen Cai Yuan was shocked.

“Merlin’s artifact!”

The pictures with the future started to burn and the Monarch of Fate's camera artifact was completely destroyed.

That wasn't all.

“Aaaaaaaaaak! My head, my head!”

Yang Chen clenched his head in pain.

The information he saw in the pictures were being destroyed in his mind.

The only ones left were the memories and hatred for his sins!

A chaotic aura filled the area, making it impossible for them to do anything.

Zhen Cai Yuan started to frown after sensing the aura.

‘It’s that Crow’s aura.’

“Why is that artifact……”

It was at that moment.

“……Let’s kill that bastard first. We must kill that bastard first……!”

Yang Chen seemed unconscious as he mumbled.

“Kill who?”

The person he wanted to kill was an unexpected person.

‘……Yoo Jaeha. Monarch of Fraud, you son of a bitch!’

What he saw for a moment inside the picture was what had happened right after Ju-Heon's group had died in the crow’s tomb.

It was only a portion but he almost had a seizure.

It was as if there was a clashing between his past life and the present.

It made the guards barge into the room and drag him out.

Zhen Cai Yuan was flustered while watching him leave, but Yang Chen seemed to have lost all rationality as he continued to shout while being dragged away by the guards.

“Let go of me! We need to get that bastard away from Seo Ju-Heon's side immediately! After Seo Ju-Heon died, that bastard, with TKBM's secrets!”

Jaeha was the only one to survive from the tomb raiding team.

Yang Chen had said they needed him to restore artifacts and kept him alive.

“He claimed it was for revenge or whatever, but because of that son of a bitch, TKBM……!”

It was at that moment.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

Someone stomped on Yang Chen.

Yang Chen almost fainted after hearing that voice.


“I think I heard something quite interesting just now.”
"Revenge? What about TKBM's secrets?”

The voice sounded quite amused.

“You’re talking about some interesting things.”

It was because Ju-Heon was in front of him.

Yang Chen felt an instinctual fear and started to shake as soon as he saw Ju-Heon.

His whole body was stiff, as if he was a herbivorous animal that had met a tiger.

Ju-Heon had a wicked smile while looking at Yang Chen.

“Let me confirm something first.”
"Do you remember me?”

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