Chapter 225: The one who cries because of their memories (2)

“Ho. I don't think anything special would show up if you take photos of me……aaaaaaaah!”

He couldn't help but be completely shocked after seeing the photo Zhen Cai Yuan handed him.

It was because there was something shocking visible in the photo.

“What is that?!”

What he saw was himself as a mutilated corpse.

That was right.
He was a corpse. It was the terrible sight that only homicide detectives would usually see.

He rubbed his eyes and looked again, only to find his face on the body again.

He looked a bit older, but that was the only difference.

Yang Chen’s hands were shaking before he glared at Zhen Cai Yuan.

“What the hell is this?! What kind of photo is this?!”

He was trying to act calm but his voice was shaking.

There weren’t many people in the world who would be fine after seeing their own corpse.

Zhen Cai Yuan started to laugh.

"What else, this is your fate.”

Other photos started to come out of the polaroid camera as well.

“The Monarch of Fate let me borrow it. He said he uses this artifact to visualize the future for his clients.”

He normally only told them the contents of his dream, but he would sometimes take a photo of the future for them with this as well.


The ‘Future Experience.’

As seeing is believing, it was better to experience the future for themselves rather than hearing it from the Monarch of Fate sometimes.

It meant that those people could go into their photos taken through this camera.

They would be able to personally experience the image that was captured in the photo.

That would make it easier to know the future than to decipher someone else’s dream.

‘But he would only do this as a service if the client paid him a ton.’

He looked toward Zhen Cai Yuan with confusion until she nonchalantly explained.

“He said there was a dream that he could not decipher at all or something.”
“He said any future related to Seo Ju-Heon was difficult to decipher. He was wrong about them quite often too.”

‘He was wrong about them?’

“That was why it was a free special service. He wanted you to experience the future for yourself and he won’t be charging for it. In return, he wanted you to experience it and tell him about it as well. Nobody can go into someone else’s future.”

Zhen Cai Yuan was smiling but Yang Chen could not believe it.

It was obvious what she was telling him to do.

“Hey. You're telling me to experience my own death?!”

He foamed at the mouth while looking at the photo of his butchered corpse.

It was obvious that he would experience the future where he was murdered if he went into that photo.

‘Does she think I am crazy?!’

But Zhen Cai Yuan mischievously laughed.

“I'm sure it’ll be terrible. But at least you would know why you die.”

‘Is this woman really crazy?’

But Zhen Cai Yuan didn't care as she pushed over the other photos that came out as well.

Yang Chen was shocked after looking at the photos.

“……These bastards are…”

It was a group photo.

It was as if the photo was taken to celebrate being on the same team.

The background was familiar.

‘TKBM's office area.’

There were annoyingly high piles of documents, excavation files, and artifacts.
Everybody had TKBM ID badges as well.


‘They're not the current members.’

Yang Chen got the chills.

There were ten people in the photo, but shockingly enough, there were some people who should not be there looking extremely friendly.

Seo Ju-Heon, Yoo Jaeha, Lee Seol-A, Chloe, Julian, Dan, etc etc.

There were some people he had never seen before as well.

The Monarch of Fate had probably looked at this to tell him about the three people.
He had shared their appearances and name based on what was on their ID badges.

‘But why am I here?’

He was hanging out with them as well.

That was what he was having trouble understanding.

Maybe that was the reason.

“Hand it over.”

Yang Chen quickly gathered the photos she had pushed toward him.

He didn’t want to experience his own death, but he was too curious now.

‘There’s no way I would be on the same team with these bastards unless I went crazy.’

Yang Chen, who had no way of knowing that the photo he was looking at was both the future and the past at the same time, started to shake.

He then quickly channeled his Dominance into the photo.

“Captain-nim, little Im Soo-A's surgery was a success.”
“Is that so?”

Ju-Heon started to laugh after hearing Chloe’s comment.

“Good. I thought the surgery would be difficult because she was suffering from tomb syndrome.”

That was right.

Chloe had realized something shocking when she examined Soo-A.

Tomb syndrome.

Soo-A was suffering from that as well. That was why it would have been extremely difficult to perform surgery on her as the tomb syndrome would get in the way.

She would have seizures every time they placed her on the operating table.

It was as if the cancer cells inside her body were rejecting the child’s treatment.
Of course, the surgery was a success because Ju-Heon happily gave her some Herb of Eternal Youth.

“That’s why Dan said he really wanted to come see you to thank you again.”
“Good. I have business with him too.”

That made Chloe nod her head.

“Are you planning on using the memory artifact?”
"I will use it. But I need to pick the best time frame to return it to.”

He then asked her a question.

"What about the rest of the team members?”
“We might have found some traces of them.”

Ju-Heon started to smile.

‘We can gather everybody now.’

And at the same time…

“Kya! Kyaaaa! Everyone! We got a photo of Ju-Heon-nim!”
“Oh my, we weren't even expecting it to actually come!”

The princesses were very happy to hear that Yoo Jaeha had sent them a photo of Ju-Heon.

They were even happier because they had not been expecting a reward from Ju-Heon.

But one of the princesses tilted her head in confusion.

“Huh, but Sasaki-nim says something seems weird.”
“Excuse me? Why?”
“The photo we got as proof that Ju-Heon-nim is wearing it……”

They all gathered around and tilted their heads in confusion while looking at the photo Sasaki had sent them.

It couldn't be helped, since……

“Oh my, isn’t this Mr. Jaeha?”
“It looks like Mr. Jaeha was wearing it instead of Ju-Heon-nim for the photo.”

These women, who pretty much knew everything about Ju-Heon, were quite informed about the people around Ju-Heon as well.

Whether it was Yoo Jaeha or Lee Seol-A… In fact, these people probably knew the length of the rope as well.

“Why would Mr. Yoo Jaeha be wearing this?”

‘Why else? Yoo Jaeha swiped it.’

The guards pushed down on their temples. It was because they knew the whole story about this incident.
They had spied on Ju-Heon’s hotel for a bit because they were worried that their princesses might be liking a dangerous person.

They clearly saw everything.

They saw Yoo Jaeha create the secret storage area and hide the present.

Yoo Jaeha had no plans on informing Ju-Heon about the fan club's existence at all.

That was good news for them but it was still a present from their princesses.

That was why they were about to tell the princesses about this preposterous situation.

“Excuse me, your highness……!”

At that moment…

Yoo Jaeha was in a state of shock. It was because of a message Sasaki had sent back.

‘What the hell is going on?’

He knew that Ju-Heon's fans would quickly figure out after seeing the photos.

Even he knew that the Captain-nim and he had different body types.

He had sent it on purpose even though he knew that they would figure it out.

‘I stole the artifact you guys sent him! Kakakakakaka!’

He was planning on messing with them like that.

It was because he was envious of the Captain-nim’s fans.

It was his way of acting out.

That was why he had been waiting for the fans’ angry protest to respond, but………

[We understand Ju-Heon-nim’s big heart!]
[As expected of Ju-Heon-nim!]
[We're sorry! We should have thought more about it! We will get some S-Grade uniforms ready for the entire team!]
[Please wait a little bit!]
[We will match the design and shapes to each person's style!]

Yoo Jaeha plopped down on the ground after seeing Sasaki's message.

‘W, wait, what is she talking about now?
I stole your present.
But you're talking about uniforms?!
What the hell just happened?!
How the hell did things end up like this?!’

To be honest, this was good news.

Other excavation teams all had useful uniforms.

They were all defense-type artifacts to save their lives inside tombs.
Ju-Heon had been talking about how good it would be for the entire team to have sturdy artifact clothes for the tombs, but……

‘Why are they acting like this even though I didn't say anything?!’

He would have to ask about it later but Yoo Jaeha, who had been feeling guilty, went and kowtowed in front of Ju-Heon.


Yoo Jaeha who had taken off the sweatsuit and folded it neatly said that he would go get it dry cleaned.

No, he said he would go somewhere and find an artifact to bring back.

"Captaaaaain-niiiiiiim! I, I’m sorry for everything! It was because I was jealous of you, that’s why…”

‘What’s wrong with him?’

‘Fuck, what the hell is this?’

Yang Chen had cold sweats down his back after coming into the photo.

He was in the group photo.

‘This really is the TKBM office.’

Seo Ju-Heon's excavation team was there.

However, it was not the present based on the calendar. Everybody looked oddly older and a bit exhausted.

"Captain-nim, Captain-nim! Let’s take a photo! Take a photo with me!”

An excited Seol-A walked in with the camera.

“Why do we need a photo?”
“Why? It’s your birthday today, Captain-nim! Yang Chen even bought a cake!”

Yang Chen urgently turned his head.

Seo Ju-Heon, who had a manager ID on him, seemed to be in his early thirties and seemed to have bad eyesight as he had reading glasses on while holding a thick book.

He looked like a total bookworm because his desk was full of encyclopedias.

He didn’t have a smile on his face and looked completely pale, as if he was a vampire, unlike his present self.

‘Did he do some drugs or something?’

He was completely different from the present Seo Ju-Heon Yang Chen knew about.

There were severe dark circles under his eyes, his cheeks were sucked in making his cheek bones completely visible, and his body was skinny.
He seemed to be dealing with some kind of pain because he was slightly frowning and looked annoyed even when they took the group photo.

He looked like a cripple who was wasting his good looks might be a good explanation.

Seol-A grabbed Ju-Heon's hand and pulled him toward them.

She was still pretty but seemed to be in some kind of pain as well.

She was trying to add some color to her face by using lipstick but even that made her lips look pale.

The others looked similar as well.
But they all seemed quite happy and close to each other.

‘But why am I here?’

The scene blurred past him. What he saw next was a conversation with Chairman Kwon.

“Kill them. Doesn’t it hurt your pride to serve under Seo Ju-Heon when you used to be a Monarch?”
“Seo Ju-Heon is too dangerous if we let him be. That bastard is not normal. He’s pretending to be loyal right now but he might end up killing me.”

It was the scene of where he betrayed Ju-Heon.

But Yang Chen was shaking in fear after seeing what happened.

Something was weird. This was definitely the future, but…

For some reason, it felt as if he had experienced this in the past. That was how his body was reacting.

That wasn't all.

He almost went crazy when he activated the photo where he was murdered.

“You traitor.”

Seo Ju-Heon was walking toward him with a cold gaze.
This was the future where he would be butchered into pieces!

This was the only photo that showed the present and the future that was to come instead of the memories of the past life.

He screamed and stopped using the artifact.

“Huff…….. huff. Huff!”

Zhen Cai Yuan tilted her head while looking at Yang Chen.

“Did you see anything?”
"Seo Ju-Heon, Seo Ju-Heon, Seo Ju-Heeeeeeeeon…!”


Yang Chen fell off the chair.
His eyes were bloodshot and his hands were shaking in fear.

He seemed to slightly remember.

About Seo Ju-Heon, about his captain.

He also slightly remembered his sins as well.

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