Chapter 223: Those meant for prison will go to prison (2)


Someone grabbed both of Yang Chen's shoulders.

A shocked Yang Chen turned his head to see a familiar face.

“Oh my, you hid quite a lot. How much is all of this?”
“It’s still not even enough to last for one year.”

There was a woman on each side of Yang Chen.

One person reminded him of Catwoman? She was wearing a sexy all-black sleeveless shirt and some risqué hotpants.

The other had on a white one piece with boots and a cute red hat.

The two of them were smiling so beautifully that they almost took his breath away!

Yang Chen almost plopped down on the ground after seeing their gazes. It was not just because of these women’s beauty.

‘They are Seo Ju-Heon's women.’

That was right.

Irene and Lee Seol-A were next to him right now.

They might look pretty but they were monsters on the inside.

The proof of that was the chaotic army behind these two beautiful women.

This punk would be gone in a single bite.

[#$$&! @]
Should we eat him? Should we eat him?

Hundreds of ghosts that looked like things straight out of folktales looked ready to rip Yang Chen to death as soon as they were given the order.

That wasn’t all.

[Thank you for your withdrawal!]
[Taking it all!]
[Taking it all!]
[Thank you for the $50,000 purchase!]
[Thank you for the $120,300 purchase!]
[Thank you for the $74,020 purchase!]
[Thank you for your purchase!]

[Thank you for using our loan with your body parts as collateral!]

He felt as if he could hear things that would make him go crazy.

[Alright, they shouldn't even dream about running away anymore. We took all of TKBM's artifacts and emergency stash of money hidden in New York.]

Ju-Heon laughed out loud after hearing Julian's update on the situation.

Their plan seemed to have succeeded.
They found all of the hidden artifacts and money.

Their plan to loot all these hidden items had succeeded.

They knew that those three would never quietly go to the police station and would attempt to run in the middle.


It was simple.

‘All TKBM employees have an artifact hidden on their body.’

They were all for getting out of dangerous situations and were usually C-Grade or B-Grade artifacts. They were installed on the bodies to easily dodge searches.

It was not hard to figure that out.

They also had artifacts hidden in their teeth (crown-shape) when they were TKBM members.

That was how they were able to predict these bastards’ actions.

‘We might as well loot the money and the hidden artifacts while we're at it.’

Only then would they be unable to do any funny business.

Anyway, Julian had told the police about this to work together with them, but he was completely ignored. Ju-Heon had told him that there was no need to cooperate with the police once he heard that.
Ju-Heon let those bastards escape on purpose.

It was so that they would head to their secret stashes.

Well, the police officers who ignored Julian’s warning were reprimanded while the FBI, who was happy to capture these fugitives thanks to the help of Ju-Heon’s team, apologized on behalf of the officers.

[Anyway, Seo Ju-Heon. Let’s use a more gentle method next time……]

Ju-Heon cut him off after he felt another round of nagging coming.

It was because he would nag for a minimum of one hour once he got started.

“Ah, it’s fine. Where are you?”

[What? I'm currently restoring the facilities the culprits destroyed!]

He was apparently crouched down fixing mailboxes, crosswalks, street lamps, and other things the culprits destroyed.

It made Ju-Heon sigh.

“Why the hell are you doing that?”

[It’s not like we’re not related to this incident at all. I'm just patching up things I can see.]

“Ho, you stupid bastard.”

Pandora had already thanked them and offered to take care of all clean-up for helping them capture the fugitives.

But Ju-Heon just hung up since he had no obligations to tell Julian about it.

He wasn’t the one who needed to suffer.

Yoo Jaeha's eyes flashed as soon as Ju-Heon ended the call.

“They caught all of the criminals? They threw all of them in prison?”

Ju-Heon started to chuckle.

“Yeah. Yang Chen, that bastard Chairman Kwon’s eldest son, and even the true culprit, Steven, were all captured.”

Yoo Jaeha screamed in joy.

“Wow, those so called witnesses are going to rot in prison, totally rot!”

There was someone who was confused in front of them.

It was Dan.

‘What the heck are they talking about?’

He wasn’t sure, but……

“E, excuse me…… I think I should return to the penitentiary…”

He was probably concerned about the police sirens he was hearing from outside the hospital.

But Ju-Heon started to laugh.

‘What? Go back to the penitentiary?’

“Are you really going to go back? Even though you were found innocent?”
“E, excuse me?”

Ju-Heon looked at the five years old Soo-A in Dan’s arms.

‘Hmm, she’s pretty.’

Her white cheeks, large round eyes, and smart-looking expression…

She looked quite gentle and wily compared to her brusque father.

She was just extremely skinny, probably because she was struggling with an illness.

Actually, this was the first time Ju-Heon saw Soo-A.


‘She was already dead by the time we met Dan.’

Dan was a soldier who did special operations.

But he was dishonorably discharged at a court martial.

It was for being violent against his superior.

Well, he might have had a reason to be that way though.

‘His one and only daughter was sacrificed because of his superior.’

It was the request of the Middle Eastern terrorist group they had been confronting.

They were told to hand over the child of the commanding officer but Dan’s daughter had been sent because his superior was a Monarch.

She was sent without his knowledge.

What they told the crying Dan once she came back as a corpse was quite the spectacle.

‘It doesn’t matter since your daughter only had a little longer to live! Did you think I would send my son? Huh?’

Dan had tried to sue the government and the country for feigning ignorance of the situation, but it had failed.

He ended up barging into the Middle Eastern terrorist group’s base on his own to destroy the people who had taken his daughter away before getting rid of all of the people from his side who had played a role in it as well.

The imprisoned Dan had tried to kill himself after that.

Ju-Heon was the one who had stopped him at that moment.

‘I'm buying your life starting today.’

Chairman Kwon had been interested after hearing about a monstrous man who had destroyed a large Middle Eastern terrorist group on his own.

But Chairman Kwon had canceled the scout.

‘It’s fine so just give up and come back.’

It was because he believed Dan would be harder to handle than he had expected.

But Ju-Heon seemed to have other thoughts on his mind as he bought Dan’s life.

He had then placed Dan as a member on his team.

‘Your life is mine starting today. That’s why you can't die. It’s now up to me whether I kill you or keep you alive.’

Basically, he had hired a convict on death row to be a Hunter.

There was a simple explanation.

‘I wanted to let him live to resolve the grudges of his daughter.’

He would feel too wronged if he died like that.
Ju-Heon wanted to help Dan at least get the minimum amount of revenge to the people who had killed his daughter. The people Dan had wanted to kill were Monarchs.

‘Well, we all died together in the end.’

But things were different now.

‘His daughter is still alive.’

Soo-A kept sneaking glances at Ju-Heon, as if she found him interesting. She would hide behind her father whenever she would make eye contact with Ju-Heon.

Of course, that made Yoo Jaeha go, ‘sigh, even little children only like the Captain-nim now!’
He had continued to grumble while pounding his chest.
It was at that moment.


Chloe entered the hospital room. Ju-Heon asked as if he had been waiting for her to come.

“Yes. And the surgery?”
“Yes sir. Miss Im Soo-A’s surgery date has been scheduled. We paid the fee as a lump sum as well.”

Dan questioned his ears for a moment.

“Excuse me?”

That was why he was looking at Ju-Heon with such widely-open eyes.

"What did you just say?”

Ju-Heon nonchalantly started to smile.

“Your daughter. You said she needed surgery. That’s why we scheduled a date for her, what’s wrong?”

Dan plopped down on the floor in shock.

“You don’t need to go to prison anymore. Your innocence was revealed and you can save your daughter.”
“B, but……”
"I told them to gather the best doctors and make your daughter a priority. What is it, should I not have done that?”

Ju-Heon got up from his seat.

“Now live happily with your daughter. There’s nothing to worry about.”

A completely shocked Dan asked in disbelief.

"D, do you really mean that? Can my daughter really live?”
“Feel free to go meet with the doctors if you don’t trust me.”
“The surgery date is a week from today.”
“Why are you doing all of this for me……”
“Just because. Because your daughter is pretty.”
“E, excuse me?”

Ju-Heon caressed Soo-A's head.
“If we can save a life, might as well save it.”

Yoo Jaeha then took out his phone and started to show him reports from all over.

“Now now, over here, over here. Mister, take a look at this.”

Yoo Jaeha, who had not wanted to be butchered(?) desperately praised his Captain's work.

It was the story of how Dan was found innocent and the true criminal was caught.

There was an interview with the director of the hospital that was going to do Dan’s daughter’s surgery underneath the articles about Dan.

Dan’s eyes started to tear up after he read it over and over.

There really was an article about his daughter getting surgery.

He kneeled on the ground and screamed loud enough for the whole hospital to hear.


Dan lowered his head to the ground and started to cry.

“Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Truly, truly, thank you very much. I will never forget your kindness……!”

This was the greatest day in the world for Dan.

He had been focused on his work so much that he had not even realized that his daughter and wife had been sick.

His wife had already left this world once he learned about the illness and he was only left with his daughter.

It had been extremely painful since then.

He was happy that he was found innocent, but he was even happier at the fact that there was now a future for his daughter.

She would not have been able to live past this year if she didn’t have surgery.

“I don’t know who you are, sir, and I don’t have much, but your kindness…… I will give my life if I have to do so to pay you back……!”

Ju-Heon scoffed, as if he was telling Dan to cut the bullshit.

“What? It’s bad if you die. You can treat the fee for your daughter’ surgery as a down payment.”
“E, excuse me?”

Ju-Heon smiled wickedly before this emotional moment could even end.

He then slammed something down in front of Dan.



It was obviously a suspicious looking document.
Ju-Heon’s eyes flashed.

“Why don’t you sign this first?”

It was the appearance of the slave contract once again.

“Ah fuck, he really was amazing. He beat down the trained hunters with his bare hands! He was fine even after being stabbed by an artifact knife! I thought he was some Indian elephant or something.”

The team members all started to laugh at Yoo Jaeha who was freaking out as he explained what happened.

He was going on and on because he found it hard to believe, however…

‘That’s expected of Dan.’

Dan was an ability-user who could control Asura’s artifact.

There was a reason he had enough Fit to handle that artifact.

Julian quietly whispered at that moment. He had temporarily been arrested for destroying the building because he was looking around the building when Ju-Heon made the report, but that was just a minor misunderstanding.

“Hey. Are you really not going to restore Dan's memories?”

He wanted to know because Ju-Heon had used the artifact on some of them almost immediately.

“Isn't the Dan you want the Dan of the past?”

But Seol-A and Chloe understood why Ju-Heon had not used that artifact.

‘He probably doesn't want to use it.’

It was probably a different case than Yoo Jaeha.

Things might get complicated if Yoo Jaeha got his memories back.

Part of it was that Ju-Heon didn't want to give Jaeha his memories of living as a copycat back, but anyway…

‘He probably doesn't want Dan to feel the pain of losing a child again.’

The Ju-Heon they knew was that kind of person.

‘But the Asura of the past would only descend if he gets his memories back.’

He was quite skilled right now as well, but…… There was something called a person's prime.

Ju-Heon was fidgeting with the Crow's artifact in his pocket.


Ju-Heon tilted his head in confusion once he returned to the hotel after taking a look at a decent personal jet.

There's something weird! There’s something weird!

The rope was digging something out of the restroom.

“Hey, what are you doing over there?!”

It had removed the tile from the floor and was digging underneath!

He was about to scold the rope when, unexpectedly, Yoo Jaeha started to scream.

“W, wait, hey!”

It couldn't be helped, since……

Look at this! Look at this!

The excited rope took out a box that was covered in a waterproof bag.

Ju-Heon was tilting his head in confusion after seeing this unexpected item.

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