Chapter 221: Objection! (4)

“Hey, what is this?”

Something weird had happened.

“Hey, what happened to the artifact you had around your neck?”
“Huh? You're right, where did it go?”

Their artifacts had suddenly disappeared. It was very weird.

It also felt as if they could faintly smell garlic around them.

Why would they smell garlic in a hospital?

But they ignored that and started to check their clothes.

“Hey, is it really not there? Look carefully. Do you know how important that artifact is?!”

A person who was checking his clothes urgently shouted.

“Hey! Something’s weird! I think someone must have stolen it!”

His peers all sneered at him.

“Hey retard. Why are you making shit up when you probably dropped it somewhere?”
“No, I really didn't drop it. Someone took it.”
“Ah, shut up. Just find it!”
“Fuck, I'm telling the truth……”

They were flustered but they didn't think much of it. Well, at least they were planning to not think much of it.


“Don't even think about mentioning that you lost it. You'll be seriously reprimanded by the superiors.”
“Fuck, I'm being serious……”
“Shut up and look carefully. You could have dropped it on the floor.”

However, at that moment…


Something else had disappeared.

It felt as if a black shadow had sped past them and another artifact had disappeared!

The men were starting to go crazy.

“Hey, fuck. Where did your artifact go?!”
“I don't know! It suddenly disappeared!”

Someone grabbed the person who said that by the collar.

“See! I was right! The artifact suddenly disappeared!”
“N, no……!”

‘Fuck, what the hell is going on?’

As they looked around as if they were looking for a ghost or something….

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

That mysterious something rummaged through the men’s clothes again.

That wasn’t all.


The female excavation team member who was with the men started to shake.

It was because something had pushed its hand up her skirt.
The female member looked at her teammate who was behind her and started to scream.


The teammate shouted as if he had been wronged.

“N, no. It wasn't me!”
“I know! Not you!”

The female member was pointing behind her teammate.

All of them screamed once they saw what she had seen.

It was because Dan’s daughter who was behind them was the problem!

“Kyaaaa! What is that?!”

She looked comparable to the Chucky doll.

She looked like a five year old whose face was splitting open.

That wasn’t all.

“A, ahhhh!”

The man who had subconsciously pulled the child toward him almost fainted from shock.

The child’s hand broke off when he pulled it!

It didn’t stop there!


Something burst through the child’s skin like a scene from an alien movie!

“Kyaaaa! W, what is that?!”
“Aaaaaaaaahh! Doctor! Doctooooooooor!”

Blood burst out of her eyes!

And the thing that popped out of the child’s body like a parasite and started to squirm on the floor was……!

Hand it over! Hand over everything you have!

The rope roared as best as it could, as if it was trying to threaten them.

Sadly, it just looked like a rope whose eyes were sparkling.
But the shocked excavation team members were still screaming.

Not many people could remain calm when a five years old child’s body splits open and blood bursts out.

They were pretty close to fainting after seeing this grotesque sight.

“Ahhhh, ahhhhhhhhhh!”
“Fuck, what the hell is that?! It’s not made of plaster!”

Yoo Jaeha was laughing his ass off after hearing their screams.

“I got them, I got them! Hahaha! Those morons!”

The men’s eyes flashed after hearing their teammates’ screams and Yoo Jaeha's sneering.

They didn't know what had happened, but they were certain that Yoo Jaeha had done something.

"What the… hey! What the hell did you do to our friends?!”

They heard some more screams before they could hear a response.

“Mommy, save me!”
“Ahhhhh! I'm going to die!”

They all sounded as if they were about to die.
Jaeha didn't know what the rope was doing, but these people probably would not act this way even if they fell into the depths of hell.

Maybe that was the reason.

The people chasing Yoo Jaeha became anxious while Yoo Jaeha started to scratch his cheek as if he felt guilty.

He had felt mischievous after thinking about the grotesque alien movie that Chloe had kept on TV all night, but……

“Uhh…….I guess hyperrealism was a bit much?”

The men snapped out of it and turned red in anger after hearing that.

“Hey! What the hell did you do to our team members?!”
“What did you do to Chris?!”
“And the kid in the room!”
“Ha! None of your business! You retards!”

Yoo Jaeha quickly started to run as if he was a rat.

But it did not last long.

“Get him! I told you to get him!”

The people who had been chasing Yoo Jaeha had used artifacts to attack him after getting annoyed by his antics.

Yoo Jaeha was instantly captured. His legs had been turned into stone.

“Ha! We got you now, you bastard!”
“This damn eel-like son of a bitch! Today is the day you die!”
"Where did you hide the little girl?!”
“Where did you hide her?!”

Yoo Jaeha, who was being crushed under five buff dudes, started to swear. But they didn't care and just started to drag Yoo Jaeha away.

It wasn’t hard to drag him away since his legs had turned into stone.

"Drag this bastard to TKBM right away!”

But then their eyes opened wide as if they realized something.

“Verify that he is real first!”

The men started to pull at Yoo Jaeha's hair and pinch his cheeks.

This person they had captured should start to crumble if he was a fake made by Yoo Jaeha!

Yoo Jaeha's fake humans were easily revealed when attacked.

But rather than the skin crumbling away…

“Aaah! Hey! That hurts! You shitheads! It hurts!”

Yoo Jaeha's appearance did not change no matter how hard they hit him, pinched him, etc.

The men’s eyes flashed after confirming this.

‘There are no changes.’

That must mean that……!

“This is really him."

They started to smile.

“Good! Drag him away!”

Although they were all Monarchs, Yoo Jaeha was different from Irene or Seo Ju-Heon.

The Monarch of Destitution was a walking disaster, Seo Ju-Heon was the modern day satan…no, he was a walking plunderer, but Yoo Jaeha was simply the Monarch of Pushoverness whose only talents were on escaping!

There was no need for them to be scared!

“Break one of his legs before the petrification wears off!”

They pushed Yoo Jaeha down and picked up a hammer-shaped artifact.

Then they swung that hammer artifact down!

But at that moment…


There was a dull noise and they were sent flying.

They couldn't help but be shocked at what they saw.

“What did you say?! The daughter disappeared? She exploded like an alien?!”

Yang Chen started to swear after receiving the information.

The trial had not ended yet.
Yang Chen was just using a 10 minute recess to give orders to his subordinates.

He was quietly and stealthily sending his subordinates to abduct Dan's daughter!

He was trying to use her as a hostage to gain the upper hand!

‘I will capture the daughter and use a curse-type artifact or something.’

He was going to try to make a deal with Seo Ju-Heon with that card in his hand.

It would be complicated if TKBM's VIP ended up as a murderer and especially complicated if the fact that TKBM tried to cover up a murder was revealed.

But what?

That shitty Monarch of Pushoverness had appeared?

Yang Chen’s hands were shaking while he was on the phone. He then glared at Ju-Heon who was drinking a bottle of water by the entrance.

He didn’t like how Ju-Heon had all of the reporter’s attention.

‘Seo Ju-Heon. You even figured out the location of the hospital?’

But it didn't matter.

‘All of Seo Ju-Heon’s excavation team is here.’

Seo Ju-Heon, the one who handled artifacts the best, Julian, the lightning power plant, Seol-A, the one who controls ghosts…

They were all here.

The rest of the members other than them did not require much attention.

None of them were battle-type artifact users.

‘We can easily handle a damn pushover in the hospital.’

Yang Chen scoffed as if it was nothing.

It sounded as if a woman who uses a healing-type artifact was there as well, but she was not a fighter either.

‘The staff we have at the hospital right now are all thoroughly trained.’

They could all be considered Hunters who specialized in capturing and killing people.
It sounded as if Ju-Heon had either looked down on them or had other more important issues as he only sent the Monarch of Pushoverness to the hospital.

‘Retard. That was your mistake.’

Maybe that was the reason.

Yang Chen gave an order to his subordinate on the phone.

“It's fine so get rid of that shitty son of a bitch and quickly find the daughter……!”

It was at that moment.


The subordinate on the phone screamed.

He didn’t know what had happened, but it sounded as if he was hit by something and dropped the phone.

Yang Chen became anxious.

“Hey, what's wrong?! Hey! What is going on?!”

The call then ended.

Yang Chen anxiously called back but the phone was turned off.

‘What the hell just happened?!’

He had just heard that they had captured Yoo Jaeha.

He bit down on his lips after seeing Dan who was still sitting in the courtroom with a stiff expression on his face.

‘We need to hurry up and find the daughter to take care of things!’

And at the same time…

“U, ugh!”

The men who had tried to capture Yoo Jaeha were coughing up blood and curled up on the floor.

“T, this bastard……!”

Yoo Jaeha's jaw dropped in shock as he sat on the floor..

“Wow, jackpot.”

It was because of the person in front of him.

The people who had been chasing him were grinding their teeth in pain on the ground.

Some of them instantly had broken bones, twisted joints, and all sorts of issues.

“Fuck, this bastard!”

These Hunters who were all experts in excavating were all sent flying with single hits!

‘He didn’t even use an artifact!’

The enemies just continued to swear.

It was understandable.

"Why is this son of a bitch here……?!”
“This bastard should be in the courtroom!”

Yoo Jaeha raised his head with a look of respect.

Who was this person?
The person in front of Yoo Jaeha was none other than Dan.

Yes, it was the same Dan who should be in the courtroom right now!

The enemies had veins bulging on their foreheads as they started to shout.

“Why the hell are you here?!”
“Why is a murderer here?!”
"Who the hell let this bastard out?!”

‘Who else would have let him out?’

“It was me! You have issues with that?!”
“Yoo Jaeha, you son of a bitch!”

Dan grabbed the men by the collar as if to tell the angry men to focus on him.

“I’m not done speaking yet.”

His gaze looked as if he would cut them up into pieces, fitting the gaze of the owner of a butcher shop.

Yoo Jaeha was shaking in fear as he watched.

All he had said was, ‘these bastards are trying to kidnap your daughter!’
That was all he said but……

“Where is my daughter?!”

The daughter idiot father’s anger had reached the heavens. [1]
The enemies were going crazy at this point.

The fact that he was here was a problem, however…

‘Fuck, why aren't the artifacts working on him?!”

None of their artifacts were working.

His body seemed to be made of steel as he showed no reaction to even being stabbed by a cursed knife!

This weapon could even take down a dinosaur in a few seconds!

‘Is he human or is he an animal?!’

They couldn't hold it in any longer and started to threaten Yoo Jaeha.

“Hey! Monarch of Pushoverness! You'll be arrested for helping a prisoner escape if this is revealed! You retard!”
“Hurry up and convince this bastard if you unders…aaaaah!”
“Hey, Yoo Jaeha! Let’s negot…aaaaaah!”
"Where is my daughter? You sons of bitches! Do you not understand what the hell I am saying?!”

Yoo Jaeha was the only one laughing right now.

‘Let’s not reveal where I hid his daughter until he takes care of these bastards.’

He heard some pitiful screams as soon as he had that thought.

At the same time…

‘What, what the hell……?! Dan is at the hospital right now? Then what the hell is that?!’

Who was this bastard that Julian was representing right now?

Yang Chen started to sweat.

That wasn’t important right now.

‘That means that they've already moved the daughter somewhere safe.’

Yang Chen kicked the wall in anger.


The Pandora appraisal department who had sent proof of the fabrication had responded in the following way as well.

[Excuse me? Why did we do the appraisal?!]
[What do you mean?! The Chief said that Mr. Yang Chen personally came and asked us to do it!]
[We were told to find evidence of the fabrication because you wanted to make sure to tie up all loose ends! You said you would look at the report to completely take care of everything!]
[We took care of it that same day.]

Yang Chen grabbed the back of his neck after seeing those messages.
He didn't even need to ask who went into Pandora looking like him.

‘Damn it, you damn Monarch of Pushoverneeeeeeeeeeeeeeess! This Lupin-like son of a bitch!’

The thing that made him even angrier was the person who would have controlled all of this from the back.

‘Seo Ju-Heon, that damn son of a bitch!’

As an angry Yang Chen tried to walk toward Ju-Heon…

“The recess is over. We are starting the trial once again.”
“The jury have come to a decision as well!”

They received orders to return.
Yang Chen turned pale while Ju-Heon mischievously smiled while looking at him.

“Aigoo, I guess it's time for the results of the trial.”

Yang Chen clenched his eyes shut.

‘Damn it. This bastard is ruining things again!’

1. Daughter idiot is a Korean term for a dad who loses all senses when it comes to his daughter.

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