Chapter 220: Objection! (3)

“Hey! I, isn’t that Julian MIller?!”

Julian was at Dan's lawyer's seat.

This was the lawyer of the tomb raiding team who had never been defeated.

They became flustered.

They rubbed their eyes and looked again but nothing had changed.

The person in front of them was definitely Julian Miller, the Monarch of Strategies.

In addition, Seo Ju-Heon was in the room!

They anxiously glared at Yang Chen.

“Hey! What the hell is going on?!”
"Why are those bastards here?!”

‘What the fuck can I explain?!’

Yang Chen wanted to swear.

He was the one who wanted to know why those bastards were here the most!

A flustered Yang Chen looked back and forth at Seo Ju-Heon and Julian with a pale expression.

‘What the hell is going on? Did they already know each other?’

No, that wasn’t possible. He had already done a thorough investigation into Dan’s life.

Dan and Seo Ju-Heon had no connections at all.

But how?

Ju-Heon was laughing as he watched.

‘It was surprising that that bastard was involved with Dan so early, but to think that he helped me find my friend! I don't need to search for him anymore! Thanks, you son of a bitch.’

Yang Chen started to shake after seeing Ju-Heon’s gaze that looked as if he was praising a dog who had fetched the stick.

‘That son of a bitch. I'm definitely going to kill him.’

Yang Chen had been quite shocked when the Monarch of Fate had told him about Dan.


It was a coincidence, but it was someone he had already met!

That was why he thought it was a chance to stealthily get rid of him before Seo Ju-Heon could find him.

‘Fuck, it’s getting complicated.’

There was no way that those bastards would have gotten themselves involved with this case because they were bored!

Ju-Heon’s gaze looked serious as he looked at Yang Chen.

‘How dare you frame him. You guys are dead.’

He had a relaxed smile on his face but his gaze was extremely fierce. His gaze was giving off the signal that he would make them all pay.

Yang Chen became even more anxious after seeing that gaze.

‘Fuck, what the hell happened to the original lawyer? Why is that bastard here?!’

He picked up his phone to send her a text message to complain.


[I'm going to give up on this case.]

He had received a message from Dan’s original lawyer a few minutes ago.

[Anyway, please be careful. Those bastards are going to try to claim that the defendant is innocent.]

‘This damn bitch! Could you have sent that text any later?!’

She probably sent the message at such a shitty time because she didn't want to be reprimanded.

But putting this shitty lawyer aside, they were going to get Dan off clean? Yang Chen could not believe it. But he was not the only one who was flustered right now.

"Fuck, that bastard was a lawyer?!”
“I’ve never heard about it.”
“No, I remember hearing that he graduated from Harvard Law School last year.”

The TKBM members in the audience became flustered as well.

“Last year?! Then he’s just a noob!”

The prosecutor’s side started to speak at that moment.

“I heard that he changed lawyers earlier today, but is it really okay? I don’t think the outcome will change.”

Julian started to smile.

“It will change. The defendant is innocent.”

The courtroom became rowdy after hearing that.

“Are you completely denying all charges?”
"Yes, the defendant is not guilty.”

Whisper whisper.

People started to get rowdy again.

His confident demeanor made Yang Chen, who had fabricated all the evidence, start to frown while TKBM’s excavation team members were shaking their legs.

“Vice Captain-nim, will it be okay? What if they noticed…….”
“Shut up. There’s no way that is the case.”

Yang Chen quietly growled as his eyes flashed.

It should still be okay.

‘We brainwashed the witnesses with an artifact as well.’

There was no way they would say anything unexpected.

Furthermore, Julian was a new lawyer who had never been in the courtroom before.

Forget flipping everything, Julian should just focus on not stuttering and making a fool of himself.

But worrying about Julian making a fool of himself was bullshit.

“Hey, what the hell is this?”

Something unbelievable was happening in the courtroom right now.

It was something Yang Chen could have never even imagined.

And at this moment…


This was already the twenty-first time.

Yang Chen swore internally after hearing Julian's voice again.

‘This motherfucker!’

He turned his head to see a triumphant expression on Julian's face.

He was currently examining the witnesses. They were the TKBM excavation team members and the business people who were at the scene of the crime, the same ones who had been told exactly what to say.


"What the witness just said contradicts itself. Are you sure you haven’t been told what to say?”
“Excuse me? Of course not! I'm just telling the truth…!”
"According to what the witness just said, he was whispering sweet nothings to a lady on the first floor while also witnessing a murder on the thirtieth floor. That’s some amazing superpower. I am envious.”

Julian had been running laps around the opposition like a pro since the beginning.

He was so calm and wise for a new lawyer. He was using facts and flashy methods to sway the judge and the jury.

‘How could this happen?’

The prosecutor and the judge were quite shocked. This was not the skills of a rookie.

‘Is he really a new lawyer?’

Of course, Ju-Heon was watching the flustered people with as much joy as if he was in the movie theatre enjoying some popcorn.

‘This much is to be expected.'

He is a part of my team after all.

He had been stuck under Chairman Kwon because he was a pushover(?) but this bastard was a veteran.

Chairman Kwon's eldest son and the culprit, Steven, who were called as witnesses, were grinding their teeth as they watched everything unfold.
How could they not?

‘How the hell did they take care of things that this bastard can do as he pleases?!’

Their anger was not directed at Julian anymore but at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen bit down on his lips.

The true culprit was the problem.


Steven was the real murder.

He might look like a regular member of TKBM's excavation team, but he was actually a VIP that even Chairman Kwon paid close attention to.

Why? Steven was the son of a central figure in the US finance sector.

Most importantly, that person was the major shareholder for TKBM's foreign shares.

He had planned on stealing the know-how from TKBM and becoming a captain in his own independent team, but he just had to cause an accident with the eldest son.

‘Fuck, I can't let the truth come out like this.’

TKBM's shareholders will all cause a fuss and they will receive quite the hit in their corporate image if the truth was revealed.

It was already a shit show but it would become even worse of a shit show.
Maybe that was the reason.

‘Fuck, I need to do whatever it takes to make that bastard the murderer.’

But forget making him the murderer…

“I definitely heard it! The victim and TKBM's members were fighting and I heard some screams. I don’t think the defendant was there at that time.”
“I remember hearing something weird from the victim before he died. He said that he thought one of TKBM’s members was doing drugs in the restroom. I think that was why he went to take a look……”
“The defendant was with me at that time. We were delivering meat. He's not the culprit.”
“Now that I think about it, I remember someone named Yang Chen coming to find me and using a weird coin. I feel like my memories were changed after that for some reason……”
"Do you think he messed with your memories with an artifact?”
“Fuck, are those bastards crazy?!”

That was right.

They were proving that Dan was innocent.

All of the people who had originally claimed that Dan was the culprit were changing their stories! The presiding judge was in shock.

"What the… What is going on?”

The members of the jury were confused after hearing these people change their stories.

The other judges and the prosecutor were shocked as well. [1]

It was no wonder the people responsible for fabricating the evidence were going crazy as well!

"Vice Captain-nim, what the hell is going on?!”

Ju-Heon almost fell to the ground laughing as he watched their reactions.

‘What else could have happened?’

Julian had used Zhuge Kongming's artifact. He used it to figure out which artifacts were used and got rid of the effects using an opposing artifact.

The reporters were getting excited at the changing testimonies.

The reporters who had shown up because this was related to TKBM's excavation team had caught quite the scoop.

“Then was a member of TKBM's excavation team the true culprit?”
“Did they mess with the witnesses?”

The TKBM employees started to cause a ruckus.

“Hey! All of you need to shut up! Stop spreading nonsense without any proof!”

The angry TKBM employees jumped up from their seats but the reporters were very happy to have such a juicy scoop.

The prosecutor could not hold it in any longer and started to protest.

“Your honor, this is unbelievable!”

The prosecutor glared at the witnesses and Julian.

"The witnesses are fooling around in this sacred courtroom. I believe we should punish the witnesses and the defense attorney……”

It was at that moment.

“Fooling around?”

Julian dropped a thick stack of papers in front of the prosecutor.
The prosecutor looked at him in disbelief.

“W, what is this?”
“Please confirm for yourself who did the fooling around here.”

The prosecutor quickly looked through the document and saw Pandora’s seal of investigation clearly visible on it.

“These are the results from Pandora’s authorized appraisers. They said that they found some unnatural evidence of artifacts having been used throughout the crime scene. Basically, they used an artifact to mess with the memories of the witnesses and tried to get rid of the evidence.”

The presiding judge shouted in anger.

"What did you say?!”
“Mess with their memories?!”

Dominating their memories.

This would become as big of an issue as Keira controlling the African children.

“Hey, this is breaking news! Breaking news!”
"They even tried to frame someone for murder!”

The TKBM employees felt as if their asses were on fire.

Most importantly…

‘Why the hell are Pandora's appraisers involved in this?! We told them so many times to not investigate it!’

The true culprit could not hold it in any longer and started to shout.

“How can we trust that appraisal from Pandora?! The Pandora bastards could be in this with them!”

Julian responded.

“Then I guess that means that TKBM is doing shady business all the time since they always use Pandora’s appraisers.”
“Pandora is an internationally accredited organization when it comes to anything related to artifacts. Sir, what were you doing on that day?”

Steven foamed at the mouth after hearing that.

“What qualifications does a lawyer from who knows where have to…!”

The prosecutor quickly interjected as well.

“Mr. Miller! This trial is to question the crimes of the defendant, not to question the witness. Your honor. There’s no need to listen to this any longer. This is the defense’s ploy to drag things out…….!”

It was at that moment.


“This is currently the defense’s time for questioning. Mr. Miller, please continue.”


Yang Chen instantly glared at Ju-Heon in anger. It looked as if he would not just give up like this.

‘It’s obvious that they pulled all sorts of strings to get that bastard Dan out. We have our methods too if you guys are going to come at us like this.’

He quickly looked toward his subordinate. The subordinate nodded his head and quickly sent a message.

“Excuse me? You want us to abduct that little girl named Soo-A?”

The TKBM members who were at the university hospital were shocked. They had moved Dan’s daughter to a hospital connected with TKBM after making the deal with Dan.

‘Keep an eye on her just in case.’

That was the order Yang Chen had given them.

It was because he knew that Ju-Heon would come looking for the daughter once Dan joined him.

But the subordinates sighed while looking at the child who was sleeping on the bed.

“He wants me to keep an eye on her but nobody has shown up.”

Only the doctor and the nurses have come to see the girl.

But at that moment…


They saw some suspicious shadows moving about the hallway outside the room.

It looked like a male nurse at first glance.

However, their eyes were burning with anger as soon as they saw who it was.

It couldn't be helped, since……

“Hey! Yoo Jaeha!”
“Fuck, that got me good! You guys scared me!”

That was right.

Yoo Jaeha was the one snooping around the room!

He looked as if he was looking around to make sure nobody was nearby before going into the room.

Yoo Jaeha awkwardly started to smile once he was caught.

“Umm… I'm not a bad person. I, I just came to see the patient.”

‘Came to see the patient my ass.’

The TKBM members started to chase him with fire in their eyes.

“Hey! Get him! Get that bastard!”
“Who knows what that damn Monarch of Pushoverness is going to try to do this time!”

Yoo Jaeha screamed as buff men charged toward him.

“Hey, five people is overdoing it, don't you think?! Hey! Don’t come any clooooser!”

Yoo Jaeha started to run.

The remaining members entered the room and started to speak while five of them chased after Yoo Jaeha.

“We found Yoo Jaeha. It looks as if Seo Ju-Heon's people are trying to pull something as the Vice Captain-nim mentioned.”
"We will move the girl somewhere else just in case.”

They tried to take the little girl who had woken up somewhere else.

“Sorry, did we wake you up?”
“Come with us since this place is dangerous.”

As they grabbed the child’s hand and started to walk out of the room…

“Hey, what is this?”

Something weird had happened.

1. There is usually a panel of three judges with the Presiding Judge being in charge

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