Chapter 22: The Blacklist of Legends (1)

Clang, clang, clang.
The Oh Seung Woo group could only watch what was going on with their jaws dropped.

The sound of chips being piled, the sound of marbles spinning, and even the clanking sound of the slot machines running. There were even crazy gamblers who were betting their wives and children in front of them.


‘We're here.’

They had ended up in this place.

This was < Goodbye World > the casino in Las Vegas with the highest stakes!

The Oh Seung Woo group knew too well about the horror stories of this place. This was a cursed place that anybody who came to Las Vegas knew about.

There was supposedly nobody who left this place without being ruined. However, jackpots that transcended any and all imaginations also happened here because of all the money and luck that others lost.

There were examples of people who hit a jackpot in this place and became a top tier Hollywood actor, a president who was praised as being the greatest president in history, a doctor who was described as having godly medical skills, etc.

Was that the reason? Many Hollywood actors and political figures came to this place, superstitious of the luck that they could also receive.

‘But there are many more people who leave bankrupt.’

That might be the reason for it.

Ju-Heon looked at the gold axe thinking that it picked quite a devilish place to start.

‘How fitting for these damn artifact bastards.’

Did it want to see him fall to ruin? However, it wasn’t as if the effects of the artifact would disappear because it wanted him to fail.

What he was certain of was that a jackpot would happen here today.

Artifacts always tried to take advantage of humans but their abilities did not lie.

That was why how you train and use an artifact could turn it into an angel or a devil.

‘Work a little more. Go, gold axe.’

Ju-Heon smiled as he started to walk around while holding the knife. He picked a slot machine instead of a table.

The knife’s blade was folded in and it was only the size of his palm, making it so others could not see it.

After he walked around holding that knife for a long time… He started to get a reaction from one of the slot machines against the wall.


The gold axe started to faintly glow blue. Then the blue light started to flicker as if it was breathing.

Ju-Heon started to smile while looking at it.

‘Good. This will be round one.’

He sat down at the slot machine in the corner. He put $6 into the machine and pulled the lever.


The slot machine's reel gently started to roll.

That was how the story of the legendary man who would end up on the blacklist in the gambling city of Las Vegas got started.


People could not hide their shock.

They were wondering if what they were looking at was real.

The numerous guests in the casino as well as the casino dealers and employees all questioned their eyes.

No, this was not at the level of just questioning their eyes. What was going on was something that went against all sense of rationality in the human mind.

“T, that is the devil.”

The other observers agreed with that sentiment that someone shared. The devil(?) they were looking at pulled the lever again.

The slot machine started to move again and an image appeared on the screen.

The first column was a 7.

The second column a few seconds later was a 7.

‘And the final one.’

The observers gulped and focused on the final column. Their eyes were all focused on the reel and not willing to move.


The reel finally started to slow down and passed an orange, a watermelon, a plum, and cherry, and then……


The perfect line of numbers was completed.

All observers’ jaws dropped as they watched.

It had happened. He had hit the jackpot again.

The winning amount for the jackpot this time was $500,000 (approximately 500 million won).

“This is crazy!”

This made the tourists who came over and lost their entire fortune in the casino start to pull at their hair.

They had lost so much money until now and this guy was easily making hundreds of thousands of dollars!

“Oh my God!”
“It's a jackpot! $500,000!”

Asians, Americans, absolutely everybody could not hide their shock as they looked at Ju-Heon.

They would not have been this shocked to see someone become the lucky recipient of a jackpot.

“I saw it! That Asian man has hit the jackpot tens of times already! He's earned $10 million (10 billion won) already!”
"What? 10 million dollars?”
“Is this a scam?!”
“He won $2 million at once at Goodbye World!”
“That’s crazy! The Goodbye World that’s known for how hard it is to win there?!”

Of course, Ju-Heon had not hit the jackpot right now.

He was winning a lot but only enough money that would still be considered a low amount. However, he started to hit the jackpot at some point and won $2 million with the first jackpot followed by hitting jackpots multiple times in other casinos for a total of $10 million (10 billion won).

That wasn’t the only thing.

He swept pretty much everything away from the casinos if you include his lower winnings as well. It was to the point that an employee showed up and said, ‘something must be wrong with the machine’ and checked it out. They even checked Ju-Heon to see if he had any suspicious devices on him.

However, they could check for a hundred days and still find nothing.

Ju-Heon's only crime was putting money into the machine normally and pulling the lever.

If they wanted to call it a scam, they would need to ask the normal(?) looking tourist souvenir knife he had on him.

Furthermore, nobody would believe the story if they were told that all of this had happened in a span of one hour.
This was the reason Oh Seung Woo could not close his mouth either.

“T, t, this bastard.”
“H, he’s crazy! He’s really crazy!”
“I thought it was weird from the moment he won $2 million from Goodbye World!”

They wondered if this was a dream. However, Ju-Heon just chuckled at their response.

They were causing such a fuss for just $500,000 (500 million won) to $10 million (10 billion won).

It won't be fun if they are like this already.

‘The gambling is just getting started.’

Ju-Heon then laughed at the message that appeared in front of his eyes.

[You forced even the machines to admire you and spit money out.]
[Using your bizarre hand trick increased the mastery level of your Dexterity skill.]
[The Dexterity skill’s level has increased.]
[The Dexterity skill has risen to E-rank!]
[Dominance and Affinity has both increased slightly, allowing you to handle artifacts a little better.]

It looked as if his Dexterity had been accepted as playing a role for his great gambling.

Dealers wearing red clothes approached Ju-Heon as he got up. There was even a beautiful Korean dealer they brought over on purpose knowing that Ju-Heon was Korean.

“Esteemed guest, may we ask which hotel you are staying in right now? Are you staying in this hotel?”

Other people would not want to miss out on the chance to stay in one of the most luxurious hotels, but unfortunately, Ju-Heon had been asked this question at five other hotels as well. That was why he handed his passport and repeated his answer.

“I have no plans on staying in this hotel. I am not changing them for chips either. I will head to the counter and redeem all of it for cash.”

The employee seemed shocked after hearing Ju-Heon’s practiced answer.

“Uh, uh, please wait a moment. I will escort you to the VIP room.”

However, Ju-Heon just walked past her.

“I will not be going. I don't have much time. Just bring the report form to the counter. The others in my group should be chatting with them by now.”
“Yes, yes sir! Please wait a moment!”

Ju-Heon used that opening to move to a different casino. It was in a hotel that was only 30m away from the casino he was just at.

Clang, clang.

Ju-Heon smiled while looking at the gold axe that was shining in excitement.

‘Looks like I'll make quite a lot of money in this hotel.’

The image of hundreds of people screaming in shock. He could see people who were so addicted to gambling that they were leading themselves to ruin all around him.

A message popped up at the same time.

[You arrived somewhere that an artifact would enjoy very much.]
[Your affinity to artifacts has increased.]
[The Spy skill's mastery has increased.]

Ju-Heon started to laugh.

The casino dealer who was warmly welcoming customers flinched as Ju-Heon entered.

‘A tall Asian man in a navy-colored suit, is, is that person perhaps?’

Her face turned pale before she started to run toward his manager.

They too had heard about the monstrous rumor that was currently spreading throughout Las Vegas.
A customer hitting one jackpot would have been enough for the news to spread, so it was no wonder that such a scary story of the same customer hitting jackpot after jackpot like a scammer would spread quickly.

Information about his appearance was quickly spreading to the other casinos.

And lo and behold.

“H, h, he’s here! The money eating hippo is here!”

The casino dealer gagged as she shouted, as if she had almost bitten her tongue. The manager and the dealers were astonished after hearing her shout.

“What did you say?! The money eating hippo?”
“That money sucking devil barged in here?”

They started to tap their feet in nervousness. It would be fine and serve as good PR if Ju-Heon just hit the jackpot a few times and left, but the issue was that his actions went beyond human understanding.

They had received warning to stay alert as he might actually be a scammer.

Unfortunately, he was not a scammer but an extremely lucky devil.

It was fine if people hit the jackpot, but it had to be within reason. Leaving a black consumer like this alone would lead to their becoming an eyesore in the future!

However, they couldn’t help but become even more shocked after seeing where Ju-Heon was headed.

“W, wait, that is!”

Ju-Heon was about to sit down in the mega jackpot box corner. He was in front of the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ slot machine that was a combined jackpot between thirteen states including Nevada.

The prize money for this machine exponentially rose the longer it went without someone hitting the jackpot.

‘The jackpot amount right now should be $10 million (approximately 12 billion won).’ [1]

They had not had a winner for a while.

The administrators all gulped as they looked at Ju-Heon.

There was no way he would hit the jackpot here too, right?

Ju-Heon put his money in and started to bet as they shared those thoughts.

Tick, tick, tick.

His first spin was a dud.

The administrators let out a sigh of relief after seeing that.

There was indeed no human who could continue to hit jackpot after jackpot.

‘Someone like that wouldn’t be human.’


The second spin.

The machine started to make a noise after seeing that the winner images lined up.


“Oh! He seems to have won something!”

The customers nearby cheered while the employees started to stiffen up.

Ju-Heon calmly looked at the screen.

[You have won $10,000 (10 million won). You can play the bonus games to exponentially increase your winnings.]
[However, losing the bonus game will result in your winnings decreasing by 50%. Would you like to make the bet?]

There was something written in Chinese, but there was no way Ju-Heon could not read that.

There was naturally only one answer.


The screen started to spin before the images started to appear in each column. People started to gather around as the machine continued to make weird noises.

People started to cheer as the winning bambarabam noise appeared.

“He pressed go again!”
“He pressed it one more time!”

The casino employees were screaming internally as they watched. The betting amount continued to rise as the bonus betting games commenced one after another.

And finally…


The mega jackpot box was hit.

“M, my goodness!”

He had put in $10 to hit a $10 million (approximately 12 billion won) jackpot at once.

The administrators screamed before plopping on the ground.

“C, crazy, he's not human.”

However, Ju-Heon leisurely got up and sat down at a different machine. The casino workers quickly snapped out of it and started to scream after sensing an ominous feeling.

“No! No more!”

Their voices sounded desperate.

1. The author suddenly changed $10 million to be 12 billion won instead of 10 billion won… He goes back and forth so I’m just going to leave them however the author left it…

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