Chapter 216: The person aiming for the crown (3)

As the princess was angrily chatting away in the hallway…

“Can I have a minute of your time?”

Princess Charlotte’s uncle, the British Prime Minister, sat down in front of Ju-Heon.

The Prime Minister was extremely warm to Ju-Heon. This was because Ju-Heon was the one who had saved him when Keira’s map-type artifact had sent him off to a desert.
He probably wanted to reward Ju-Heon on behalf of England.

Well, he didn't know that it was actually Ju-Heon's scam that got the Prime Minister into that mess…

‘The artifacts that Seo Ju-Heon has processed and supplied have been beneficial to many countries.’

Numerous countries around the world were struggling because of Tomb Appearances.

The majority of Pandora-affiliated businesses were monopolizing those aid artifacts. They would sell it for an extremely expensive price if they ever sold it, but Ju-Heon had sold vaccine artifacts and survival artifacts at almost no cost.

‘Even our neighboring countries have said that they managed to save over 10 million lives.’

That was when the princess had started becoming interested in Ju-Heon as well.

Of course, the uncle didn't seem to be smitten with Ju-Heon like the princess. He probably didn't like the fact that a noble royal family like theirs was dealing with a complete thug from the streets.

But they had no choice.

‘The fact that he has Monarchs working for him is unbelievable.’

The Monarch of Pushoverness and the Monarch of Strategies. Two extremely talented people were in Ju-Heon's excavation team.

Most Monarchs would try to create their own excavation teams and not go serve someone else. Only the Four Emperors had been strong enough to have Monarchs working for them in the past.

That was why the prince, who rated Ju-Heon highly, started to speak.

“Jack the Ripper had appeared at the auction house. To be honest with you, the princess and I have been targeted.”
“Excuse me?”
“Actually, it’s probably our artifacts they want.”

Queen Victoria’s artifact and Morrigan's artifact. Ju-Heon peeked toward the crow wing broach on the prince’s clothes.
He then started to smile.

“Then Jack the Ripper is an idiot.”
“Victoria’s artifact is one thing, but he’s aiming for that thing? A fake Morrigan’s artifact?”

The prince seemed quite shocked but Ju-Heon gently chuckled and picked up the mug.

“I will keep your secret. You're probably doing it to keep England safe.”

The prince and the British Prime Minister both dropped their jaws in shock.

‘Seo Ju-Heon, this crazy bastard.’

He had instantly recognized that this artifact was fake although even an SS-Grade official appraiser had failed to notice.

Yoo Jaeha was looking at Ju-Heon with disgust.

‘I'm the one who realized it was a fake.’

But Ju-Heon would have probably assumed the same even if he had not told him.

‘That’s why he wasn't interested in that Divine-Grade artifact and just had me buy some weird artifacts.’

Ju-Heon continued to speak.

“Why are you carrying around a fake artifact?”
“Fake artifact?! How dare you speak such ludicrous nonsense!”

The prince clenched his eyes shut after seeing that Ju-Heon showed no reaction.

He probably realized that there was no point in lying in front of Seo Ju-Heon any longer.

“To be honest with you, it was so that I could gain one of the < Monarch's Heirloom >. Having a Divine-Grade artifact would allow me to meet the requirements of being a Monarch and having my name up as a Monarch would give me the qualifications to gain an Heirloom.

Ju-Heon sighed.

“Please don't do anything stupid if you don't want to die.”
“How many bastards do you think are trying to become a Monarch by gaining a Divine-Grade artifact?”

Cats seemed to have gotten everyone's tongue at Ju-Heon’s question, but Yoo Jaeha seemed a bit confused. He whispered to Ju-Heon.

“Excuse me, Captain-nim. What are those Monarch’s Heirlooms that even England is acting like this?”

‘How the hell would I know, you bastard? You probably know better since you were the Monarch of Fraud.’

Ju-Heon, who had not been able to become a Monarch due to environmental circumstances in the past, snorted.

The Monarchs’ Heirlooms.

These were special reward artifacts that only showed up to the 15 Monarchs.

Once they appeared, only the people who were in possession of these artifacts were officially considered to be Monarchs. Chairman Kwon had cherished his heirloom quite a bit as the Monarch of Conquest.

‘The only thing I'm certain about is that they are special buff-type artifacts with amazing abilities.’

The Monarchs had changed significantly once they got those artifacts in the past. They had been strong to start with but they seemed as if they were demi-gods once they got them.

Ju-Heon had bothered Yoo Jaeha, who had been the Monarch of Fraud at the time, multiple times a day because he was curious about the Heirlooms.

‘Hey, the Monarchs’ Heirlooms. What kind of artifacts are they?’

Yoo Jaeha had just chuckled at him.

‘Captain-nim, there’s no need for you to know.’

'Shut up, I said, what kind of artifacts are they?’

‘Ah, please stop thinking about it. Why are you so curious when you aren’t even a Monarch?’

‘I bought you booze.’

‘I know it was the company card.’

‘It was my card.’

‘I know all of your cards are unusable Captain-nim.’

‘I got them reactivated.’

‘I see. Anyways, don't worry about it.’

‘Hey. You only got your incomparable restoration ability because you got that Monarch’s Heirloom.’

‘Not really? It’s just my skill.’

The slightly… No, extremely disrespectful Yoo Jaeha at that time had even treated Ju-Heon as if he was an idiot.

‘Bring me 100 billion won and some women if you really want to know. Oh, and buy some of my paintings too.’

'Are you really trying to forcibly sell your paintings?’

‘Captain, you’re the only one who ever buys my paintings.’

‘Fine. Hand it over.’

‘Alright, the money is in my account.’

‘Hurry up and tell me.’

“To be honest with you……. My ass, did you really think I would tell you, you retarded Captain?! You're just Chairman Kwon’s little doggie bastard! Hahahaha!’

What Ju-Heon managed to hear after beating him half to death was…

‘A r, rare reward? And epic reward? You can see it as rights to the Monarch position! No matter what, it is extremely beneficial to have it!’

That was all he managed to get out of Jaeha.

It was probably really good if that extremely picky bastard claimed it was good.

‘I need to make sure to get an heirloom no matter what.’

That was the only way to make sure the future didn’t turn as terrible as it had been in the past. It would be great if all of his team members could become Monarchs and earn Heirlooms as well.

‘It's important to find the other team members in order to do that…’

Ju-Heon scrunched his eyes.

Where would the rest of those punks be right now?
As Ju-Heon was deep in thought…

“Excuse me, Captain-nim? What’s wrong? You look upset.”

Seol-A and Yoo Jaeha were worried about Ju-Heon. Ju-Heon looked toward Yoo Jaeha when suddenly, the past Yoo Jaeha and the present Yoo Jaeha overlapped with each other in his mind.

‘Ho! Don’t even think about the Heirlooms if you're not a Monarch! You retard!’

Ju-Heon scrunched his eyes.

‘Thinking about the past is making me extremely angry.’

“Umm, Captain-nim?”
“Yoo Jaeha. You’re working overtime today.”

‘Why this time?! What the hell just happened?! What did I do wrong?!’

Yoo Jaeha started to cry.

While that was going on…

“Miss Holten, excuse me for prying, but have you ever slept with the Captain-nim?”

Irene almost sprayed the tea she was drinking after hearing Chloe's question.
They were currently observing the Monarch of Fate as Ju-Heon ordered.

But what did she just ask?

Julian actually did spit up the coffee he was drinking.

“Hey Chloe!”

He rebuked Chloe for asking such a question but Chloe was being serious.

“Please don't eavesdrop on our conversation, Vice-Captain.”
“Do you think I listened in because I wanted to?”

Irene was flailing around while her face turned red.

“No, that……”
“Ah, I'm sorry. I hope you haven't misunderstood me. I didn’t mean it like that. I just meant if you've literally fallen asleep around him.”

Chloe, who had been checking the condition of all of Ju-Heon’s group members, continued to speak while looking at Irene’s examination file.

“The Captain's Dominance is extremely strong. He might put the people around him at risk while he is sleeping because he can’t suppress it when he’s asleep.”

In simple terms, his Dominance could make people around him have nightmares or even be controlled by him.
Irene and Julian seemed to realize something at that moment.

“Then is the reason Mr. Ju-Heon always sleeps on his own……”

Ju-Heon always kept the seat next to him open whenever he was on a plane or train.

He also enjoyed staying up deep in thoughts while other people went to sleep.

“Although it doesn’t suit his personality, he has a tendency to cherish the people around him.”
“Ho, I thought he was just a sensitive boss who couldn't sleep when others were around.”
“You would think so, right?”

Chloe sounded brusque as she said that but her gaze was very warm.

Maybe that was the reason.

Irene started to smile in joy.

“Miss Chloe, I thought you didn’t like Mr. Ju-Heon……”

She was extremely brusque with Ju-Heon when compared with how Seol-A treated Ju-Heon.

That wasn't all.

“Mr. Ju-Heon said that you think he is your bitter enemy or something, Miss Chloe……”

Julian became interested after hearing that.

Chloe had always seemed to dislike Ju-Heon but something seemed to have happened between the two of them once again when they were in that final tomb.

Chloe started to laugh out loud.

‘Bitter enemy? I guess he’s talking about that time.’

That was right. Ju-Heon would kill his allies if he had reason to do so and he had taken away Chloe's sight in one eye at that final tomb.


[All who look at the world with two eyes will embrace despair.]
[Death will strike down.]

Ju-Heon had immediately stabbed Chloe's eye with an artifact as soon as he read the Toombglyph.

It was so that she wouldn’t be affected by the conditions of the trap.

He was trying to save Chloe while facing the attack of the trap on his own.

The trap had activated almost instantly after that.


That trap ended up only attacking Ju-Heon.

He had managed to save his life thanks to Chloe's medical skills, but Ju-Heon seemed to have had a misunderstanding.

‘I'm going to kill you, I'm going to kill you……’

She had muttered those words over and over while grinding her teeth. He probably thought that she hated him for taking away her friends and her sight.


‘It’s obvious that the person I wanted to kill was Chairman Kwon.’

Ju-Heon cherished his subordinates. The situation was so dire that he had determined that it was better to lose one eye than to lose her life.

“It’s nothing much. He’s not a bitter enemy but someone who feels like a bitter enemy from a distant past."

Ju-Heon had been a patient at the hospital she worked at, and somehow, she ended up getting tangled up with that scamming bastard.

Irene was happy after seeing the look in Chloe's eyes.

“Miss Chloe, I'm just relieved that you don’t hate Mr. Ju-Heon.”

Chloe started to frown after hearing that.

“No, I hate him very much.”
“E, excuse me?!”
“I had a job. What kind of scoundrel makes someone quit that job and force them to sign a contract?”
“Ah, ah……”
“So please don’t worry about me and give your best with the Captain-nim.”

Chloe continued to speak with a slightly grumbling expression.

“And personally, it makes me angry to see Seol-A stick to the Captain-nim the way she does.”
“Excuse me? Why?”

It was at that moment.


Julian urgently shouted.

She looked to see what was going on and saw that Yang Chen was coming out of the Monarch of Fate’s store.
He was the past Monarch of the Sun. He ended up crippled because of the artifact’s risk and was banished to their tomb raiding team. Ju-Heon had pretended not to know and helped him recover to be useful again, but…

That bastard had betrayed them, forgetting about everything Ju-Heon had done for him.


Julian’s gaze was burning up.

The bastard seemed to be heading somewhere after getting a cab.

‘Did he get some information from the Monarch of Fate?’

There was a reason he believed that to be the case.

‘Region 3 Penitentiary please.’

Julian was sure he heard that thanks to the hearing enhancement artifact.

Something seemed weird.

‘Why is he heading to the penitentiary?’

Nobody related to that bastard or TKBM should be at the penitentiary based on Julian's information.

Maybe that was the reason.

“Let’s follow him.”

They started to follow Yang Chen after the Vice Captain gave the order.
Yang Chen soon arrived at the penitentiary.

“You’re Dan, right?”

Seo Ju-Heon's remaining team members… He had a twisted smile while meeting with the prisoner who was one of those members.

"We need to have a long chat.”

He had no idea about who had followed him there.

At that moment…

"Wooooooooooo! Tao oppa!”
“Kyaaaaaa! Oppa, you’re so handsome!”
“Please come out soon!”

The largest concert hall in London was full of frantic cheers and excitement.

There were 50,000 people inside already with many more waiting outside.

The person at the center of this attention was none other than Tao, the Monarch of Popularity.

‘This is a concert to get rid of Seo Ju-Heon. I'll get rid of your qualifications to earn an Heirloom first.’

The Monarch of Popularity started to smile.
But as he did that…


Multiple Mercedes Benz stopped in front of Tao's concert hall.

The people entering the hall gasped but were happy.

“Tao truly is different. He’s at a different level. There are so many people with such expensive cars coming here!”
“Of course! Did you expect anything else from our Tao?!”

Sadly, they would soon be disappointed.

“Time for roll call. One.”
“Six! All here!”
“Good. Shall we get started?”

These people who had arrived at the concert were devils.

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