Chapter 211: You thugs! (2)

[Tomb of Pride has been cleared, the Tomb Appearance phenomenon has disappeared.]
[Seo Ju-Heon… Did he clear another one of the 7 Great Tombs?]
[Excavation teams and political powers are fuming with anger.]
[However, the questionable tower has not disappeared.]
[This Demonic Tower is now located in a public area… Has the tomb not been cleared completely?]
[Pandora: “Numerous artifacts found inside the tower.”]
[Pandora and different governments have decided to send people into the tower.]

Julian put his hand on his forehead after seeing all these articles that were starting to pop up.

‘The news spreads so fast!’

There was this much chaos in less than one day since the tomb was cleared.

Julian looked toward Ju-Heon, as if he found this to be a headache.

“Are you serious about getting into the leasing business?”
“Can’t I?”
“Forget whether you can or cannot, that land already belongs to someone.”

Ju-Heon started to laugh as if he found this to be ridiculous.

‘What? Land owner?’

“Then isn’t it your job to contact them and buy this land in advance?”
“……That land is not private property. It is public property owned by the French government.”
“Then under Pandora’s Tomb Laws Section 4 Article 32, original owners cannot claim rights to a tomb area until it is cleared.”
“But it is cleared.”
“Other people don’t know that.”

‘This damn thug.’

Julian started to press his temples as if he was tired.

Basically, this was what Ju-Heon had said to him.

‘Let's do a leasing business with the artifacts as our tenants!’

It was getting difficult storing all of their artifacts inside the hotel.

He was saying that he needed a place to stash those bastards. It was fine whether it was a storage room or a house, so why don't they just become the landlord for an apartment complex?

Of course, he would ask for an extremely high security deposit and rent to rip them off.
Maybe that was the reason.

I, I robbed a bank!

I robbed Austin Rockefeller!

I grabbed all the money in the district office!

The artifacts were stealing from nearby people and places to pay off this extensive security deposit and rent.

Here, please take it! Please take it!

Of course, he wouldn’t accept all of their offers regardless of the source.

‘I can’t take money from the bank. Go put it back. Go, go.’

‘Austin Rockefeller’s money is okay.’

‘I can’t take stolen taxes either.’

‘Hollywood actress Christine? No. She’s pretty.’

‘John Hudson? He’s a comedian I like. Go away.’

‘Ah, Chairman Kwon Tae Joon’s money is totally fine. I'll even take material goods as long as it is stolen from him.’

This landlord's preferences were quite difficult as he wouldn't accept the money based on the source.

That was why the artifact started to sell off their own stuff to exchange for human currency, or………

I abducted my friend! I abducted him!

I dragged this bastard who was sleeping! I'm here!

I can rent the place now, right?

They were even abducting their friends and fellow artifacts to hand over to Ju-Heon.

The artifacts that were dragged without knowing what was going on wanted to cry and complain, but Ju-Heon didn't care.

It was their choice to come here but not to leave.

Anyway, that was how Ju-Heon's leasing business was starting to grow.

‘But I am still curious.’

Julian was quite concerned.

He was concerned about Loki’s artifact that provided this great piece of land to them.

‘Loki belonged to the < Monarch of Disturbances >.’

That bastard had been on the list when Julian had checked the list of Monarchs.

‘He should be a member of the Executive Board.'

Pandora’s leadership, the < Executive Board > was surrounded in mysteries.
They were known as the ones who ruled over the system artifact, but even Julian did not know much about them.


‘They’ve never shown themselves to the public.’

The only thing he knew for sure was that they were very strong.

They were at least at the level of the Monarchs. In addition, the system prevented Monarchs from treating them with disrespect.

‘Even Chairman Kwon was wary of the Executive Board as one of the Four Emperors.’

He couldn't help but be concerned.

‘Since Loki was the one in charge of the Tower of Pride….’

They were bound to contact Ju-Heon or start something because of this incident. Furthermore, it was his job to deal with all this crap in the backend.

That was the same right now.

“Hey! What the hell were you guys thinking to show up in front of us?! Huh?”

Julian raised his head after hearing an angry shout.

He saw some people who looked as if they would not feel refreshed even after killing them, grinding them up and drinking them down.

They were TKBM's excavation teams.

“Did these morons go crazy? What the fuck were you guys thinking to crawl in here?”

Julian sighed.

That was right.

They were currently meeting with TKBM. Yes, they were meeting with the same people who came back empty-handed because of them and probably wanted to chop them up with a chainsaw.


Why else?

Seo Ju-Heon had sent them here.

‘Fuck, Seo Ju-Heon, what the hell are you thinking?’

Julian and Seol-A had been ordered to make a delivery.
They were told to give an artifact they earned in the Tower of Pride to TKBM.

The reason for it?

They had no idea.

Their captain was not the type to warmly explain these things to them.

‘Haaaaaaaaa. There's no way these bastards would accept it even if we offered it to them.’

He was right.

“Are you guys crazy? Why would you give us an artifact?”
“Be honest! What the fuck are you planning now?! Huh?!”
"Where the hell is your captain?!”

Seol-A started to frown as she responded.

“Our Captain-nim is currently busy. Can you please just hurry up and let us finish this deal?”

They started to drool for a moment because of the beautiful Seol-A before quickly snapping out of it and starting to swear.

She looked like a weak woman but numerous excavation teams have already been countered and stomped on by Seol-A.

They roared in anger.

“Hmph, we don’t need it, so get lost! Do you really think you can keep fooling us like that?!”

Julian started to frown.

‘Well, I do understand how they feel.’

Even he would not receive an artifact from his captain.

‘I'd rather take a cookie from a murderer.’

A tired Julian sent a text message to Ju-Heon.

[It’s as we expected. They won't take it. I don’t think I can give it to them.]

This was the message he got back.

[You retard, you can’t even take care of that ^^?]

‘This son of a bitch.’

Julian started to shake in anger.

He felt that Ju-Heon was using emoticons that he normally didn't even use to mess with him.

Julian, who could usually not be angered, put his phone away and started to smile.

He then started to speak in a tone that was difficult to tell whether he was laughing or threatening them.

"Shut up and listen to me. I don’t think this is a bad deal for you guys either. You guys are returning empty-handed because of our captain, aren’t you? Won’t Chairman Kwon chew you guys out for that?”
"Hey, what did you say?! You son of a…!”

One of TKBM's captains stopped the shouting subordinate at that moment.

“I went to Harvard with Julian Miller. We should hear him out.”

He then whispered to his subordinates.

"Forget scamming someone, that retard can’t even lie.”

Someone here seemed to know Julian's tendencies from their time at Harvard Law School.

Seol-A started to frown as their whispers were still quite loud, but Julian held her back.

“You guys have Chairman Kwon while we have Seo Ju-Heon. Aren't we all people suffering under our captains? I'm doing this because even I think that our Captain was too much this time.”

He then unexpectedly handled them Ramesses's artifact.

“Wouldn’t it be better to take this and say you at least got your hands on something rather than going back empty-handed? In return, turn a blind eye to what our captain did here.”

Julian’s eyes flashed.

“I hope that you guys make a wise decision.”

Even the Vice Captain was becoming like a certain someone…

Around the same time…

"C, Captain-nim?!”

Seol-A gasped after walking into a pub.

She couldn’t help it as there were some people bloodied up all over the floor.

Then she saw the owner of the pub shaking in fear while Ju-Heon was calmly drinking a beer.

“You said your phone got destroyed… What is going on here?”

What else could it be?

“I took care of some bastards who were aiming for me.”

She didn't even need to ask why they were aiming for him.

Ju-Heon was surrounded by gold bars and jewels, most likely the artifacts’ rent and security deposits.

It would be weird if someone didn’t try to start something when he was drinking with these valuable things stacked up next to him.

That wasn't all.


“Owner, a round on me for everybody in here!”
"C, Captain-nim?!”
“They probably sobered up really fast because of me. That’s just too painful for me to watch.”

Seol-A couldn't speak properly because she was so shocked.

Ju-Heon had a strong alcohol tolerance, so how could he act like this after drinking some beer?!

Seol-A frantically observed Ju-Heon.

"C, captain-nim. D, did you drink a lot? Should I get you some water? Or would you like some hangover medicine…?”

Ju-Heon grabbed Seol-A's hand.

"Seol-A, thank you for always following my orders without any complaints. Can you buy me some candy?”
“Excuse me?!”
"Ah, Kongming. This is a painting I drew. Isn’t it great?”

Julian grabbed the back of his neck after seeing Ju-Heon pull out a nude painting.

That wasn’t all.

“Owner! Did you see outside?! Someone cut the trees in weird shapes!”
“Someone wants to buy everything in the shops on First Street!”
“A handsome man seduced all of the single girls in this neighborhood?!”
“He asked them to have his child?!”

Julian started to pull at his hair after hearing different things all around him.

It was obvious without even looking into these issues.

'This punk. The risks are all starting to come……!’

Ju-Heon probably destroyed his own cellphone because of the risk as well.

It happened at that moment.

“Ah, money truly is useless. Let’s burn it all up. Let’s burn the money, our house, let’s burn it all.”

Julian and Seol-A grabbed Ju-Heon as he tried to light a pile of money on fire.

“Captain-nim, no! Nooooooooooooo!”

Ju-Heon had a warm gaze that Seol-A would normally never even think of seeing as he took off his shirt for her.

“Hey Seol-A. You'll catch a cold if you walk around dressed like that. It would hurt me so much if you got sick. Come here. Aren’t you cold?”
“E, excuse me?!”

Ju-Heon’s gaze and warm and caring words that she would never hear on a normal basis! Seol-A, who ended up being tightly hugged by Ju-Heon, turned as red as a tomato before happily planting her face in his chest.

Julian got rid of the money as Ju-Heon tried to use that opening to burn the money once again.

“Hey! Stop it!”

Ju-Heon pulled out a sword toward Julian who was getting in his way.

This was the start of the chaos!

Crackle, crackle.


Chairs and tables were flipped over, destroyed, and created a mess. Ju-Heon’s abilities were uselessly strong and skilled that someone who wasn’t at Julian’s level would find it difficult to block his attacks.

Julian knew that Ju-Heon was like this because he trusted Julian, but Julian still became angry and started to shout.

“Ow, stop! I knew it would end up like this!”

The artifacts’ risks truly were scary.

For example, the Code of Hammurabi's risk would make someone into a good person, a person of justice.

It was called the Virtues of Justice.
Ju-Heon would make donations to random charities and do many good deeds because of it!

That was a risk that Julian was happy to see, but there should be some limits!

Ju-Heon would try to donate all of his wealth and even his organs when that risk struck!

That risk made a person try to donate everything without holding back!

He had to work so hard to stop that.

“Damn, whatever, I don’t care anymore. You are wasting your own money, it doesn't harm me in any way.”

But at that moment…

[The cash withdrawal has been completed.]


Julian opened his eyes in shock after receiving that text message.

More withdrawal messages started coming.

[The cash withdrawal has been completed.]
[The loan has been approved at First Bank.]

. .

[The loan at XX Capital is currently awaiting approval.]

‘Eek, a private loan!’

As Julian was turning pale…
He saw it.

He saw the rope using his phone to take money out of his accounts!

Ju-Heon calmly started to speak.

“I withdrew all of your money. I'm going to donate all of it now.”
“Ack! Stop! Wait, stoooop!”

As he was about to donate all of his money, including the money from his new private loan…


A light surrounded Ju-Heon. Something like that looked like bandages made of light started to surround Ju-Heon.
This was Chloe's Nightingale's artifact.


Chloe clicked her tongue and started to subdue Ju-Heon's risks that were going berserk.

[The risks had been subdued by an artifact's powers.]

She grabbed the falling Ju-Heon and urgently asked Julian a question.

“How many artifacts did he use in the tomb this time? The risks shouldn’t go berserk like this normally.”

Julian sighed in relief as he sat down.

“He used four Divine-Grade artifacts at full power at the same time while also using other artifacts at the same time as well.”
“What did you say?!”

Chloe gasped in shock.

A person's life would be in danger if they used two Divine-Grade artifacts at full power at the same time.

It was only at this level because it was Ju-Heon, anybody else would have already been dominated by artifacts and died.

“He should have just died in the tomb.”

Although Chloe was talking like that, she still seemed to be slowly caressing Ju-Heon's head.
Of course, she had to receive Seol-A's envious gaze at the fact that she was hugging Ju-Heon.

“How long will it be until he wakes up?”
“Probably about two days……”

It was at that moment.

“I'm up, you punks.”

Ju-Heon, whose risks had disappeared, was groaning but apologized for his actions as he started to speak again.

“What about the artifact I told you to hand over to TKBM?”
“We gave it to them. I still don’t know why you wanted us to give it to them though.”
“Good. Chloe, what about your task?”
“There were no issues. Oh, I don’t know if you saw this yet…….”

Chloe showed Ju-Heon something that just posted not too long ago.

They were all shocked after seeing the article.

“U, unbelievable!”

It was an article about Yoo Jaeha, the Monarch of Pushoverness.

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