Chapter 210: You thugs! (1)

[The test for the twentieth floor of the Tower of Pride has been cleared.]
[You have gained the twentieth floor's artifact.]
[The test for the twenty-first floor of the Tower of Pride has been cleared.]
[You have gained the twenty-first floor's artifact.]

[The test for the fortieth floor of the Tower of Pride has been cleared.]
[You have gained the fortieth floor's artifact.]

[Alright! Next!]

It had been about 30 minutes since the Egyptian Divine-Grade artifacts started causing this shitshow. The Tower of Pride had turned into pandemonium.

[Fuck, who the hell are these thugs?!]
[This is a scam! This is unbelievable!]

The artifacts were swearing left and right while looking at the Egyptian gods causing this shitshow.

Humans were supposed to fulfill the tomb's tests. These tests were created to harm and kill humans.
It would not work on artifacts. Furthermore, the thugs causing this shitshow were Divine-Grade artifacts.

How would any of these tests work on them?!

As proof of that……

[Hahahaha! Bring on more fire. Bring it all! Hey, bring more kindling!]
[Stab me some more, I dare you!]
[These fuckers’ tests are total shit!]
[Try some more, do your worst!]

‘Fuck, these crazy bastards.’

The angry artifacts foamed at the mouth as they scolded the Egyptian gods.

Hey, you dumb fucks!

Do you have no respect for your fellow artifacts?!

The Egyptian gods’ eyes started to burn with anger after hearing that.

[Respect? Did you just say respect?!]
[You bastards are the ones who stomped on respect first!]

They then released a scary aura.

[The Egyptian gods have cleared the forty-first floor of the Tower of Pride.]
[The test for the forty-second floor is starting.]
[Napoleon's test has started.]
[This test can only be cleared by not sleeping.]

There were stories about how Napoleon did not sleep much.

This test was filling for that belief and truly might be an impossible test for a human.

But the ones dealing with it were gods.

[Gods do not need something like sleep.]
[Napoleon's tomb was instantly cleared.]
[Ramesses's test has started.]
[You must be praised as a more famous god than Ramesses to clear this tomb.]
[You are already being praised. Ramesses's tomb has been cleared.]
[Xiang Yu's tomb's test has started.]
[You must defeat Xiang Yu in battle.]
[The annoyed Egyptian gods have written in the Book of the Dead.]
[Xiang Yu was dragged to the underworld without even having a chance to fight.]
[This is still considered a victory and Xiang Yu's tomb has been cleared.]

The gods’ cheating shortcut continued!

Julian's jaw dropped after seeing all of the artifacts ending up in Ju-Heon’s hands.

‘These artifacts are just like their master!

They’re total thugs!’

Julian couldn't listen anymore and started to speak.

“Hey, do you think this is a normal way of clearing a tomb?!”

Julian tried to object, but Ju-Heon just snickered and asked what was wrong.

“Since when did we ever clear tombs the normal way?”
“You know how it is. The method is not important. What is important is that we got the artifacts. Taking the artifacts and getting out of the tomb is the most important thing.”

‘Well, that is true, but…’

“The problem is the risks you'll face after doing it this way!”
“That’s your problem. Take care of them properly, Vice Captain. You’re dead if you fail.”

Julian, who had instantly ended up as the cover up team once again, was fuming inside. He was really afraid of the risks Ju-Heon would face after this.

Ju-Heon did not use his artifacts whenever and wherever, probably because of the toll it took on his body and the artifacts’ risks. It was because he thought that it might drag in the people around him.

But that was before Julian was with him. Julian and Chloe were the only team members who could handle Ju-Heon’s risks and take care of them.

It happened at that moment.

[All residents of the Tower of Pride have submitted.]
[This is an impossible new record for quick completion.]
[The Tower of Pride has been cleared.]

Many bright lights flashed from the tomb.

Then the tomb started to shake.

[The tomb will be destroyed in 10 minutes.]

Julian must have realized the flow of aura as he quickly started to shout.

"We need to hurry up and get out of here! We’ll be stuck inside the tomb forever!”

Of course, the artifacts started to openly object to Ju-Heon once the tomb was cleared.

[This is a scam!]
[Having others take your place to clear the tests is not acceptable!]

But at that moment…

[We cannot accept th……ugh!]

The Egyptian god bastards who had succeeded in the Tower of Pride raid(?) stomped on them and started to sneer.

They had been waiting for this moment.

[Alright, master. Hurry up and teach these bastards a lesson!]
[Hurry! Hurry!]

Anubis, Set, Osiris, and Thoth, the four Egyptian gods, urged Ju-Heon on.

[Alright! Grind them up like you did to me!]
[Saw them down with a saw!]
[Drown them like you drowned me!]
[Tease them with chicken!]

It brought to question how Ju-Heon usually handled his artifacts, but, anyway…

“There’s somewhere we need to go before that.”


Ju-Heon suddenly started to head toward the top.

Seol-A and Julian urgently shouted toward him.

“It’s dangerous, Captain-nim! The tomb will be destroyed soon!”

But Ju-Heon ignored them and headed for the top floor, making Julian and Seol-A chase after him.

They saw it once they got to the top floor.


They saw a suspicious man trying to escape from the tomb.
But that man was not human.

‘It’s a Divine-Grade artifact.’

Ju-Heon’s suspicions had been correct.

‘I knew I faintly smelled a Divine-Grade artifact.’

But Julian jumped in shock after analyzing this artifact.

It might be normal for him to be surprised.

"That is Loki’s artifact!”

This bastard was a disastrous artifact that would cause nuclear wars in the future.

But most importantly…

‘This artifact should already have a master.’

It was someone who was either a Monarch, in the Executive Board, or at least within Pandora.

Why was an artifact with an owner doing in this tomb?

Ju-Heon nonchalantly started to speak.

“I guess it was acting as the landlord.”
“L, landlord?”

He was right.

Loki was not associated with this tomb.

It was just a < Landlord > who got a good spot.

‘Well, I don’t know whether it was the owners’ intents to build the tower or if it was Loki’s, but……’

This Loki bastard was probably the one who called these artifacts here and pushed up the Tomb Appearance for the Tomb of Pride.

‘That’s most likely seeing as how the location and contents were different than in the past.’

It was probably done so that someone from Europe could easily gobble up the Tower of Pride.

Ju-Heon chuckled and received a pile of papers from the rope. They were the documents in Loki's hand.
Julian and Seol-A could not read them because they were written in Toombglyph. As for Ju-Heon, he smiled wickedly while reading through the files.


[Move-in contract]
[List of tenants]
[Certificate of Land Possession]

‘I got something good.’

Ju-Heon seemed to have a plan as he channeled his Dominance into the rope.

"C, Captain-nim?!”

Seol-A wondered why Ju-Heon was suddenly doing this, but Ju-Heon just smiled and sent the rope flying.

The flying rope quickly captured Loki’s artifact.

Loki’s artifact tried its best to resist.

[Fuck, let go of me! Ah! You're that shitty rope bastard, aren’t you?! You’re famous, you bastard!]

An angry Loki tried to get rid of the rope, but the rope’s current attribute was a rope that neutralized the power of the gods.

[The rope’s attribute is making this god’s powers weaker.]

[Fuck, why can't I use any of my powers?!]

Loki's groans were to be expected. Ju-Heon then launched a skill toward Loki.

It was his Artifact Destruction skill!


Loki was ruthlessly destroyed as soon as Ju-Heon's skill reached it.

Crack, crack!

Loki coughed up blood and staggered after receiving a direct hit from the Artifact Destruction.

[T, this bastard!]

The eyes of Loki, this artifact that looked like a total playboy, flashed.

[I won't let you off easy!]

Ju-Heon started to snicker.

“Shut up and hand over the rights to this land.”

[W, what?!]

"Give it up! Give up this building!]



Ju-Heon continued to ruthlessly destroy Loki’s artifact. This artifact already had a master and Ju-Heon wasn’t interested in an evil god’s artifact.
If he had no intentions on having it, he might as well destroy it!

That wasn't all.

‘Real Estate is the real way to make money.’

With this thought in mind…

Ju-Heon started to destroy Loki, the landlord, left and right.

He was going to completely destroy Loki to get rid of its name from the documents.

Then all he had to do was put his name in the empty slot!

In simple terms, this was stealing wealth.

But Loki was still a Divine-Grade artifact.

[Hey, you damn thug. I should have known you were so terrible after hearing the rumors about you, you son of a bitch!]

Loki’s artifact tried to use its powers.


Seol-A quickly threw some white powder toward Loki.

“Captain-nim! Don't worry and just keep destroying it!”

[This bitch!]

Loki, who was covered in white powder, was huffing as it looked at Seol-A, but it was soon whipped by the rope.

Ju-Heon looked at the thing that Seol-A had thrown.

[Powder from pieces of Heimdall's Horn (SS-Grade:Divine-Grade - Consumable Artifact)]

  • Remaining Uses: 9/10

It was the artifact they had gotten from the Monarch of Detection before coming into the Tomb of Pride.

To be more specific, it was just the pieces that were left after the Crow ripped it off, but…

‘Even a portion is still useful!’

This Heimdall's artifact was very effective against Loki.

‘Heimdall and Loki are eternal enemies in Norse mythology.’

Heimdall was the one who had killed Loki.

That was the reason Loki was in pain right now, making Ju-Heon smile as he started to speak.

“Alright, hand over the authority!”



Seol-A realized Ju-Heon's intentions right away and started to pour Heimdall's artifact on Loki, as if she was putting salt on something.

“He said to hand it over!”

Loki was about to die.

[Fuck, I'm not even fully activated, this is cheating…!]

Pow pow!

[Hey, let’s talk it ou……..]

Pow pow pow pow!

[Hey, I told you not to do this…!]

Pow pow pow pow pow pow pow pow!


A message appeared at that moment.

[The destroyed Loki has given up the rights to this tomb and has disappeared.]

Ju-Heon snickered after seeing that message. As for Loki, who had thrown away this tomb, was grinding its teeth for a different reason.

[Fuck, why does that bastard have a portion of the Pandora system artifact?!]

Loki soon disappeared.

Once he left…


[The tomb is being destroyed.]
[The tomb is being destroyed.]

“Hurry! Let’s go out!”

The artifacts were becoming frantic that their home was being destroyed while Ju-Heon's group quickly escaped.

TKBM’s excavation team and the other excavation teams that had been around the tower had run away a long time ago.

The artifacts that came outside were in despair after seeing the tower crumble.

[Our home!]
[Our tomb!]
[I brought all of my precious possessions because I planned on living here forever……!]

It was at that moment. Ju-Heon cracked his fingers and then activated a skill.


[You have used the Tomb Restoration skill.]

Something amazing then started to happen.

The completely destroyed tomb started to be restored.

[The tomb is starting to be restored.]
[The Tower of Pride is being rebuilt.]

The artifacts, as well as Julian and Seol-A, dropped their jaws in shock.

The building debris started to clump together, once Ju-Heon used his skill, and returned to normal as if time was flowing backward.

The 50-story Tower of Pride was restored just like that. The artifacts living in the tower were very happy.

[Ohhhh! Our home has been restored!]
[I really liked this place!]
[Human, I guess you’re a bit useful!]
[You're a good bastard unlike the rumors!]
[I won't forget what you've done for us!]

This was close to a miracle.

But his subordinates did not understand.

“Captain-nim. Why did you restore a destroyed tomb……”

The artifacts did not care as they were happy.

Woohoo! I can live in my house again now!

But as they tried to go into the tower…

“Hey hey. Where do you think you're going?”


Ju-Heon prevented them from going on before showing them the contract he had taken from Loki. The artifacts freaked out after reading through it.
It couldn't be helped, since……

[Landlord and building owner - Seo Ju-Heon]
[Monthly rent 50 million won (Can be paid with artifacts)]
[The monthly rent may increase as the owner pleases. (Can be renegotiated 12 times a year)]
[Security deposit, 1 billion won.]

[H, hold on, what is this……?!]

“The building owner has changed. You'll need to meet the new conditions of the lease before going back in.”


“Hand over the money or get out.”

[W, what?!]

Ju-Heon started to smile.

Now that he thought about it, the leasing business was quite appealing. Other artifacts might rush over if this place was known for being great.

“Ah, by the way, you’ll have to pay for the remodeling that happened as well.”

‘T, this bastard!’

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