Chapter 209: Grovel at my feet (6)

“What did you just say?”
“I’ll give you 100 million won so lay low and don't show your face in this profession. You don't get what I'm saying?”

There was a reason he was doing this.

‘The authority of the official restorers will crumble if Yoo Jaeha keeps running around like this.’

It was obvious based on how he made them eat shit not too long ago.

Their value will go down in the long run if this bastard continued to be in this profession.

‘This damn thorn in our eyes.’

That wasn't all.

‘Make it so Seo Ju-Heon can’t restore any artifacts. You guys boycott him too.’

But still, Yoo Jaeha just scoffed at him.

“Umm, did you just say 100 million won?”

Julien was confused at Yoo Jaeha's scoff.

The only thing Yoo Jaeha said whenever they went out for drinks during college was, ‘Ah, there’s only 100,000 won in my bank account! I can’t even ask my parents for money since they’re working hard! Ahh, my only wish in life is to have 100 million won.’

It was the same every time.

He even used other people’s discarded art supplies and starved himself from time to time in this modern world.

He was so shabby that it had been embarrassing to be around him during college.

Julien soon clicked his tongue.

“I guess Seo Ju-Heon is at least paying you well since you are a restorer.”

“Fine, then I’ll give you 10 million dollars.”

The restorers around them gasped in surprise.

How could they not?

"Chief, did you say the right number?”
“That’s too high. Are you going to pay this bastard with Pandora’s money?”
“It’s fine, it's only 10 million dollars.”

It wasn't much for him since he only handled royalty, presidents, and the top ten wealthiest people in the world. They were not just wealthy people, they were the royalties of oil producing countries, Pandora’s top executives and the leaders of the largest corporations in the world.

But Yoo Jaeha just scoffed again.

"Ah, whatever. I'm leaving since I don’t have time to listen to your bullshit.”

Julien clicked his tongue.

“Okay! 300 million won! I'll give you 300 million won! No, you shouldn’t have any complaints if I give you 30 million dollars, right?!”

The other restorers dropped their jaws in shock.

‘30 million dollars?!'

30 million dollars, or 33 billion won, was the salary for the top ten official restorers.

Yoo Jaeha started to laugh out loud after hearing his shout.

The restorers were wondering why he was acting like this.

Yoo Jaeha started to speak.

“30 million dollars? That's what the top restorers make?”
“W, what?”
“You want me to lay low for only 30 million dollars?”

Yoo Jaeha found this so funny that he was clutching his stomach as he laughed.

The restorers were starting to get upset.

"What’s up with him? Did he go crazy?”

Yoo Jaeha viciously started to smile.

“Hey, how much do you guys think I make in a year?”
“W, what?”
“300 million dollars (330 billion won).”
“Unless you can give me more than that, don't ask me to lay low, you retards. Ah, and that 10 million dollars you mentioned at the beginning? I don’t need that either. I can easily earn that as a bonus.”

Yoo Jaeha then turned around and headed into the auction house.

Of course, the official restorers who heard what Yoo Jaeha just said were standing there with their jaws dropped.

‘Holy shit! He makes 300 million dollars a year?!’

That was the salary Yoo Jaeha had made in his prime as well, but they were all flustered since they had no way of knowing that.

‘Seo Ju-Heon is that wealthy?’

He was giving a salary that would be difficult for even large corporations to give to their restorers even with a multi-year contract to a single restorer……!

They were angry.

But there was something they didn’t know.

The fraud in the < Monarch of Fraud > could be because he scammed people, but there had been talks that his abilities were so amazing that it was unbelievable.

Yoo Jaeha waved at the shaking restorers and waved at them.

“I'm leaving if you guys have nothing else. I have to go buy the artifact the English princess has on her.”
“What? What did you…”

But Yoo Jaeha was already long gone.

Of course, Julien would not just stand by and watch.

"What are you doing?! Contact the guards! Make sure that bastard can’t meet with the princess!”
“Yes sir!”

How could they do that? They were actually here as the restorers for the English royal family.

The official appraisers were with them as well.

The reason they were trying to kick Jaeha out of here was because of the VIPs from the English royal family as well.

‘The princess is interested in Seo Ju-Heon’s tomb raiding team.’

That meant that she would obviously be interested in Yoo Jaeha as he was a part of that team.

There was no way Yoo Jaeha would show any special abilities or whatever, but if he did something weird or started to run wild…….

‘The authority of the officials will crumble.’

Most importantly, he didn't want to see that bastard Yoo Jaeha acting superior to him.

"Stop him. We must stop him!”

They quickly started to move with their minds full of anxiety.

While that was going on, the Divine-Grade artifacts that were angry at Ramesses's remarks burst out on their own.

[This arrogant human thinks he can say whatever the fuck he wants.]
[An errand boy dog?]
[The idiot who only knows how to fight?]
[The stupid bird that has no powers at all?]
[Any dog or cow can turn into me?]

They were not in their usual doggie form but their ultimate forms.

They all popped out in their original appearances.

They did this even though they hated to show their true forms in front of the lowly humans.

That was how angry they were.

Because they were so angry…

[Master, you can feel free to use us as you please even without giving me chicken.]
[I don’t even need a fan signing this time.]
[I don’t ever recall getting anything from you, but it's fine.]

Their eyes were open wide and they were more than willing to lend Ju-Heon their powers. They wanted to do this even though they were against a fellow Egyptian artifact.

But Ramesses and the artifacts of the Tower of Pride all started to scoff at them.

[You guys are siding with the human? The Commanders of the Corps and Division Commanders truly have fallen.]
[I feel pity for the fools who have to call such idiots their boss.]

The artifacts in the Tower of Pride considered all artifacts other than themselves as trash in the first place. It wouldn't be different because they were looking at Divine-Grade artifacts.

Napoleon and Xiang Yu interjected at that moment. They weren’t going to follow the Supreme Leader's orders and they didn't have any large complaints against these gods, but……

[Now that I think about it, wouldn't defeating those bastards mean that the Commanders of the Corps and Division Commanders are below us as well?]
[That is true.]
[We can truly be known as gods if we destroy those bastards.]
[Are they strong?]
[I already conquered Egypt. Their gods are all below me.]
[Hmm? Where is Egypt? Are they the guard dogs?]
[Ah, I have a good idea. Let’s take their heads and decorate our tower with it.]
[That sounds good.]

The Divine-Grade artifacts’ angers reached their peak after hearing the three long tenants of this apartment speak.

Even if these famous bastards were deified and able to have powers close to the Divine-Grade level……

[These morons don't know the difference between the heavens and the earth!!]
[Are there no gods or superior beings in your cultures?!]


[Set’s artifact is going berserk.]
[Anubis is calling the dead from the underworld.]
[Osiris has activated the Book of the Dead.]

They started to shout with flames of anger in their eyes.

[Maaaaaaaaster! Capture those bastards and train them the same way you trained me!]
[Yes! Contract with them and destroy them just to the brink of death, restore them and destroy them again. Show them hell!]

Ju-Heon clicked his tongue and started to speak.

“I need to first clear the tomb in order to do that……”

[We will clear it for you!]

Ju-Heon was shocked.

“What? Clear it? You guys are going to clear it?”

Was that possible?

Clearing the tomb would make contracting these bastards much easier than forcibly dragging them out of here.

Why? Rather than asking an artifact if it wanted to contract with you… Or if it won't… It was easy to clear the tomb to get the right to contract them.

But still…

Artifacts could clear another artifact’s tomb?

No, most importantly…

“Hey. These guys have no plan on leaving this tomb. They probably have no intentions of giving a test?”

They started to blow fire out or their mouths.

[Then we just have to force them to give it!]
[Give the test while we ask nicely, you damn bastards!]

Beams shot out of their eyes and they used their powers toward the artifacts of pride sneering at them.

A bunch of extremely strong auras clashed at that moment!


Julian clutched his head as he watched.

It was one thing for all these artifacts to fight, but…

"Seo Ju-Heon, are you okay?!”

‘He used 4 Divine-Grade artifacts at full power!’

“You’re going to die from the risk! The risk is going to come right now!”
“It’s fine, I'm okay. I'm really okay. It won’t come right now.”

But suddenly, Ju-Heon, who had been smiling, pulled out a sword and grabbed Julian by the collar.

“So be good and hand over one of your useful eyes.”
“Ack! It's already here! The risk is already here! It’s even worse than usual!”

Julian gasped after realizing that this was Set's artifact's risk since Set took Horus's eye.

But Ju-Heon didn't care and channeled his strong Dominance to power his artifacts.

Even if the risks came right now, Julian would take care of it for him.

‘This is good. There were things I wanted to test out.’

A message popped up at the same time.

[You can use a combination skill for the four Divine-Grade artifacts.]
[You are able to use the < Judgment After Death >.]

Ju-Heon started to smile in response.

The Judgment After Death was something everybody who died would face. Osiris was the judge, Thoth was the scribe, and Anubis was the guide of the underworld. There was also Set the slaughterer who would bring forth death.

They would work together to forcibly detain their target and stand in the position of the omnipotent judge.

The Divine-Grade artifacts’ combined skill was instantly activated. He could feel the aura of the dead pushing up from the ground. That aura grabbed Napoleon, Xiang Yu, and Ramesses.

[What is this?]

[Judgment has descended on all artifacts inside the tomb.]
[The artifacts are being captured.]
[The sins of the artifacts are being judged.]

It was extremely powerful.

[The residents of the Tower of Pride are starting to submit.]
[The Divine-Grade artifacts have taken over the sovereignty of the Tower of Pride.]
[They have started the tomb’s tests on their own.]

The tests on every floor started to activate at once.

Boom boom boom!

A flaming chair appeared on the floor Ju-Heon was on.

This was the test from the first floor of the tomb. The contents were probably related to how they tested if someone was a witch and the person had to survive through it.


[Hahaha, this is nice and warm.]

Orisis sat on the burning chair and enjoyed it as if it was a sauna.

[Isn't there anything hotter? Huh? Huh?]

A message popped up at the same time.

[The test for the first floor of the Tower of Pride has been cleared.]

The artifact of pride from the first floor ended up in Ju-Heon’s hand.

Ju-Heon snickered while the tower residents foamed at the mouth.

[My goodness, they can't do this!]

But the 4 Egyptian gods were excited.

[Alright, next!]

The second floor’s test was summoned.

But this was just a piece of cake for them.

[The test for the second floor of the Tower of Pride has been cleared.]
[You have gained the second floor's artifact.]
[The test for the third floor of the Tower of Pride has been cleared.]
[You have gained the third floor's artifact.]
[The test for the fourth floor of the Tower of Pride has been cleared.]
[You have gained the fourth floor's artifact.]

The artifacts of pride started to shiver in fear as they watched.


[What the hell, these bastards’ tests are so easy.]
[It’s going to end quickly like this.]

The Egyptian Divine-Grade artifacts were laughing.

[Alright, shall we clear everything to the top?]

They were extremely excited.

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